Zosi CCTV Night Vision Camera Review


There are many brands of CCTV cameras available. They are always useful in identifying the crimes and are also used for wide range of other applications too. It is a security measure, which is used to detect the tort.

Zosi CCTV Night Vision Camera Review

The Zosi CCTV night vision camera is quite different from the others. Its special technology helps them to give the best performance when compared to others. Placing the camera in the public places, adds additional security.

The Zosi CCTV Night Vision Camera Review

Let us now look at the features and benefits of the Zosi camera in detail.


It consists of a 3.6 mm lens, which provides a better image to the users. Placing the right lens on the camera helps to capture the image with clarity.

Infrared Technology

The range of the night vision camera depends on the number of the infrared LCDs.  The built-in IR cut switch is used to enable or disable the infrared technology depending on the lighting conditions.


The clear image is based on its resolution. Having the higher resolution, the camera displays a bright image to the users. It produces 1080p image resolution to the users.  The cameras can be tied up with the DVD or any other recording devices, to get the best image quality. It consists of 800 lines of colored resolution to give the best quality image.

Even at low light conditions or in the case of complete darkness, the sensors are used to display a sharp image to the users.

Special Features

Auto-acquire manage and backlight compensation plays a vital role in giving the best image in any lighting condition.


The camera is made of aluminum. It is made of the weather and vandal resistant materials so as to tolerate any type of weather conditions. Thus, it can have a long lifespan.


It has the capacity to capture the images up 100 feet. So, on surrounding the environment, it can catch the crime.

Color And Price

The color of this night vision camera is black and the price of the product ranges from $ 10 to $20.


It can be used in indoors as well as in outdoors. The camera is used to spot the crime, detect the fire accidents, theft, spot the accidents, murders, etc. It is placed in the public places.

This CCTV camera can be used in the daytime, as well as, in the night time. It displays color at the daytime and black and white color images at the night time.

The camera is made of the best quality materials so that it helps to prevent the rust, debris, etc.Zosi CCTV Night Vision Camera

Key Features: Best quality materials, aluminum camera, and infrared technology.

Pros: Spot the crimes, offers the clear image, suits for all climates.Purchase This Product on Amazon.com

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