Aimpoint Pro Review – A Best Red Dot Sight?

The red dot sight is an effective device that is mainly designed to provide you quick target acquisition in close combat situations.

It provides you simple and easy focusing so you can quickly acquire your targets and hit them without missing.

Red dot sights are widely used in military, law enforcement, and surveillance operations with their quick acquisition.

The population of red dot sights increases day by day so there are plenty of models available on the current market from several brands.

If you want to buy one for your needs, then you have to research well and choose which will suit your purposes. It is challenging to find the right sight among the others so we’ve recommended you buy the Aimpoint Pro.

It is one of the high-quality red dot sights on the market with its excellent features. After researching & testing dozens of models, we’ve found this effective sight so we want to review this Aimpoint Pro with its features, functionalities, and applications.

This Aimpoint Pro Review will help you to learn about the red dot sight and why they are best, etc. Let’s start the review without any delay.

Aimpoint Pro Review (An Efficient Patrol Optic)

The Aimpoint Pro is a red dot reflex sight that is designed to withstand durability and reliability in various tactical applications such as military and law enforcement operations.

If you’re looking for the best red dot sight for home defense, then it is a go-to red dot sight without any doubt. The fast target acquisition and close-range shots of this optic make it an ideal choice for home defense or self defense.



This Aimpoint Patrol Optic won’t disappoint you during critical situations. It can be compatible with a wide range of rifles and shotguns so you prefer this red dot sight for all your firearms.

Generally, this Aimpoint Pro is indestructible so it is used in many law enforcement, military, and surveillance operations.

If you’re engaging in 100 yards and make quick shots, then this Aimpoint PRO is a perfect choice for you without any doubt. This optic comes with a battle-proven design and advanced red dot technology so it is worth what you spent.

Why does this Aimpoint PRO Becomes Standard?

The Aimpoint has a standard reputation among many optic industries as it can be widely used in military and law enforcement operations.

It has many feedbacks to improve the functions and current technology for peek performance in the red dot industry. The Aimpoint PRO ensures rugged performance for the users regardless of the conditions.

The Aimpoint Pro red dot sight provides you rapid target acquisition and parallax-free performance on the battlefield so you don’t worry during serious situations.

The compatibility of this optic is incredible and the way it performs each shot makes it an outstanding sight among the others.

Once you use this, then you won’t leave this optic in any condition. Many professionals and serious shooters suggest this Aimpoint Pro for various users.

Features of Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Sight

The Aimpoint Pro Red Dot Sight is combined with various desirable features to ensure reliable performance without breaking your bank. It has many advancements with its design and accuracy to make various quick shots at close range shots without missing them. The excellent features present in this Aimpoint Pro make it a military-grade optic on the market. Let’s walk through all the features of this red dot sight in depth.


This Aimpoint Pro comes with a 1x fixed magnification range that provides you a better view of the target than viewing with your naked eyes.

It allows you to hit the targets that are closer to you so it is an ideal choice for close combat situations.

This optic has the capacity to make quick shots continuously so many people prefer this for self defense or home defense to fight against their enemies.

This fixed magnification is one of the advantages that won’t allow you to change the magnification setting while firing so it provides you more convenience while using.

Optical Lens System

It comes with a clear optics system that provides you high contrast images of the target regardless of the condition.

The objective lens of this scope is 38 mm which is large enough to provide you a broader view of the target so you can see the target clearly with their surrounding information no matter how far they are from you.

This large objective lens allows plenty of light into the scope to increase light transmission and produces bright target images even in low light conditions.

The lens is one of the impressive features present in this Aimpoint Pro that ensures razor sharp clarity in all light conditions.

The glass surface is fully coated with multiple layers of anti-reflective coating to prevent glare so you can clearly view even on bright sunny days and it produces clear sight pictures without any distortion in low light conditions.

With this optics system, you can easily view from different angles without any hassle and quickly acquire the targets.


Another impressive feature in this Aimpoint Pro is its 2 MOA dot reticle which is ideal for close range shots with excellent accuracy.

It is one of the reasons that many people prefer this optic as it ensures quick target acquisition.

The 2 MOA dot is better than the 3 MOA in terms of accuracy and precision when making rapid shots. With this reticle, you can shoot your target even in 200 yards distance with improved accuracy.

It provides you 10 brightness settings including 4 night vision compatible, 5 daylight compatible, and one with extra brightness for sunny conditions.

With these brightness levels, you can choose one based on the lighting condition of your surrounding environment.

Both Eyes Open

This Aimpoint Pro sight allows you to shoot by opening both eyes with the 1x magnification so you will get a better vision.

Moreover, it provides you unlimited eye relief so you can focus on the target with more convenience and it avoids injuries during heavy recoils.

With this excellent feature, you don’t worry about straining your eyes while focusing for a long period. The one eye views the surrounding environment of the target while the other aims for the target to hit.


Battery life is also one of the important reasons for buying this Aimpoint Pro as it ensures reliable performance for a long period of time.

It comes with a Lithium or DL1/3N that provides you 30,000 hours of battery life (more than 3 years) with 7 brightness settings.

This optic doesn’t contain any motion activation feature or mode to alert battery life and it relies only on its low energy design.

This Aimpoint Pro red dot sight is always on so you can start making shots after mounting this.

It is one of the excellent features that make you ready for a critical situation so you can hit any time.

If you want to save the battery life, then you can keep the brightness of this optic low when it is not in use.

Durable Construction

When I tested it under tough conditions, really impressed with its durable build. This Aimpoint Pro is built with hard anodized aluminum material to ensure durable construction and reliable performance on the battlefield.

With solid construction, it can withstand heavy impact when performing in harsh conditions. Moreover, it is water proof so it can submerge into water up to 150 feet so you can use this during rainy conditions without any restriction.

It is one of the essential features in an optic to ensure great performance regardless of the weather condition.

This Aimpoint Pro is also shock proof so it can withstand high vibration and it won’t any damage when you fall down this optic accidentally.

Adjustment System

The Aimpoint Pro red dot sight comes with accurate adjustment turrets that ensure accurate clicks of windage and elevation adjustments.

The turrets are not finger-adjustable and they contain caps to prevent damages when accidentally falling down. Unlike the other optics, this Aimpoint Pro won’t allow you to lose the caps when loosening to make adjustments.


This red dot sight contains a QRP2 mounting system that can be used with a Picatinny rail. It allows you to easily mount the optic on your firearm.

This mount contains a torque-limiting twist feature that provides enough amount of pressure and won’t damage the rail.

The height of this mount is designed to be compatible with the AR platform so if it is not perfect for your rifle, then you can use another suitable mount.



Final Words

Overall, the Aimpoint Pro Red Dot Sight is a rugged and reliable optic that you can carry during your shooting or hunting adventures. Moreover, it is a go-to red dot sight for self defense or home defense applications. This optic is widely used by the U.S military for over 2 decades for its incredible performance when it comes to shooting. It ensures quick target acquisition no matter what the condition is. It is an ideal choice for close range shots. If you’re engaging close range distance up to 100 yards, then buy this Aimpoint Pro immediately and share your experience with us!

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