9 Best .300 Win Mag in 2022 – [For Hunting Deer, Elk & Others]

If you are looking for a cartridge that can satisfy your hunting needs from Alaska to Zimbabwe, then stick with the .300 Winchester Magnum round which is specially designed for hunting. It is one of the most popular hunting ammo in North America. They are very accurate and are capable of killing big games.

Since 1963, the hunters, snipers, target shooters, and law enforcement officers depended only on Winchester’s Big 30 to deliver accurate and precise results. But now .300 Win mag is at its peak. If you could not believe it, google it and search “the best all-round hunting cartridge, you will surely find the .300 Win magnum almost in every list. Then conclude after researching.

The .300 Winchester Magnum is abbreviated as the .300 Win Mag. It is a big power cartridge with 7.62x67mm metric dimensions. This makes it bigger than the popular .30-06 and .308 Winchester cartridges.

Also, it pushes them downrange with a lot more velocity. In recent years, it has been surpassed in performance by the technologically advanced newcomers. And so it remains as an anytime popular .300 caliber magnum cartridge.

The .300 delivers consistent terminal performance and excellent accuracy in rifles that are built on standard-length actions. So you can simply load it in an action rifle, the same way as you do for 30-06.

Once you’re done, you’ll know the exact performance of the .300 Win Mag. And our top recommendation for long-range hunting is the .300 win Magnum. Here, we have given a detailed review of the best .300 Win Magnum ammo along with its history and buying guide.

So without any delay, let’s get into it.

History of 300 Win Mag

As early as 1913, .30 Newton magnum rounds were very familiar for rifles. But the desire for more power and velocities encouraged the manufacturers in developing more magnum rounds for the hunting world.

Therefore many cartridges had arisen in the following years. The .300 H&H Magnum in 1925, the .270 Weatherby Magnum, and .300 Weatherby Magnum in the 1940s, etc. Winchester has also decided to join the game. Therefore in the 1950s, Winchester continuously launched several magnum rounds namely, .308 Win Mag, .338 Win Magnum, and .458 Win Magnum.

The .300 Winchester Magnum came out like a beast and defeated all others in the race within a short period of time. As it is more expensive its popularity came downward and is no longer available in the market. But others still exist all around.

But in that short period, .300 Win Mag became one of the most popular rounds for long-range on the civilian market. Its name itself spells out its size. It provides a faster muzzle velocity farther than 300 yards and has a 2-inch drop at 200 yards while zeroing to 100. And the drop further increases to 9 inches at 300.

The .300 Win Mag was specially designed to provide maximum power and accuracy to shoot out the target beyond 1000 yards. It is very efficient and ideal for long-range shooters, who usually fix the targets at a farther distance.

Elk hunters would highly prefer this .300 Win Mag round as most of the shots on Elk have to be taken at more than 300 ranges. If you’re a long-range hunter, then the .300 Win Mag is the best choice for you. Along with the best scope for 300 Win Mag, you get accuracy and precision that let you be satisfied with the investment.

9 Best .300 Win Mag in 2022 - Reviewed

1. Nosler Trophy Grade

Nosler is one of the topmost brands that has been respected in the hunting and shooting world for many years due to its ability to reload products accurately and reliably.

The combinations of bullet and powder are highly effective and they very likely fit under your budget. In that line comes the Nosler Trophy Grade ammo. It is budget-friendly and is specially designed for serious heavy hitters.

  • Bullet Type: AccuBond
  • Bullet Weight: 180 grains
  • Length: 1.38 in
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,950 fps
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .361

The Nosler Trophy Grade is an AccuBond type of bullet bonded to a copper jacket to eliminate any separation. It offers excellent terminal performance with a boat tail and a polymer tip. Well, the Accubond is a great hitter with a combination of both accuracy and performance.

Nosler Trophy Grade Centerfire ammo relies on Nosler bullets and brass for ultimate performance in hunting. There are many options available from Nosler but among them, the AccuBond .300 Win Mag only provides a relatively excellent shot.

Loaded with a 180 grain Nosler bullet is perfect for big game hunting. Because for big game hunting, it is really important to use a heavy, rugged bullet. Keeping that in mind Nosler has created such a perfect .300 Win Mag ammunition for really a large and tough game like blue wildebeest or eland. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for moose, elk, or bear hunting.

Though this ammunition is designed for bigger animals, it will also work very well on medium games like deer. Certainly, those who have loaded a heavier 180-grain bullet will probably cause less meat damage on a small or medium-sized game than lighter but faster 150gr or 165gr bullets.

Though it doesn’t have the flattest trajectory, this load retains energy very well, and so this .300 Win Mag ammo is still excellent for hunting at a reasonable range. 

This Nosler bullet has a very old design, but still, it remains one of the best hunting bullets in the world. It too has proven a track record over many decades and won’t let you down.

2. Barnes Vor-Tex

If you’re a hunter and love Barnes bullets, then you’re lucky at this point. Because Barnes has produced some great .300 Win Mag cartridges as part of their VOR-TX line. One such interesting cartridge is the Barnes Vor-Tex TTSX magnum. It comes with more innovative features that make it stand out from the crowd.

The copper Tipped Triple Shock X (TTSX) bullet is the legendary ammunition that is specifically designed for deep penetration, weight retention, and rapid expansion. The Barnes Vortex bullet is available with three outstanding choices namely 150 grain, 165 grain, or 180 grain.

  • Bullet Type: TTSX Boat Tail
  • Bullet Weight: 165 grain
  • Primer Location: Centerfire
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3120 ft/s
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .442

The 180-grain load is probably the best .300 Win Mag ammo for bear, elk, and moose hunting. The 165-grain load is perfect for bigger deer and bears. It also works very well for larger games like elk. While the high-velocity 150-grain load is a great .300 Win Mag ammo for deer and pronghorn hunting. 

It is a special choice for hunters who want a flat trajectory and a couple of hundred extra fps to minimize their holdover for a longer shot. There is certainly an overlap in the hunting applications of those three bullet weights.

All three loads are made of pure copper, which makes them an ideal choice for use in states like California, where lead bullets are not allowed to be used.

Overall, the Barnes VOR-TEX .300 Win Mag is great ammunition and was a favorite among many North America, Africa, and New Zealand hunters. It will give you a lot of success on both deer and pronghorn.

3. Federal Premium VITAL-SHOK

Are you looking for a high-quality alternative to Barnes bullets, then you should definitely check out this new Trophy Copper ammunition from Federal Premium. 

Like the Barnes TTSX, the Trophy Copper also provides a destructive mix of high rapid expansion (yet controllable), weight retention, and deep linear penetration. Federal’s Trophy copper ammo is available either as 165 grain or 180 grain.

  • Bullet Type: Trophy Bonded Tip
  • Bullet Weight: 180 grains
  • Primer Location: Centerfire
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2960 ft/s
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .523

The heavier 180-grain load is a leading choice of .300 Win Mag ammo for hunting elk, moose, or bear. While the lighter 165-grain cartridge is perfect for pronghorn, deer, and bear hunting. The two Federal Premium loads use a more aerodynamic bullet than the factory loads in the Barnes VOR-TEX line.

The 180-grain Trophy Copper .300 Win Mag ammo retains more energy at long range with a flatter trajectory and provides more resistance to wind drift than the previous Barnes ammo.

Federal Premium Trophy Copper ammunition is a tiny bit more accurate in any rifle. The improved accuracy combined with the ballistics of the Federal ammunition was great enough for anyone to switch from Barnes to Federal Premium.

By seeing the performance of this Federal Premium Trophy Copper cartridge in the field, you will definitely become a craze on it. It is suitable for hunting. No matter whether you’re hunting a deer, or bear or elk in North America, or any of the big species in Africa, this Federal Premium ammo will serve you great. As a shooter, if you do your job successfully, then the task will be accomplished easily.

Both 180-grain and 165-grain Federal Premium Trophy Copper loads are lead-free and are an ideal choice to use in states like California, where the use of lead bullets is prohibited.

4. Remington Core LOKT

If you’re both a soft and heavy hit type of hunter and want some reasonably priced .300 Win Mag ammo for hunting feral hogs, deer, elk, and black bear, then Remington’s 180 grain Core Lokt soft point will really work well for you. It is also available as a 150-grain soft point load which is good for deer hunting.

  • Bullet Type: Core-Lokt Pointed Soft Point (PSP)
  • Bullet Weight: 180 grains
  • Muzzle Energy: 3501 ft-lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2960 ft/s
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .383

Remington’s .300 Win Mag is not the latest stuff, but this ammunition has been around for a long time. Countless hunters have successfully used this Core Lokt ammo to hit every species of big game in North America.

The same goes for hunting in countries like Africa or New Zealand. A very short tracking job that makes it a memorable one.

Finally, this ammunition is affordable and reasonably priced. It costs the least among all the .300 Win Magnum ammo on this list.

5. Hornady Outfitter

Hornady recently has introduced their new Outfitter line of ammunition. It works quite well on hunting a whitetail deer. But in the back of 40, this company markets this .300 Win Mag ammo as a guided hunt in harsh environments like a kudu hunt in South Africa and a moose hunt in Canada.

  • Bullet Type: Gliding Metal eXpanding (GMX)
  • Bullet Weight: 180 grains
  • Muzzle Energy: 3502 ft-lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2960 ft/s
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .485

This ammunition is loaded with a heavy 180-grain GMX bullet designed to produce high weight retention, controlled expansion, and deep penetration on large and heavy-boned animals like moose and elk. Hornady Outfitter ammunition uses a nickel-plated case to prevent corrosion under the most critical conditions.

The Hornady Outfitter ammunition also uses a lead-free GMX bullet used as it is acceptable in many countries. Keeping all those things in mind, Hornady advertises the Outfitter .300 Win Mag ammo as the years of savings to use on a big hunt.

6. Winchester Deer Season

Winchester’s Deer Season XP line of ammunition is really a good choice for deer hunting. The Extreme Point bullet used in this rifle ammo is similar to Winchester’s PowerPoint bullet. 

Both come with the same Ballistic Tip and Ballistic Silvertip, but Winchester’s Extreme Point has a large diameter polymer tip. The large tip is specifically designed to create a gigantic wound along with massive impact.

  • Bullet Type: Extreme point 
  • Bullet Weight: 150 grains
  • Primer Location: Centerfire
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3260 fps
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .392

This Winchester Deer Season is specially designed to compete with the most popular deer hunting ammunition like the Federal Vital Shok, Remington Core-Lokt, American Whitetail, Winchester Super-X, and Federal Premium Fusion. In terms of accuracy and reliability, the Winchester Deer Season is very efficient and results in a very short tracking job.

The Winchester Deer Season XP line is priced to the lowest amount when compared to its competitors of the .300 Win Mag ammo on the list.

The Winchester Deer season .300 Win Mag ammo is the world popular not only for its price but also has a very good name in producing a giant wound channel. So that the deer cannot run after being hit.

In fact, this Winchester ammo is one of our top recommended brands of 300 Win Mag ammo for deer hunting. It is very good for deer, but not that much enough for using it on bigger games like elk or moose.

Note: The lead copper version is also available in the XP line of Winchester’s Deer Season. So hunters can use both lead-free and lead bullets in areas where they are required.

7. Hornady match 195 gr

Hornady prides itself on being at the forefront in the development and advancement of ammunition and related technologies. Their main aim is to invest in innovative strategies and that has brought them to the position where it is today.

Whether you enjoy hunting or sports shooting or hunting, no matter at all, the Hornady ELD match is the perfect rifle ammo to fit all your needs. Also, the Hornady is very cautious and looks at each bullet thoroughly for any flaws or imperfections. This ensures that you get the best and nothing to lose. So you can believe them.

  • Bullet Type: Extremely Low Drag Match (ELD)
  • Bullet Weight: 195 grain
  • Muzzle Energy: 3717 ft-lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2930 ft/s
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .584

The Hornady ELD match cartridge is built with optimum boat tail design, the patent-pending Heat Shield tip, and highly concentric AMP bullet jackets that create extremely accurate, high BC match bullets. The Ballistic Coefficients are measured and are corrected to standard atmospheric conditions.

This factory ammunition is loaded with consistent quality and rigid specifications to ensure proper ignition. It consistently provides pinpoint accuracy shot after shot to win the competition. It works better than handloads. Also, this new ammo is non-corrosive, boxer primed, and reloadable brass cases.

Generally, conventional polymer tips in high BC bullets melt during flight. In the same way, Hornady engineers also discovered this Extremely Low Drag Match (ELD) bullet with a high ballistic coefficient, and the bullet tip materials have streamlined that melt and deform.

Although it is not a major issue, it won’t affect the conventional tipped bullets that have moderate BC. But, the aerodynamic heating reduces BC and deterioration of accuracy, especially at extended limits (400+ yards).

To overcome this effect, Hornady introduced a Heat Shield tip made of heat-resistant polymer. This new tip creates consistent results from bullet-to-bullet. It can withstand the effects of aerodynamic heating and can retain its shape to make it a perfect tip.

8. Winchester Super-X

Winchester Super-X is one of the top fuel dragsters in the caliber bullet world. And this 150-grain load is no exception. 

It is a traditionally designed ammo that shoots flat with great accuracy. It is more accurate for killing medium and large soft-skinned games at standard hunting ranges. It is quite affordable and a real winner for accuracy.

  • Bullet Type: PowerPoint (PP)
  • Bullet Weight: 150 grain
  • Muzzle Energy: 3605 ft-lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3290 ft/s
  • Primer Location: Centerfire  

Super-X PowerPoint ammunition is a bonded soft point that is primarily designed to drop medium to large-size games in a wild environment.

It is extremely fast at the muzzle of 3,250-3,300fps with an energy of about 3,500ft/lbs. The .300 Win Mag screams out with tremendous energy but drops off after passing 300 yards.

Therefore, Winchester Super-X is consistent with 150-grain loads at the muzzle and carries 1,300-1,400ft/lbs at 500 yards. This may not be favorable for elk, but can be used for hunting deer, moose, or black bears.

9. Hornady American Whitetail

Everyone wants to bring home something from their hunt to make their family members proud and happy. So Hornady decided to increase the chance of hunters by keeping the antlers on the wall and putting the meat in the freezer with their American Whitetail cartridge. And have made some innovative features to achieve their target.

  • Bullet Type: InterLock Spire Point (SP)
  • Bullet Weight: 180 grains
  • Muzzle Energy: 3502 ft-lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2960 ft/s
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .452

It is worth noting that the Interlock design is specially made for hitting large-bodied games. These InterLock cartridges feature lead tips for controlled expansion and hard-hitting terminal performance. This design combines the core and jacket together to retain mass and energy during expansion.

It has a lead alloy core for enhanced penetration into dense targets. It comes out of the barrel at a velocity of 3,275 fps and records the energy of up to 3572ft/lbs at the muzzle. It also maintains the energy of almost 2,000ft/lbs while dropping power out to 300 yards.

Like all Hornady ammunition, this American Whitetail magnum also uses the premium quality cases and primers available. So you don’t want to worry about anything.

Who Needs a .300 Win Mag?

The popularity of the 300 Win Mag is largely driven by hunters. It works well with big games like moose, elk, and large African games by delivering maximum power.

If you’re planning on hunting big game, then there is a fairly big price tag attached with all cartridges on the market. It not only includes dollars but also your time as well.

If you want to make a lifetime shot, then you need a rifle and cartridge that can make a devastating hit on a large-bodied game like elk. Mostly, the big game is shot down at fairly close range.

Imagine, you’re on the last day of mountain hunting and have noticed a pointed bull grazing at about 450 yards at the edge of a meadow. What will you do with a 300 Win Mag in hand?

On the last day of the hunt, everyone will love to take something to their home with pride. The .300 Win Mag plays very well in the field. And having it in hand you will definitely bring the flesh of a bull to your house.

Also, what you’re carrying with you makes the day. The 300 Win Mag offers over 400 ft-lbs more energy for about 400 yards away with a 180-grain bullet.

What to Look for in a .300 Win Mag

We’ve looked at the performance of the .300 Win Mag in the hunting field and no doubt the 300 Win Mag is accessible in both arenas. But what kind of ammo are you looking for to feed your 300? What are the aspects you have to check out in your ammo? Let’s go through it.

Range of .300 Win Mag

When zeroed the optic at 270 yards, the 150-grain .300 Win Mag round will have an effective range of more than 300 yards before a hold-over is required to compensate for the bullet drop.

When zeroed the optic at 250 yards, the 180-grain .300 Win Mag round will give an effective range of about 300 yards before a hold-over is required to compensate for the bullet drop.

The flat trajectory of the .300 Win Mag cartridge allows professional hunters with calibrated optics and has the ability to hit targets as far as 500 or even 1,000 yards away.

Types of .300 Win Magnum

Magnum calibers are well-engineered rounds and so they are pricey. It is not suited for casual plinkers. Depending on your gun, they might be pleasant or unpleasant to shoot.

An average price of .300 Win Mag is three times the price of an average .223 Rem. If you are going to pull the trigger on a weapon chambered with Magnum ammo, then you want to consider the amount you have to invest in and how much you’re willing to invest in it.

On the bright side, the .300 Win Mag is reasonably priced and there are also many budget-friendly products in the same economy-line.

The bullets are also of three different types; Soft point, Hollowpoint, and Nosler Accubond. Based on your hunting, you have to choose the right one, whether for the soft-skinned or large bony games.

Soft Point

So far the most reliable and prolific bullet type on the .300 Win Mag is the soft point. It is likely to be either boat-tail or flat-based.

A well-stabilized bullet will have a good ballistic coefficient and can be easily produced in masses. As the soft point type shares projectiles with its common little ones, it is seen as a big block that delivers a considerable amount of energy and velocity.

But this is not universally true. All bullet weights do not carry energy the same as the others. The 150-grain load screams out at .223 velocities. It delivers a ton of energy at the muzzle and drops steeply after 200 yards.
However, the 200-grain and 180-grain loads hold too much energy at 500 yards.

Hollow Point

Like all other high-powered rifle cartridges, the hollow points and personal protection/defensive rounds are generally reserved for accuracy and match usage only. Hollow Point Magnum loads are more of a divot and less of a traditional hollow point.

All the hollow points are practically boat-tail bullets and are on the heavier end of the spectrum. They often come in the 190gr-range.

Nosler Accubond

An interesting fact about the ammunition industry is that many of the major manufacturers use bullets made by other premium manufacturers like Nosler, Hornady, etc, with their own proprietary blends of brass and propellants. This mixed brand assortment is common in .300 Win Mag, specifically in the Nosler bullet type.

Nosler AccuBond is popular all over due to its excellent accuracy, flight profile, and lethal impact. It uses a unique bonding process that blocks the voids in the core of the bullet to create a stable flight path.


Before getting a bullet, you need to know its performance. But if you’re a beginner, how will you find its performance without using them? This is very simple. Get suggestions from some professional hunters, surf throughout the web, refer to many hunter reviews and other sites including us. So that you’ll get some idea about the performance and what to buy.

The 180-grain bullet is probably suited for big game hunting. It offers a well-balanced velocity and power. With recent choices in bullet construction, Hornady GMX 180-grain gives you a consistent Ballistic Coefficient (BC) of .485.

The higher the BC, the less is the drop. That is, if the bullet has higher BC, then it can easily overcome the wind deflection in the environment that is flying through. So it will have a less drop at the given yardage compared to the bullet with a lower BC.

With 165-grain bullets, you can fire them at around 3000-3100 feet per second. For example, if you are hunting sheep where shots are long, then the game goes easy with the well-placed shot of the 165-grain bullet. It gives you a bit of an edge with a “flatter” trajectory.

Is .300 Win Mag The Best Long Range Hunting Ammo?

It’s quite an easy question to answer. If the .300 Win Mag wins all the boxes you need for hunting performance, then go for it! It is a great addition to any sportsman. The .300 Win Mag ammo is the best cartridge for casual hunters. Once you hunt, you don’t have to worry about tracking a wounded animal for hours later.

The .300 Win Mag offers amazing versatility. The 150-grain SP rounds are capable for deer hunters. While the heavier 180gr bullets are very effective and special to those who’re interested in bringing home the meat of a big game. For hand loaders, the .300 Win Mag makes a ton of sense as well.


The .300 Win Mag is the most popular cartridge that can meet the needs of all hunters from beginners to professionals. They are quite accurate, precise, and are capable of killing medium and large-bodied games. Based on your need you’ve to choose the right ammo to house your rifle.

You can also pick any of the above choices from the list of Best .300 Win Mag Ammo. Hope so, you have got some idea in finding the best partner for your rifle.

We are always here to hear about your hunting experiences, feel free to comment in the below section. You can also put your suggestions or queries in it.

Grab the best .300 Win Mag and enjoy the hunt!!

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