Best Glock Sight For Accurate Shot in 2023 (Experts Review & Guide)

Glock sights are one of the most widely used types of pistols in the world today. They are known to have short recoils only, and they are designed and constructed using a material called a polymer. 

Glock gun models are one type of a semi-automatic pistol that was first put into service in 1982. With its very great design, it has been recognized based on its reliability and safety. 

But Glock gun models can be improved in performance by mounting a sight on it—a sight that would surely complement their design and improve the accuracy and precision of the shots that you are going to fire. 

But you have to make sure to buy the Best Glock sight which means the sight you choose should excel in quality. You also have to ensure that it is balanced in design when it comes to performance and durability.(Source)

Best Overall

Best Lightweight

AmeriGlo Special Combination Glock Sight

Best Value

AmeriGlo Glock 43 and 43 3 Dot Tritium Set

Do not worry about searching or looking for those glock sights because we got your back on that one. We are going to list the best Glock sights that we found while searching at the markets nowadays. 

Together with the functions, uses, and features that they are best known for, here are the products that you must check out.

10 Best Glock Sights in 2022 - Reviewed

1. Trijicon Night Sights Sets for Glock Pistols

Trijicon’s Night Sights Sets for Glock Pistols is a night sight set that you can use for a wide variety of Glock pistols. 

The convenience that this Glock sight provides is really incredible since it can be operated and adjusted even when you are using one of your hands only. 

In this case, your other hand can focus on having a tight grip on your firearm to make sure that it does not fall off while you are doing some adjustments.  

This Glock sight has a mostly metal construction that makes it very rugged and long-lasting. The front sight of this product is much thinner when compared to the other ones—if you are thinking about what this design can give you, it can provide a considerably larger field of view.


Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols

Night Sights Sets for Glock Pistols

With a larger field of view, you would have an enhanced ability to identify your targets and shoot them with more accuracy and precision. You would also be able to easily see targets that are located at a long distance. 

When you use this Glock sight, you can get some options for its color combination. You can get a yellow front outline and green lamps for the front sight, or you can get an orange front outline and green lamps. 

Some of the Glock gun models that you can pair with this Glock sight are Glock 17L, Glock 19, Glock 22, Glock 23, Glock 24, Glock 25, Glock 26, Glock 27, Glock 28, Glock 31, Glock 32, Glock 33, Glock 34, Glock 35, Glock 37, Glock 38 and Glock 39.



2. AmeriGlo Special Combination Sight

AmeriGlo’s Special Combination Sight is a Glock sight that is known for its durability and compatibility with RMR. This Glock sight is constructed mostly using steel bar stock—this is a type of stainless steel that does not develop any corrosion on its surfaces. 

This Glock sight is a versatile one since it can be used for a wide range of applications such as law enforcement applications, military operations, self-defense for civilians, and recreational shooting activities. 


AmeriGlo Special Combination Glock Sight

Special Combination Sight

With its usefulness, it is considered as one of the best Glock sights for RMR. The color of the fiber rod of this Glock sight is red, and it is constructed using Swiss-made tritium—this is known as one of the most effective light sources. 

The total weight of this Glock sight is only 1 ounce, so it would not hinder you from moving and shooting fast while you are in the hunting field. 

As mentioned above, the color of the tritium fiber rod of this Glock sight is red. The good thing about this Glock sight is that you can change that color with another tritium light source if you are not comfortable with red. 

This Glock sight can be mounted on different Glock gun models such as Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 22, and Glock 23. If you are looking for a Glock sight that would not cause you much hassle during installation, this specific product is the one that you must buy. This Glock sight has one of the best designs since it is simple, yet it is solid in construction.



3. AmeriGlo Glock 43 and 43 3 Dot Tritium Set Front and Rear Classic Sight 

AmeriGlo’s Glock 43 and 43 3 Dot Tritium Set Front and Rear Classic Sight is a Glock sight that is specifically designed for a Glock 43 gun model, but you can also use it for some gun models such as Glock 43X, Glock 42, and Glock 48. 

Since it is specifically designed for a Glock 43, it is safe to say that it is among the best sights for Glock 43 too. The tritium color for the rear sight of this product is green with white outlines. 

For its front sight, the colors are the same—green with white outlines. The height of this Glock sight is .248 inch while its notch has a dimension of .15 inches.


AmeriGlo Glock 43 and 43 3 Dot Tritium Set

Glock 43 and Rear Classic Sight

This Glock sight is designed to be a night sight, so you can use it during low-light situations. You can also use it in broad daylight, that’s why it is a very versatile Glock sight. 

When it comes to the maintenance of this Glock sight, you are not going to have a hard time since the exterior surfaces of this sight are tough and can be cleaned by just using the usual standard gun cleaner. 

This Glock sight can let you save money after a long time of using it because it provides a battery-free performance. 

Meaning to say, it does not require any battery regardless of the time and the lighting condition that you are using it in, so it saves a lot of money in the long run.



4. Meprolight Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight

Meprolight was founded in 1990, it has become the favorite brand for target shooters, military personnel, and other enthusiasts due to the quality of combat-proven accessories such as tritium illuminated sights, electro-optical sights, night vision devices, laser rangefinders, security products, thermal sights, and many more. Meprolight is worldwide popular for the manufacturing of its armed forces, civilian markets, and law enforcers.

Meprolight’s Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight is a Glock sight that is specifically designed for a Glock 45, but it can also be used with other firearms such as .357 SIG, .45 ACP, 9mm Luger, and .40 S&W. 

When you buy this Glock sight, you can experience a battery-free performance that would not require any battery to be operated. With a battery-free performance, this Glock sight is always ready to use. If you want to use this Glock sight at night, you can confidently perform well since it is designed for low-light conditions.


Meprolight Tru-Dot Glock Sight

Glock Tru-Dot Night Sight

Why should you buy it?

Meprolight Tru-Dot night sights are not just for low light conditions but also work well in adjusting windage and elevation. I’d recommend this sight for the person who wanted to try varied ammunition loads, which are a target or competition shooter. Meprolight is one of the best Glock sights for a handgun since the weight of the bullet and muzzle velocity may shift markedly to the point of impact.


Meprolight Tru-Dot night sights are robust due to steel construction, it is well made and simple to use. These sights ensure durability and longevity so you can use them for a long time. It will fit mostly all the standard holsters which is an added advantage. By the way, it is a fixed sight, so accuracy could potentially be a concern.

Dot color

The dot is available in three different colors, so you can choose which will be the best for your needs.

  • Green/Green
  • Orange/Green
  • Yellow/Green

Daylight/night visibility

The Tru-Dot night sights are designed with tritium bulbs for nighttime use and bright green, yellow, or orange sights. If needed you can also mix and match the sights to get alternative colors for front and rear sight combinations. The three dots must be in the same row to hit the target quickly, the tritium is extremely bright. The target can be viewed extremely easily at night and are bright enough to see during daytime.



5. Ameriglo Glock Tritium I-Dot Night Sight

Ameriglo is worldwide popular for its high-quality products such as OEM iron sights, fiber red dot sights, tritium sights, painted dot sights. You may have a doubt on Why Ameriglo stands a bit high? Because the Ameriglo sights are made from premium quality materials that are machined in the US, I’ve tried and tested the performance of the sight and ranked it as the best in my list. They are assembled with Swiss tritium sources, and the sights are used worldwide by a great number of people.


Ameriglo Glock Tritium I-Dot Night Sight Front and Rear Set

Sight Dxt Glock

Reasons to Buy

Ameriglo Glock Night sight is affordable than Trijicon which is very impressive, you can’t a quality product within this price range. It’s a durable sight too. This sight will help for an excellent nighttime shooting experience, thanks to the lamps. If you’re comfortable with the IDOT or straight eye configuration, then this sight is perfect for you.

This sight will allow for an excellent nighttime shooting experience, thanks to the lamps. If you are okay with the IDOT or straight eye configuration, then this sight is perfect for you. The lamps of the sight are completely shielded due to the sapphire screen and aluminum sleeve. These prevent any damage to the lamps.


Ameriglo Glock Tritium sight is a lightweight three-dot sight that makes use of tritium for better vision at night, it allows for increased target detection thus you don’t need to waste time for target shooting, it requires less time to find the target. When compared to laser sights, three-dot sights are cost-effective and don’t require batteries. Another interesting feature is three-dot sights are great for self, home defense, casual shooting, and night shooting.


Ameriglo Night sights are made of steel and have a durable matte finish of black oxide which is corrosion and scratch-resistant. It is completely housed in aluminum for increased durability. It is made of heavy-duty steel material that makes it more reliable and durable. Thanks to the steel construction as it has great sturdiness and durability.

This sight has green tritium rear and front lamps which have the power to enhance the visibility during no-light conditions, and the paint around the front sight will make it easy for visualizing during the daytime.

Daylight/night visibility

 Ameriglo Glock Tritium Night sight has rear and front sights that both use a green Tritium lamp that gives off incredible luminescence, especially in direct sunlight for several hours. Even if it’s away from direct sunlight, you can still line these sights up efficiently in the dark. The spacing and size of the rear sight will let you easily view the front sight. This increases target acquisition and allows for a wide field of view.

The front sight tritium lamp is covered itself with a yellow contrast circle that brings your line of sight right to it in daylight conditions. Also, the night set uses a unique dot system that is not used in many other night sights. One of the significant differences in this sight is, instead of the traditional three-dot design, the Ameriglo Pro-IDOT uses a two-dot lamp system.



6. Vogel Dynamics World Champion For Glock Pistols

Vogel Dynamics’ World Champion would give you a Glock sight that is designed to have equality between speed and accuracy. 

The design of this product’s rear sight is wider and deeper while its front sight is designed using a fiber optic—with these two designs, this Glock sight is very suitable for fast shooting. 

In addition, those two designs incorporated in the construction of this Glock sight make it one of the best Glock sights for competition. You also would not experience any problem when using this Glock sight with all Glock gun models.

Vogel Dynamics

Vogel Dynamics World Champion For Glock

World Champion For Glock Pistols

The size of this product’s front sight is .220 inches in length and .117 inches in width. The rear sight has a dimension of .250 inch in length and .150 inch in width. The fiber optic rod of this product is .040 inches in dimension. The total weight of this Glock sight is .8 ounce only. 

The material used for the construction of this Glock sight is very strong because it is steel, but it is not just a normal type of steel; it is hardened to perform well while staying durable at all times. 

The Glock gun models that you can mount this Glock sight on are Glock 17 and Glock 17L, Glock 22 up to Glock 28, Glock 31 up to Glock 35, and Glock 37 up to Glock 39—this versatile design is another reason why it is considered as one of the best Glock sights for competition.



7. TruGlo Brite-Site Tritium Fiber Optic TFO Handgun Night Sights

The Truglo Bright is a top-rated sight as it comes up with two kinds of the light source. No matter what the environmental condition is, it provides an excellent source of light for both daytime and at night. Fiber optics will excel during the day, while tritium will do well at night. Price to the Trijicon sights, but comes with additional features. The Tritium Fiber Optic is designed in a unique way by combining the glow of a night sight with the brightness of a fiber optic, it can be installed on pistols for better results.


TruGlo Brite-Site Tritium Fiber Optic TFO Handgun Glock Sights

Fiber Optic Night Sight

Reasons to Buy

TruGlo Tritium Handgun Night Sights are ranked at the top due to the combination of tritium, from a night sight, and light gathering fiber optic tubes which allows more daylight to enhance the brightness.

The tubes are constructed inside of a CNC-machined steel body for strength.


TruGlo TFO Night sights are constructed of durable steel, and the design of the sights is extremely sleek.

The sight doesn’t weigh much, just 1.3 ounces so you’ll not feel hard to attach.

CNC machined steel as well as the “Fortress Finish” protects the device from dirt, oil, and the weather.

Actually, this sight is designed to fit many different pistol models without any modification which may not be possible in other models. The snag-free design will neglect any chance of your firearm getting hung up while being drawn or during re-holstering.

Fiber optic/tritium

The green tritium will perform exceptionally well at night. The fiber optic is what sets the TFO apart. The three dots can be seen rapidly, regardless of light conditions outside. This sight is widely applicable as the three-dot sights because of the presence of fiber optics, while you’re carrying the weapon note that the front sights are longer than the other three-dot sights.

Having both fiber optics and tritium is a great option for extreme brightness during day and night.

Who is this Scope for?

This is suitable for the person who is looking for upgraded sights, most buyers have reported that the fiber optics inserts are easy to see and quick to aim with. 

If you’re using TFOs for home defense then the benefits are in abundance from having the brightness of the fiber optic during the day and the reliability of the tritium inserts at night. It also works great on pistols for home defense, casual range use, or non-intensive competitions, don’t miss to get this versatile sight from our list.



8. AmeriGlo Ghost Ring Night Sight Set

The Ameriglo Ghost Ring pistol sights are well-constructed of black polymer that fits almost all popular Glock models, these sights are mostly created and specialized for law enforcement and military, and are designed with self-defense in mind. The bright green tritium sources act as the key factor for enhancing the brightness at low light situations, no matter what the condition is outside.

The rear sight has a ridged pattern to deflect daytime lighting, and the front green dot sight is outlined in orange for better definition and accuracy.



AmeriGlo Ghost Ring Night Sight Set

Perfect Dot Night Sights

Why should you buy it?

AmeriGlo Ghost Ring is one of the most versatile sights on the list. You can view the circular sight at the rear which helps to detect the close-range targets very easily, while the three dots will be more accurate over distance. This makes it an excellent option for any type of shooting.

Ameriglo has produced a reliable product that shoots accurately and helps the shooter. The affordability of this sight makes it an excellent option for Glocks.


It is made up of a strong polymer that ensures toughness. The weight of the AmeriGlo Ghost Ring set is 3 ounces which is not a burden to carry. It is both a day/night compatible product because the tritium dots are surrounded by paint. You can use this set for both defense and casual shooting, I’ve tested the working of this sight and am impressed by its features.


The Ameriglo Green Ghost Ring Sights are very well made, rugged, and durable. Overall, it is designed with a front sight that has a green and orange outline, while it is also equipped with a green rear sight.

The front sight works effectively for quick target acquisition due to the green tritium lamp front, in addition to that, the rear sight is built up with two Tritium lamps for great overall sight acquisition. Tritium inserts will help you to view the targets clearly in dark conditions.

It produces a minimal glare so without any second thought buy this Night sight for your tactical purposes. This sight works extremely fast at close range due to the circular sight. At long-range, you must line up the dots, as with any other three-dot sight.



9. XS SIGHTS DXT2 Big Dot Night Sight

XS Sights is one of the best options which have huge demand in the market since 2019; it is popular for the Big Dot lineup of irons. Speaking of the Big Dot, XS innovated a new model of this popular optic in the form of the DXT2 Night Sight, which takes the dot into darkness, thanks to a combination of photoluminescence and tritium illumination. There are two color options for the Big Dot – Yellow (which glows best in low light) and Orange (which improves contrast in bright light).

XS Sights

XS SIGHTS DXT2 Big Dot Night Glock Sight

Perfect Aiming Sight


The DXT2 Big Dot differs from other traditional three-dot design due to its “dot the I” technique.

Aiming becomes faster and intuitive by placing the front Big Dot on top of the glowing mark on the rear sight. Even the new shooters may feel easy to aim and fix the target.

The marks on the front and rear sights are made with tritium which will offer visibility in any condition, you can get a bright glow without charging often. The low-profile rear sight works great and doesn’t snag on your holster while drawing your weapon which is something interesting.

The Big Dot is also easier for shooters with older eyes to both see and align.

Close-range accuracy

This sight is well-suited for close-range defensive uses which are similar to the snake eyes sight. The large front dot sight will help to acquire the target faster when paired with the rear vertical bar sight. Both sights are tritium covered with white paint, thus it allows you to easily see it during the day and at night.

 However, similar to the Snake Eyes, this sight does not do well at long range. If you’re looking for a sight to require both day and night defense, this is an excellent sight option.



10. Crimson Trace Red Laserguard Laser Sight

Crimson Trace was founded in 1994 and is extremely popular among the optics world due to their high-quality laser sights. Laser-style optics is excellent as a hunting sidearm and is best suited for home- or self-defense. These laser sights are a great add-on for the tactical shooter, as long as you don’t mind the added cost.

Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace Laserguard Laser for Glock 42 and Glock 43

Perfect for Home and Self-defense

Why should you buy this product?

If you are looking for a laser sight for your Glock, don’t miss this sight, for nighttime shooting no other sights can beat the Crimson’s laser. It’s not a big deal to adjust the sight, quite easy to operate. The Laser sight is different from three-dot sights as it allows for easy and accurate shooting.


Crimson Trace Laser Sight is made of a black polymer material, which reduces the weight of the product. However, the overall weight of this product is just 2.4 ounces. No need for any additional tools or Gunsmithing to install the sight, it is very easy to mount on your own. Batteries are very powerful in this sight as it doesn’t require a charge for four hours of continuous use.

The Lasergrip from Crimson Trace is designed in a way to provide easy-to-use pistol laser sight that is absolutely perfect for concealed carry.

Laser Sight

The crimson sight features a projected red laser, the red dot from the sight is extremely bright, so the target can be easily achieved. At night, this sight performs outstandingly when compared to a day, just point the laser and pull the trigger for beginning the action. You can see the highly visible red beam from the base of the slide by the way the laser is automated with a natural shooting grip



Some Of The Other Best Glock Sights

#1. Trijicon’s RMR 6.5 MOA Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight

Trijicon’s RMR 6.5 MOA Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight is one of the Glock sights that have very good performance since it has great quality built for its optics. It has true color multi-coated lenses that would make sure that you see the best view of the shooting field with the actual colors on it. 

This Red Dot sight provides a parallax-free performance, so you would not need any adjustment for it regardless of the distance that you are shooting in.

Trijicon’s RMR

Trijicon RM07-C-700679 RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Sight

Adjustable LED Red Dot Sight

This sight also has a unique patented housing shape that is constructed using a military-grade aluminum alloy—this housing has a function that prevents the lenses from being damaged by diverting the forces away from the lenses. 

If you have the Best Red Dot sight, you will save a lot of battery since it has a conservation model that automatically gets activated once you are using it for 16.5 hours already. If you have been searching for the best Glock sights for RMR, this can be a great option to consider getting.

This has an adjustable light-emitting-diode RMR that makes it one of the most convenient to be used. It also has a dual illuminated RMR that gives it the ability to perform well even if used in low-light conditions. 



#2. HOLOSUN’s HE507C-GR Elite 1x 2 MOA Reticle Green Dot Sight

HOLOSUN’s HE507C-GR Elite 1x 2 MOA Reticle Green Dot Sight is a Glock sight that is very safe to use since it is designed to provide unlimited eye relief. With unlimited eye relief, you can have the confidence that your eyes and the other parts of your head are safe from being hurt.

This Red Dot sight has a multi-reticle design that would let you choose from different types of reticle to use. The optical design of this Red Dot sight would let you enjoy a parallax-free function. Parallax is one of the things that need a lot of adjustments, but you need not deal with that through the use of this Glock sight.

This Red Dot sight has a Shake Awake Technology that lets it conserve power from the battery. This Red Dot sight is one of the best sights for Glock 19, so if you have a Glock 19, then this is the one that you must buy. 



Elite 1x 2 MOA Reticle Green Dot Sight

This Red Dot sight can let you serve battery power because it has a built-in solar cell that would use the heat energy from the sun—with this solar cell, you have two supplies for the power. This Red Dot sight has a 7075 type of aluminum built that makes it really durable.

With that type of building, this sight only weights 0.17 kilograms. The battery type required for this Red Dot Sight is a lithium metal battery, and it is already included when you buy this product.

In addition, it also comes with a free Picatinny rail mount. This Red Dot sight is user friendly too, and it can be used both by experts and beginners. 



#3. Burris’ FastFire III with Picatinny Mount

Burris’ FastFire III with Picatinny Mount is among the top-selling Red Dot sights from the markets nowadays, and it is also one of the best Glock reflex sights that you can check out.

The red dot of this Glock sight is always right and would give you a pinpoint accuracy that would let you hit the point of impact directly to where you have to hit the target. With that, you are going to have both accuracy and speed. This is very lightweight at 0.9 ounces, yet it is durable in construction.

This is a versatile Red Dot sight that can be used as a primary sight, or you can mount it on another sight as an accessory. This has an automatic brightness sensor; it automatically adjusts depending on the lighting conditions. 


Burris Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount

FastFire III with Picatinny Mount

When you are using this Red Dot sight, you have the option of choosing from two red dots. The first one is the 3 MOA dot while the second one is the 8 MOA dot that gives an incomparable accuracy in short ranges.

It has a shock-proof construction that gives it the ability to withstand being exposed to heavy recoils. When you need to make some quick adjustments regarding the elevation and the windage, this Red Dot sight would not require you to use any tool.

The total length of this Red Dot sight is only 1.9 inches, so you would not be having any trouble when mounting it on a wide variety of firearms and Glock gun models. 



#4. Vortex Optics’ Venom Red Dot Sight

Vortex Optics’ Venom Red Dot Sight is another Glock sight among the best Glock reflex sights nowadays. This specific sight from the brand of Vortex Optics is known to promote quick target acquisition and precision at the same time.

Those two benefits will give you the ability to hunt more targets down in just less time. This Red Dot sight is constructed using aluminum, so it only has a lightweight total of 0.45 pounds.

Despite its lightweightness, it can be used for heavy-duty applications because of its durable build. This Red Dot sight has fully multi-coated lenses that you can depend on once you encounter low-light conditions in the shooting field.

This Red Dot sight has 10 brightness settings that can be chosen from all located on its left side. The brightness intensity of the dot of this Red Dot sight does not need to be adjusted since it has an automatic mode in the form of a light sensor. 

Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sights

Venom Red Dot Sight

This Red Dot sight has a top-load system that would make it easier for you to change its batteries once it gets low or drained. You also would not experience any problem regarding the performance of this Red Dot sight in different outdoor conditions because it has an o-ring sealing that makes it resistant to water, moisture, debris, and dust.

If you have many firearms, this Red Dot sight does not only fit in Glock gun models. It can also be mounted on a wide variety of rifle and shotgun models due to its versatile design. 



Comparison Table of Glock Models

Model Caliber Capacity Length Height Width Length b/w sights Barrel Length Weight Empty Mag Weight
17 9 mm 17 7.32" 5.43" 1.18" 6.49" 4.49" 22.04oz 2.75 oz
19 9 mm 17 8.85" 5.43″ 1.18″ 8.07″ 6.02″ 23.63oz 2.75 oz
20 9 mm 15 6.85" 5.00″ 1.18″ 6.02″ 4.02" 20.99oz 2.46 oz
21 10mm 15 7.59″ 5.47″ 1.27″ 6.77″ 4.60″ 27.68oz 2.64 oz
22 45ACP . 13 7.59″ 5.47″ 1.27″ 6.77″ 4.60″ 26.28oz 3.1 oz
23 .40 15 7.32″ 5.43″ 1.18″ 6.49″ 4.49″ 22.92oz 2.75 oz
24 .40 13 7.32″ 6.85″ 5.00″ 1.18″ 6.02" 4.02″ 2.46 oz
25 380ACP 15 8.85" 5.43" 1.18" 1.18" 8.07" 26.07oz 2.75oz

Things To Consider Before buying The best Glock sight

Choosing the best Glock sight for your pistols may not be easier as you think. Because all the Glock sights are good in the market today, it will be more challenging for you to choose the best Glock sight for your pistols.

There are some quality factors to consider before buying Glock sights. First, be aware of what those qualities are!

The Dot 

First, you need to consider what type of hunting you prefer to go. Find out which color seems bright for you because dots come in various colors: red, yellow, orange, green, and so on. If you are accustomed to daytime hunting then you need to purchase a Glock sight that has some advanced features.

The best Glock sights do better performance in daytime hunting. If you are thinking of going for night hunting then you need to find the best Glock sight which has a red color dot. So choose the best color dot for your needs. 


Size is the most prominent factor to consider before you buy a Glock sight. Because you need to take it wherever you go hunting whether at nighttime or daytime. The latest color of the Glock sights is not that important as the size.

When compared to other sights, Glock sights do not come in one shape. If you need a lightweight Glock sight for your pistol then you need to go for a tiny one because only the tiny Glock sight can make your hunting as a comfortable one. 


Weight is the most important factor to consider because you need to carry your pistol throughout your hunting trips. Most of the Glock sights are weightless, so it will be easy for you to carry during any type of hunting.

Also, you can put the best Glock sight even in your hunting backpacks. But the weight Glock may not give a clear view of the field. So you need to be very careful in choosing the weight of the best Glock sight. 

Rugged Design

When buying a Glock sight, you surely want to make sure that it will last long even if you are going to use it for frequent hunting and shooting applications.

With that said, you have to consider its design and construction–these two simply mean that you have to consider the materials that are used for making your Glock sight and some other protective features such as resistance to different weather conditions.

For the materials that are used, you have to pick the Glock sights that are built using strong yet lightweight materials only. If you can see, pistols are just small in size when compared to rifles and shotguns, so Glock gun models just need a sight that is light in weight only, but you also do not have to sacrifice the durability to get a lightweight sight.

Some of the recommendations when it comes to the materials are polymer and aluminum. Also, check for the resistance of the Glock sight that you are going to get against some weather conditions.

If you have been hunting for a long time right now, you know that the conditions out there are unexpected. So, better be always ready with a sight that can endure anything that you would encounter in the hunting and shooting field. 

User Friendly

user friendly design

When you are going to use a Glock sight for your Glock gun models, one of the most important things to consider is the user-friendliness. There are Glock sights that are designed to bring convenience when used by anyone.

Try to buy those ones that are recommended for both experts and beginners. If you buy a Glock sight that is designed that way, you get two things or benefits—the first one is that you are going to have a very easy to use Glock sight while the second one is that you are going to get a Glock sight that has advanced features because it is also recommended for experts, so there is no way that its features are primitive.

In addition, if you buy a Glock sight that is user friendly, you are not going to experience any problem. Once that is achieved, you will have a smoother shooting experience with your Glock gun models. 


Another thing that you have to look for on the list of the Glock sight features that you will get is versatility. If you have a lot of Glock gun models, it would be an advantage to have Glock sight that you can use for most of those Glock gun models.

When you buy a versatile Glock sight, you will save money because you would not be required to more sights to have a compatible sight for all your Glock gun models.

Another importance of picking a versatile one is that some other Glock sights have a design that makes them suitable and compatible with other firearms such as shotguns, rifles and many other more. So, with a versatile one, you can get a lot of benefits and usefulness. 


All the Glock sight will suit every shooter because it provides an accurate shot during their hunting either in the night time or day time. Also, the Glock sights will perform well at night, and you can get more accuracy at that time. So you need to find the best Glock sights which suit your shooting purpose. 

What to consider in your pistol sights?

First, you need to consider some essential factors before purchasing the Glock sight for your pistol. 

Profile of front sight

Mostly the profile of the front sight comes in a fabulous style that is semi ramp style. Its plain or serrated faces can reduce the glare of the light. The blade faces away from the shooter  when the firearm is holstered. 

Width of Front sight 

The width of the front sights are variable so this could determine an accurate shot of the target. When the Glock sight is wide, it provides less accuracy of the target, especially when the targets are in greater distance. The average distance from the target is close to enough in self-defense situations. 

Mostly the shooters may prefer a width of 0.12 inches because this kind of Glock sight allows for accuracy and speed. Usually, the width of the front sight is suitable for many handguns.

Type of Rear Sights 

The dots can either be made of tritium or painted that allows you to focus better on the front sight. When both the sights are aligned properly, it can provide you an accurate shot.

Mostly, firearms come with a dovetail rear sight, when viewed from the side it looks like a fan. To replace the dovetail rear sight, you need to match your firearms with the proper dovetail. 

Height Of Sight Calculation 

The most prominent factor to consider before you purchase the Glock sight is the height. You need to adjust the height of the sight while viewing the target so you need to check whether the height of the sight will be adjustable or not.

Plain Black Coloring 

Plain black coloring is an excellent one for perfect target practice. But this coloring would not offer much for the defensive shooters because they may have to use their firearms in various light conditions especially in dark areas. 


Tritium is a substance that uses only its own glow without the need of ambient lights or the use of any batteries. It is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Tritium provides an excellent way to accurately and quickly align any shots.

The specialty of the tritium sight is it can work in daylight conditions. Tritium sights should be replaced once every 10 years which is the only downfall for this. 

Insert made of Fiber Optics

Inserts made of Fiber Optics are one of the best Glock sights for daytime shooting. The Glock sights made of fiber optics will never wash out even in the brightest or too sunny conditions. Fiber optics utilize only a single red dot because it is easy to see in all lighting conditions. 

Some Glock sights trying to beat the fiber optic sights. But fiber-optic sight is the best Glock sight among all around sights. Shooting at moving objects with variations in the background requires variability in the sights, so Glock sight would be the best for this use. 

How To Install The Best Night Sights Glock 

After purchasing the best Glock sight first, you should be aware of how to install it on the pistol. Also, you need to be aware of how to disassemble the Glock sight from the pistol.

Installing is a challenging one, but not that of shooting the target accurately. If you don’t know about installing the Glock sight on your pistol, we are here to explain how to install the Glock sight on your pistol. 

Things You Need To have 

Before installing the Glock sight you need to have some important tools with you. We have listed below some essential tools. 

  • Glock Pistol
  • Nylon punch 
  • 3/16 nut driver
  • Thread locker
  • Hammer
  • Nylon vise jaws

Here Is How To Install It 

Step 1

Take the Glock separately and get the slide without the recoil spring. You can use the nut driver to get the front Glock sight off. The factory sights may come with two parts, one is a metal retainer and the other is a polymer sight. Polymer sight has the ability to stand fit while installing but the metal retainer may slip or fall down during installation. 

Step 2 

Take the Glock sight which you have brought from the market and place it in the correct direction wherever you need. Next, apply a little bit of the thread locker on the new screw. After that, You can unscrew it before using the nut driver.

Step 3 

The most prominent factor to consider is where the Glock sight should be placed. Grasp the Glock sight’s front sight, otherwise, it may fall out. Unnecessarily twisting can damage the sight. Check whether you can put it properly or else it slips from the pistol.

The most important point is, the Glock sight should not be tilting on any side. When installing the Glock sight, the back of the slide should be moved from right to left. 

Step 4

Nylon jaws should be laid down on your vise and you need to position the slide. You can use the hammer in the downward direction. Also, you can use both the nylon pouch and hammer for trouncing down on the plastic sight.

You can use the nylon punch to tilt it to align the sight’s angle and the hammer is used in the direction of the rear sight’s base.

Step 5 

Bring out the new Glock sights and there is no need of dropping it in the middle. By using the nylon punch you can start to hammer the Glock sight. Normally, it should be entered somewhat without any hassle. Bring out the slide for checking when the Glock sight appears close to the center. 

Step 6 

After another tap, it is prepared for usage and to appear nice. You can utilize the micrometer to finalize the checking. The most important thing to check is the final checking because you need to see through the Glock sight to get an accurate shot. Also, check whether your best Glock sights have been fixed perfectly.

Top Brands


TRUGLO is one of the best brands in the optic industry because it utilizes a patented TFO technology. TRUGLO combined with both Fiber optics and tritium material to give you the best options in a single sight set.

Because fiber optics makes front sight easier to see and the tritium can maintain visibility even in no light conditions. It is available for top standard pistols like the sig, Ruger, Kahr, and 1911 style pistols. 

The TRUGLO sight specialty is that it has three bright green color dots to shoot the target accurately without bothering about the current lighting conditions.

The TRUGLO produced the glock sights which is built with CNC machined steel and high-quality material, so you know it will be strong and long-lasting. TRUGLO is an inexpensive sight and offers a warranty on their products. 


Trijicon is the most popular brand among all other brands in the market. It is constructed with an aluminum polymer mixture for endurance and strength to increase the sight’s lifespan. This sight set is only for the Glocks and is intended for use in dark conditions. 

A dark paint is used in the front sight that makes it easy to see in poor light conditions. Whereas the rear sight is less obvious, which makes it easier to focus on your target. Tritium phosphor accessory is included in the sight, which makes it easy to see targets even in complete darkness.

Overall it comes with a 3 dot green aiming system and a 12 warranty. On the other hand, some shooters do not prefer a green dot sight for them, a white dot sight might be a better option. 


MEPROLIGHT is one of the excellent sights for Glocks and even used in law enforcement applications.

Meprolight sights have 20% brighter dots than the other standard brands.Mainly this sight is designed for use in poor or no light conditions.

All dots are in green color and provide their best performance in the worst lighting conditions. 

Snake Eye Sight 

Snake eye sight exactly looks like the eye of the snakes. This sight comes with a circular optical Lexan pipe which offers you to see the target clearly either in daylight or night. 

Especially this sight is designed to focus the target accurately even in low or no light conditions. 

Mostly professional shooters may prefer this snake eye sight for their hunting purpose because it ensures proper mounting on their firearms.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends only on the person. There are various colors for the dot: orange, red, yellow, and so on. If you are not sure about choosing the perfect color, then you can go with orange color for daytime and red color for night time. 

The main use of the Glock sight is to engage yourself to get the accurate target in the dark. Also, it helps you in a lot of ways: the first one is you can get a clear view of the target and can shoot without missing a single shot.

It is almost impossible to hit the target without using the Glock sights. You can use this sight for hunting, self-defense, and so on. It is the most accurate way to shoot the target even in complete darkness. 

Not only the Glock sights have one or two dots, but it also has various colors: orange, yellow, red, green and so on. 

That depends on the person who purchased it. If you have fixed replacement sights or stock OEM sights, then you don’t get worried.

With the fixed sights’ help, you can adjust the elevation but you cannot adjust the windage. Adjustable sights allow for the correction of windage and elevation. 

Take Away

The best Glock sights that are mentioned in this article are the ones that are truly the best when it comes to testing their compatibility with Glock gun models. They are also the best when it comes to performance and construction.

When you have read all the features that they provide, you will notice that they have their own strengths. Some are the best Glock 36 sights, some are the best Glock sights for competition, some are the best sights for Glock 19, and many more.

Each of them are specifically designed to bring different uses despite being versatile in designs. Decide what type of Glock gun models will be perfect for your needs.

There are a lot of factors and features to consider but choose a Glock sight that you can use with ease and convenience. Remember that all of the amazing features would be for nothing if you are just going to be confused and hindered from doing so well because of the complexity of the design of one Glock sight. We wish you the best experiences—may it be in hunting or in shooting.

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