Best Scope for 6.8 SPC in 2022 [Expert’s Recommendation]

Are you planning to upgrade your shooting and hunting skills? Do you want a great experience with rounds like a 6.8 SPC? What are the things you want to consider while buying the best rifle scope for cartridges like 6.8 SPC?

As you are here, we know, you too are in search of the best 6.8 SPC scope. Replacing the new ammunition may be challenging, but it is needed and satisfy your requirements after lots of errors and trails.

What is a 6.8 SPC?

Before that, you have to know about 6.8 SPC. The 6.8 SPC or 6.8 Remington Special Cartridge was developed indeed of the better cartridge that can beat and over-perform the current 5.56mm round used in the M16 rifles. As a result, they developed a more massive and larger bullet, which was said as superior ballistics.

Unlike, .30 Remington, AR15 rifles can perform a thousand times better with the latest 6.8 SPC rounds by having a bolt, barrel, and variable magnification. These 6.8 SPC rounds are ideal for self-defense, hunting, shooting, and tactical activities.  The 6.8 SPC developed a following, which is naturally searching for the Best 6.8 SPC Scope. 

Everyone wants to buy the best 6.8 SPC scope, but it’s not easy as you have to find the scope that matches your hunting style and requirements. This is why you need the buying guide, which assists you with the options and finds the right scope by considering many essential factors like budget, skills, purpose, and so on.

Below, we have reviewed a few best 6.8 SPC Scopes with high performance, features, clear sight of picture, customization, and adjustments. We also provided the well-researched buying guide that will let you know what essential things you have missed out in your first purchase or the things you should check on your preferred scope models are.

Quick Links - Top 6 Best Scopes for 6.8 SPC Rifles of 2021​

Best 6.8 SPC Scope of 2021 Reviewed

1. Trijicon ACOG 4X32 6.8 Ballistic Scope

The best scope for 6.8 SPC depends on magnification settings, materials used, lens coating, focal plane, reticle styles, and objective to show excellent performance. Trijicon ACOG  6.8 SPC ballistic scopes come with all these features and even more. No wonder why this scope top of the list as it is one of the most valued warfighting scope used in military, law enforcement, self-defense, and 3-gun competitions.

Trijicon ACOG


The reliable performance and utmost quality built are some of the advantages of this high-end scope. With all the top features, functions, ability, and performance, the ACOG scope showed itself the best scope for 6.8 SPC.

This Trijicon ACOG scope is designed with fixed 4X magnification, which is the reason for its highly reliable performance. As the scope has fixed magnification power, there is no need for parallax adjustments. Do you know what it means? It means you get the light yet powerful scope that eases the handling and customization.



Field of view

100 yards

Objective lens

32 mm

Eye relief

1.5 inch

Lens Quality

The 32mm objective lens of the ACOG 6.8 scope has multiple layers of coating with the anti-reflective materials. With this anti-glare lens, the scope offers a clear sight of pictures and helps to differentiate the targets from the surroundings.

The anti-glare and lens coating are essential features that a 6.8 SPC scope should have to minimize the risk of missing out on the target due to glare. The multi-coated objective lens in the ACOG scopes makes sure the accuracy and fast target acquisition while shooting.

This Trijicon ACOG scope is REAL, so it has that unique feature that you could only see in REAL TRIJICON ACOG that is the Bindon Aiming Concept, which is developed by the founder of Trijicon company. The scope with BAC means it has a dual-led illuminated reticle that can be adjusted to match the varying light conditions of the hunting field. 

Other Features

The fiber optics of the scope is perfect for using it in the daytime because the optic allows the light particles to the scope while the Tritium material in the optics illuminates its own light to get the clear images in dim or no light environments.

Both eyes open aiming concept also benefit from Battery-free illumination, so the accuracy and acquisition improve. The red horseshoe reticle of the ACOG is an excellent alternative for Ballistics to a distance of 800 meters. Other than these, the ACOG scope is great for close-quarters shooting because it has 2 MOA. The aluminum alloy housing of the scope makes it ideal for all extreme and harsh weather conditions.



2. Vortex Optics Viper HS 2.5-10×44 Riflescope

Vortex is popular and one of the industry-leading manufacturers to produce scopes and optics. Their hunting and other outdoor gaming tools and optics have a huge market in the industry. Vortex producing tons and tons of high-quality scopes and optics for firearms and weapons. Now, we are going to review one of their excellent scope for 6.8 SPC.

Vortex Optics


Vortex Optics Viper HS 2.5-10×44 Dead-Hold BDC Riflescope is unique and top-notch scope from their Shooting and Hunting line of products.

The magnification power of this Viper HS BDC Riflescope is adjustable between 2.5 and 10x. They are magnifying the targets with this magnification setting that don’t parallax the targets at 100 yards. This adjustable magnification range settings allow the shooter to zero and zoom in on their targets without compromising the clarity of view.

The Viper HS BDC Riflescope has a broad 44mm objective lens that allows a huge amount of light particles to enter the optics, which means you get very sharp and clear images of the targets.




1 pounds

Objective lens

44 mm


0.25 inch

Objective Lens

Other than the objective lens’s diameter, few other added features make the lens of this scope a top-notch feature to consider. The scope has fully coated using anti-reflective materials in multiple layers. This scope’s objective lens is designed from extra-low dispersion glass to minimize the glare, thus automatically increasing the clarity of sight of the picture. So, the top-notch multi-coated and broad objective lens of this scope benefit the hunters with crisp and detailed images despite the environment’s lighting conditions.

The zooming and magnifying of the objects from a long distance have done smooth and easier as the Viper HS BDC Riflescope has 0.25inch MOA and MagView Bar.


Also, this 6.8 SPC scope from Vortex has come with a dead-hold BDC reticle pattern. This reticle type improves the accuracy and acquisition when you use the scope for different shooting ranges. This scope’s fast-focus eyepiece provides swift and easy reticle focusing on the targets, whereas the adjustable turrets in the scope help lock in elevation and windage.


To match all the scope’s internal qualities and features, the manufacturer designed its outer body more durable using aircraft-grade aluminum. The Viper HS scope is fully purged in argon and has O-ring seals, which say the unit is fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof. To ensure the external safety and protection of the scope, it has coated with Armortek. 

With a rugged design, high-quality lens, and easy magnification, the Vortex Viper HS BDC Riflescope can allow you to focus on your targets, whatever the weather and lighting condition is.



3. UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope, 36-color Mil-dot

Another great scope for your 6.8 SPC comes from UTG, which has produced the elegant and most durable scopes and optics for all types of firearms and weapons. This UTG riflescope in our list has a 30mm objective lens that makes windage and elevation setup easy. The objective lens has a Class Emerald coating that protects the optics from assaults due to water, fog, shock, and rain. The multiple layers of coating with great materials guard the scope against any environmental circumstances.



To prevent the crosshairs from moving every time you use, the UTG scope comes with a solid locking mechanism. The magnification range offered by this scope is between 4x and 16x. 

With this broad variable magnification setting, you can zoom in on your targets from long distances, and most importantly, you will not lose the accuracy and precision of the target. Though variable magnification can cause more weight to the scope, it is useful while tracking the predators from long distance that you can’t get closer to it.




0.95 pounds

Battery type


Objective lens

44 mm

Essential Features

The mounting process of the scope should be quicker and easier for the hunter to done the job on time. In hunting or shooting, speed is everything. So, UTG equipped this scope to make the mounting easier for everyone. The manufacturer added two 30mm Picatinny Maximum Durable rings to make it solid mounting on the rifle with perfect height.

The other added item in this UTG riflescope package is two high-quality pop-up lens caps, and also, the manufacturer offers a longtime warranty for their product.

The scope has different brightness levels and an array of 36 different colors for illuminating the MIL DOT reticles on the scope, including the standard Red and Green colors. So, you can choose the desired color of the reticle with just one click. Based on the lighting conditions, weather, hunting circumstances, and situations, a hunter can choose the brightness to match the environment and color of the reticle to hit the target with accuracy.

The scope also has a black dot, which will illuminate even after the battery dies, which is effective no matter the bright conditions.

The scope is highly versatile and simple adjustments, and it withstands quick retentions. It allows the hunter to use and adjust the parallax knob on sidewheel from a minimum of 10 yards to infinity. The scope has excellent light absorption ability that you can test under dark conditions.



4. Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Riflescope

If you have searched for budget scopes already, you may saw this Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Riflescope in most of the buying guide and hunter’s recommendations. Simmons 8-point riflescope is one of the hardcore budget optics that can perform not low than expensive scopes.


Simmons 8-Point Rifle Scope

If you want an inexpensive scope for 6.8 SPC rounds, I recommend this scope for you. 

The scope has a broad 50mm objective lens, which is largest in our list. If the lens of the scope is large, it can allow a high amount of light to the scope, which means the hunter gets clear and bright images. The objective lens of the scope is fully coated to withstand water, shock, fog, and recoil. 

The scope offers a variable magnification setting with a range of 3 to 9x. So, clear sight of the target is assured, whatever the weather and lighting conditions. 




32.2 ounces

Eye relief

3.75 inch

Objective lens

50 mm

Essential Features

Simmons riflescope also has 1/4 MOA reticle, which allows you to set up the windage and elevation with an audible click and solid grip.

The easy adjustments of windage and elevation ensure the system is locked to Zero, even extreme conditions.

The QTA eyepiece of the scope provides easy target acquisition and accuracy. With the variable magnification and wide objective lens, no doubt that this scope has more features that you asked.

The scope offers a 31.4-foot field of view at 3x magnifications at 100 yards distance, whereas at 9x magnification, the field of view is 10.5 foot at the same 100 yards. 

The 3.75-inch eye relief is another advantage of this scope, which allows the hunter to see the targets even from long range without straining the eyes and brows.

The exit pupil of the scope is between 16.6 and 5.6. Because variable magnification and other extensive features, the scope weighs 13.2 ounces. You can maximum 60-inch adjustments with 100 yards range using this scope.



5. Nikon M-Tactical Riflescope

Nikon has very big popularity and business in the camera and optics industry. The quality of their products speaks for them. In our list, we have a solid and reliable 6.8 SPC scope from Nikon, which is Nikon M-Tactical Riflescope. The M-Tactical has a set of smart features and a robust design. The riflescope assures accuracy and precision even in long-range shooting.

Nikon M-Tactical


The M-Tactical riflescope has a 42mm objective lens, which multi-coated with anti-glare and anti-reflective materials. This multilayered optical system of the scope provides the hunters the crisp, clear, and well-detailed pictures that help the hunter to differentiate their targets from the surroundings. 

As the diameter of the objective lens is high, the optical system allows a generous amount of light to enter the scope and illuminate the bright images. 

The coating of the objective lens makes sure the hunter doesn’t get affected by glare or reflection. So, those who need a scope to hunt at low lighting conditions and dim environments can also use this scope for their 6.8 SPC rounds. 




1 ounces

Main body tube

30 mm

Objective lens

42 mm

Essential Features

The M-Tactical scope comes with a variable magnification range from 3x to 12x, which is high. Using this magnification setting, a hunter or shooter can zoom in on their targets from any distance and get a clear view of the predators.

Like other long-range scopes in the market, this Nikon riflescope also has Zero-reset turrets with that you can adjust the parallax at different ranges. The easily adjustable turrets of the scope help to return Zero faster.

The Nikon M-Tactical Riflescope has an MK1-MOA reticle type that comes with Second Focal Plane. First Focal Plane changes the size of the reticle when you zoom in and magnify the target. But, Second Focal Plane will not do this; instead, the size of the reticle remains constant though you zoom in and out of the target. 

The Crosshair design comes with the hash marks, which offer a precise and clearer shot on the targets; however, the distance and lighting conditions.

M-Tactical Riflescope from Vortex has an aluminum alloy construction to make it durable and solid even in harsh weather conditions. The O-rings seals and full nitrogen purging make the scope waterproof and fog-proof. The durability of the scope also resists the recoil, and thus the unit is shockproof too.



6. Redfield Revolution 4-12X40mm Riflescope

Redfield Revolution 4-12X40mm Riflescope is one of the brilliant scopes that may miss out on most of the lists, but it still has honest customers and users who love this scope.

This scope offers the variable magnification range of 4x to 12x. When zooming in to a high level, the clarity may be low, but most of us will not magnify more than 6x, so it is enough for long-range shooting and hunting.

Redfield Revolution

Redfield Revolution

The wide 40mm objective lens of the scope performs high illumination by allowing a high light to the scope. The lens of scope has the build to work in extreme weather conditions. 

The multi-coating has done on the lens, and because of the anti-glare materials used in the coating, the scope becomes shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof optical system.




13.1 ounces​

Eye relief

3.7 inch

Objective lens

40 mm

Essential Features

The wide 40mm objective lens of the scope performs high illumination by allowing a high light to the scope. The lens of scope has the build to work in extreme weather conditions. The multi-coating has done on the lens, and because of the anti-glare materials used in the coating, the scope becomes shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof optical system.

The scope has a 1-inch main tube in the optical system. With this scope, an accurate range of reticle is assured. The circle crosshair pattern of scope with secondary aiming point provides bullet drop compensation.

In addition to multi-coated illumination objective lens and optical system, the riflescope has 3.7 to 4.9 inches eye relief. This range is high, so anyone from any distance can see their targets without struggling and paining eyes.

The scope also 1/4 MOA impact point correction to ensure precision and accuracy. The scope fast focusing eyepiece with a firm lock mechanism that offers fast target acquisition. The accurate traction finger adjustable current system of the scope has added even more values for the price.

The riflescope is filled with nitrogen, so you get the fog proof scope that can work fine even at harsh weather conditions like rain.



What Makes a 6.8 SPC Scope Great?

If you have already searched the best scopes for your firearms and shotguns, you may know how to find the right from the tons of different brands and models that come with various features and functions. The difficulty is the same for finding the best scope for SPC also.

As a scope can maximize the overall ability and performance of the firearm or shotgun, it must choose the proper scope for them.

Features for the best 6.8 SPC scopes

Essential Factors

Not only for SPC scopes, but any scopes for rifles and guns, the quality is determined by few essential factors such as durability, price, features for the price, and additional specifications to encourage the buyers.

No one wants a scope for days. Mostly everyone continues with the same scope until it started breaking their gaming. So, choosing the durable scope is a must to use it for a long time. The materials used to design the scope determines the strength of the scope. Always check if the scope is made enough to withstand water, fog, and shock, which are common factors that can affect the scope.

If you want versatile and heavy-duty scopes for your rifle, you should have a deep pocket. It is also a fact that not all the time, price determines the quality of the product. As the demand for the right scope under budget has increased, different brands have started producing low profile scopes with all the essential features and few surprises. So, now it is possible to find an affordable scope with great potential that can provide outstanding performance in the hunting field.

The scope is proper until it provides the features and has abilities that benefit you in hunting and tactical shooting. Ensure the selected scope has perfect internal parts and systems, especially the elements responsible for a clear sight of targets in different conditions. Some of these parts are the objective lens, focal plane, reticle, and magnification.

Why a Great Scope is a must?

The 6.8 SPC (6.8 X 43 mm) is a great cartridge to use for all range of shooting with the standard loads and at distances around 400 yards. The 6.8 SPC has almost 44% high energy and power than the 5.56 caliber. The 6.8 SPC has improved and is designed to avoid damages at a long distance without straining.

With the heavier and power cartridge, you can hunt down the big animals with ease and quickly. Other than hunting or tactical shooting, the 6.8 SPC cartridges good for home defense also.


If you want to measure the accuracy and potential of the 6.8 SPC, you have to check the barrel and its crown in addition to magazines, bases, bolts, and muzzle. The performance of 6.8 SPC short barrel rounds yet saves more energy. If the barrel is short, the performance of ballistic is high and vice versa.

Now, you know why choosing a scope for these heavily loaded cartridges is a tough task. We recommend a hunter to choose a scope with perfect magnification, but it is tricky because a high-magnified scope of 25x is difficult to aim at when you use it for 250 yards and less distance.

The higher the magnification, the more the scope weighs, the less the light enters the scope, the higher the price. However, using a scope with 3x magnification for shooting 200 yards distance is also useless.

While selecting the scope’s magnification power, you should consider a few important factors that cut down your searching process in half. And those factors are why you need a scope (purpose), your target distance (environment), and your preference.

Shooting Distances and Proper Magnification Ranges:

100 yards – When you take an average shot on this distance like 100 yards, you will need the proper magnification range between 2x and 2.5x. The scopes with a variable magnification power of 1 to 4x are great for short to medium range hunting.

100 to 200 yards – For this range of distance, if a scope is variable, then the proper range is 3 to 9x, and for fixed scope, 4x is ideal. 

300 to 350 yards – For shooting in this 300 yards distance, a variable magnification scope needs a range of 3 to 9x or 4 to 12x, but for a fixed magnification scope, 6x is optimum.

The scope with a variable magnification power of 10x and above will be more than enough for shooting at 1000 yards.

If the scope is for competitive shooting, you will need magnification power up to 25x and more.

The 6.8 SPC could handle any distance and target if it paired with the right placement and bullet. This cartridge offers extreme power and high accuracy.

We have seen how to select the magnification power based on scope distance, and now we will see how to pick the right magnification based on the purpose of buying one.

If you use a 6.8 SPC cartridge for long-distance shooting, heavy-duty, or combat conditions, you will require a competitive sight. So, the optimum magnification for long-range situations is 5 to 30x.

For short-range shooting, a scope with 3x to 9x magnification is perfect.

Factors to Consider While Buying a 6.8 SPC Scope

The 6.8 SPC cartridges can put down any targets with a shooting range of 800 yards, so you must try to use its full potential by using it with perfect scope and rifle. 

The riflescopes are available in different styles, features, shapes, and sizes. There is no proof that expensive rifle scopes are meant to be better, but you spend on a product that lasts a long time.

Technically, the riflescopes should be durable and strong enough to handle the worst weather conditions and environments during outdoor hunting. The product needs to withstand water, fog, shock, and recoil.

There are few other factors you need to check when buying a scope to justify your requirements and preferences, which give you a way to your perfect scope.

The factors include if the reticle of scope placed whether in FFP (First Focal Plane) or SFP (Second Focal Plane), various shapes and sizes of the reticle, their applications, and advantages, what will be the maximum range of your shooting with 6.8 SPC cartridge, will you need a variable or fixed magnification and which range is optimum, the objective lens size, and your budget.

Let see all of these factors in-depth and know how they can affect your purchase and help you choose the right one.


Lenses are the most vital part of any optic and scope. A weapon sight or scope has two types of lenses. One lens is closer to your eyes, called the Ocular lens that is placed in the scope’s eyepiece. The second one, at the other end of the scope, is called an objective lens placed in the objective bell.

Ocular Lens

All types of scopes from microscopes, rifle scopes, telescopes, as well as spotting scopes have an ocular lens. You see through this lens when you use a scope. People refer to this as an eyepiece lens also. 

The scope has an ocular lens to re-magnify the picture after it processed and traveled via the objective lens. This ocular lens has to be fog proof and waterproof.

Objective Lens

The objective lens places the front side of the rifle scope. The objective bell protects this lens. This objective lens allows the light to enter the ocular lens in the scope. The passed light magnifies the light and gives the clarified images that you see at the eyepiece. The objective lens in the scope is responsible for the clarity of pictures and brightness. So, you must check the size of the objective lens because the larger the objective lens, the lighter it allows into scope. Thus you get clear images.

Objective Lens Size

Usually, you can see the size of the objective lens near the magnification range, for example, 2-4X40mm, where 40 mm is the objective lens’s diameter. The big objective lens, more light transmission, and more clear and bright images. The ideal size of the objective lens is 30mm. But be aware that when the size of the objective lens increases, the overall weight of the scope also gets increased.

Quality of Lens

While considering lenses of the scope, apart from its types and size, there is another factor that you need to consider is the quality.

Its optical coating measures the quality of the scope. As the size of the objective lens, the quality and lens coating can also boost the light transmission to scope. A scope with a coated objective lens regulates the light quality so that it won’t get affected by glare or reflection, which means you get high accuracy while hitting the target. There are different types of optical coating available now. Some lenses are coated using synthetic material with a thin layer that prevents glare from the sun and surrounding bright lights. Let see the four common types of lens coating.


The coated lens has only one layer, which covers one surface of the lens.


The fully-coated lens is common in most rifle scopes. It also has only one layer, but that covers all glass surfaces of the lens.


The scopes with a multi-coated lens are expensive. Here, the multiple layers of coating cover only one surface of the lens.

Fully Multi-coated

The high-end rifle scopes only have this option, which costs more. The fully multi-coated lens especially created for dedicated hunters. It’s when the multiple layers of coating cover all the external glass surfaces of the lens.


best 6.8 spc scope
Magnification Ranges

Human eyes have limitations, so we need support to see through extreme dark and light from a long distance. The magnification and zoom are the solutions for this. The magnification power of the scope multiplies the vision of targets that our eyes will see. For example, if the extent has specifications like 2-4x40mm, the first digits 2-4 show the scope’s magnification range. It shows you can see the targets two times closer than the ordinary human eyesight.

Everyone prefers a certain magnification range based on their requirements and way of hunting or shooting. If you use a 6.8 SPC load on the rifle for competitive vision with a field of view of 600 yards, you might consider 5 to 30x magnification power. For short to medium range hunting, a scope with 3 to 9x magnification is optimum.


When you look at the eyepiece, you can see a crosshair, which is a known reticle. The reticle points out the shooter exactly where he has to aim to get the perfect hit on the target. The reticle sometimes measures the distance between you and the target that helps fast aiming and hitting easier. The size of the reticle affects the striking rate of aim points. For tactical shooting, the small size reticle is excellent even though it is difficult in low light conditions.

The wide reticle can clearly see-through even at dim light conditions, but then you see the target smaller, particularly on long-range.

A Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) reticle has markings below the crosshairs’ center. Using this, the hunter can estimate the potential drop and adjust the holdover based on it. So, BDC helps to hit the targets even from long range.

best 6.8 spc scope
Bullet – drop Reticle Scope

The Dot reticle is a common type that has one dot that is an aiming point. This type of reticle is always easy to illuminate and offer great target acquisition during night hunting.

The Duplex is the default reticle type that offers ease of illumination and fast target aiming. A great option for beginners.

The Mil-Dot reticle measures the distance between the target and you. The scopes used for law enforcement and military force have this reticle type.

best 6.8 spc scope

Other crosshairs like Chevron, Horseshoe, Donut, and Red Dot reticles on the scope bring out the powerful performance from the scope.

Focal Plane

best 6.8 spc scope
Focal Plane

The place where the reticle is placed depends on the focal plane. There two types of focal planes, such as FFP (First Focal Plane) or SFP (Second Focal Plane). Based on your preference, you can choose either one. 

FFP – The reticle placed at the front side of the tube, which changes the size of the reticle as you zoom in on your targets. Long-range shooters mostly use the FFP.

SFP – The reticle placed at the end of the tube, which remains the original size of the reticle, even on magnification and zooming. This is because the magnification and zooming happen at the back of the reticle. The SFP is popular and highly used by traditional hunters. 

Scope Tube Size

You have to know the size of the tube for 6.8 SPC to choose the mounting ring that perfectly fits. The larger the tube, the higher the scope weighs. The large tubes accommodate more space for the scope’s internal parts, and they are more durable also. The common tube sizes that you can choose are 30 mm to one inch.

Material and Coatings

A durable and rugged rifle scope should make of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum material that should prevent internal parts of the scope from getting damaged from fog, water, shock, and recoil. For that, the scope has to have filled with nitrogen, coated lens, and anti-glare layers to withstand harsh weather conditions, tactical circumstances, shock, and offer an extended lifetime.


The price of the scope cannot assure its durability and quality. But they can ensure the lifetime of use. Rugged and versatile design and features of scope assure long time usage with accurate and reliable performance.


The weight of the scope and firearms determines how long you can comfortably carry the weapons and continue hunting. The objective lens size, tube size, and magnification power settings are the few factors that can increase the total weight of the 6.8 SPC scope. Let me make it simple.

If you involve hiking or abseiling while hunting, prefer lightweight scopes. For combat conditions and shooting where you are with a steady landscape, you can choose heavy-duty scopes as you don’t need to carry them all around.


The accessories for handguns are not cheap. As you need extreme quality from scopes based on your shooting style, it is quite a money casting. When you planned to buy outdoor gaming instruments like scopes, rifles, or when you planned to upgrade, and while maintaining, you have to be prepared with a sufficient budget. 

Research and check the price of scopes in different online mediums and markets before spending. Usually, the price range of medium rifle scopes is between 100$ and 350$. If you can buy it on the season with discounts or promotions from trusted scope companies, you are lucky.

Extra Features

For the money you spend, seeking additional features on your scope is not bad. One of the extra features you can ask for is Scope Turrets.

There are scopes with two types of turrets. The turrets are nothing but the knobs that turn right or left. The scopes with the windage turret arrangement are standard now, which edit the horizontal settings of the scope quickly. For vertical settings of scope, there is a feature called an elevation turret.

The next feature may recoil resistant. You may already know if your rifle has recoil or not and its level. If your firearm has a lot of recoils, then while choosing a scope, make sure you get high eye relief, space between the scope end, and your eyes. The standard size of eye relief that won’t hurt your eyes for usual recoil is from 3.5 to 4 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a 6.8 SPC equal to?

The 6.8mm SPC is not the same ballistic as the 7.62 × 51mm NATO cartridge. Still, it comes with low recoil, is said to be more controllable in rapid-fire, and its lightweight allows you to carry more ammunition in larger caliber rounds.

2. What is the 6.8 SPC good for?

6.8 SPC is an amazingly popular hunting cartridge. It is a popular alternative for AR hunters in states that prohibit 5.56 / 223 as a hunting field. It gives a little more power and oomph to an even bigger game. Wild boars are aggressive, destructive, and tasty.

3. What is the best barrel length for 6.8 SPC?

The 20-inch barrel can give long-range precision that boasts less bullet drop and higher velocities. You can use the 6.8 SPC with a 12.5 “SPR or narrower AR rifle configuration on the next end of the spectrum. It is the ideal solution for home and vehicle security.

Final Words

After all, we know how powerful the 6.8 SPC, its potentials, ballistics, and excellent accuracy, so choosing the right scope for this cartridge is important. Based on the size of the cartridge, the impact will be greater. These are things that put you on a search to pick the perfect scope that can bring out the complete potential of the 6.8 SPC round. 

Before you start the search, you must know the range of shooting you go, study your preferences, and aware of various essential features of scope. 

To reduce the burden on your shoulder, we have given you the full buying guide that tells you how to choose the right scope that gains your attention, optimizes your requirements, and comes under your budget.

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