8 Best Illuminated Reticle Scopes in 2022 – Updated Picks & Guide

The Scope is an essential thing for your rifles to enhance your performance while hunting and shooting. Putting a scope on your rifle is a big help that makes aiming your target easy. By keeping that in mind, you should select the best scope instead of using a regular scope. 

An illuminated reticle scope helps you to get a breezy target acquisition. Have a reticle scope in your arsenal that makes you comfortable and ready for any type of hunting and shooting. 

But don’t forget that there are lots of models available on the market and it is not sure they all have the things that you expect and suitable for your needs. 

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Primary Arms Classic Series 4-16x44mm SFP Rifle Scope

You should find a best illuminated reticle scope, and it is not only for your needs but also for your budget. But it is hard to find the right scope for your needs among the plenty of models. 

To help you, we’ve provided the reviews of top-most illuminated reticle scopes with its features, functions, pros, and cons. We’ve also provided the buying guide that will help you know what to consider while purchasing the best illuminated reticle scope. Let’s go into the reviews.

8 Best Illuminated Reticle Scopes

8 Best Illuminated Reticle Scopes in 2021 – Reviewed

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-9×50 V-Brite Illuminated MOA Reticle Riflescope

The Vortex Optics Crosshair II V-Brite illuminated reticle scope is one of the best choices. It contains a bright reticle that can help you to hunt easily, even in low-light conditions, because of its forgiving eye box. 

This illuminated reticle scope comes with lots of features at a lower price. It provides reliability and high-level performance on the field. It has been constructed with the strong materials for long-lasting durability. 

This scope comes with the second focal point reticle that keeps the reticle size stable even when you zoom on your target. It allows you to make fast target acquisition and find your targets. This reticle scope is perfectly suitable for your rifle or crossbow while coyote hunting or deer hunting. 

Vortex Optics Crossfire II

3-9×50 V-Brite Illuminated MOA Reticle Riflescope

A single piece of 1-inch tube construction ensures that the durability of the scope. The CR2032 battery powers the reticle to illuminate the center dot to get an accurate aiming point even in the low-light conditions. 

The Crossfire II scope uses the V-Brite illumination technology that is not only bright but also contrasts better with the background so you can easily aim your target. 

It is specially designed for the night hunters to make them comfortable and help target acquisition in low-light conditions quickly. 

It comes with long eye relief and a forgiving eye box that helps you to view your target clearly and acquire your target easily. With the fast-focus eyepiece, you can focus your target quickly and easily. 

The Crossfire II reticle scope contains a fully multi-coated and anti-reflective lens that delivers a clear view and bright images to you. It also contains 60 MOA elevation adjustment. 

The capped reset turrets of this scop are finger adjustable with MOA clicks that can reset to zero after sighting. The objective lens is 50mm size that helps you to get a wide field of view. 

The Vortex Crossfire II illuminated reticle scope has 3-9x magnification so that you can view the target at a far distance. The 3x magnification provides 300 yards target distance, and the 9x magnification provides 800 yards distance. 

This scope is nitrogen purged and sealed with an O-ring that makes the scope water-proof, fog-proof so you can get excellent performance in any weather conditions.

However, it is one of the best inexpensive products that provides good performance in the field. If you are looking for an illuminated reticle scope for your small budget, then the Crossfire II is the right choice.



2. Athlon Optics Argos BTR 6-24×50 Illuminated ATMR MOA Reticle Riflescope

Finding a scope with a great first focal point reticle is good enough, but keep in mind that it is not easy to search an FFP rifle scope with illuminated reticle under $500. 

However, your search may end with the  Athlon Optics Argos BTR scope because it is the one great choice for an illuminated reticle scope. Using the Athlon’s 6-24×50 Argos BTR Riflescope, assert your hunting on the field with an ATMR MOA reticle. 

The Athlon Argos BTR contains a reticle that is placed on the first focal plane of the scope when it comes to optics for the beginners, the reticle will expand and shrink with the magnification settings.

Athlon Optics Argos BTR

Athlon Optics , Argos BTR, Riflescope

6-24×50 Illuminated ATMR MOA Reticle Riflescope

If you are looking at the scope closely, you can notice that it contains the features of other expensive models. It is suitable for long-range and accurate shooters because of its excellent features. 

This scope comes with an aluminum alloy construction with a clear and bright optics. This optics system comes with a 6-24x high magnification range that allows you to view the targets clearly at any distance. 

Moreover, it contains a fully multi-coated objective lens that provides maximum brightness of the images and true color for the entire visible spectrum. 

The 50mm objective lens is one of the highlight features of this scope that collects more light than the other scopes and provides clear images even in the low-light like dawn or dusk. To prevent oil, dust and dirt, the exterior lens of the scope is treated with proprietary XPL scratch-resistant coating. 

Despite having blurry image issues, it is a perfect illuminated scope. The illuminated FFP reticle of this scope helps for the target acquisition. Many of the hunters considered this a best budget-friendly scope, but also it can compete with the expensive scopes.

The scope is improved with the first focal plane reticle for accurate shots. By adjusting the side focus knob, you can get a parallax-free aiming point from 10 yards to infinity. 

The elevation and windage turret contains 60 MOA range with the 1/4 MOA clicks that allow you to make wind shift corrections and ballistic. 

The FFP of this scope allows you to estimate the windage and elevation because the size of the reticle changes according to the magnification ranges, and it is perfect for high-stress shooting situations. 

The aluminum alloy housing and a 30mm main tube allow you to handle the hard environments and harsh usage. The Athlon Argos BTR scope provides you water-proof, shock-proof and fog-proof performance in all conditions. 

The side-focus parallax control knob and exposed graduated turrets are placed in the middle of the scope so that you can easily adjust that without removing the caps or covers. 

It provides clear and bright images in all weather conditions that makes it the best-illuminated reticle scope under $500.



The only small weakness of this scope is that the image gets a bit cloudy sometimes at a higher magnification range.

3. Primary Arms 4-16×44 Illuminated MIL-DOT Reticle Riflescope

It is hard to find a best illuminated reticle scope for the long-range and short-range shooting, but you are lucky enough to have this scope. 

The Primary Arms 4-16x Mil-Dot Reticle scope is the one that helps you in all situations. This is the perfect scope for your all types of rifles, such as 30-30 rifles, 30-60 rifles, and 270 rifles. This great illuminated reticle scope has a mil-dot reticle. 

You can use this scope for both long-range and short-range shooting no matter at any weather condition. It comes with the second plane reticle that keeps the reticle size stable at any magnification ranges.

Primary Arms 4-16×44

Primary Arms Classic Series 4-16x44mm SFP Rifle Scope

Illuminated MIL-DOT Reticle Riflescope

The 4-16x magnification range of this scope provides you the effective target acquisition at long-ranges. The reticle provides you 12 brightness settings that makes it ideal for your surrounding and light-conditions so you can hunt at low-light conditions. 

This illuminated reticle scope comes with the locking and zero resetting turrets that provide audible and tactical 0.25 clicks for easy and quick adjustments. 

The turrets are placed comfortably for accessing easily. It also contains side parallax adjustments that provide parallax-free and sharp images at long-distances. 

The scope is constructed with the strong and reliable material to ensure the durability. It specially designed to withstand hard environments and all weather conditions. It is nitrogen purged to provide water-proof and fog-proof performance. 

However,  the scope has many great features to provide excellent performance at both short and long-range shooting. The mil-dot reticle of this scope provides a clear view of the target even in low-light conditions. If you want to buy an inexpensive scope that can be suitable for long-range and mid-range shooting, the Primary Arms scope is the perfect choice for you.

The construction of this scope withstand heavy recoil. The higher magnification allows you to get more closer to the target. 

It is important to notice that the higher magnification leads to disorientation when you see with your naked eye. With this, the target acquisition also takes some time. 

The scope comes with the 44mm objective lens diameter, and this allows the scope to collect more light in the low-light conditions. 

The larger objective lens provides a bright view of the target through the scope. The mil-dot reticle has dots instead of a solid line that allows you to adjust the distance or windage without adjusting the actual scope. 

It allows for easy elevation and windage calculation, so it is ideal for long-range shooting.



The only downthing of this scope is that the lens is not clear enough when the cap feels cheap and breaking off.

4. Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm Illuminated BTR-1 BDC Riflescope

The Bushnell BTR-1 FFP is the another best illuminated reticle scope from Bushnell. It is very popular among lots of professionals because of its high-quality features and design. 

The 1-4x magnification range of this illuminated reticle scope is suitable for many hunting rifles and some attack rifles. This illuminated AR scope comes with many valuable and fully functional features to provide great performance on the field. 

It has high-grade aluminum alloy construction that provides long-lasting durability and enhanced accuracy in every situation.

Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm

Illuminated BTR-1 BDC Riflescope

The objective lens is a 24mm diameter that contains multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces to transmit more light for the bright and high-contrast images of your target. 

This BTR-1 FFP illuminated reticle scope contains the exclusive Throw Down PCL that allows you to change the magnification ranges of the scope quickly. Thus, you don’t need to fiddle with the magnification settings when you need. 

This scope comes with the BTR-1 reticle that illuminates greatly, and it contains 11 brightness settings. The intensity of its brightness allows you to make accurate shots up to 500 yards in any light conditions. 

However, if you are searching for a low-powered budget-friendly scope with lots of features and benefits, the Bushnell BTR-1 FFP scope is the right choice. The benefits you get from this scope is more than its flaws.

It is a first focal plane scope so you can use this as a primary scope, and it allows you to view mid to long-range of the target. 

It contains an anodized finish and sealed design to protect the inside of the scope from other elements. It comes with 4 inches of eye relief that provides a convenient view of the user. 

It is also nitrogen purged to provide water-proof and fog-proof performance so you can perform at any weather conditions. 

The CR2032 battery powers this illuminated reticle scope. It comes with a compact and sleek design that makes this scope lightweight. 

The Bushnell BTR-1 scope provides great accuracy at close to mid-range, and it offers an edge in close areas, but if needed, it allows you to reach more distances. Moreover, it comes with capped turrets to provide a lower profile as well as accurate and pinpoint adjustments.



The Bushnell BTR-1 scope has one flaw that the mil-dot at 1x magnification range is difficult to see whether you turn on the illumination, and also, the whole scope feels a bit heavy.

5. Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 Illuminated Reticle Riflescope

The Trijicon ACOG illuminated reticle scope is one of the best scopes for all types of hunters and shooters with its great features. 

The huge problem in many of the illuminated reticle scope is that they fastly run out of the battery, but it will never happen in the Trijicon ACOG. 

It comes with the fiber-optic cable that illuminated using any available ambient light, so it doesn’t require the battery power. The fiber optic is very efficient in collecting the lights so you can clearly see the reticle even in the low-light conditions.

Trijicon ACOG

3.5×35 Illuminated Reticle Riflescope

This optic will adjust the level of illumination automatically based on the brightness conditions while using. 

If you are looking for the best illuminated reticle scope, then you should get the one that can be used in many armed battles, and this case is exactly in the ACOG. 

The Trijicon ACOG scope comes with a 3.5x fixed magnification range which means, the target images that you see through the scope will appear 3.5 times larger than you see with the naked eye at the same distance. 

This scope can be used in the close targets quickly due to its low power. This Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 scope is a durable scope.

Overall, the scope is widely used in many Armed Forces because it is utilitarian, and it doesn’t believe the batteries to illuminate the reticle. If you want to find all the features and functionalities of this scope, you should try it yourself.

The housing material of this scope is made with high-quality and forged aircraft-grade aluminum. It comes with a multiple coated lens to add more toughness and provide water-proof and fog-proof performance so you can handle rainy, wet conditions and some bumps here and there without any problems. 

This aircraft-grade aluminum alloy housing provides you a durable sighting system. The lens of this ACOG scope has better clarity, and its extremely clear glass is one of its best features. 

It provides a clear and crisp image so that you can easily get your target without causing any fatigue to your eyes. 

The best thing about this scope is it can be used for CQB with the Bindon Aiming Concept otherwise, you can aim with your both eyes open. 

The concept of this feature helps you to quickly obtain your targets but also allows you to be aware of your surroundings due to the opened eyes. 

Thus, the scope is great for competitions and also big hunting games. Therefore, Trijicon ACOG is the best illuminated reticle scope for hunting.



The one small weakness of this scope is that the reticles are barely visible while used in the pitch black, and it wants some lights to become visible.

6. CVLIFE 6-24×50 Illuminated scope for Hunting

If you are searching for the highly durable illuminated reticle scope at a low price, the CVLIFE 6-24×50 is a perfect choice. 

It comes with lots of innovative features that makes you love this in the field. The CVLIFE scope is suitable for the long-distance target shooting that helps you to hunt without any troubles. 

This scope is well-constructed and contains durable aluminum alloy housing that provides unfailure performance in all the situations. The CVLIFE illuminated scope contains a tactical mil-dot reticle that provides you great accuracy at any shooting range.

CVLIFE 6-24×50

Illuminated scope for Hunting

This reticle comes in two colors, such as green and red mil-dot, so that you can choose any color based on your needs. 

It also comes with five levels of brightness control that allows the hunters to control the brightness easily. This scope is easily mounted on your rifles and provides a clear view of your target with a brighter field of view. 

It comes with the 6-24x magnification range that provides you the 28 ft of the field of view at 100 yards distance. The 3.25 inches of eye relief helps you to view the targets without affecting your eyes. 

Overall, the CVLIFE scope is best for your hunting and shooting because of its rich features and great performance. If you want to buy a scope with the best optics at an affordable price, the CVLIFE is the right choice.

The reticle of this scope allows you to acquire your target in any tactical situation. By adjusting the elevation and windage of the reticle, you can be easily zeroing. 

The main tube of this illuminated reticle scope has 25.4mm diameter, and the objective lens is 50mm diameter. The CVLIFE scope comes with the CR2032 lithium battery that helps for your hunting. 

This scope is nitrogen purged, and O-ring sealed to make it water-proof, shock-proof, and fog-proof so you can use this scope in any weather conditions.

It contains 1/8 inch MOA click adjustments at 100 yards, and it comes with the two mounts that are fitted with the 20mm wear and dovetail rail. Moreover, this is the best illuminated reticle scope for the money in the market.



The only small weakness of this scope is it is a bit lengthy, and its length is 16-inches.

7. Nikon X1000 Matte Illuminated x-MOA Reticle Riflescope

The Black X 1000 is one of the best illuminated reticle scopes from Nikon, and it is also most favorite for many people. 

Nikon always produces top-most optics in the market, but now their best seller is the Nikon Black X1000 tactical scope. It is suitable for both long-range and action-shooting AR experts. 

The Nikon FX1000 is a high-power scope for excessive overall performance at any long-range distances. It contains a 30mm tube that is constructed with the aircraft-grade aluminum and has classic clean styling with the matte black finish.

Nikon X1000 Matte

Illuminated x-MOA Reticle Riflescope

This scope comes with the FX-MOA reticle that is placed on the first focal plane to provide the bright and clear images of the target. 

This reticle is illuminated brightly, so the scope provides great performance even in the low-light conditions. 

The objective lens of this scope is fully multi-coated with anti-reflective compounds on air-to-glass surfaces that provide you the sharp, consistent bright, and high-contrast view of your target at all magnification ranges. 

The Lead-and-arsenic-free lenses are designed to increase the light transmissions that deliver sharp and crisp images in low-light conditions. 

However, it doesn’t affect your performance in any case. If you are searching for a top-line scope based on your budget, the Nikon X1000 illuminated reticle scope is the perfect choice for you.

This scope contains a 6-24x magnification range so you can easily acquire your targets at 600 yards distance. It has 3.5 to 4-inches of generous and consistent eye relief that keeps your eyes safe during recoil and ensures the cheek weld while changing magnification ranges. 

The quick focus eyepiece of this scope allows for the sharp focus and quick target acquisition. The Nikon FX1000 scope is nitrogen purged, and O-ring is sealed, providing water-proof, shock-proof, and fog-proof performance. 

The parallax setting of this scope is form 50 yards to infinity. The Nikon illuminated reticle is powered by the Lithium coin CR2032 battery that provides 60 minutes of operation. 

This scope provides 90 total MOA internal adjustments with an illuminated X-MOA reticle, and its turret contains 1/4 MOA click adjustment value. 

This FX1000 illuminated reticle scope comes with the turret-mounted side focus parallax adjustment that allows you to tune the view of the target image without changing your positions.



The only downthing of this scope is that the turret has imperfect alignments.

8. UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

If you are looking for a versatile illuminated reticle scope for your needs, undoubtedly, UTG 3-12X44 compact scope is the right choice. 

It provides excellent performance with great features for the money you spent. It helps you in any situation by providing bright and clear images of the target since it has high-quality objective lens.

The objective lens present in the UTG scope contains multi emerald coatings.

UTG 3-12X44

UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

30mm Compact Scope

The multi-coated lenses allow the light transmission to provide a clear view of the target at low light conditions. It comes with 30mm tube construction to ensure strength and durability. 

The magnification of this scope ranges from 3x to 12x, and the objective lens diameter is 44m. The UTG compact scope comes with the strong construction using an innovative true strength platform. 

The durable design of this scope provides a reliable, long-lasting lifetime. It is built with illumination enhancing technology to withstand any harsh environmental situations.

The UTG Compact scope is the best choice if you are looking for a compact and reliable scope for your hunting. It provides great performance in any condition.

It comes with the Mil-Dot reticle that is placed on the second focal plane. This reticle comes with 36 colors, and you can choose any color based on your preferences. 

The Mil-Dot reticle is easy to access and provides better visibility in long-range distances. It comes with 3.4 inches eye relief that provides enough space between the scope and your eyes so you can view the targets without affecting your eyes. 

It comes with the reliable windage and elevation turrets that provides accurate adjustments. This scope is sealed with nitrogen, and you can use it any weather conditions because it is water-proof, shock-proof, and fog-proof. 

It provides a parallax-free view from 10 yards to infinity. It includes a flip flop lens cover to protect your lenses from the dust particles.



The only down thing of this scope is that some people felt it is a bit heavy to carry.

What is an Illuminated Reticle Scope?

An illuminated reticle scope doesn’t automatically brighten the images in the dark conditions. The reticle is the only thing that gets illuminated in the scope, and this is more than enough for many rifle owners. 

The regular rifles also have reticles etched on its lens that is enough if you are going to use the rifle for just shooting in an outdoor or plinking. Moreover, hunting requires that you get out of your comfort zone and even shoot in low-light conditions.

Looking through Military rifle's scope

An illuminated scope may not make your surroundings bright, but it glows your reticle. If you have ever tried to target a dark background using the black reticle, then you know that hardness of this. 

If you want to do the same thing with the illuminated scope, the backlit reticle will stand against the dark that allows it to aim easily.

Why An Illuminated Reticle Scope?

If you want to hunt at low-light conditions or find your target in dark situations, then you should have an illuminated reticle scope. 

Many people have the wrong perception about illuminated reticle scope, so first, you have to understand it fully. Illuminated reticle scope does not light up the target at low-light conditions, but it allows you to see your target clearly using the reticle. 

Generally, the reticle provides a clear view of your target and helps you to make accurate shots. It is very useful for you in all hunting situations to acquire the targets. The illuminated reticle comes with different colors based on your needs. 

Sometimes, the color of the reticle is suitable for the background environment in the field that helps to spot the targets easily. In the low-light conditions or dark environments, the reticle illuminates perfectly to provide a better visibility. 

An illuminated reticle scope is an accurate tool that helps you to make accurate shots. It includes batteries to provide illumination and lasts a long time. 

The hunters, shooters, military and law enforcement professional prefers the illuminated reticle scopes for their adventures. Sometimes, it acts as an essential tool to save their life during the hard situations.

What Makes a Great Illuminated Reticle Scope?

Nowadays, there are many illuminated reticle scopes available on the market, but they all don’t provide the benefits that you expect. 

Thus, you have to know what makes a great illuminated reticle scope that helps you to get an idea about the factors that you should look for while buying a scope. 

The first thing in the best scope is that will perfectly suitable for your rifle. You should know what magnification range is suitable for your rifles while searching for a scope. Also, the scope that you choose should technically mount on your rifles even if you choose the overpowered one.

Seen at 5x zoom & seen at 25x zoom

If the scope that you buy is not suitable for the magnification range of your rifle, then you can’t utilize the full potential of the scope. 

After getting the right magnification range, you should choose the reticle design based on your preferences. If you’re a beginner at shooting rifles, then you can choose the simple designs like the German No.2 reticle or the Duplex because they are generic crosshairs.

Comparison between Illuminated Reticle Scope & Non-Illuminated Reticle Scope

There are lots of varieties of scopes available in the market with unique features. Like all the scopes, both the illuminated and non-illuminated reticle scopes are best themselves. 

It is based on the preference of the hunter to choose the illuminated or non-illuminated scope. Both the scopes have advantages and disadvantages according to their functionalities.

Illuminated Reticle Scope

Non-Illuminated Reticle Scope

If you are looking for a scope to hunt at dark environment conditions, illuminated reticle scope is the right choice for you that provides bright visibility of your target. Otherwise, the non-illuminated scope is enough for you with its great, easy to use features.

Factors you should Consider while Purchasing an IIluminated Reticle Scope

If you’re going to buy an illuminated reticle scope, then you should consider some factors before buying. It helps you to choose the best product and also helps to check that the product you choose is best or not. Here, we listed some of them.

Objective lens

An objective lens is the main thing that you consider while purchasing an illuminated reticle scope. It plays an important role in the illuminated reticle scope. 

This is the one that you can find in the front of the scope. This is the only responsibility for providing more lights in the low-light conditions. The larger objective lens provides more light into the scope, and it brightens and clears the target image.

Lens coating

Considering the lens coating is important in an illuminated reticle scope that protects the scope from the dust, dirt or other elements. 

The anti-reflective compounds can be applied to both the focal and objective lens. This anti-reflective acts as a one-way mirror. It allows the light into, and that won’t be reflected outside. 

There are more layers of coatings applied that provide better light transmission. You need to select a scope that is fully-coated. In this, both focal and objective lenses have multiple anti-reflective lenses.


The reticle is also one of the important factors that you should consider while buying an illuminated reticle scope. The reticle is a design of the crosshairs or the design that you see when you peek through the scope. 

The Duplex reticle is the best choice for the beginner shooter and short-range shooting. When you think about the crosshairs, the typical crosshair will come in your mind.

This type of crosshair is easy to use and understand because the windage and bullet drop markings are already available.

Reticle Illumination

The illumination of the reticle is a very important thing in the illumination reticle scope. This is the bread and butter of the scope that you build. The illumination makes the reticle more visible.

Aim points of the reticle, highlighting the reticle in red, green or blue 

Moreover, the illumination has many different colors, such as red, green, orange, and other bright colors, so that you can choose anyone based on your needs. 

You have to choose the illumination of the reticle that is comfortable for you. If you are able to get a scope that has an illumination reticle, go with it.

Eye Relief

Considering eye relief is also one of the important factors while buying a scope. The eye relief is the maximum distance between your eye and the focal lens of the scope that provides a more clear image of your target. 

If your rifle has a lot of recoils or not, so you need a long eye relief like 6-inches. If not, the scope may kick back, and it may hit in your eye. 

If you will mount the scope in front of the rifle, it is essential to have long eye relief. It will prevent it from interfering with the action like a scout rifle


If you are using the scope for hunting, you have to make sure that it can handle any environmental situations. You can’t predict that when the weather will turn into worse while you are hunting out. 

It may be clear one time and then raining the next. Thus, the scope that you will buy is not only for water-proof but also need to be dust-proof and fog-proof with its durability. 

If you consider all the factors mentioned, you will find the best illuminated reticle scope easily. However, find the scope that you need with the help of this guide.

Benefits of Illuminated Reticle Scope

There are lots of illuminated reticle scopes available in the market with great features, but the best scopes contain plenty of benefits. It comes with many benefits and can be used in many applications based on your needs. Some of the benefits of the illuminated reticle scopes are given below:

  • The illuminated reticle scope provides you a clear view of the target that allows you to acquire your target easily.
  • The illumination increases the brightness to see the target at any weather conditions.
  • The varieties of brightness settings and adjustment options provide you a better view of the target. It helps you to find the targets even in the low light conditions.
  • It is built with strong materials to withstand any hard environmental situations and ensures the durability on the field.
  • It comes with high-quality optics that provides great accuracy during hunting or shooting adventures at night.
  • The objective lens present in the illuminated reticle scope provides you a wide range of views.
  • The objective lenses are dust-proof and fog-proof, so it provides you a clear view of targets at all weather conditions without affecting your hunting adventures.
  • The illuminated reticle scopes are also built with weather-proof to withstand any environmental conditions so you can hunt at any hard situations without worrying.
  • With its great features, the illuminated reticle scope is the perfect device for your rifles during hunting adventures.
  • It makes your hunting adventures more interesting and better with its great features and functionalities.


An illuminated reticle scope may be heavier and expensive than the regular non-illuminated scopes, but it is worth than it. With the illuminated reticle scope, you can aim easily with your scope. The main important thing about this is that you can see the crosshairs easily when they lit up. If you are a beginner to buy an illuminated reticle scope or any other scopes, you have to make sure that you choose the suitable scope for your needs because the illuminated reticle scopes are a bit expensive.

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