Armasight Vega Night Vision-Gen 1+ Goggle Review

Devices that are made to have night vision technology have many uses. Ranging from some applications concerning civilians to military operations, you would be able to see its usefulness. 

They are one of those devices that you can truly rely on when nighttime comes. With that said, we are going to talk about a specific night vision goggle that can be bought from today’s markets. 

But before that, we are going to discuss few of the uses of night vision goggles in order to see the importance of having it to enhance your night vision and sight during dark conditions. 

Night vision goggles are usually used for easier navigation and also for surveillance purposes. 

It can also be used for hunting or just watching some animals in the dark. So, if ever that you are going to need some assistance for you to have better vision at night and other dim situations, then it is the time that you consider getting a night vision goggle for yourself. 

The specific product that we are going to feature today is the Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggles Gen1+. 

It is one of the night vision goggles that are recommended by those who usually go out at night because it has already proven its reliability and functionality in many ways. 

It is manufactured by a company called Armasight—this specific company is known to produce the best night vision gears and also some thermal imaging devices that can be used by both civilian and military men. 

They also manufacture some precision optics and directly viewed binoculars. But right now, we are going to talk about the specific night vision goggle mentioned above.



Review of the Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggle Gen1+

Have you ever experienced having some difficulty seeing at night with just your bare eyes? If yes, then you really have something to aid your eyes, especially when it comes to dark situations.

With that said, we are going to take a look at the features of Armasight’s Vega Night Vision Goggles with Gen + type of night vision technology in order for you to see how it can be of great help for your activities at night. 

Features of Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggle Gen1+

Compact and Lightweight Body 

The weight of this night vision goggle is only half of one pound. With its size, it is made really convenient to use and mount on your head or helmet. 

The whole body of this night vision goggle is specifically designed to have that size and weight in order for it to be used for a lot of applications outdoors. 

Infrared Illuminator

The infrared illuminator of this specific night vision goggle is the feature that makes it very useful once nighttime comes. 

With this feature, the Gen 1+ night vision technology that is included in the design of this night vision goggle gets the support that it needs.

In addition, this night vision goggle is able to produce high-resolution images due to this feature. 

Even when you choose to use this night vision goggle in the darkest situations outside, you would see that it is very useful, and it would always deliver its functions. 

Waterproof and Fog-proof Performance

When you are one of those hunters who love to go hunting in situations that seem complicated sometimes, the performance of this night vision goggle is perfect for your use. 

In fact, even when you use this in situations that have inconsistent temperatures, it would still perform the functions it is designed for since fogging due to changes in humidity would not affect it. 

Even during heavy rains, you would not experience fogging on its lenses.

Hand-Free Operation

The lightweight and compact design of this night vision goggle are not the only things that cause it to be used conveniently. 

The way you can use it gives convenience too because its operation is hand-free. 

In simpler terms, you can just mount this night vision goggle on your head, and you would already enjoy the use of all its functions in order for you to see better at night or in dark situations. 

This is a helpful feature to have since you are going to be able to use both your hands for other purposes, too, instead of having to hold this night vision goggle while you use it. 

Battery Indicator

One of the problems encountered by a lot of people who use night vision devices is when they run out of battery power. 

Sometimes, they do not have some extra batteries with them. But when you use this night vision goggle, that is not a problem that you are going to encounter since it is designed to have a battery indicator that displays the status of its batteries, so you can monitor once it is nearly empty. 

Gen 1+ Technology

The type of night vision technology that is used for this night vision goggle is really reliable, and it is one of the types that are first invented. 

It uses a considerable amount of light from the moon, stars, or any other source in order to be functional. 

It is also considered one of the most affordable types of night vision technology that is available today. 

So, you would not have any problem with your budget when it comes to buying this night vision goggle.




A lot of people who used this night vision goggle can attest that it is really one of the best night vision goggles that can be bought from the markets today. It is designed to bring a lot of uses, while it is just simply designed so that people would not have a hard time using it. 

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