Aimpoint ACO vs Aimpoint PRO Review

Aimpoint has owned a top name in red dot optics, the production of high-quality products is the only reason for their success.

When the US army moved from iron sights to the highly powerful & far superior red dot sights, Aimpoint started developing in law enforcement and civilian worlds. 

Shooters prefer this brand due to its durability and quality so they might deliver in real-world situations.

In this blog, we will be comparing the two popular red dot sights from the same brand, the Aimpoint ACO(Aimpoint Carbine Optic) and the Aimpoint PRO(Patrol Rifle Optic). 

Both the sights are very similar and popular which is very hard to choose between. 

If you’re confused to pick the right optic then you’re at the right place. ACO and Pro are both top-notch red dot scopes from Aimpoint.

Let’s compare the significant features of both the red dot sights,

  • Reticle
  • Durability
  • Battery life
  • Field of view
  • Mount type

By the end of this review, you’ll know which is the best and which red dot sight suits your expectations the most.

We’ll show some key differences in the following table, then let’s get deep into the details of the brand and each optic.

Features Aimpoint ACO Aimpoint PRO
Battery Life 10,000 Hours 30,000 Hours
Eye relief Unlimited Unlimited
Brightness settings 10 10
Weight 190g 220g
Night vision No Yes
Magnification 1x 1x
Material Aluminum Aluminum

Aimpoint ACO vs Aimpoint PRO Review

If you’re looking to switch from iron sights to highly powerful and demandable red dot sights, you must choose high-quality optics. Aimpoint has various red dot optics, but it’s quite tough to choose one.

While comparing the Aimpoint ACO and PRO, it’s clear that the Aimpoint ACO is meant for civilian use, on the contrary, the PRO is built for military and law enforcement.

After hours of extensive research at the range with each, it’s very clear that both the optics are excellent and worth the money. To know the best, let’s get started into the detailed comparison.


Aimpoint ACO has a 2 MOA red dot reticle in a 38mm diameter objective lens which helps even beginners to aim precisely. For 100-200 yards shooting the amount of MOA is excellent. From my experience, I am able to hit the target at 150 yards very easily.

Though I’m satisfied with the range and accuracy of Aimpoint ACO, I thought of mounting PRO and marking the difference.

The PRO red dot sight performance is incredible, a big wow! I was impressed by the performance of PRO. I got a clear sight picture with PRO. It has a multi-coated lens, which neglects the glare and reflections.

Fine, the magnification range is 1x for both the optics. The huge plus of PRO is that it was parallax-free so the reticle is center-focused all the time. This helps in improving the accuracy even at long ranges.

Winner: Aimpoint PRO.

Though both red dot sights were great at close-range accuracy, i.e 150-200 yards, the Aimpoint PRO performed far better than the other one. Also, the 1x magnification and the ability and being night vision compatible is always a plus.


Battery life is an important factor to be considered before you choose the optic. 

It decides the performance and value of the sight. Both Aimpoint sights are loaded with the battery, but one is superior to the other. PRO has a 2L6 battery that can produce a battery life of 30,000 hours without any issues.

The Aimpoint PRO battery works effectively for more than 3 years. The brightness level settings are top-notch, there are 6 for daytime brightness and 4 for night lights.

How’s the performance of Aimpoint ACO then? The lithium-ion battery can last upto 10,000 hours at a higher brightness. It uses a single DL1/ 3N battery, which provides 1-year usage. It might not run for 3 years, you must change frequently.

Winner: Aimpoint PRO.

Though Aimpoint ACO battery life is pretty good, it can’t compete with 30,000 straight hours.


Both the Aimpoint optics are constructed of Aircraft-grade aluminum, this guarantees the ruggedness and solidity of the optic for long-term use.

Winner: Both


ACO is 1mm, completely waterproof. The exterior part is matt-black covered which is scratch-proof and doesn’t allow the water to stay on the surface. On the contrary, PRO is highly submersible with its 45m/ 150 feet water resistance. The components made of aluminum alloy won’t rust for many years.

Winner: PRO


Both the optics are made of great shock bearable aluminum. It makes the optic shockproof.

Winner: Both


Both Aimpoint PRO and Aimpoint ACO have unlimited eye relief. It will let you see through the lens even at long range. I have used both the optics and felt good. There are no issues with the eye relief.

Winner: Both


Aimpoint red dot sights have gained popularity among shooters due to their high-quality components. The optic body is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum which ensures ruggedness. Aimpoint ACO is matte black and wicks off moisture.

To ensure durability, I’ve dropped my Aimpoint ACOand it was unscratched. This red dot sight is waterproof, scratch-proof, and shock-proof, and weighs 7.8 ounces.

But what keeps me moving on to PRO is that it’s fog-proof, which was awesome. I never faced any issues with dust or dirt getting on the lens. PRO weighs 11.6 ounces, it’s also scratch-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof to almost 50 meters.

Another notable feature of Aimpoint PRO is the lens cover. It will protect the lens and never get exposed to the elements.

Winner: Aimpoint PRO.

Both optics have its unique positive design features, but no fog is nice. PRO is heavier but fog-proof and waterproof to 45 meters is amazing.


Aimpoint ACO and PRO have been designed up with windage and elevation knobs. Adjustment can be done very quickly and easily. Each click was a half-inch at 100 yards, so I got precise accuracy in the field.

Both the red dot sights have 10 levels of brightness. The Aimpoint ACO has 9 settings with a tenth for shooting in borderline darkness. The Aimpoint PRO has 6 levels for daytime and 4 for the night.

I love the night vision capability of the Aimpoint PRO which gives the vision to shoot in darkness.

Winner: Aimpoint PRO.

The night vision capability in the PRO is a big plus.


Mounting or zeroing is not a big deal in either of the red dot sights. It felt very easy to mount them, both the optics use a Picatinny rail fixed mount that’s low-profile.

Winner: Both.

To Whom ACO Is Designed For?

Aimpoint ACO is the perfect choice for civilian shooters. It is packed with amazing features at an affordable price. Even beginners can use ACO to shoot. 

If you’re a beginner, looking for the best optic within a low budget then ACO is worth your money.

PRO is suitable for?

The Aimpoint PRO is specially designed for law enforcement and the military. 

It has major advantages like durability, high battery life, reliability, and waterproofness. For a professional shooter, PRO is the must-have red dot sight, it’s a worthy investment without any doubt.

Summary and Recommendations

Both models are great optics that have come up with the high quality and durability of an Aimpoint product, but if you need the best optic within a limited budget, Aimpoint ACO is the sight for you. Though it doesn’t have night vision or is waterproof to 45m, it excels in the range of brightness, it’s simple yet effective.

If budget is not a big barrier then go for the Aimpoint PRO. It is 100% worth it to get a boosted battery life, night vision compatibility, a more versatile mount, and all the bonuses. 

Get Aimpoint PRO, never mind the small price variations, buy the worthy product!


Is Aimpoint Pro worth the money?

If you want to buy an optic for military use, then PRO is the best choice. It will provide you an amazing light source and settings, distortion-free aiming in 1x magnification.

What MOA is Aimpoint PRO?

The Aimpoint PRO has a 2 MOA red dot reticle that’s parallax-free. ACO is also 2 MOA.

Are Aimpoint scopes good?

Aimpoint produces high-quality optics that are too reliable with high battery life.

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