Holosun 508T vs 507c – Which is Ideal for You?

If you’re looking for the best red dot sight for your needs, there are several models from different brands available on the market. The red dot sight is one of the essential tools for the handgun in recent years. 

The dot sight is simple and easy to use so many shooters prefer this for making quick and accurate shots. 

When it comes to choosing a red dot sight, you have to research lots of models and brands to find the right one for your needs. 

If you have any favorite brands and want to choose a red dot sight from them, then you can examine and compare their sights. 

In this sense, Holosun is one of the most popular brands for producing high-quality red dot sights on the market. 

If you’ve come across the Holosun 508T and 507C red dot sights and are confused about what to choose for your shooting needs. 

In this article, we are going to compare the 508T vs 507c from the Holosun brand. 

This is very rare that the products compete with their own brands. By reading our complete review, you will know which one is ideal for your needs. Let’s start the battle.

Holosun 508T & Holosun 507c – Overview

Holosun 508T

The Holosun 508T is one of the best red dot sights with multiple reticles on the market. It is widely preferred by many shooters for their pistols. 

The 508T red dot sight impresses many people with its advanced features when compared to others. 

The excellent features present in this red dot sight make it ideal for various applications. 

It comes with excellent glass that produces crisp and clear images of the target without any glare. 

One of the impressive features of this Holosun 508T is its long lasting battery even with 12 brightness settings. 

Unlike most of the red dot sights, it contains multiple reticles that ensure versatile performance based on your needs. 

The Holosun 508T red dot optic is constructed with titanium material that ensures more durability when it comes to performing in rugged conditions. The ‘t’ in its name represents the titanium material.

Why Holosun 508T?

The Holosun 508T is widely preferred by many pistols owners as it is an excellent customizable red dot sight on the market. 

The Holosun 508T is upgraded into 508T X2 with various advanced features that improve the accuracy and performance on the field. 

The housing of this red dot optic is made with titanium material to ensure more durability on the battlefield. 

The minimal design and high-quality desirable features of this Holosun 508T make it an ideal choice for various applications and it is widely preferred by military and law enforcement officers. 

If you’re looking for a red dot sight for home defense and other tactical operations, then this 508T is a perfect choice.



Holosun 507C

The Holosun 507C is the ideal red dot sight for handguns to hit the targets from close range distance without missing. 

It ensures quick target acquisition with improved accuracy. This 507C red dot sight is specially designed for the close range firearms such as handgun and pistol owners to ensure an excellent shooting experience. 

With this dot sight, you can enjoy shooting every target with high accuracy. Many military experts and law enforcement officers prefer this Holosun 507C for their tactical operations with its durable and lightweight build. 

If you want to buy a simple red dot sight for your open or concealed firearm, we recommend this 507C. 

The Holosun 507C is engineered with the 7075 T6 aluminum to ensure rugged construction and withstand harsh conditions. You can easily zero the Holosun 507C after sighting the target.

Why Holosun 507C?

The Holosun 507C is the most popular reflex red dot sight that many people prefer for their pistols. 

It enhances the accuracy and performance of your pistols, handgun, or shotgun while shooting from close to medium range distance. 

The Holosun 507C is upgraded into 507C X2 with many advanced features and technologies that ensure reliable performance on the field. 

If you’re on the market for purchasing the best reflex sight for CQB engagements, then this Holosun 507C X2 is the perfect choice for you. 

The unlimited eye relief of this optic ensures more convenience while focusing on your target and it won’t strain your eyes.



Holosun 508T vs 507C - Quick View

Specifications Holosun 508T Holosun 507C
Product Holosun HE508T Holosun HS507C
Magnification 1x 1x
Window Size 0.63 x 0.91 in 0.63 x 0.91 in
Reticle 2 MOA dot, 32 MOA circle 2 MOA dot, 32 MOA circle
Eye Relief Unlimited Unlimited
Battery Type CR1632 CR1632
Battery Life 50,000 hours 50,000 hours
Brightness Settings 12 12
Dimensions 1.78 x 1.54 x 1.24 inches 1.77 x 1.08 x 1.21 inches
Weight 2 oz 1.5 oz

Holosun 508T vs 507C – Comparison

In this section, we’ll both the 508T and 507C along with their features in detail. Thus, it will help you to easily find which will is best for you.


Holosun 508T

As magnification is not important for red dot sight, it comes with a fixed 1x magnification range that allows you to hit the targets closer to you. 

Even though it is not a high magnification range, this 1x magnification provides you a better view of the target than viewing with your naked eyes. 

With this fixed magnification, you don’t need to adjust the magnification range while shooting.

Holosun 507C

Like most red dot sights on the market, this Holosun 507C contains a 1x fixed magnification range that helps you to shoot the targets accurately from a close range of distance. 

With this 1x fixed magnification range, you can see the targets clearly and make accurate shots without missing.

When concluding this battle according to magnification, both are the same as they came with the 1x fixed magnification and ensure quick shots.

Winner: Both

Lens System

Holosun 508T

When it comes to the lens system, the Holosun 508T comes with a high-quality lens that delivers crystal clear images of the target no matter what the lighting condition is. 

It allows you to see the targets clearly from any distance without any distortion. 

The lens system is manufactured with the optical glass that is coated with multiple layers of anti-reflection coating to reduce glare and improves light transmission. 

This multi-coated lens provides bright target images even in low light conditions. 

Moreover, the optical lens is water-proof and scratch-resistant so you can use this Holosun 508T red dot sight in all weather conditions without any restriction and it delivers better vision without compromising the clarity.

Holosun 507C

Like 508T, this Holosun 507C is also equipped with a high-quality lens system that ensures clear sight pictures of the target regardless of the lighting condition. 

The lens in this 507C sight is more clear than its competitors such as Trijicon RMR. 

The surface of this lens is fully multi-coated which prevents glare and increases light transmission to produce bright target images in low light conditions. 

In addition, it is scratch resistant so you can carry this sight in any environmental condition without any hassle.

While comparing the lens system of 508T and 507C, both have quality lens systems as they are Holosun optics. Thus, both the Holosun 508T and Holosun 507C are winners.

Winner: Both


Holosun 508T

When looking at the reticle system, the 508T comes with 3 different reticle choices that you can choose based on your purposes. The three articles are as follows

  • 2 MOA dot with 32 MOA ring
  • 2 MOA dot
  • 32 MOA ring


The first reticle 2 MOA dot with 32 MOA ring is called a Circle dot reticle that ensures excellent target acquisition. 

When it comes to red dot sights, this circle dot reticle is the favorite choice for many users. 

With this reticle, you can easily identify your targets and aim the exact point to hit accurately. 

At the same time, 2 MOA dot in the center of this reticle provides you accurate aiming point so you can hit the targets easily even if they are small and far away from you. 

This reticle ensures both speed and accuracy when it comes to target acquisition. 

Next moving to the second reticle called 2 MOA dot, it is a simple and accurate reticle that allows you to hit the targets quickly without missing. 

This 2 MOA dot reticle provides you exact aiming point of the targets. But, it won’t compete with the circle dot reticle. 

The third option 32 MOA ring is my least favorite according to its performance but also some people prefer this reticle for their needs. 

Generally, this reticle ensures speed similar to a circle dot reticle but it shows all the targets without any dots in the center so you can’t aim your particle target. 

Many shooters prefer this reticle while shooting the big targets at a close distance. 

The main drawback of this reticle is the lack of an accurate aiming point. Beyond the comparisons, all the three reticles have their own strengths and weakness so you can choose based on your requirements. 

My personal choice is Circle dot reticle as they ensure both speed and accuracy. This Holosun 508T comes with both red and green reticles that you can choose which will be ideal for your needs.

Holosun 507C

Like Holosun 507C, this 508T red dot sight also comes with three reticle options and you can choose the reticle that satisfies all your needs. My favorite choice for red reticle version but if you like green reticle, then you can go for that.

According to the reticle system, we can’t compare both the Holosun 508T and Holosun 507C as both contain 3 reticle options with reticle colors. But, if you have any personal choice, you can choose that without compromising.

Winner: Both

Brightness & Battery Life

Holosun 508T

One of the impressive features of this Holosun 508T is the 12 brightness settings including 2 night vision and 10 daylight brightness modes. 

With these settings, you can change the brightness based on the lighting condition of your surrounding environments. 

The daylight brightness of this Holosun 508T provides bright and clear visibility even in bright sunny conditions. 

On the other hand side, the 2 night vision modes allow you to see the targets more clearly even in pitch dark conditions. 

My one of favorite features in this Holosun 508T is the Lock Mode which lets you lock the brightness setting. With this excellent feature, the brightness won’t change even if it fell down accidentally. 

It is one of the important features for those who prefer this red dot sight for their tactical applications. 

When it comes to battery life, it is packed with long-lasting CR1632 battery that ensures 50000 hours of battery life with the 6 settings. 

The battery life is the most important feature in a red dot sight as you won’t need an optic that dies soon. 

With this long-lasting battery, you don’t need to replace the battery frequently as it is very difficult to remove and replace the battery. 

Another impressive feature in this Holosun 508T is the Shake Awake technology that automatically switches off your optic during inaction and it again turns on the sight when it senses motion. 

It is a great feature to save your battery life when it the optic is not in use. In addition, the 508T contains a Solar Panel on top that helps you to back up the battery life and allows you to use the optic without the battery during bright sunlight conditions.

Holosun 507C

The Holosun 507C also contains a CR1632 battery and provides you 50000 hours of continuous operation with setting 6. 

Like 508T, this 507C comes with an ultra long battery life to extend your shooting on the battlefield. 

Moreover, this Holosun 507C is also built with the Shake Awake technology so you can save your battery life when not in use. 

The 12 brightness settings present in this Holosun 507C allow you to change the brightness based on your requirements. 

In 12 settings has 10 daylight modes and 2 night vision modes so you can easily identify your targets in all weather conditions. 

Like 508T, this 507C also contains a Lock mode that locks the brightness level of your optic while carrying around your shooting field.

According to the battery life and brightness setting, we can’t compare both the Holosun 507C and 508T. 

Both the red dot sights contain long lasting battery and 12 brightness settings so you can get the same experience with them. 

They both are the same with most of the features and functionalities so you can anyone based on your preferences.

Winner: Both


Holosun 508T

Generally, the Holosun optics are built with strong materials to ensure durable construction among their competitors. 

In this sense, the Holosun 508T red dot optic is constructed with the Titanium material that provides more durability when it comes to shooting in rough terrain conditions. 

The titanium built allows it to withstand any extreme condition without any damage. 

Though the material is rough and durable it is light in weight so you can carry optic with your pistol wherever you go. 

Moreover, the 508T contains an anodized finish that protects this optic from tough elements. 

You can prefer this red dot sight for shooting in rainy conditions as it is water-proof and can submerge into water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. With solid construction, it can withstand heavy shock while used in tough situations.

Holosun 507C

The Holosun 507C is one of the durable red dot sights that you can opt for your handguns. 

The housing of this red dot sight is made with 7075 T6 Aluminum, which is a strong material to withstand any tough conditions. 

It also contains an anodized finish that helps to prevent heavy damage while using in tough conditions. 

This Holosun 507C allows you to easily adjust using the small screwdriver. Like 508T, the 507C is also rated to be waterproof so it you can use this optic during rainy conditions without any damage. 

With this excellent feature, you can prefer this optic for shooting in all weather conditions such as rainy, snowy, or wet conditions. 

Moreover, it can withstand heavy shock and high recoil while shooting in rough terrains with your pistol.

I was really impressed with the durability of both Holosun 507C and 508T. Both the 508T and 507C contain durable material, withstand heavy shock, and have high recoils. 

You can easily adjust the windage and elevation with both the Holosun optics. But they have the main difference when it comes to durability as the 507C is built with 7075 T6 aluminum while the 508T is made with titanium. 

The titanium is the most durable material when compared to aluminum so here the winner is Holosun 508T.

Winner: Holosun 508T


Holosun 508T

The Holosun 508T red dot sight is 1.08 inches in height, 1.21 inches in width, and 1.77 inches in length. With these measurements, it is one of the compact red dot sights that you can prefer for your pistol or handguns. 

In addition, the weight of this optic is 2 ounces so you can easily carry this with your pistol.

Holosun 507C

Almost the Holosun 507C has the same sizes as the 508T. The height of this 507C is 1.54 inches, the width is 1.24 inches and the length is 1.78 inches. In addition, it weighs 1.5 ounces which makes it very light in weight.

Every pistol owner looks for a minimal and lightweight optic for their pistols. 

In this sense, both the Holosun 508T and 507C are compact and lightweight but the 508T is more compact than the 507C. 

However, the 507C is less weight when compared to 508T but the mini red dot sight with a low profile is the better option than the lightweight optic. 

In this battle of Holosun 508T vs 507C based on the size, the winner is Holosun 508T.

Winner: Holosun 508T

Who is Winner? Holosun 508T vs 507C

Conclusion: Holosun 508T or 507C

In this Holosun 508T vs 507C battle, we have come across the comparison between both the optics. Both Holosun 508T and Holosun 507C are great with their own strengths and functions. If you want a rugged minimal red dot sight for your pistol, then you can go with the 508T. If you’re looking for the best red dot sight at an affordable price, then you can prefer buying the Holosun 507C as it is less price than the 508T. They both are similar in several factors but also differ in some features and you can choose which will be ideal for your needs. My personal choice is Holosun 507C as it is the same as the 508T and more affordable than that. If you aren’t a budget concern, then you can choose the 508T without any delay. We hope our Holosun 508T vs 507C will help you to find the ideal choice for your needs. Apart from the comparison, you can choose the one based on your preferences.

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