Zosi CCTV Night Vision Camera Review

Are you looking for the best CCTV security camera for your home or office? Today, there are several types of CCTV security cameras available in the market, but ZOSI Security Camera is the best choice for you. 

This security camera comes with advanced technology and provides high performance compared to other CCTV security cameras. 

The ZOSI Security Camera has a lightweight and compact design. It is widely used to identify crimes and is also used to monitor the areas or places. 

The ZOSI Security Camera System begins with four outdoor & indoor HD bullet cameras with motion detection and night vision. You can also place the camera in public places and add additional security. 

The ethernet connected cameras, wireless cameras, and WiFi cameras that are manufactured by the ZOSI company will send a message to your mobile phone immediately in the event of a breakdown or any suspicious activity.


  • Image Resolution: 1080p 
  • Image Sensor: 1/4″
  • Lens: 3.6mm
  • Power Supply: 12V 500mA
  • IR distances: 120ft
  • Signal Mode: CVBS 960H / TVI / AHD / CVI
  • IR LEDs: 42pcs, 5mm LEDs
  • Placement: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Low light technology: Day/Night
  • Alert Type: Motion Only

The Zosi CCTV Night Vision Camera Review

Let us look at the advanced features and benefits of the Zosi camera in detail now. 


The exact image is based on the camera resolution. The ZOSI Security Camera begins with a higher resolution, so it displays clear pictures to the users. 

It provides a 1080p higher image resolution to the users. This security camera can quickly be connected with the DVR and any other recording device to make the best image quality.

This camera has 800 lines of colored resolution to provide an excellent quality image.

Even in complete darkness or dim light conditions, the sensors can display clear pictures to the users.

Infrared Technology

The Zosi night vision security camera range is based on the number of IR LEDs(Infrared LEDs). 

The built-in IR cut switch allows or damages the infrared technology based on the lighting conditions.

24/7 protection

With high-quality built-in LEDs & full HD resolution, it is widely placed in school, office, market, store, home, and many places. 

This security camera system provides 24/7 protection for your home, family, kids, property, etc.

Design & Construction

The ZOSI CCTV Security Camera has a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic design. The camera is made of aluminum.

It is made of weather, vandal, and water-resistant materials so that you can use this camera in all weather conditions. Thus, the camera has a long lifespan.


The Zosi CCTV Night Vision Security Camera comes with a 3.6mm lens that gives you high-quality pictures. 

If you put the higher quality lens on the CCTV security camera, it captures the user’s high-clarity images.

Field of View

The Zosi surveillance or security camera comes with a wide field of view compared to other security cameras, and it also captures the images clearly.

Built-in OSD Menu

The ZOSI CCTV Security Camera comes with OSD Menu to change the four different video outputs like 960H CVBS, 1080P AHD, 1080P TVI, and 1080P CVI. 

The 960H mode easily fits all analog DVRs; the 960h method is known as the default video mode. You can quickly change the signal mode in 5 seconds with the OSD Menu help.

Operation Modes

  • Button from AHD   :    Press Leftward for 5 Seconds
  • Button from TVI     :     Press Rightward for 5 Seconds
  • Button from CVBS :     Press Upward for 5 Seconds
  • Button from CVI     :     Press Downward for 5 Seconds

Night Vision

The Zosi security camera is designed with 42 infrared LEDs able to capture clear images up to 120ft at night. 

This camera also comes with Back Light Compensation(BLC) and Auto-Gain Control(AGC), which helps to improve image quality. 

This night vision technology can clearly capture the crime images and videos in the surroundings at night.

Remote Viewing

You can see the outside of your house with a mobile app, so you can easily monitor your outside using smartphones. 

It is one of the significant advantages of the Zosi camera. The camera system will send the picture to you via email if it catches motion.

Weatherproof & waterproof

This camera comes with Weatherproof and waterproof features, so it withstands all weather conditions.

Easy to Install

You can quickly install the Zosi security camera indoors and outdoors; It captures a wide range of images accurately, and you can operate and change the image modes in 5 seconds.

Color and Price

The Zosi CCTV Night Vision Security Camera is black and begins at a reasonable price. It is perfect for your home, office, store, schools, etc. to easily monitor the surroundings.

Key Features


  • This security camera is used for both indoors and outdoors. It is used to find the crime, identify fire accidents, murders, theft, place accidents, etc. This camera is mostly installed in public places.
  • You can use this camera in both day and night time. It displays the color images in the daytime and black & white color pictures at night.
  • The CCTV night vision camera is made with superior quality materials so that it helps to prevent water, dust, rust, debris, etc.




The Zosi CCTV Security Camera has all the features of high-end security cameras, and it is one of the excellent models from Zosi’s security cameras. Anyone can easily and quickly monitor the home, office, kids, family, etc. with a Zosi camera. This camera has four operation modes and many advanced features. The Zosi camera has a higher resolution, infrared technology, a Built-in OSD Menu, and a wide range of views. 

The Zosi camera has a higher resolution, infrared technology, a Built-in OSD Menu, and a wide range of views. Zosi comes with an ergonomic, lightweight, and compact design. We recommend choosing the Zosi CCTV Night Vision Camera for indoor and outdoor uses because of its high-quality infrared technology, which provides high-quality images and completely packed advanced features.

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