ATN PS31-WPT Night Vision Goggle Review

Night Vision Goggle is one of the most famous night vision devices that allows you to see the objects during dark conditions.

If you want to see the nocturnal animals in a wide range, then having a night vision goggle provides you a better vision with improved clarity.

The night vision goggles are widely preferred by many professional hunters, military and law enforcement officers those who perform during low light conditions.

There are many manufacturers that produce various night vision goggles with excellent features to satisfy the user needs.

Thus, you may get confused to choose the right one that suits your needs. In this review, we’ll introduce an ATN PS31-WPT Dual Night Vision Goggle, which is one of the most effective goggles on the market with many advanced features.

If you’re looking for the best night vision goggles for hunting or shooting the nocturnal animals, then this ATN PS31-WPT is a perfect choice.

This ATN PS31-WPT Review will provide you the features, specifications, and functions of this night vision goggle in detail. After reading our review, you will get an idea about this ATN PS31-WPT. Let’s start the review.

ATN PS31-WPT Review

The ATN PS31-WPT is one of the quality night vision goggles that you can buy for hunting the nocturnal animals during dark conditions.

The main purpose of this goggle is to provide you a clear view of the target at nighttime with improved clarity. It is widely preferred by the wildlife observers to see the objects and explore the nocturnal world with clear vision.

This ATN PS31-WPT comes with a 3rd generation night vision technology that provides you clear images of the target in pitch dark conditions.

The main core of this ATN PS31-WPT is the Gen 3 intensifier tube to produce bright and sharp images of the target regardless of the lighting condition.

It comes with many advancements to ensure incredible performance on the field. It is very important to choose the quality night vision goggle when planning to go for night hunting or shooting.



Having an ATN PS31-WPT night vision goggle is not only allows you to see the objects clearly in dark and also ensures your safety in the harsh conditions.

It can work in all environments where there is no ambient light to boost the brightness. With these characteristics, it becomes one of the favorites among the military experts and law enforcement officers to achieve their goals during nighttime.

Features of ATN PS31-WPT

The ATN PS31-WPT comes with many desirable features with some advancements to provide you reliable performance while nocturnal animals are in the wild.

It contains an illuminator to produce clear and sharp images of the target in the darkness where there is no light.

The features present in this night vision goggle make it versatile to use in various applications. Let’s see the important features of this ATN PS31-WPT in detail.


Most of the night vision devices come with fixed magnification to ensure better visibility of the targets without making any adjustments.

Many people mount the night vision goggles on their heads for hands-free operation while moving around so the fixed magnification is the ideal choice for them to focus on the target.

Like many night vision devices, this ATN PS31 WPT also comes with 1x fixed magnification that provides you a clear view of the objects in dark condition than the original view.

With this, you don’t need to adjust any setting and focus on your target without any interference. If you want more magnification range, then you add a separate magnifier with your night vision goggle to get more improved vision.

Optical Lens System

This ATN PS31-WPT night vision goggle is built with an excellent lens system that ensures a clear and sharp view of the target in all conditions without any distortion.

The objective lens of this goggle is 22.5 mm which is large enough to provide you wide field of view so you can see the targets clearly with their surrounding environment.

The field of view of this ATN PS31-WPT is 50° which allows you to be aware of the dangerous elements that are behind you while hunting or shooting at night.

With this size, the lens makes this goggle compact so you can hold this on your hand and mount it on your head with more convenience.

The lens system in this ATN PS31 WPT contains a Proshield coating to avoid external harmful pollutants while used in different environmental conditions. Moreover, it prevents scratches when hunting or shooting in harsh conditions. The objective lens can be easily movable so you can adjust them based on your preferences.

Image Quality

The ATN PS31-WPT night vision goggle is designed to provide clear images of the target no matter what the condition is.

It is built with an infrared illuminator to ensure better visibility with improved brightness and allows you to read the maps in pitch darkness. Thus, you don’t worry about hunting alone in dark conditions.

This night vision goggle contains a dual intensifier tube that ensures outstanding clarity and brightness when observing nocturnal animals.

Moreover, it includes white phosphor technology which is preferred by many people as it produces black and white images of the target with fine details and contrast.

The high quality images that this goggle produce will help you to easily identify the targets where there is ambient light.

Day and Night Vision

The dual intensifier tube design of this ATN PS31 WPT night vision goggle ensures better visibility during both day and nighttime with increased clarity.

The white phosphor technology used in this goggle produces the black and white images with natural color so you can get clear details than the regular green vision.

It has an excellent contrast ratio and offers crisp and clear images in pitch dark conditions. The image intensifier tube in this ATN PS31-WPT won’t get distortion at any condition.

The infrared illuminator improves the clarity and brightness of vision when there is no ambient light.


This ATN PS31-WPT dual night vision goggle works by gathering the available light in the surroundings and producing bright target images using the intensifier tubes.

With this, it has been very popular among the military and law enforcement experts to identify their targets during surveillance and navigation.

The night vision goggle is widely used in hunting and watching wild animals at nighttime.

The individual focusing eyepiece in this goggle ensures a clear and sharp view when you don’t get the perfect focus.

The ATN PS31-WPT contains a bright light cut-off that protects your eyes and intensifier tube from damage.

Moreover, the auto brightness control feature present in this night vision goggle automatically adjusts the brightness levels to provide you the clear images without oversaturation.

Durable Construction

The ATN PS31-WPT is constructed with strong material to ensure durable construction and withstand rigors when hunting or shooting in rough terrains.

It contains fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate housing that withstands heavy impact and prevents damage during harsh conditions.

Moreover, it is IP65 rated water resistant to avoid moisture when used in rainy conditions. It can withstand different temperature ranges so you can prefer this ATN PS31-WPT night vision goggle in all weather conditions.

Though it comes with durable construction it is light in weight so you can carry this with you and mount this on your helmet as it won’t add more weight.

This compact and lightweight design this goggle provides you more convenience while using and extends the operation period.


This dual night vision goggle comes with a CR123A battery that provides you 60 hours of continuous operation. With this battery life, you won’t worry about the battery quickly drained out when hunting.

The auto shut-off feature present in this ATN PS31-WPT automatically off the system when it is not in use so you can save the battery life. Moreover, it contains a low battery indicator that alerts you when the battery is low.



Final Words

The ATN PS31-WPT is one of the effective night vision goggles available on the target. If you’re looking for a night vision goggle to see the targets clearly in the darkness, then you can consider buying this. It is a versatile night vision goggle that is widely used in various applications such as hunting, wildlife observation, navigation, military operation, surveillance, law enforcement operation, etc. We suggest you buy this ATN PS31-WPT for all your needs outdoor needs during nighttime. Buy this night vision goggle today and have an amazing experience.

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