ATN NVM-14-4 Night Vision Monocular Review

ATN NVM14 is equipped with a night vision system, which makes a lot of things possible. Many stuff has been made doable by ATN NVM14’s system. Due to its system, map reading, surveillance in short-ranges, firing of weapons, even walking and driving became plausible. 

It also became possible to execute a vehicle’s maintenance and the administration of first aid in daylight and nighttime. This monocular can be held by a hand, mounted in a weapon, or a helmet. Every included unit can be modified vertically through the use of head straps. 

It also allows the adjustment of fore-and-aft, eyepiece focus, and focus of the objective lens. This Monocular device has an attachment that emits infrared light. ATN NVM14 Night Vision Monocular utilizes the intensification principle that involves remaining light that reflects on the objects surrounding it.

The Monocular Device’s optical system is comprised of an Image Intensifier Tube, an eyepiece, and an objective lens. It has a system called Automatic Brightness Adjustment that is good, even with unstable brightness ambiance. The IIT brightness stages remain constant because of the said system.

The system called Automatic Protective manages the illumination levels that exist with the use of the photoreceiver. The Monocular will shut down by itself if the allowed illumination level is surpassed in 10 seconds. Various LED indicators can be found at the eyepiece. 

The color Green would indicate that excessive brightness was reached while the color Red would indicate that the battery is low; it would also be an indicator for the IR Illuminator. If the maximum settings for brightness remain constant for 10 seconds, it will shut off by itself.

The American Technologies Network (also known as ATN) is known in tactical designs and the night vision industry.  Their products have different variations wherein professionals, law enforcement, military, and people generally like hunting, wherein many valuable options are available. They are considered to be a renowned leader when it comes to supplying tactical and sporting optics. 

The elements in their products are made meticulously, putting into consideration the advancements made in technology. They are known because the features of their products are convenient for users. In addition to that, you can be sure that only premium quality materials are used. Also well-known for the durability of its products, ATN is considered to be premium and high-quality.


  • Uses APS system is also known as Automatic Protective System. 10 seconds of exposure to beaming light means that it would automatically turn off.
  • Built to be waterproof, which means it can be submerged in water for a maximum of one hour

This optic surely performs its purpose being a night vision optic. Seeing little details may it be on a map, wires, or textures with an area almost covered in darkness or facial details in farther distance, look no more! Because this scope is what you are definitely looking for. 

This specific scope is made for missions. Recognizing shapes and having a clear view of your path is made simpler by this scope. And this one definitely costs less compared to the others.

The mini-monocular ATN NVM- 14-4 is present a multitude amounts of functionality. This device might just be the size of a pint, but the American Technologies Network made sure that this is a hustler in terms of night vision. It was laid out to be modified in various ways to fit every requirement needed for any mission you can come across with.

Key Features

The leader in supplying the market with world-class optics for night vision is ATN. They make it a point to release elite quality products and creativity that make their competitors rack their brains up to think of something that can level with ATN releases’ products.

The technology it uses is the 4th generation. The intensifier tube serves as the soul and the heart of devices that are designed for night vision. Generation 4 is considered to be elite, among other breakthroughs made in technology. Resolution and the range for detecting your target will increase if the barrier made from ion is removed.

As previously mentioned in this article, the device can be mounted on a helmet on the head. It is also effective, even when held by a hand, for surveilling in small areas, reading the map, etc. Your visuals will be enhanced because it emits infrared light. Vertical adjustments are made possible by head straps and adjustments of the fore-and-aft, the eyepiece, and objective lens’ focus. 

Another good addition is the indicators made from LED lights that will signal a certain circumstance mentioned above. Your battery will be preserved because of its auto-off feature when exposed to light that ranges from 100-300 IX for 10 seconds at most.



You can also attach it to a tripod, or just held in hand, or it can also be mounted on a helmet or an optional head so you can use it without holding it. It can be modified to fit in a camera if you are up to a nighttime escapade. It can also be paired with any sighting system of weapons when lined up with a laser or a dot sight.

You can be sure that the product you invested in is protected from any fortuitous damage because it is built with a shock-proof and water rugged housing. Also, you can definitely not worry whether it can last without compromising your optics’ condition. A system protects its light system intensification structure. 

It automatically turns off the unit after being exposed to a beaming light source in 10 seconds. Adverse outcomes from the glare and flare are minimized because of the exclusive coatings while providing you with the finest visuals no matter what lighting conditions you encounter.

What you see and how far your sight can reach while using a device designed for night vision are affected by varying factors. Like the size of an object, the details you have to acquire, and the circumstances surrounding the activity area. These devices work well in a setting with a full moon in a clear sky compared to a cloudy sky paired up with a new moon. 

In determining the stats of the highest range for viewing and the calculation method are different for every manufacturer because of numerous distinct formulas. When you are thinking of purchasing a night vision scope, you should ponder several vital factors: the magnification levels, the ratio of s/n, the resolution specified, the illumination performance, and the precision of its optical attachment.

An image intensifier by 4th generation equipped with a 64-72 Ip/mm designated resolution is tremendously effective, making viewing during nighttime possible. It also has an amazing functionality in various lighting circumstances because the power supply in it is auto-gated

We are well aware that any type of intense lighting is not good if you want your scope to last for a long time and if you want, its image intensifier tubes’ performance to be flawless. B&H is popular for manufacturing high-quality scopes that are equipped to safeguard intensifier tubes from intense lighting. Still, it does not signify that it is safe from any kind of damage.

Final Words:

ATN NVM14 is produced to meet all the needs of the hunters in the field. With the advanced specifications and control system, it will be easier to control and manipulate.

American Technologies Network really did major upgrades on this one. From the night vision optics to the damage proof housing, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about as you go on your shooting and hunting adventures. If you are looking for an effective long-range scope that can be used in all kinds of weather and lighting conditions, then ATN NVM14 is the number one choice.

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