10 Best EOTech Clones and Alternatives in 2021 – Ultimate Review & Guide

When it comes to supreme low light sight performance that provides quicker target acquisition, EOTech sights have been placed at the top of a pedestal. With that regard, such products also fetch a high price. 

But thanks to the ongoing advancements in technology, several manufacturers were able to produce EOTech clones as well as alternatives to cater to the bigger market. 

There is no denying the fact that EOTech sights have been favored by the military and other enforcement bodies, most especially when using holographic optics. 

But then again, finding EOTech sight clones or alternatives can save you more money while providing you the quality optical performance that can still keep up with your needs as well as preferences when it comes to hunting or shooting as a hobby.

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An original EOTech optical sight’s distinct feature is its holographic sight technology. As for EOTech clones and alternatives, these products use a closer resemblance to its holographic sight technology, which is the incorporation of red dot sights or reflex sights that operate with LED illuminators instead of lasers.

Despite being replicas, EOTech clones and their alternatives have become a market game-changer. These products perform well in terms of functionality and versatility while being durable and reliable in range shooting. 

On that note, this article can help you look for the best EOTech clones as well as alternatives for you that may suit your taste, be it for hunting purposes or other applications.

10 Best EOTech Clones and Alternatives in 2021 – Reviewed

1. Sightmark Ultra Shot R-Spec Reflex Sight

When it comes to an EOTech replica, Sightmark Ultra Shot R-Spec Reflex Sight might come across your mind. 

All the quality traits you are looking for that EOTech products have, Sightmark Ultra Shot R-Spec Reflex Sight can also deliver.

Built with strong ruggedness and durability, its top-grade aluminum body can act as its protective shield, defending its optical lenses against extreme damage.


Ultra Shot R-Spec Reflex Sight

In addition to that, the lenses are also coated in multiple layers, which can help withstand scratch and shock against the continuous heavy recoil that is rated at .50BMG.

It has been proven as weatherproof and waterproof, having been granted an IP55 rating. This replica will not be easily damaged when dropped accidentally underwater or if it suddenly rains during your hunting activity. 

Sightmark Ultra Shot R-Spec Reflex Sight includes four different types of the reticle that come in 10 levels of brightness settings, which can help you when sighting and shooting your target from a distance.

It has two illumination colors that you can choose from – Red and Green. Its illuminators are powered by one CR123A battery, which has the capacity to last for a maximum of 2,000+ hours. 

Not only does this help you quickly acquire your targets, but it also performs well in darker conditions. Additionally, it has a built-in battery indicator, which can help you determine whether or not to change batteries.

It has a fixed 1x magnification that offers a wider viewing field. It is also easy to configure its settings. It has a click value of ½ MOA for its adjustable elevation and windage controls, assisted by its embedded Interlok Adjustment System for maintaining zero sights easily. 

If you are looking for a top-quality EOTech clone, Sightmark Ultra Shot R-Spec Reflex Sight might be the one for you.

2. Sightmark SM26005 Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight

Another EOTech alternative and clone from Sightmark, the model Sightmark SM26005 Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight, might suit your needs as well as preferences when it comes to hunting or other civilian applications. 

It is lightweight in design, which makes it easy for transport thanks to its rugged magnesium alloy construction that can act as a shield against environmental damages. It will not yield easily as it is resistant to extreme shock and water.

Sightmark SM26005

Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight

It has been granted an IP68 rating, which ensures the safety of the product when dropped accidentally at 40 feet underwater. Moreover, it can operate well under 22ºF to 160ºF.

What makes it special is its superior night vision variability that comes in six selections. It can also perform well during your daytime activities thanks to its six brightness settings for daytime application. 

Its LED illuminated dotted reticle is powered by a CR2 battery that can last for up to 1,000+ hours as this EOTech replica consumes low power. 

It can adapt well to any environmental changes without compromising its optical sight abilities. Efficiently, the power automatically turns off when idle for an hour, which helps in saving more power.

Its achromatic optical lenses in the red film are embedded with a corrected parallax system and dual-pane glass, which assist veteran shooters to accurately sight and acquire the targets smoothly from a 10-yard distance to infinity. 

It provides a wider viewing field that greatly enhances your precision in marksmanship skills. Moreover, its Interlok Locking System greatly helps the shooters to achieve higher accuracy and precision ratings, allowing them to reduce the chances of missing their shots against their target.

It has a 1x fixed magnification that can offer a hundred and five (105) feet field of view at 100 yards while providing unlimited eye relief thanks to its wider sight window. 

It has a click value of ½ MOA for its elevation and windage settings that can be easily adjusted according to your preferences. If Sightmark SM26005 Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight fits your preferences as an EOTech clone, you won’t regret it.

3. Pinty Red/Green Reflex Sight Rifle Scope

Another popular EOTech clone and alternative is the Pinty Red/Green Reflex Sight Rifle Scope. This replica does not fall behind when it comes to its sight performance and multiple applications. 

It had proven its critics wrong and turned out a good performer, marking itself as a great deal for those who are looking for an alternative EOTech sight that comes at an affordable price.

The overall construction of this clone is made up of top-grade aircraft aluminum alloy, which connotes strong built, ruggedness, and durability, allowing you to depend on it for a longer period of time.


Red/Green Reflex Sight Rifle Scope

Evidently, after several tests, it has been concluded that this EOTech clone can hold itself very well against extreme recoil shock, fogging as well as water damage, making it a good option for a weatherproof EOTech replica. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to carry or transport during hunting.

When it comes to its elevation and windage controls, it is easy to configure according to your preferences, making sure that you are comfortable in every shot you make with enough precision. 

It has unlimited eye relief with a corrected parallax, which contributes to your sighting experience, offering 15.8 meters of viewing field at 100 meters for its 1x magnification. This is a good catch if you are into close and middle distance combat.

Pinty Red/Green Reflex Sight Rifle Scope has four multiple reticle options that come in red and green holographic illumination. 

On top of that, it includes eight different types of brightness levels that can adapt well to any environmental conditions. Fine-tune your optical sight and enjoy hunting from dusk until dawn without any worries.

4. DD DAGGER DEFENSE DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight

DD DAGGER DEFENSE DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight is another popular EOTech clone and alternative aside from Sightmark models. 

It is affordable and does not hinder your hunting activities. Moreover, this model can perform well as it brings you a memorable experience in shooting with a field of view of 15.8 meters at 100 meters. 

It even prevents any eye strain thanks to its unlimited eye relief provided by its window sight.


DEFENSE DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight

It has been built with only top quality aircraft aluminum materials for its overall construction and had been designed ergonomically. 

It saves more space on its rail, making way for your other accessories. Moreover, it is embedded with a screw lock, which helps in stabilizing the adjustments of your sighting when necessary. 

For its illumination system that comes in red and green colors, DD DAGGER DEFENSE DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight uses a CR2032 that can accommodate you for a year of usage in moderation.

This EOTech clone has four reticle options that can conform to your preferences while adjusting the elevation and windage controls easily for shooting comfort. 

Additionally, maintaining a zero sight can also be achieved smoothly with its Set Screw Lock System.

There are some considerations when using this EOTech clone. One of which is its compatibility with your eyesight. 

If you have astigmatism or other eye-related limitations, it is advisable to consult your ophthalmologist or professional first to avoid blurriness and other issues while using this product in terms of its reticle sight experience.

5. Holosun HS510C Ring Open Reflex Circle Dot Red Dot Sight

Holosun HS510C Ring Open Reflex Circle Dot Red Dot Sight is another of your options when looking for an best EOTech clone and alternative. 

It has a relatively budget-friendly price that produces high-quality sight results. It has been ergonomically designed in line with its industrial features.

This EOTech clone is powered by two sources – CR2032 standard battery and solar power. Significantly, thanks to technology, the green LED illuminators to consume power that can last for a maximum of 50,000+ hours, which makes it a great investment choice as an alternative.

Holosun HS510C

Ring Open Reflex Circle Dot Red Dot Sight

The LED illuminator can automatically activate once motion has been detected, thanks to its embedded Shake Awake Technology. 

Its sleep timer can be configured according to your needs, which makes it versatile. It can also flexibly adapt to any light conditions while providing unlimited eye relief with its wider window screen.

This replica also features Solar Failsafe Technology, which serves as a backup power source whenever your battery drains, bringing brightness settings automatically, matching the condition of your environment during your outdoor activity. 

It has four reticle options that can help you focus on your targets accurately, providing more clarity in details. Its optical lenses are multicoated in several layers, which can assist in facilitating light delivery for improved sight performance and vividness while being resistant to wear.

Holosun HS510C Ring Open Reflex Circle Dot Red Dot Sight has been built with grade 5 quality titanium alloy material, which contributes greatly to its durability and ruggedness, acting as an outer shield against environmental damages. 

It can resist shock from continuous heavy recoiling from heavy calibers while holding itself quite well underwater pressure and submersion. 

You know for sure that it is a hundred percent weatherproof, proving itself as a great EOTech clone and hunting ally for your rifle.

6. Predator V2 Reflex Sight

Predator V2 Reflex Sight is also known for being a good EOTech clone and alternative as it is just as functional as the original EOTech sights. 

Several users have agreed that this replica is one of the sturdiest optical sights available in the market while providing a high accuracy rating for its reflex sight. 

Thanks to this, Predator V2 Reflex Sight can quickly acquire and sight your targets considering its parallax-free composition as well as its adjustable windage and elevation controls. Significantly, this replica can even maintain its zeroing sight after numerous rapid shots.


V2 Reflex Sight

This replica is a good companion for your rifles that includes Remington, Winchester, and Colt. It is also compatible with almost all rifle platforms, such as Picatinny rails. 

In addition to that, a 45 degree offset mount is included in the package and fits all iron sights. Its illumination is powered by three LR44 batteries and can last longer when used in moderation.

Predator V2 Reflex Sight has 4 multiple reticle options with red and green illumination colors to choose from that can adapt to your needs and preferences in terms of hunting and sighting. 

Performing your outdoor activities with ease is surely an advantage. Hunt comfortably at any time of the day – be it during daytime, nighttime, dusk, or dawn.

Another thing to note is its sturdy construction. It is made up of a top-quality aluminum alloy, which can help prevent any damage from occurring on its optical lenses. 

It is also resistant to strong shock and impact brought about by continuous firing of heavy caliber rifles. The lenses, on the other hand, are filled with nitrogen gas and sealed using O-rings. This process can inhibit any moisture, water, or dust from penetrating inside the optic glass. 

If you own a Remington rifle or a Winchester, you can consider having Predator V2 Reflex Sight as your EOTech alternative.

7. Ade Advanced Optics Crusader 8 Reticle Green and Red Dot Reflex Sight

Another popular choice for an EOTech clone and alternative is the Ade Advanced Optics Crusader 8. Not only is it economically friendly, but also a good sighting option for hunting and target shooting. 

What makes it a good choice is its compatibility with magnifiers and night vision goggles that others do not compare in this department.

This EOTech replica has eight reticle options to choose from with adjustable brightness controls that come in five levels.

Ade Advanced Optics

Crusader 8 Reticle Green and Red Dot Reflex Sight

Its illumination colors are red and green, which consumes low power from the built-in battery, which can operate longer since it is used in moderation. 

If the power drains, you can easily charge it back to full power using its charging set with an indicator. 

You don’t have to worry about changing your batteries every now and then after being drained on several hunting occasions. 

Ade Advanced Optics Crusader 8 has a fixed 1x magnification power that provides a wider field of view and a parallax-free construction. 

Just like the other EOTech clones, adjusting the windage and elevation settings are also easy through clocking in 1 minute of angle (MOA) click control. 

It can help you increase your accuracy as it adjusts to your needs while being comfortable at every shot released.

This replica provides unlimited eye relief thanks to its window sight. Its building has been made using top quality aluminum materials, which makes it durable and can last longer without wear. 

It is embedded with a metal that reinforces its defense against damage. It can resist extreme shock while being waterproof as it can operate very well under a temperature range of -20℃ to 60℃. 

If the specifications of Ade Advanced Optics Crusader 8 suits your preferences in what you like for a replica, you will definitely feel rewarded.

8. Mueller Quick Shot™ Rifle Scope

Mueller Quick Shot Rifle Scope is another best EOTech clone and alternative that you can purchase at an affordable price while being competitive in its optical sight performance and traits. 

It boasts two built-in sensory systems attached at the front, which helps in detecting any light in your surroundings while adapting to the suggested brightness automatically. 

This is unlike other EOTech red dot sight clones that need to be configured manually in accordance with your environment.


Quick Shot™ Rifle Scope

Truthfully, users have agreed that this product is one of the most versatile EOTech clones with flexible illuminated optics that have been produced in the market.

There are at least eleven levels of brightness controls this EOTech replica has within. It directly compliments the four types of reticle options that you can choose from depending on your hunting needs. 

Moreover, it offers unlimited eye relief thanks to its wide window sight and a wider field of view that measures up to 15.7 meters at 100 meters, optimizing your marksmanship skills in return. This product is ideal for predator hunters and archers that use advanced crossbows.

The overall construction of this product has been made up of top quality materials, which strengthens its resistance against external damages. 

It can withstand extreme shock from large-caliber guns and rifles while being completely waterproof and weatherproof. 

With durability in mind, you are sure that this EOTech clone can accompany you for a longer period of time without wearing.

The user can smoothly adjust the elevation and windage control of this EOTech alternative while considering that it is parallax corrected with a lock screw set. This feature can easily enable you to maintain zero sights at all times. 

Powered by a CR2032 lithium battery, its illumination controls consume the power in low moderation, which allows the battery to last longer. 

As long as this EOTech clone is appropriate for your taste, you can proceed with purchasing this product.

9. Vector Optics Ratchet Multi-Reticle Green and Red Dot Sight

Vector Optics Ratchet Multi-Reticle Green and Red Dot Sight is another popular choice when talking about EOTech clones and alternatives not only because of its affordability but also because of its consistent delivery of quality performance. 

This EOTech replica offers a 1x magnification setting that provides a field of view of about 15.7 meters at 100 meters while offering unlimited eye relief.

Vector Optics

Ratchet Multi-Reticle Green and Red Dot Sight

It has been designed for tactical reasons but can be applied for other applications such as hunting and target shooting. 

Its optical lenses are coated in several layers, which helps in reducing the amount of stray light that may harm the eyes. This EOTech replica includes four types of reticle settings that have five levels of brightness illumination in two colors – Red and Green. 

It also features a reticle lock for your convenience. The switch located in front of the riflescope is for the red dot reticle sight, while the switch located at the rear is for the green dot reticle sight. To turn off the sight illumination, just press the switch for three seconds, and it is done.

The illumination control of this EOTech clone is powered by three LR754 battery which can last longer depending on your usage. 

It is lightweight and compact in design, which makes it easier for shooting while moving around or for firing rapidly with much ease, a perfect fit for any fire powered caliber rifles out there. 

It features a 1-minute of angle (MOA) click value for its elevation and windage adjustment settings. 

Vector Optics Ratchet Multi-Reticle Green and Red Dot Sight is built using top-quality aluminum alloy material as a base and has been coated in a jet black “matte” finish, which helps in reducing glare. 

It is durable and has been tested for its ability to withstand extreme impact, and shock resulted from heavy recoiling. 

Moreover, like a weatherproof EOTech clone and alternative, this product is waterproof and fog proof, which helps in preventing the lenses from cloud or blur when sighting.

10. Burris Fastfire III Rifle Scope

Another affordable EOTech clone and alternative that you can purchase is the Burris Fastfire III Rifle Scope. 

It is quite affordable while providing excellent optical sight capabilities. It is quite flexible as it can be mounted to any of the following:

  • Handguns
  • Shotgun
  • Tactical Rifle
  • Hunting Rifle


Fastfire III Rifle Scope

It provides greater precision and accuracy control while having no issues in acquiring targets at a faster rate as it is free of parallax. 

You can take your shot comfortably with unlimited eye relief as you can use both of your eyes whenever you sight or shoot your targets. 

Moreover, the 1x magnification can give you a wider field of view, which is an advantage for enhancing your situational awareness.

This EOTech clone is very lightweight and compact in size, which makes it easier for you to take your shot even when moving or carrying it to change your shooting position. 

For sure, with Burris Fastfire III Rifle Scope, handling your weapon will be just as easy, improving your efficiency and control. This product features two reticle types – 3 MOA Red Dot and 8 MOA Red Dot – which can hasten your target acquisition. 

It also comes with three brightness settings that can adjust automatically to the light condition of your hunting environment. 

You can also override the setting by manually adjusting it as you see fit, which can give you polished and accurate image details.

This EOTech replica is made up of top quality metal material, which boasts its strength and durability. It won’t easily bend against external damage. 

It is also a hundred percent waterproof, which prevents moisture from penetrating the glass optical lens of this EOTech clone. 

It is versatile and multifunctional, which can help you with your daily hunting activities while enhancing your shooting skills and accuracy.

How To Select The Right EOTECH Clones and Alternatives For You

Choosing the best clones and alternatives of EOTech sights might be a little challenging, but gaining more knowledge about these products can come in handy in one way or another. Not only does it help you save a fortune but also perform well, considering being a replica.

Below are some of the things you need to ponder before deciding the appropriate EOTech clones and alternatives for you.

1. Reticle Type

In terms of reticle type, good EOTech clones and alternatives must have either a red dot sight or reflex sight. 

These types of the reticle are much simpler than the authentic holographic sights. It is much more economical than the original EOTech products. 

Moreover, they are quite useful while offering decent zooming power and sight performance. They are also versatile if you take the design and the size into consideration, as they can also do well under lower light conditions. They are also good for close distance to medium-range shooting and target marking.

2. Built & Resistance

For veteran hunters as well as those in the special forces, having durable and weatherproof optical sights is important. 

These traits can help you go through any hurdles during your outdoor operations. One of the important proofing traits is its ability to hold itself against water.

Most likely, there will be times that it will rain, or the sight might accidentally submerge underwater, and having a good waterproof sight can come a long way. 

In addition to that, it should also have a strong resistance against recoil from heavy caliber rifles and shock. Significantly, its overall body must be housed using top-grade aluminum material for more added protection.

3. Brightness Levels

For EOTech clones and alternatives, it is better to have an adjustable and flexible brightness setting that can work well for both day and night applications, which can further enhance the capability of your reticle.

This will help deliver a more favorable result whenever you go out hunting. Another trait you can consider is choosing a product that can automatically adjust depending on your current situation and condition. This will help you get the best out of your shooting experience while conforming to your needs.

4. Power Source and Capabilities

Good EOTech clones and alternatives must have longer battery operations for its LED sight illuminators. Ideally, it should last for about 200+ hours, which gives you more time to fully engage yourself in darker environments. 

However, thanks to innovation in technology, there are some EOTech clones and alternatives that can last for more than 1,000+ hours, which brings about greater sight experience for hunters and snipers. 

Moreover, having LED illuminators for your sight can consume less battery energy compared to laser illuminators, which can drain the battery energy more.

5. Wider Window

For EOTech clones and alternatives, having a wider window is a better option for quicker acquisition of your targets. This will help you get the best viewing range that can affect your shooting capabilities. 

A good window must be wide enough and rectangular in shape, which can assist your eyes with ease, reducing any glare that might hurt your eyes when sighting. 

Preferably, the material of the window must be made up of high grain glass material to deliver a crisp and clearer image of your target while protecting your eyes from stray light.


Although EOTech clones and alternatives do not come close to the genuine EOTech sights, they are still a great alternative for various civilian applications, which includes hunting and casual target shooting. What’s more, is that these replicas offer lower prices for practical reasons without compromising the potential it can give you in return. 

We have talked about the best choices as a clone and alternative for EOTech optical sights. We have also discussed the factors that you should look for to utilize its capabilities while conforming to your needs, giving you much comfort when sighting and shooting. I hope that this article can serve as your guide and widen your knowledge in determining best EOTech clones and alternatives that suit your needs and preferences.

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