ATN ThOR HD 640×480 Smart Thermal Scope Review

Night vision hunting is a common hobby that is practised in many countries. As technology develops faster, ATN brand is also upgrading their night vision gears with user-friendly design. It has introduced advanced technologies in their product for high levels of performance.

You have to be always ready with the gears that are necessary for hunting. The most important gear required for hunting is the smart rifle and best thermal scopes. The ATN ThOR HD 640×480 Smart thermal scope is the topmost product in the line of ThOR HD series.

ATN Thor HD Thermal Scope is less expensive compared to other night vision thermal products. It has an incredible design with a more powerful thermal sensor system that can combine with the latest features such as the 3D gyroscope, smooth zoom, Wifi connectivity, 3D magnetometer and accelerometer. These modern technologies will help you easily find the prey.

ATN ThOR HD 640x480 Thermal Scope

Special Features of ThOR-HD 640×480 Thermal Scope

Unlike other conventional products, ATN has stuffed with more features in the Thor HD series to enhance the experience of hunting. The Thor HD series is more efficient than the earlier units of ATN. Below are some of the modern technology features that ATN has introduced recently. It is compact and user-friendly.

Obsidian Core

ATN Thor HD thermal scope is developed with a highly speculated system called the Obsidian Core “T” with II generation technology. It is a key processor in the scope that runs the thermal sensors and also performs other storage functions.

It is featured with an Integrated Sensor having optimal resolution and is designed to work in low light scenarios.

Smart Rangefinder

This feature is loved mostly by all hunters because they help you to hit the targets closer. Generally hunters have to remember or memorize the range chart and calculations for a perfect shot.

But now you’re free with ATN Thor HD thermal scope. Because it is built-in with a smart rangefinder that helps you to get an accurate range of your target. The reticle within the rangefinder independently changes the point of impact once ranged. Ranging is done with just two clicks. So it is very easy for you to hit the target.

Smooth Shooting Solution

By the use of a smart range finder in the scope you can easily range your shot and insert the readings of the wind for the calculations to be done.

What should you do to get a perfect shot all the time?

It’s very simple. Ensure the wind direction and just turn your scope in that way. Then adjust the inclined angle and customize the distance. Now your scope is ready for an accurate shot.

Refresh Rate

The Thor HD thermal scope is boasted with 50Hz frame rate. This feature helps you to get clear and crisp images within fraction of seconds. It is very important for a scope to deliver smooth images of the moving targets within no time. 

Ballistic Calculator

The next interesting feature of ATN Thor HD scope is the Ballistic calculator. Most of them find difficulty in calculations. This feature will help them with accurate calculations. It calculates the trajectory of your bullet precisely and allows smooth shooting.

The calculated data help you to achieve an exact shot placement by adjusting the impact point.

Recoil Activated Video (RAV)

Have you missed capturing the footage of your perfect shot? This is because most of the scopes do not have this ability to capture video during the shot. So you might not be known that you can record the exciting moment of your super shot in thermal scopes.

ATN Thor HD thermal scope is boasted with RAV mode that can arrest the pictures and videos of your shot even if you forgot to turn on the button.

When you activate the RAV mode, the system starts to record everything your scope observed during the shot. So you will not miss any shots.

Profile Manager System

Profile manager is a feature where you can save all your calculations and Zero-in data. For a perfect shot you have to be ready with accurate calculation, angle and then zero-in.

You can save all your data in the scope by creating a new profile in it. So you need not want to do this setting for every shot. Experts have suggested that this option is very useful to utilize X-sight in every powerful weapon.

Smooth Zoom

Smooth Zoom feature is the technology used ATN Thor HD thermal scope to magnify images. This gives you a clear vision of the target that is at a longer distance. So you can view your target very closely in the field.

ATN Thor HD 640×480 smart thermal scopes have two different zooming ranges; 5-50x and 1.5-15x. Both the zooming ranges, lets you get a clear vision of the target whether it is a short or long distance target.

  • ATN Thor HD 640×480 thermal scope with 5-50x magnification range is a perfect choice for long distance shooting. It comes with a 100mm objective lens that is responsible for zooming options.
  • Thor HD 640×480 model having 1.5-15 x magnification range is the best choice for beginners who first try with short distance targets. 

Video Recording

Every outdoor enthusiast loves to capture their memorable experiences in HD quality to view it later on. But some of them fail to record their lifetime moment in the field, as they don’t possess the right equipment to capture all those thrilling excitements.

But if you’re with ATN ThOR HD scope in the field, you will never miss to record any of the happenings on your hunting. Because this thermal scope is featured with 5X optical zooming and 50X digital zooming, that records video in HD quality. It also possesses an image stabilization feature that keeps all your shots in the right frame. It also prevents blurring. All the video footage and images can be stored in memory cards. The THOR series are designed to support microSD cards having storage capacity from 4GB-64GB. So you can stuff more events inside it.

ATN THOR HD smart thermal scope is also provided with an integrated microphone to record sounds. It can be turned on when needed or keep it off when not in use. 

640×480 Sensor

The recorded videos and images will have optimum clarity, due to the presence of a 640×480 sensor in the scope. The ATN Thor-HD thermal scope stands out from other brands in performance and makes it an ideal product for night vision. Because THOR HD scope detects thermal energy for shooting instead of light energy. This makes a clear view of targets even in complete darkness.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The SD card in this scope allows you to record the experiences of your hunting adventure without the use of USB cables. 

The THOR HD thermal scopes also include a micro HDMI port that allows connectivity to smartphones, computers, or television. So you can download the recorded video footage on mobile or tablet to keep it safe or watch later on.

You can also transfer those recorded files to other devices with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. You can also share it on social media through Bluetooth 4.1 as this unit is compatible with both iOS and Android Smartphones or Tablets.

Obsidian App

ATN also provides an Obsidian app that allows you to watch live streaming. How is this possible?

It is possible only by using this Obsidian app. Download this app on your device. Now you can connect your phone or tablet with the scope. Once it gets connected you can control the scope from your device. So now you’re free to watch everything live stream and enjoy the hunting shot. This is a unique feature of ATN Thor HD Thermal scope. 

Additional Features

Gyroscope :

Gyroscopes are one of the important features to capture clear images. It performs image stabilizing function which means it provides steady images without blurring. So you can focus your target even more accurately. It is very useful at higher magnification ranges. It gives you constant vision throughout your shot.

E-Barometer :

Thor-HD is featured with a next generation barometer that provides accurate data for a perfect shot. The unique function of a barometer is to work at any atmospheric pressure.

ECompass :

The ATN 640 model has an integrated digital e-compass that tells you the exact direction of where you are and where to go. You can aim your target accurately to reach the goal. 

Other Brand that competes with THOR-HD 640×480 Smart Thermal Scope

Our research team has found that the Pulsar Thermion XP 38 competes closely with ATN ThOR-HD 640×480 Smart Thermal Scope.

Differences in Pulsar Thermion XP-38 and ATN ThOR-HD Thermal Rifle Scope

Both the products contain more or less the same features. There are only a few differences. 

  • The first and the foremost difference is the pricing. The Pulsar Thermion XP-38 scope is more expensive than the ThOR HD series.
  • Thermion XP-38 does not provide dual streaming function.
  • The next is the storage capacity. Thermion XP supports 16 GB memory card storage. This is very much less than the ThOR HD smart thermal scope. Thor HD series can support storage from 4 GB to 64GB.


Everyone loves hunting, but using the right tactical gear is very important for outdoor activity. The ATN Thor-HD Thermal Scope is an ideal scope for hunters who go hunting at night. The night vision scope affords an extraordinary view of the target you see in the dark. The night vision technology in this scope enables you to have an amazing experience to view the target in the dark.

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