AGM Python Micro 2.7 50mm Compact Thermal Scope Review

Thermal scope is a very good addition to your hunting accessories to enhance your hunting experience in the field. AGM Global Vision is a leading company in designing thermal weapon sights. 

The Python Micro 2.7 50mm Compact Thermal Scope from AGM uses infrared imaging technology that detects the temperature fluctuations in living things. So you can detect the prey easily. 

It comes with more innovative features, that runs fast and provides relevant information of the target accurately even in the dark environment. The compact design of the scope enables you to carry wherever you want.

A hunter or outdoor enthusiast has to face a lot of challenges like the sudden rainfall, wind, fog, etc. So you’ve to be always well prepared with the gears that can withstand these climatic changes.

AGM Python Micro 2.7 50mm Scope
4.8 / 5

AGM Python Micro Thermal Scope gives 24 hours performance continuously and can adapt to any environmental conditions. For this reason, AGM Micro thermal scope is highly used by the military officers, law enforcement, and also hunters. 

In this article, we have explained all the features Python Micro 2.7 50mm Compact Thermal Scope and its function. Scroll down to gain more info about it.

Features of AGM Python Micro 2.7 50mm Compact Thermal Scope


AGM Python-Micro Compact Thermal scope is an updated version with latest technologies based on the user’s suggestions. It is constructed with military grade components that are powerful in its performance. These materials are IP66 rated to ensure water resisting feature. The housing is made with aluminum alloy and is designed to be compact, lightweight and weighs about 13.4 ounces. It comes handy and you can carry it anywhere easily.

The water resisting feature and the rugged material of this scope is dustproof, fog proof, waterproof, and even shock proof. So you can use this AGM compact thermal scope in tough weather and worse situations. 

Thermal Sensor

The major component in thermal scope is the thermal sensor. AGM Python Micro Thermal Scope is equipped with an Uncooled Microbolometer that detects the heat signature of the object. This thermal sensor will provide high resolution images of the target having 384×288 pixels, with 17 µm pixel pitch. These images will be very clear and detailed. So you can hit your target more accurately. 

Refresh Rate

Another feature combined with the sensor is the refresh rate. AGM Compact thermal scope possesses a 50Hz refresh rate. Do you know why refresh rate is needed for a sensor? This is because the sensor detects the target and the frame rate refreshes the image of your target and displays it on the screen. So you will get very clear and crisp images in a detailed manner. Here in AGM it refreshes the image 50 times in a second, so you can easily hit the moving target. 

Optical Lens

If your choice was this AGM Python Micro Compact Thermal Scope, then you’re going to enjoy a lot in the hunting field.

Python Micro Compact thermal scope is built with a 50mm objective lens for vision. This lens provides you a clear way to hit the target. It is also made with 10 illumination settings and allows you to access the brightness of the image that you are focussing. So you can easily focus your target even in pitch darkness by adjusting the illumination settings.  

With AGM Python thermal scope you can go hunting on any field, in all light conditions or weather conditions, it will provide you a better result.

OLED Display

AGM Python Micro Compact Thermal Scope gives you high resolution pictures of 1024×768 pixels with the OLED display. These images will be crystal clear and very sharp, so that you can aim your target more accurately.

This scope also gives you an eye relief of 60mm, this is because to prevent injuries in the eye while hitting the target. 


Magnification is very important and a must have feature in thermal scopes. Depending on the magnification range of the scope, you’ll be able to view the farther distance targets. AGM Python Micro Compact Thermal Scope is best suited for medium range targets having 2.7x magnification range.

Digital Zoom

Digital zoom is also related to magnification. This is an added feature in thermal scopes to view your target even more obvious. AGM Compact thermal scope has a range of 2x and 4x digital zoom. You can also adjust the range using remote control.

It also allows you to view the surroundings of the target to ensure the presence of any other harmful animal in that area. AGM Python Micro Compact thermal scope possesses a wide field of view at the angle of 7.4°x5.6°. So you need not want to fear being in the hunting field. 

Image & Video Capturing

The AGM Python-Micro Compact 2.7x50mm Thermal Scope is designed with cutting-edge technology to capture high-quality images. With the help of this technology you can arrest the memories of your hunting in the form of images or videos and can be stored in the internal memory card. The videos are recorded with high-resolution and are stored in AVI format whereas the images are stored in JPG format. 

Battery & Operation

AGM Python Micro Compact thermal scope comes with two batteries; CR123 and CR123A. These two batteries are the power sources to this thermal scope and can be used continuously for 5 hours. These are lithium batteries that can be charged using the charging kit. Once fully charged you can use it for operation.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The biggest advantage in thermal scope is the Wi-Fi connectivity. You can connect any of your smartphones, tablets, or PC to this thermal scope by using Wifi connection. So you can directly save the captured images and videos on to your smart phones or other devices. You can also control the setting of this scope via your smartphone.  

Other Adjustments

  • AGM Python Micro Compact Thermal Scope possesses remote control options with which you can adjust the brightness, power, and magnification ranges of the scope. 
  • The AGM scope additionally has two modes; Automatic and Manual calibration mode. Both the modes help you in adjustments of the scope depending on the situation. 
  • It also has a diopter that ranges from -5 to +4 DPT.

These adjustments are made for easy access of the scope in any harsh conditions. 

Temperature Range

Generally thermal scopes work by detecting the temperature of the surroundings. It operates in the temperature of -25 °C to 50 °C and so you can easily detect your target in the hunting field. This scope also has a storage temperature of -40 °C to 70 °C, so that you can use it in all weather conditions.



Final Words

AGM Python-Micro Compact Thermal Scope has a solid construction with rugged materials that is perfectly suitable for hunting in all scenarios. It is a compact medium range thermal rifle scope that can be attached to any of your favourite firearms.

The advanced technology of this thermal scope gives you a crisp and clear view of the target during both day and night. You’ll have a great hunting experience when using this AGM Python-Micro Compact Thermal Scope.

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