AGM Asp-Micro Thermal Imaging Monocular Review

Are you looking for the best thermal imaging devices for hunting, hiking, or surveillance? The AGM Asp-Micro Short Range Thermal Imaging Monocular is the best choice for you. AGM also manufactures laser systems, traditional binocular, thermal imaging binoculars, monoculars, and sights.

This Asp-Micro Thermal Imaging Monocular is a close-range monocular, equipped with a 160×120 thermal resolution detector. This is an affordable thermal monocular introduced by AGM Global Vision in 2020.

Most features of this thermal monocular ensure the performance of this device like an expensive one. This compact thermal monocular is highly recommended for searching targets at night in hunting, patrolling, rescuing, law enforcement, drug enforcement, criminal seizing, anti-smuggling, etc.

The most admirable features of this thermal monocular are Hot Spot Mark, Wireless Connectivity, Mode Switch, Color Palettes, Image, and Video Recording.

Let’s take a close look at the features of this thermal monocular in this article.

AGM Asp-Micro Thermal Monocular

AGM Asp-Micro 160x120 Short Range Thermal Imaging Monocular review
160X120 384X288



SpecsAGM Asp-Micro 160x120AGM Asp-Micro 384×288

FOV15.61 degrees11.74 degrees
Lens Diameter30 mm30 mm
Tube diameter30 mm30 mm
Digital Zoom2x, 4x2x, 4x
Power SourceRechargeable LiRechargeable Li
Battery Life7 Hours7 Hours
Focus TypeFixedFixed
Refreshing Rate50Hz50Hz
Operating Temperature-22 to 55 Celsius-22 to 55 Celsius

Features of AGM Asp-Micro Thermal Imaging Monocular

Here we listed below the features of this Short Range Thermal Imaging Monocular. Just take a look and make sure this monocular is suitable for you or not.

Built Quality

The design of this AGM Asp-Micro Short Range Thermal Monocular is the same as the FLIR Scout TK Monocular. The good thing about this design is, it gives effortless operation and is comfortable to hold in one hand.

The space between the buttons on the top is an impressive thing of this monocular design. It ensures easy usability while in the dark. Due to the size of this button, it is perfectly fit to use in bare hands, but it could be a little more to make it easy to handle with gloves.

The external surface of this monocular has a rubber coating, but the coating is too thin; hence it does not make much impact on the protection. However, this rubber coating increases the grip and ensures great performance in all weather conditions. Moreover, the rubber coating is less reflective than plastic or hard metal surfaces, so it helps to stay hidden while targeting animals.

Thermal Sensor

A high-sensitivity thermal sensor is in-built in this monocular that provides a clear image in dark environments. It is a small thermal sensor, so it provides detailed images in 1x magnification up to 50 yards. The operating temperature of this thermal detector is -20 to 55 celsius, so you can use this monocular in heavy cold and rescue in the fire. The hot spot mark feature of this thermal monocular will mark the high-temperature hot spot.


The optical magnification range of this thermal monocular is 1x. The lower magnification range shows a wide field of view that gives better environmental awareness. Moreover, 1x magnification gives high-quality images, high magnification range will reduce the image quality. Due to its 1x optical magnification, it is considered best for close-range targeting.

Digital Zoom

The digital zooming feature of this device helps to facilitate target acquisition. It has 2x and 4x digital zooming range that works perfectly in low light or dark environments. A small knob is designed on the side of this device that helps to focus the target on your eyes.

Wireless Connectivity

You can easily connect this thermal monocular with your computer via the USB cable included with this device. You can also connect this device by using Wi-Fi connectivity with your iPad, Phone, Laptop, etc.

This feature is more useful when you set this thermal monocular on the tripod and start surveillance from another location. You can see the live views on your phone or laptop.

The connectivity of this device is also very easy, you can also easily reset the password while doubting someone using this device. It is extremely convenient to see live images or videos on your phone.

By using this wireless connectivity, it is very easy to take pictures and record videos directly to the phone. Moreover, you can also adjust some features like image brightness, color palettes, zoom, contrast, etc. You can also easily share the documents by using Wi-Fi.


You can find a small recess that is used to loop the wrist strap near the eyepiece. It is very small and a bit tricky to connect, at the same time, it ensures that it does not interfere while operating the device.

Also a rough equidistant is located under this monocular, which is used to mount this device with a tripod. It is very important to mention that the insert metal is perfectly placed over the plastic that is better to choose than cheap Night Vision Monocular.

There are two reasons that you can easily mount this monocular on a tripod: Firstly, it allows you to easily view the target on a single spot, and secondly, you can get a steady image of the target while mounting on the tripod. You can get a good quality image without using a tripod, but a tripod mount will help while recording and increase the magnification range.

Image and Video Quality

This AGM Asp-Micro Thermal monocular captures the image in JPEG format. The image resolution is 160 – 120 pixels and 384×288 pixels, you can get a clear image in both day and night time. The refresh rate of this device is 50Hz that provides a smooth focus image. The video will be recorded in MP4 Format and it takes 25 frames per second. The frame speed ensures that the video resolution is the same as the image.

Palette Setting

There are four color palette settings available in this device; by using this setting you can easily detect the heat signal in both day and night time. The color palette options are Fusion, White Hot, Black Hot, and Red Hot.

In the fusion mode, the high temperature will be shown in yellow color and low temperature will be shown in purple color. White color will declare the high temperature in White Hot mode and black color will declare the high temperature in Black Hot mode. In the Red Hot Mode, red declares a high temperature range.

Waterproof and Dust

This AGM Asp-Micro Short Range Thermal Imaging Monocular has IP67 certification that ensures the waterproof feature. The seal is completely dust-tight and it has the ability to provide a clear view 1 meter below water for 30 minutes. This electronic device is good enough to use in sea surveillance.


The eyepiece of this thermal monocular comes with eyecup that helps to protect the objective lens from dust and ensures scratch proof. The eyecup is made by using soft and pliable rubber and the outer diameter of this erecup is 55mm. Sometimes, you feel it is not comfortable to use, but it provides an excellent job by blocking light and avoiding distraction while viewing the targets.

A diopter adjustment knob is placed in the left-hand side of this device that enables the image focusing on the screen for the clear view. The total dimension of the objective lens is 30mm and provides a wide field of view for environmental awareness.

Storage Capacity

Most of the devices require an external memory card, but this AGM Asp-Micro Thermal Monocular has 8Gb in-built memory. By using this memory storage, you can save images and videos in this device and also you can take out this memory card and download the images and videos by using USB cable. If the storage capacity becomes a problem for you, then you have to connect your phone to record directly on your phone.


A rechargeable lithium battery is in-built this AGM thermal monocular, so you don’t need to buy any batteries to power up this device. One you recharge this battery, it will continuously run up to 10 hours. While transferring the images and videos to the PC, the device will charge quite quickly. Note that wifi connectivity will quickly reduce the battery power. So you can leave it the whole night to record.


1.] Compact and Lightweight Design
2.] Reasonable price
3.] Digital Magnification
4.] High-sensitivity sensor


1.] Battery power is not retain for long time

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What app is used for AGM thermal Devices?

If you want to access your device by Wi-Fi connectivity, you have to download an app called CAM802. This app is available in the android store.

2.) What is thermal monocular?

Thermal monocular detects hot signals. It is widely used in farm fields to hunt boards and wild hogs at night.

3.) Where AGM Thermal Scopes are made?

AGM manufactured different thermal devices like scope, monocular, binocular, etc. All of their products are made in the USA.

Final Words

This thermal monocular has a high sensitivity sensor, so you can use this device for big games also. This monocular can easily detect coyotes from 50 to 100 yards. If you are a close-range hunter, you can also use this monocular to detect targets up to 25-50 yards. I have to make sure of one thing, you will not find any other thermal device at this reasonable price.

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