Firefield Nightfall Night Vision Monocular Review

The night vision devices are important for various applications, especially for having good vision in the dark. 

There are various night vision devices available, and the night vision monocular is one of the important and useful devices among them.

If you are searching for a best night vision monocular, then the Firefield will be a good choice for you to choose from. It offers high-quality images and resolutions. 

It’s designed with an easy-grip so that you can hold it comfortably on surveillance activities, hunting, or camping trips. 

This Firefield night vision scope allows you to see in the dark. Continue reading an article to know more about this product and its features.

Firefield Nightfall II Overview

A Firefield Nightfall II is a GEN I handheld night vision monocular that comes with a high-power built-in infrared illuminator and features a fully weather-resistant design that ensures durability, easy-grip, wide-angle of view, lightweight, and compact. 

This Firefield Nightfall scope is a professional specification night vision device specially designed for nighttime use to view the objects in Low-light conditions as well as in the darkness. 

It works on the electro-optical system by amplifying the existing light. This Firefield Nightfall II monocular has a detection range of 197 yards distance. 

Moreover, these monoculars provide 5x magnification, and it’s equipped with a large 50mm objective lens. 

GEN I night vision monoculars are widely used in several nighttime applications such as nighttime hunting, wildlife observation, search, and surveillance. Also, it’s used for indoor and outdoor events. 

This monocular is fitted-out with a power-saving PULSE IR illuminator that enhances your ability to spot a target in darkness, and it provides a green color image at night time. 

The infrared illuminator lets you acquire your target and observations in complete darkness, and it helps you stay undetected. This night vision monocular runs by using two units of AA batteries. 

You can adjust the objective lens and eyepiece to focus on the unit by changing the diopter settings. Moreover, this product box is also included with a carrying case, wrist strap, lens cloth, and the user manual.



Firefield Night Vision Nightfall II Monocular Features

The fire field nightfall monocular is a device used for detecting and viewing the surroundings with a wide coverage area. The design and features of this monocular are listed below.


The design of this monocular is compact and tiny. As this device is a monocular, it has a single eyepiece. 

The lens of this monocular has a distinct shape and is about 50 mm in diameter. 

The buttons of this device are perfectly placed and these buttons are large enough to locate the dark in any condition. The design is ergonomic and it also has a grip with it.

This night vision device is weather resistant and hence, it can be used in any kind of temperature and weather conditions. 

This device can also be used for viewing the surroundings when it is covered with fog. Other than this, it is a battery operated monocular that requires a battery for operation. This monocular is designed to be lightweight for easy operation.

High-Quality Image

The Firefield nightfall II monocular operates with high resolution. Hence, the image obtained with this monocular is of high quality. 

This monocular produces the images with no bright spots and the clarity of the images relies on the intensity of the lights. 

This high-quality device produces crisp, clear images at night. With this high quality, the user can easily determine and detect the fast-flying targets easily. 


Most widely, all the night vision devices have infrared sensors with it. The infrared sensor used in monocular is powerful and it detects all the products with perfect illumination. 

These sensors detect the heat bodies and view them clearly to the user. The input power to these sensors is provided with the help of the batteries.


This device also has slip-resistant technology with it; hence, the grip offered by this device is very high. 

This technology allows the user to use the monocular in any angles and direction. This device also has an ergonomic design and it can be used by any people.


Firefall 2 monocular comes with long-lasting batteries and you can use it for camping and hunting. This monocular is a battery-operated device that requires batteries for perfect operation. 

The batteries used in this device are AA-size batteries. Most commonly, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are used, as they have higher power and performance.

High-quality lens and illumination capabilities

The Firefield nightfall vision has a built-in infrared illuminator that allows you to illuminate your target and make your observations in complete darkness. 

Also, it enhances the brightness and clarity of the objects being viewed. It has the largest magnification lenses that perfectly magnifies the object. The use of IR illumination greatly helps to increase the visual distance.


The Firefield Nightfall II monocular offers 5x magnification and a field of view about 15° that offers you a clear and bright vision at night. 

This Nightfall II monocular comes with high power IR illumination that enhances the focus on distant objects.

Also, monocular features a 5mm exit pupil for better night vision ability and 12mm eye relief to help to see with the eyeglasses.

Build and Performance

Firefield Nightfall scopes are less weight, and it weighs only about 15.2 ounces so that it’s easy to carry for outdoor activities like hunting, observing wildlife, trekking, and surveillance. 

This nightfall II monocular allows you to hold it with one hand and be able to operate the menu buttons on the other hand. 

Though the device is small, the buttons are carefully placed, and it never hassles you. 

The user can adjust the diopter settings by rotating the eyepiece and objective lens, once the adjustment is made, do not rotate the eyepiece disregarding the distance and other conditions.

Mounting system

Night vision monoculars are one eyepiece device and work as a single tube system. These devices are available as head-mounted or weapon -mounted or handheld options. 

Some of the devices come with all mountable options. Hence you need to select your best-suited monoculars depending on your activity.

Weatherproof and durable

It is fully designed with weather-resistant features, so no need to worry about the weather conditions, and has water-resistant against splashing water. Also, its rubber-armored housing offers top-end durability.

Easy To Use

The Firefield nightfall II is very easy to use though you are not a hobbyist or professional. It is a lightweight and compact optical device and it’s easy to operate. 

It comes with AA batteries instead of using expensive and more exotic batteries so that you can operate immediately.

How to take care of the Nightfall II Monocular device

  • Do not clean the lens using plain hands or fingernails or hard materials to avoid scratches on the lens. Because it permanently damages your device. Always use the lens cleaning cloth provided by the manufacturer.
  • Carry the device with the carrying pouch offered by the manufacturer.
  • After using the device, cover it with a lens cap, otherwise, dirt and dust could slowly damage the lenses.
  • To avoid accidental falling of the device, use a wrist or neck strap. The wrist strap is better for using with one- hand and the neck strap for quick monocular use.




Monoculars are one of the widely used gadgets for observing wildlife, hunting, and other professional applications. Most of the people were likely to prefer monocular devices due to their compact size, and it’s easy to hold with one hand. If you plan to venture out after getting dark or else if you are involved in frequent hunting trips, then these Firefield Nightfall II monoculars are a great choice, and it makes your money worth it. These night vision monoculars offer better image quality, resolution, and viewing images which are great for beginners. Thus Firefield Nightfall Monoculars are one of the best GEN I night vision monoculars, and you can try this device without any doubt.

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