ATN Thor 4 640 1.5-15x Thermal Scope Review

If you’re looking for sharp, crisp, and high-quality thermal images, then ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope is a perfect partner for you in the hunting field. ATN is the always the topmost brand in producing night vision gears especially, the scopes, monoculars, and binoculars. It deserves this position for its excellent performance and outstanding features.

ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope is a next generation scope designed with modern technology. ATN has made plenty of improvements in the ThOR 4 series of thermal rifle scopes by adding the latest features. 

ATN Thor 4 640 1.5-15x Thermal Scope

ThOR 4 series comes with all the features of HD in advanced technology. Each and everything has improved ThOR 4 640 thermal scopes, especially the dual streaming feature. HD scopes are equipped only with video recording in HD quality, whereas ThOR scopes can perform live video streaming and recording simultaneously. 

In the similar way, ThOR 4 640 possesses the improved version of other features also. Let’s get into those features in detail.

Features of ATN ThOR 4 640 Thermal Scope

Thermal Sensor

The ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope is the best night vision scope for hunters who look for impeccable images. It is equipped with Ultra sensitive IV Generation Thermal Sensor with 640×480 resolution producing crystal clear images of the target. 

This also allows you to focus the targets even during daytime when there is low temperature. High resolution thermal scopes help you to detect targets from a longer distance with no distortion.

Obsidian Core Processor

Core processor in ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope is also an upgraded version of HD series processor. ThOR 4 640 thermal scopes are equipped with Obsidian IV generation Dual Core Processor. The core processor is designed to detect the target in low temperatures and provides sharp images for the shot.

 The dual core processor needs a powerful battery to manage the features of the scope and to run cooler. This ThOR 4 640 thermal scope comes with a long life battery that gives a continuous power supply of 16 hours. So you can stay in the hunting field for long hours without having an alternate battery.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is connected with the thermal sensor rate of the scope that helps to track the moving targets. All the series of ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope have 60Hz refresh rate for easy tracking of the targets that are in motion. It gives you a clear image without blurring.

Lens Option

ATN ThOR 4 640 series are available with four different lens options having different magnification ranges. Based on the distance of your shooting you have to choose the lens options of the scope.

  • 1-10x  – 830 yard detection, 350 yard recognition, 225 yard identification
  • 1.5-15x – 1050 yard detection, 530 yard recognition, 330 yard identification
  • 2.5-25x – 1950 yard detection, 800 yard recognition, 475 yard identification
  • 4-40x  – 3300 yard detection, 1450 yard recognition, 800 yard identification

Magnification Range

The next important feature in ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal rifle scope is the magnification. It is very much necessary for the scope to get very close images of the distant target. The images are crystal clear and so you can hit the target precisely.

Depending upon the lens used in the scope the magnification range varies. The magnification ranges of ThOR 4 640 series include;

  • 1-10x (Cheap) 
  • 1.5-15x (Our review) 
  • 2.5-25x 
  • 4-40x (Pricey) 

In this article we are reviewing the ThOR 4 640 riflescope having 1.5-15x magnification range. It is the most popular range for viewing short and medium distance targets.

  • Detection Range – It is pretty good for detecting targets out to 1050 yards.
  • Recognition RangeTo recognize a human-sized image of the target, you must be within 530 yards even though your target is far away.
  • Identification RangeKeep in mind that you must be within 330 yards to get the original nature of the target.

HD Display

1280×720 HD display is the one that reduces image distortion. Our ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope is equipped with this HD display and is coupled with a thermal sensor to show bright, vivid and sharp images. The images tend to be of the same quality even if you zoom it.

One Shot Zero 

The thing that should not get into trouble before hitting is the Zero-in. Because this problem has arised in many scopes of other brands. ATN ThOR 4 640 rifle scope series are designed with One Shot Zero Technology that easily allows you to take shots at a faster rate. Just take a single shot, adjust the reticle, and now you’re ready to go. 

Ballistic Calculator 

Before we get ready to hit the target, we have to calculate the distance, range, angle adjustments, and many others. You may find it difficult to calculate manually. To overcome the customer’s problem, ATN has developed a ballistic calculator in their ThOR series thermal scopes. 

It not only gives you the mathematical data but also allows you to adjust the reticle for an accurate shot. It also has a profile manager to save your calculations of the scope so you need not want to set it for every shooting.

Smart Rangefinder

The next inbuilt feature of ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope is the Smart Rangefinder. It helps you to calculate the exact distance of the target precisely. So you can easily hit the target with no confusion.

Video Streaming & Recording

ATN ThOR 4 640 series possess dual streaming options that allow live streaming videos and recording at a time. But this is done only if you download the Obsidian app and connect it with your smart phones. It records video in HD and can be stored in a memory card. This scope comes with a 64 GB SD card for storage.

Kudos to ATN for introducing such an amazing feature in the Thermal scopes. 

Recoil Activated Video

RAV is another interesting feature in ThOR 4 640 1.5-15x thermal scope to record video. RAV gets generated by the recoil of the rifle before you take a shot. Once turned on it records a few seconds of your shooting. So you need not want to worry, whether you switched on to recording.

Color Palettes

The next interesting feature of ThOR 4 640 thermal rifle scope is the color palette. It comes with a wide variety of color palettes to view the target precisely.You can adjust your desired color palette to have a better view in different light conditions. The color palettes Black hot, White hot, Red, and green are used commonly.

Zoom Wheel

Zoom wheel is an added feature having 6x digital zoom. It gives an even better view of the target for the shot. 


ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal rifle scope comes with L-rings and standard rings to mount your scope easier.

Ergonomic Design

As the scope comes with plenty of features, it will be difficult for you to remember all those functions. So ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope is provided with a navigation system. This is the 21st century classical ergonomic design of the buttons that allows you to access the scope easily. 

You can also use the Obsidian app to navigate settings directly from your smart phones. The spin wheel button makes you feel each click that is under optimal control.

Our Research with other Brands

From our research we have found that only the Pulsar Thermion XP 38 can closely compete with ATN ThOR 4 640, 1.5-15x Thermal Rifle scope. It contains more or less the same features in both the rifle scopes.

Difference Between Pulsar Thermion XP-38 and ATN ThOR 4 640 Thermal Rifle Scope

Pulsar Thermion XP-38 differs with some features from ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal rifle scope.

  • The first difference is the price. The Pulsar Thermion XP-38 scope is more expensive than the ThOR 4 640 rifle scope.
  • The second is the refresh rate. ThOR 4 possesses 60Hz whereas Thermion XP-38 offers 50 Hz. 
  • Thermion XP-38 does not provide dual streaming function.
  • The storage capacity of Thermion XP is 16 GB which is less than the ThOR 4 640 scope.
  • Thermion comes with a battery life of 5 hours which is smaller than ThOR. 

These are the variations between the two models. ATN ThOR 4 640 1.5-15x thermal rifle scope offers powerful features than Thermion XP-38.

Final Thoughts

ATN ThOR 4 640 1.5-15x Thermal Rifle scope is one of the best scopes available at present. It offers top-quality excellent images under any circumstances. All the advanced features of ThOR 4 640 thermal scope are quite interesting. One among them is the Video streaming and recording. It is really an extraordinary feature that gives more excitement and happiness when watching it live.

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