Armasight Vega Night Vision-Gen 1+ Goggle Review


ArmaSight Vega night vision goggle is the best choice to buy as it is one of the best goggle devices. Most of the people are not aware of the information tactics of this device. So, I have highlighted the most basic information about their design features and its specifications in this article for your quick reference.

armasight vega night vision

Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggle- Design

This device is one of the high efficient and inexpensive night vision systems specially designed for hunting, nighttime usage, rescuing, skydiving, and other outdoor activities. This night vision goggle is equipped with the head mounting, which is more secure to position over the eye for protection against worst weather conditions and other harmful attacks. The design of this goggle is sturdy in construction, to resist against the water and fog condition.

The ArmaSight Vega night vision goggle Gen 1+ device constitute a mirror, which can be adjusted at different angles for the convenient measures. The monocular affixed in this night vision goggle is attached with the rail and is more preferable for the quick and easy adjustments over the goggle mirrors. This device is comfortably used for hand free situation with the head mounting gear straps.

The eye cap of this night vision goggle device is usually made of the high qualified rubber material, to prevent the leakage of light emission on the device and to keep the position of the user away from the dark surface. The short band infrared illuminator design of this first generation ArmaSight night vision goggle produces the high quality resolution of night vision images even in the deep dark situations.

Characteristics And Features Of Armasight Vega Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggle

This night vision goggle system consists of several trustworthy features and characteristics, which forces you to buy this ArmaSight goggle device. This goggle unit consists of the short range of infrared illuminator and high magnification quality for clear vision in the darkness.

It includes a multi coated optic glass, which is less to afford and use on this device. This device provides high angle range of field view, up to 40 degrees, which is better than the other type of night vision goggles.

This compact goggle device is light weight and consists of the first generation high resolution intensifier tube inbuilt on the short infrared illuminator with the optical lens. This water and fog resistant goggle helps to withstand any kind of natural disasters and provides excellent optical performance. The tripod is adaptable and mated with the 3V lithium battery and has two years of warranty.

Specification Of The Armasight Vega Night Vision Goggle

It consists of Gen 1 intensifier tube with high magnification range. The diameter of the lens ranges about 20mm and the field view angles up to 35 degree. The total weight of this goggle devices ranges only half pounds.

The unit operates at the temperature range up to 45 degree C. The multi coated heavy glass lens is used for this goggle device, which is fully equipped with the fiber, reinforced of composite glass materials.

The CR123 3V lithium type battery is used for operating the goggle device, which last up to 58 working hours. This product comes with the dimensional measure of the 5.8 inches of height, 3 inches of width and 1.8 inches of depth.ArmaSight Vega Night Vision Goggle Gen 1+

Key Features – CR123 3V lithium battery, high resolution, high quality unit.

Pros – high optical performance, light weight, inexpensive device.Purchase This Product on

IChoosing this ArmaSight brand of night vision goggle is the smart idea as it helps you extensively to figure out the objects without any kind of fatigue.