Trijicon RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED 3.25 MOA Red-Dot Sight Review

Nowadays, Hunting has been one of the most beloved sports in many countries especially in the United States. In that case, if you are interested in hunting then you should have the necessary gears that is required for your hunting sports. 

Trijicon RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED 3.25 MOA Red-Dot Sight is ideal for you and this sight makes your hunting trips an unforgettable one. This Holographic sight is a must one to take when you go for a hunting adventure because it provides you a perfect view of your target.

So, here I have described the Trijicon RMR Red Dot sights which are very important for pistols. Also, it makes your pistol more effective in aiming the target.

This Trijicon RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED 3.25 MOA Red-Dot Sight will be the perfect holographic sight to mount on the pistols, which is more helpful for both military and professional hunters.

Trijicon RMR Adjustable Red Dot Sight

Trijicon RMR is a holographic weapon sight, it is one of the most lightweight and compact products available in the market. It is constructed with forged aluminum, so it will be stable in all conditions. However, this Trijicon RMR adjustable red dot sight is ideal for hunting trips. 


Trijicon RMR is a lightweight optics that can be mounted on the pistol to get clear images of the object. It is built with aluminum to get rigidity strength.

It has a patented housing shape to absorb impacts and divert stresses away from the lens. Due to the 1.2 pounds weight of this holographic weapon sight, it is very easy to carry for long hunting trips. Overall its specs are about 28mm thick, 45mm length and 25mm height. 

Mostly hunters mount this holographic weapon sight in their pistol to swiftly shoot the target. The new RMR type 2 has upgraded electronics to properly function when mounted on the slide ride pistol or other small arms. 

Trijicon RMR Red Dot Sight is built with a water resistance feature, so it can work properly even after it is submerged in water. An added benefit to this holographic weapon sight is it can easily mount on the pistol for the clear focus of the target.

Due to the 7 brightness setting, it is considered one of the best products. The user can adjust the brightness setting according to their environment. This Trijicon RMR holographic weapon sight will be perfect for their pistol, so it is highly preferred for hunters and law enforcement officers.


This holographic sight has a wonderful magnification range of 1x which allows you to clearly focus the close-range target. The sights magnification will not be changed because it has a fixed magnification.

With a great magnification, this Trijicon RMR red dot sight offers stunning focus while detecting the target in complete darkness. This holographic sight is perfectly designed to get a blur-free image of the target, thus the operator can receive mind blowing operations. 


Trijicon RMR  has an adjustable LED 3.25 MOA red dot reticle. There are 12 brightness settings in this sight but only seven brightness settings can be adjusted manually.

One brightness level is being used for dim lights and the other for bright lights. In automatic mode, it has 5 brightness settings. The LED light source is used to extend battery life. 

Objective Lens 

Trijicon RMR has a well-developed objective lens to focus on the target. This holographic weapon sight is fitted with multi-coated lenses to reduce the glare of the other lights.

The result of this coating is exceptional image contrast, sharpness, and clarity of the image. With the help of this lens, the operator can shoot perfectly without missing a single shot.

Mostly this holographic weapon sight is more helpful for professional hunters. Therefore this might be the best sight to mount on your pistol.


The Trijicon RMR has an adjustable LED so you can turn on the lights by pressing any button on the optics. There are 2 buttons (plus button and minus button) located on the sides of this holographic weapon sight.

By pressing the plus or minus button, you can increase or decrease the brightness level, and also you can put this sight in manual mode. If you want to change the sight into automatic mode then press both buttons simultaneously for less than 3 seconds. This Trijicon RMR holographic sight will be active in the automatic mode.

Also, if you want to power off the sight for long-term storage then press and hold both buttons for 3 seconds. 


This holographic sight is constructed with a CR2032 type of battery. It is equipped with a battery conservation mode to save energy. With this conservation mode, the battery will work in water.

The maximum life of the battery is 4 years. If you need to change the battery then you must dismount this sight.

The energy-saving feature of this sight allows you to work for a long time, so this sight is suitable for law enforcement performance.

Brightness Setting 

This Trijicon RMR adjustable red dot sight comes with 12 brightness settings for both day and night use. One brightness level for dim light and others for bright light.

This brightness setting can be used in two mode一 automatic mode and manual mode. There are 7 illuminated settings can be operated in manual mode and 5 for automatic mode. So, you can increase or decrease the brightness level using the plus and minus buttons. 


The Trijicon RMR red dot sight has become one of the most famous holographic sights in the market because of its adjustment quality. While it is mounted on the pistol, you can comfortably use the pistol to shoot the target.

It has adjustable buttons on the sides of the optic, which allows the user to adjust the brightness setting, power down the RMR storage, and toggle between manual and automatic mode.

Also, it has an adjustable LED with dot sizes ranging from 1.0 MOA to 13 MOA, so this is the best sight for your hunting adventures. 


The Trijicon RMR adjustable red dot sight is designed with a water resistance feature, so you can use it anywhere even in wet areas and it has the ability to submerge in water.

There is no need of worrying about this holographic sight because it is well developed with high-quality material. Hence this Trijicon RMR adjustable red dot sight is perfect for any hunting adventure. 

Other Features 

This holographic weapon sight is designed with upgraded electronics to withstand the most demanding shooting conditions. It has a windage and elevation adjuster to provide a perfect view of the object. 

This sight’s specialty is it will return to automatic mode after 16.5 hours to ensure readiness at all times. This holographic sight is compatible with all night vision devices




The Trijicon RMR adjustable red dot sight is constructed with a fabulous brightness setting to offer the best result in complete darkness and too hot areas. This holographic sight is suitable for any critical situation because it is constructed with high-quality material.

It is well suitable for an array of shooting applications. This holographic weapon sight is the best partner for your pistol because this Trijicon RMR adjustable red dot sight only can give an excellent view of the target in the field.

I hope this article may help you to make a good decision regarding your purchases.

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