AGM Python-Micro Compact 1.9x35mm Thermal Scope Review

AGM is a topmost manufacturer in the world in producing thermal weapon sights. Python Micro Compact 1.9x35mm Thermal Scope is a long-wave infrared weapon sight designed for outdoor uses.

It is made with advanced technology including more innovative features that provides excellent performance in hunting. Not only in hunting this compact thermal scope can be used for versatile activities such as law enforcement, military, and rescue operations. Because it offers you 24 hours of continuous performance and is adaptable to all weather conditions. 

Let’s have a detailed info of AGM Python Micro 1.9x35mm Compact Thermal Scope.

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4.7 / 5

Features of AGM Python Micro 1.9x 35mm Compact Thermal Scope


AGM Python-Micro Compact Thermal scope is built with advanced technologies that provide excellent performance outdoors. AGM housing is made of high-grade aircraft aluminum alloy making it sturdy. It has a compact design making it lightweight and weighs about 17.4 lbs. It is portable and can be carried easily.

The waterproof design of AGM Python thermal scope offers excellent performance and can tolerate severe environmental conditions.

Thermal Sensor

The updated version of AGM Python Micro Thermal Scope is structured with an Uncooled Microbolometer to sense the living object. The main function of this sensor is to detect the heat signature and present you high resolution images with 640×512 pixels and 17 µm pixel pitch. These images will help you to hit the target precisely. 

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate or the frame rate is very important for a scope to give vivid, crystal clear images of the target. AGM Python Micro Compact thermal scope offers 60Hz refresh rate. This helps you to track the moving animals and the images produced here is very clear for you to hit the moving target. It is very well suited for short or medium distant targets.

Optical Lens

AGM Python Micro Compact Thermal Scope is made with 35mm Germanium objective lens. AGM has also created models having 50mm and 75mm objective lenses and has given the opportunity for the users to pick the one for your desired hunting.

  • This 35mm thermal scope is well known for short/medium range shooting.
  • 50mm Python Micro Compact thermal scope the best for medium distance shooting.
  • Long range shooters can prefer 75mm Python Micro Compact thermal scope, as it provides excellent performance at farther distance targets.

 It is built-in with 10 illumination settings and allows you to perform different tasks you’re facing in the field. You can adjust the setting based on the field scenario. So you’ll be able to focus your target even in total darkness without using any external light source.

OLED Display

The display is the screen where you could see the images of your target. AGM Python Micro Compact Thermal Scope is built with an OLED display having resolution of 800×600 pixels. The images displayed here will be of high-quality, bright, vivid, sharp, and crystal clear. So that your aim will be exactly on the target and will never change its way. 

It is also provided with an eye relief of 45mm to hit the target without causing any injury to the eye. But this eye relief is very low compared to other brand products. 


Magnification range is an important feature to focus the distant targets. Higher the magnification range higher is the target detection. AGM Python Micro Compact Thermal Scope has 1.9x magnification range which is a low value and so it is used for short distance target shooting.

Digital Zoom

Digital zoom is the prominent feature in thermal scope to provide an extended view of the target.  AGM Python Compact thermal scope has four different ranges of digital zooming i.e, 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x. You can adjust these ranges using remote control. 

Depending on the distance of the target you can change the zooming option. When you zoom your target you would get a wide field of view, making you aware of other animals or harmful elements present in that area.

Image & Video Capturing

The AGM Python-Micro Compact 1.9x 35mm Thermal Scope is upgraded with modern technology for image capturing. The cutting-edge technology of the scope can capture high-quality images and videos with greatest clarity. You can record your hunting experiences in AVI video format while the images in JPG format. You can save all your recordings in the internal memory card present in the scope.  

Battery & Operation

AGM Python Micro Compact thermal scope gets power from CR123 and CR123A batteries. Both are lithium batteries that are rechargeable,  having the voltage range from 3.0V to 3.72V. Once fully charged it gives a continuous power supply for about 4 hours. As this thermal imaging weapon sight comes with two batteries you need not want to carry any additional battery. Also, this scope is designed for 24 hours of operation by connecting the battery pack via micro-USB port. This increases the operation time drastically in case of long term missions.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Additionally, the scope has the capability to extend its connection with Wifi module or external video recorder. So you can save your recorded videos and images safely to other devices such as the smart phones, tablets, PC or video recorder. This helps you to reveal those memories later, with your family members, relatives, or any others. It also allows you to control the settings of the scope through the external devices.

Other Features

  • The Python Micro Compact Thermal Scope has a user-friendly interface with ergonomic button controls. It is easy and comfortable for you to use.
  • It also comes with the wireless remote control that makes adoption and application incredibly simple. It also has a diopter adjustment that ranges from -5 to +5 DPT.
  • The Python includes a wide variety of color palettes and reticle patterns for you to choose your desired option.
  • It also contains image brightness, contrast, and internal menu adjustments. All these features are very easy for you to operate.

Temperature Range

AGM Python Micro Compact Thermal Scope operates in the temperature of – -40C to +50C (-40F to +122F). This helps you to detect the target easily and accurately in the hunting field. It has a storage temperature range -50C to +70C ( -58F to +158F) that can be used in all weather conditions.

What’s in the Box?

  • Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope
  • Mount
  • Video Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lens Cloth
  • Safe Carrying Case

Final Words

AGM Python-Micro 1.9x 35mm Compact Thermal Scope has a lightweight design and can be carried easily. The rugged materials make it sturdy and to withstand harsh climatic conditions. It is built in with advanced technology that makes it versatile and can be attached to any of the powerful weapons, rifles, or firearms.

AGM Python-Micro Compact Thermal Scope provides incredibly amazing performance and can be used in all scenarios. If you’re looking for a compact thermal scope then AGM Python-Micro 1.9x 35mm Compact Thermal Scope is the best choice for you.

 Hope so this review article is helpful for you.

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