5 Best Gen-3 Night Vision Scope in 2022 – Review & Guide

When it comes to shooting and hunting, it is essential to know the best scope to improve your performance and skills in the hunting field.

Most professional hunters and target shooters prefer certain limits when it comes to target shooting and hunting. Whether you like short or long-distance hunting or shooting, your overall skill will be much better if you combine your rifle with the right scope.

Today, various versions of the night vision scope are available in the market with advanced features and techniques. The Gen-3 night vision scope is one of the best scopes in night vision optics technology. 

Most hunters and shooters widely used the Gen-3 night vision scope since it provides high performance, and it also comes with a lightweight. Hence, the hunter or shooter easily carries it anywhere. 

Wildlife researchers commonly use night vision technology products to study nocturnal animals. The researchers require various types of optical instruments and cameras to view and examine the animals. The hunters need a high-grade scope to work both day and night efficiently.

Best Gen 3 Night Vision Scope in 2021

Most night vision devices like scope, monocular, goggles, etc., help you to see the animals in low light or dark conditions clearly. 

Digital night vision devices have various benefits over the conventional intensifier tubes. The Gen 3 night vision devices provide a photo and video recording capability and have excellent battery timing. It also has a built-in memory, which enables it to take pictures and videos

In this article, we have provided the best Gen-3 night vision scopes on the market, with its benefits and features. Moreover, we have also discussed the fundamental factors to think about when you purchase the best scopes.

5 Best Gen 3 Night Vision Scope in 2021 – Reviewed

1. Pulsar Phantom Gen 3 Select 3x50mm Night Vision Riflescope

The Pulsar Phantom Night Vision Riflescope is one of the best Gen 3 night vision scopes. 

It provides high resolution and high sensitivity in dark and lowlight conditions. 

This night vision riflescope offers crystal clear and HD quality images when you are in long distances.

Night Vision

The night vision makes it very easy for shooters and hunters to hunt or shoot their targets in low light or at night.

Pulsar Phantom Gen 3

Select 3x50mm Night Vision Riflescope

The night vision aids the hunters to aim their targets in any environmental situation. The Pulsar Phantom night vision riflescope is designed with the latest night vision technology. It provides many advantages to the user to view the targets.

Mil-dot Reticle

Pulsar Phantom is designed with standard green and mil-dot reticle, which allows the hunter to calculate the distance of a target.

When necessary, modify the bullet drop and bullet lead time. This scope has a green-on-green and red-on-green reticle with brightness. When the reticle starts to light up, the battery needs to be restored within 15-30 minutes.

Detach mount 

This night vision scope has a quick-detach mount that easily returns to zero. This provides the ability to disassemble and reassemble riflescope without re-zeroing the weapon sight quickly. 

This feature allows the hunter and shooter to use a single weapon platform for both day and night time hunting or shooting. 


This night vision scope has 3x magnification, to boast crystal clear target images. The 3x magnification range is excellent for medium and long-range hunting.

The Pulsar Phantom comes with a 50mm large objective lens that collects more light from surroundings to provide clear images. The resolution of the scope is 57-64 lp/mm.


The Pulsar Phantom has water resistance, fog-proof, and shock-resistant construction. It allows you to hunt or shoot without any worry. The objective lens comes with multi-coating and also it has scratch-resistant features. This scope provides excellent quality images with the help of a built-in IR illuminator. It allows you to see and hunt even if you are in dark or low light conditions.

2. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

ATN is one of the best manufacturers of night vision devices, and the ATN X-sight 4k pro is the essential design. This night vision scope is widely used in the military sector. 

Nowadays, most shooters use this night vision scope for hunting during both daytime and nighttime. 

The ATN X-sight 4K pro is a lightweight design, so you can transport and handle the scope during your hunting adventures.

Sensor Technology

The value of a rifle’s purpose is largely in its picture quality. 

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro

Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

The high or low accuracy of the pictures provided by the unit is defined by the sensor. You will be fascinated by the new 4K sensor located in this day/night scope intended to create HD images.

This night vision scope has Obsidian IV dual-core processors, which ensure effective performance. The dual-core processor is designed to enable processing speeds, which provides crystal clear HD images in various vivid colors.

Zoom Feature

The magnification range of the scope is 3x to 14x, and the field of view is 1000 yards. This night vision scope has an e-zoom feature; this allows you to zoom in on your targets without losing sight of the field. You can easily see your target with the help of the e-zoom feature.

Day & Night mode

The ATN X-Sight 4K HD night vision scope performs during both day and night, providing HD quality pictures in complete darkness or low light conditions.

Night vision Mode

The ATN 4K night vision scope is designed with the latest night vision technology. It also provides improved night vision mode. So you can view the targets easily in low light or darkness conditions. This night vision scope works well at all times and provides excellent quality images in low light situations.

Video Recording and Storage

Most hunters and shooters worry about the night vision scope because it does not have video recording capabilities and storage. But the X-Sight 4K Pro night vision scope contains dual video recording capabilities and storage functionality. 

So you can easily record the video on the SD card located on the scope. It also includes recoil activated video functionality to start recording the video before and after the hunt. The video footage is saved in the removable SD card that has a 64GB storage capacity.

Ballistic Calculator

One of the best notable features in this scope is the Ballistic Calculator, which is utilized to measure your target field’s wind speed, height, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. 

Enter the environmental data on the scope that automatically measures all the details. This can be very effective in reaching your target on the first try.


This scope has a built-in rangefinder feature, which makes target shooting easier. You do not have to take additional devices like portable rangefinders to limit your target in this feature. This will measure the range of targets and give you a better view each time.

Battery Life

The ATN X-Sight night vision scope is powered with two non-removable CR batteries, and it continuously runs over 18hours.

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3. ATN OPMOD X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x Smart Ultra HD Day/Night Rifle Scope

ATN OPMOD X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x Hunting Rifle Scope is one of the latest night vision rifle scopes. 

ATN OPMOD X-Sight night vision rifle scopes come under the ATN night vision scope. It provides a high magnification range and high performance. 

It works well in all weather conditions and is widely used in law enforcement, military, and many other departments. 


The ATN OPMOD X-Sight is a variable optics, and it comes with a 3x to 14x magnification range.

ATN OPMOD X-Sight 4K Pro

3-14x Smart Ultra HD Day/Night Rifle Scope

The magnification range is gradually increased depending on the target distance. 

It displays that the shooter can view the targets fourteen times larger and brighter than the normal objective lens. So the hunters or shooters can clearly view the targets at any distance.

Video Recording

The ATN OPMOD X-Sight is able to take high-quality images and record 1080p HD videos. You can store or save the pictures and videos in the internal storage. It also comes with a Recoil Activated Video (RAV) feature. 

The ATN OPMOD is a multi-purpose night vision scope; you can stream your hunting, or an outdoor adventure live on social media with the help of Bluetooth and WiFi. This night vision scope has a single red button that helps to access and control any action in the night vision scope.

Ultra Power Mode

This night vision scope has Ultra power consumption mode. If your scope battery is low, don’t worry about it because you can quickly change the night vision scope to an ultra-low power mode. 

The ATN night vision scope provides a clear view and takes excellent quality images while in the low power mode. The scope battery continuously works up to 18 hours.

Ballistic Calculator

The ballistic calculator is one of the critical advantages for ATN OPMOD X-Sight. Even if you are in a complex situation, the shot you take with this ballistic calculator will be clear and accurate.

It can accurately calculate the humidity, range, temperature, wind, and angle of targets. With these superior characteristics, you can understand what the next shot will look like. Combining it with the night vision scope is a truly remarkable tool.

Dual-Core processor

It comes with an Obsidian IV Dual Core processor and HD sensors that provide high-quality pictures in low light or dark conditions. 

The expression of targets is better than what you actually see with your eyes. It is also perfectly suitable for day time and nighttime hunting or shooting. The resolution provides color to each picture and quickly identifies small creatures that generally mix with the environment.


The ATN OPMOD X-Sight night vision scope offers high-quality, so you don’t worry about the video and image clarity and quality. 

It comes with a complete resolution of 600 lp/mm. The X-Sight night vision scopes are like smartphones because all of the intended functions can be performed at your fingertips. 

You can use Recoil Activated video settings to trigger video recordings with lag(recoil). You can connect to your Android device or iOS and download your images and videos.

4. ATN NVM-14-3P Night Vision Monocular

ATN NVM 14 3P Night Vision Monocular is one of the best gen 3-night vision devices, and ATN is the leading manufacturer to produce many night vision devices for outdoor activities. 

This night vision monocular is widely used in military and law enforcement. It is made with the latest generation 3 night vision technology. 

It comes with superior quality optics and user-friendly features. It also provides a lot of benefits to improve your hunting experiences.


Night Vision Monocular


The ATN NVM-14-3P Night Vision Monocular comes with a fixed magnification, and the magnification range is 1X. So you can not change the magnification for your needs. 

Due to the fixed magnification range, it has fewer movable parts, and the monocular is long-lasting. Plus, the specific device you use can only focus on one process at which it excels.

Infrared Illuminator

Infrared illumination is a beneficial technique for all night vision devices, helping you view or observe the target at night. 

Most of the hunters and shooters widely used IR night vision scope to view their targets. It also provides a clear picture of your surrounding environment. The IR illuminator performs using batteries.

Lightweight Design

The night vision monocular comes with a lightweight design. The total weight of the night vision monocular is 0.74 lb or 335.7 grams. It is easy to handle, and you can easily carry this scope anywhere, like the hunting and target shooting field. 

This monocular also improves your mobility, and one of the notable features is you can hunt in very large areas, especially in wide areas.

Pro-Shield Coating

The optic lenses of the ATN night vision monocular are coated with a unique and additional coating. The extra layer is called pro-shield coating. 

This pro-shield coating lens provides the capability to produce high-quality sight images even in bright or high contrast.

Battery Life

The operating power of this night vision monocular is up to 40 hours. It uses a CR123A battery; it works well all time so that you can use this scope for your outdoor hunting trips. 

You can also use this night vision monocular for more than one day.

Water Proof and fog-proof

It comes with waterproof and fog-resistance; this night vision monocular also has a high-level of fog proofing and waterproofing properties. 

You can use this monocular for any harsh weather conditions without any problem. It provides more durability; Once the inner chambers of a monocular are infiltrated by water, it can be damaged.

5. Bushnell Night Vision_Equinox Z Monocular

Bushnell is one of the top brands that are widely used in hunting, bird watching equipment. 

The Bushnell has introduced the z series, one of the latest monocular generations in the Equinox series. It comes with excellent quality and an affordable price. 

The Z line monocular has a standard resolution. Also, you can now upload pictures to smartphones for fast sharing.


Weight is one of the notable features for every night vision monocular. The Bushnell Night Vision Equinox Z Monocular is a lightweight design and weighs 15oz.


Night Vision_Equinox Z Monocular

This night vision monocular is comfortable and quick to use. Most of the users prefer to use this night vision monocular, and it is easy to carry any places.

Image Quality

It has high-quality lenses, which gives excellent quality images to the user. This night vision scope provides color images in the day time and white & black pictures at night. 

It comes with a 6X magnification range, which also gives clear and crisp hunting and shooting images. This night vision monocular comes with a 50mm large objective lens that collects more light from the environment to offer clear pictures.


Bushnell Night Vision_Equinox Z Monocular comes in the range of 200m to 600ft in the daytime, But when using infrared, the clarity is only up to 500 feet. This night vision monocular is perfect for viewing the animals at long distances.

Zoom Feature

The monocular field of view is 20ft at 1000 yards, and the magnification range is 6x. Most shooters zoom up to 3x magnification with this monocular, but some of the users zoom up to 6x magnification. 

The 3x zoom objective lens is perfect for larger or stalking prey. But when you are looking for some small animals like birds or mice, the 6x zoom objective lens is perfect for you.

Video Recording

It captures high-quality images and videos when you are going shooting or hunting. Because even after a few years, it provides a lot of memory. 

This monocular captures images and videos in high-quality. You can quickly transfer the recording videos and photos to the SD card without using any USB cables.


This monocular comes with rugged construction and is fully covered by water-resistant housing. They are excellent for use in all weather conditions like wet situations without worrying about damage. The Gen 3 night vision monoculars are rubberized to preserve from accidental drops.

How to Select the Best Gen 3 Night Vision Scope 

The Gen 3 night vision scopes come in different sizes, features, shapes, specifications, models, brands, and prices, so it is difficult to choose the best Gen 3 night vision scopes.

We have reviewed our particular buying features that you should think of before buying a Gen 3 night vision scope to address this confusion.

Eye Relief

It is the measurement of the section between the eye and the scope. It is essential to be able to view the whole image while hunting or shooting. Adjustments can be made when loading the extension to provide the best amount of eye removal.

The higher eye relief scope is better for shooting or hunting because it will consider quick target security. The standard eye relief is up to 3 to 4 inches. 

So always look for a night vision scope that is most comfortable with a lens. You have to deal with it for an extended period, so what is the lens’s use if it irritates or burns your eye?


Magnification is one of the essential aspects of any rifle scope, but the optical scope has higher magnification settings than the night vision scope. 

The narrow limits allow cleaner lines and a better generation, so the night vision scope is very beneficial. The night vision scope comes with two magnification values, such as variable and fixed magnification values. It also comes with limited settings for the magnification value. The night vision scope’s magnification range is 3x to 20x and provides excellent accuracy at range. Many night vision scopes offer 100 yards to 200 yards vision. 

This range is shorter than optical scopes, but some night vision scopes are going up to 300 yards. But the 100 yards to 200 yards is standard for all scopes.

Length and Weight

This may seem obvious. However, the scope’s weight and length will affect the length of time the scope can be used. 

Substantial extension heaped with additional parts will measure the scope down and cause anxiety if used for an extended period. 

Once you have determined the magnification size, you need to find a solution at a focal circumstance. Keep weight and length in mind if you need to think about the best Gen 3 scopes.


The night vision scopes and optical scopes have some differences between features and specifications. 

If you search for the best Gen 3 night vision scope with an excellent resolution around 640 x 480, it is challenging to find it. The 4k resolution night vision scope provides high-quality images and video footage. 

The resolution is denoted by lines per LP / mm or millimeter. The resolution value is high; That means your goal will be clear.

Battery Life

Battery life plays an essential role in your night vision scope because it determines how long you can utilize it without changing it. 

Most of the best night vision scopes have superior battery life, and it also allows the hunter or shooter to use the scope for an extended period. 

So the hunters don’t worry about the battery charge, But it is better to have a few spare batteries easily.

Final Words

The night vision scope is more than you might expect; there is a wide range of night vision scope available in the market, so choosing the best Gen 3 night vision scope for your hunting or shooting needs can be confusing for you. Night vision scope offers the best view that can improve your ability while hunting in low light or at night. This article has reviewed the best Gen 3 night vision scope; you can choose the excellent Gen 3 night vision scope for your hunting or shooting requirements.

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