BARSKA AC11704 Multi-Reticle Electro Reflex Sight Review

Most of the holographic sight is designed to work comfortably in territory exploration, military training, and law enforcement activities.

If you are the hunter or shooter who are searching for the affordable holographic reflex sight that comes with the latest technologies and built-in mechanism, then you are at the right place.

Here we reviewed the BARSKA AC11704 Multi-Reticle Electro Reflex Sight holographic weapon sight. This is one of the best reflex sights sealed in the market that comes with two different reticle colors. 

In the army, soldiers use this multi-reticle holographic sight in their weapon to get the clear target of the shot. So get ready for your best shooting experience with BARSKA AC11704 Multi-Reticle Electro Reflex Sight.

BARSKA AC11704 Reflex Sight

BARSKA AC11704 Multi-Reticle Electro Reflex Sight is used by all shooters to get the better target acquisition under various situations.Barska AC11704 multi reticle electro sight is a versatile sight for rifles, shotguns, carbines, crossbows, and any other shooting weapons.

Using this holographic sight you can easily shoot your target. Advanced technology is used in this holographic sight; it comes with four different reticle patterns yet you can also change the color of the reticle and its patterns.

The rheostat illumination setting is used to change the reticle color from red to green, and you can change the lighting situation with the help of the brightness setting.

The incredibly wide window of this holographic sight is 22x 33 millimeters, and it provides unlimited eye relief.

The field of view of this electro sight is 51.84 feet at 100 yds, and it gives high-speed target acquisition with all types of weapons.

It is built with a standard 5/8′ mount so that it has the ability to attach to a different type of rail system.  


The Barska AC11704 multi-reticle electro sight is built with high-quality black color aluminum, and it is finished with matte black.

This electric sight size is 3 inches in length, 1.25 inches in width, and 2.5 inches in height. The Barska AC 11704 multi reticle electro sight is compact in size so that it is easy to carry.

It has four different illuminated reticle patterns with rheostat illumination settings. you can also change the color of this reticle.  


BARSKA AC11704 Multi-Reticle Electro Reflex Sight has a fixed magnification type and the range of the magnification is 1x with the help of the magnification range you can see a clear view of your target.  

Waterproof and Fog proof

The Barska electro sight is featured with 100% waterproof and fog proof material. It has the ability to withstand under submerging water.

It is featured with waterproof and the fog resistances. so you don’t need to worry about the weather condition while hunting or shooting. 

Optical Lens

The multiple coating lens is used in this BARSKA AC11704 Multi-Reticle Electro Reflex Sight so that you can see a clear view of your target. The lens of this sight is made from glass and the lens is multi-coated.

The objective lens helps you to view an excellent view of the target. The field of view of this sight is linear and it has 51.84 feet for each 100 yards.


The Barska electro sight has a multi reticle; it has 4 different type reticles each one differs from others such as circle dot, cross, 10 MOA and 3 MOA.

You can also change the color of the reticle, and its illumination colors of the reticle are red and green. You can change the color with the help of rheostat illumination settings.

Circle dot reticle: It is a versatile choice for mid-range shooters. The small red center aiming dot is surrounded by the small circle.

Cross: The basic cross is used as the center aiming point without interfering with the point of view.

10 MOA dot: Large center aiming dot is used as the reticle point it is mostly used for the long-distance target.

3 MOA dot: It is an ideal choice for an easy target; it is a small center aiming point for the easy obstruction of the target.


The battery used as the power source of this electro sight is 3v lithium CR2032. it has the capacity to run continuously for a long period without any problem.

The long durability of the battery provides you a long time hunting or shooting without any problem; you can use this electro reflex sight for week hunting.

The high impact rate of this holographic sight has the capacity to withstand recoil from the high caliber weapons to say zeroed in accurate target.

Easy to Mount

Barska AC11704 multi reticle electro reflex sight comes with some additional accessories such as Picatinny and weaver style mount for mounting your sight on your weapon.

The control side button and other buttons provide a classic ergonomic design to this sight, and it is enough for easy access so that you can enjoy your outdoor spots without any issues.

The integrated standard 5/8 inch mount is enabled for many different types of a rail system.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance between the hunter and the last surface of the rear lens, in which the user can obtain a full view of the object.

In this Barska Ac11704 multi-reticle electro reflex sight eye relief is unlimited so that you see the clear view of the objects without stressing your eyes.

Included Accessories

Barska includes some useful accessories along with the Barska AC11704 multi -reticle electro reflex includes 

  • Lens cleaner
  • Lens cover
  • Built-in Picatinny or weaver style base 

Bottom line

The Barsha AC11704 multi-reticle electro reflex sight is an ideal choice of outdoor sports; using this sight, you can easily target your aiming point.

Moreover, it comes with a lot of advanced features so that it is easy to handle your target aiming point for accurate targets. It’s a simple and high functioning sight that comes with the required features.

This reflex sight improves your shooting skill to make an accurate shot in your shooting games. Using this sight, you can avoid the wrong shot and major missing of a target.   

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