AGM Python 50mm Medium Range Thermal Riflescope Review

Thermal imaging scopes are a powerful tool that can be manipulated easily by a professional shooter or a beginner. These thermal scopes are nowadays built up with new technologies and modern features making them easy to use even by a normal person.

It is the primary equipment for all tactical activities. Not only hunters, but also military professionals, law enforcement officers, range shooting competitors, and other outdoor enthusiasts love thermal scopes for their improved technologies, user-friendly accessing, and incredible performance. 

These are designed with infrared imaging technology that can detect the prey quickly and accurately in all light conditions especially in total darkness.

Choosing a good thermal imaging riflescope will always assist you throughout your hunting trip. Here we have reviewed one of the best quality thermal riflescopes in the market, and that is from the top manufacturer AGM. 

Do you want to know what is it? It is the only AGM Python 50mm Medium Range Thermal Riflescope. It is a perfect choice for short and medium-range shooters. 

If you’re willing to own a night vision scope, then with no doubt you can choose AGM Python 50mm Medium range thermal scope. As it comes with multiple features, it will surely be a good partner for you in the hunting field.
Let’s get into the detailed review of the AGM 50mm Medium Range Thermal Riflescope.


Features of AGM Python 50mm Medium Range Thermal Riflescope


AGM Python series have rugged construction that gives a tough competition to other brands. It is structured with hard, solid, and durable materials that can last for several years of usage. 

The housing is made well with premium-quality aircraft aluminum alloy for its safety and protection. The entire system stands sturdy and can bear up any harsh climatic situations. 

All the components in the AGM Python series are designed to be lightweight for single-hand usage. Due to its compact design, this unit can be carried easily in standard pockets.

Though the scope is tending to be lightweight, it can tolerate high recoil and can stand up in any powerful weapons.  So you need not want to worry about using this scope to your favorite high calibration firearm. 

Thermal Senor

The thermal sensor is the basement of thermal scopes. It is the key component that regulates the function of other temperature control components in the scope. Its major role is to detect the temperatures of the living objects in the surrounding. 

Here in AGM Python Thermal scope, the thermal sensor comes with a resolution of 336×256 pixels to detect the temperature of the objects in the field.

Further, a FLIR Tau 2 type uncooled detector is equipped in this medium-range unit to render good quality detection during both day and night time.

Magnification System

Magnification is very essential for a scope to assist the shooter to reach his target accurately. Although high magnification helps you identify the prey at a longer distance. It reduces the field of view and gives you a magnified image of the target. But with limited FOV you’ll not be aware of other animals present in that surrounding. 

To eradicate such a problem, AGM has manufactured its Python series thermal scope with two different magnification ranges 3X and 2X. Both the products are highly tough to each other. They are;

  • AGM Python 3x 50mm Medium Range Thermal Imaging Riflescope
  • AGM Python 2x 50mm Medium Range Thermal Imaging Riflescope (Our Review)

They have the same specifications, pricing, similar features, construction, etc. They vary only in their magnification. Both can withstand any weather conditions. 

Experts always prefer thermal scopes having certain magnification limits likewise you can also pick your own choice. 

Objective Lens System

To provide a better visual, you definitely need a lens system, and this AGM Python 50mm Thermal Scope comes with three different objective lenses that vary in their diameter. They are;

  • 25mm lens – AGM Python 25mm Short Range Thermal Riflescope
  • 50mm lens (Our review) – AGM Python 50mm Medium Range Thermal Riflescope
  • 75mm lens – AGM Python 75mm Long Range Thermal Riflescope

As the name defines, these thermal scopes are used specifically for short, medium, and long-range shootings. The 75mm long-range thermal scope is widely used for tactical applications like rescue missions, home defense, wildlife attacks, hunting, and so on.

All three models are capable of producing vivid, crystal clear images with a detailed view. AGM Python 50mm Thermal Riflescope has an angle of 7.8° X 5.9° field of view that gives you a glance towards the target surrounding. The 60Hz refresh rate of the scope produces high-quality images to focus the target accurately for shooting.

Focusing Range

The Germanium lens setup of the AGM Python Medium Range Thermal Scope lets you focus the target within certain limits having a minimum range of 5 meters and maximum to infinity.

You’ll also get a clear image of the target by increasing the digital zoom gradually from 1X to 2X to 4X to 8X. This lightweight thermal scope also includes 45mm eye relief and 10mm exit pupil. This prevents your eye from injury and does not allow your eye to get tired quickly.

Images & Videos

AGM Python series also comes with four different reticle options MOA dot, Cross Center Dot, Crosshair, Cross, and Line Dot. These options give you flawless performance at the shot. And your shot can be captured easily with the help of a video recorder. So you can watch it later with your beloved ones. 

The images of your target, as well as the footage of your shot, can be viewed in an HD display with a resolution of 800×600 pixels. You can also adjust the brightness level of the images by using the 8 different brightness settings. 

So with this AGM Python thermal scope, you can go hunting at any desired place, no matter whether there is light or no light. 


AGM Python 50 mm thermal scope is attached with two lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable. This is the main power source for infrared thermal imaging rifle scopes. The CR123A type battery has 3V while CR123 type Li-Ion batteries possess 3.0V to 3.7V.

If you feel that the two batteries are not enough, then you can connect the scope with another external power supply via micro-USB. This drastically increases the power of your device.

Additional Accessories

Additionally, this unit also comes with a Weaver, MIL-STD 1913, and Picatinny that help you to mount your thermal scope onto the firearm or rifle. It provides effortless operation even in the worst environmental conditions. 

It is user-friendly and comes with a remote control option to manipulate the system. It allows you to access the entire scope with just a single click. So you’ll not get any confusion with this AGM Python 50mm medium range thermal scope in the hunting field. 

Final Words

One should always be ready with his gears for outdoor adventure or tactical activities. The best and the required thing for your hunting is the thermal scopes. You can go with the AGM Python 50mm Medium Range Thermal Riflescope if you are a medium-range shooter or beginner. Both of them are benefitted well from this thermal scope. 

Make your hunting adventure enjoyable with AGM Python Medium Range Thermal Riflescope. If you’ve bought this scope already then don’t hesitate to share your experience with us. 

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