ATN Thor 4 640 4-40x Thermal Riflescope Review

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, especially hunter and looking for thermal rifle scopes to accompany your hunting, then you’re in the right place. 

ATN ThOR 4 640 Thermal Riflescope is an ideal choice for you that makes your campaign a memorable one with its outstanding features. 

ThOR 4 thermal scope is an upgraded version of ThOR HD scope from ATN. ATN has made improvement with ThOR 4 thermal riflescope by adding more advanced features.

ATN Thor 4 640 (4-40x) Thermal Riflescope

ThOR 4 series has emerged with new features that focus on optical performance and shot accuracy. Some of the newly added key features include dual streaming through Wifi, 64GB micro SD card, extended battery life, and social media sharing.

In addition, ThOR 4 is also best known with their HD range features. Some of them include the built-in ballistic calculator, dual core processor, smart range finder, one shot zero technology, and many others. Let’s have a detailed view of those features in this review article.

Notable Features of ATN Thor 4 640 4-40x Thermal Riflescope 

Ballistic Calculator 

Are you confused with the calculations to hit the target accurately? Don’t worry, to help you ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope comes with an inbuilt ballistic calculator that takes care of all the calculations and allows you to set the reticle at the right spot. 

It uses the information from the rangefinder to perform the mathematical calculations and the angle adjustments that makes your hitting easier. Zeroing your scope is not the only accuracy to hit the target. Because, there are many weather factors to consider when you’re out in the field for hunting. 

These factors include wind, humidity, and temperature that can affect your shot. It gives you clear data about the weather changes in the field. The atmospheric pressure is measured from the internal sensor automatically whereas other data for hitting require manual entry. 

So you can create a profile of the rifle information like the bullet weight, initial velocity, and save it in the profile manager of the scope. It would be very easy for you to use each time.

Smart Rangefinder

Laser rangefinder is the commonly used device to calculate the distance of the target accurately. But now ATN scope is built-in with a smart range finder that helps you to estimate the distance of the target you want to hit.

Smart Mil-dot Reticle

This feature is newly added to the ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal riflescope to improve the accuracy of your shot. It helps you to choose the best holdover position to hit the target. You can also use this Smart Mil-dot reticle for range calculation.

You can also couple it with a ballistic calculator. By connecting both the ballistic calculator gives you the exact numbering of where to position your holdover. So you can have an accurate shot.

Wide Magnification Range

Magnification is an important feature for the scope to focus the targets very close. It gives you a clear and precise image of the target. Higher magnification lens can help you easily track animals from a longer distance.

 The ATN ThOR 4 640 series of riflescopes have varying magnification ranges 1-10x, 1.5-15x, 2.5-25x, and 4-40x. In this article we are discussing the ThOR 4 640 rifle scope that has a magnification range of 4-40x.

Based on the distance of your shot you have to choose the range options.

  • Target Detection Range:

Depending on the size you can detect the targets as far as 3300 yards. It is pretty good compared to other models.

  • Target Recognition Range:

Though you can detect the targets from a farther distance, you have to be within 1450 yards to recognize the human-sized image of the target.

  • Target Identification Range

You can identify the targets even more closer at 800 yards.

Higher Resolution

The ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope is featured with Gen IV Sensor that offers the peak resolution of 640×480. So you could get clear and crisp images of the target. You can also see targets even during the day having less temperature. 

High resolution helps you to detect the distant targets. Scopes having lower resolution can show image distortion when zooming.

HD Display

ATN ThOR 4 640 scope is equipped with 1280×720 HD display to avoid image distortion. The thermal sensor is coupled with HD display to capture sharp, clear, and vibrant images. Even if you zoom it, the images remain the same. It is one of the best models in the market at present.

You can also tune different color palettes for a better view of the target. White hot, Black hot, and various color modes are the options included in color palettes.

Zoom Wheel

Zoom wheel is present on the left of the scope that has a digital zoom of 6x. It is pretty good and very easy to use. It also allows you to make a better shot after spotting the longer distant targets.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the recording rate of the scope that tracks the moving targets. ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope possesses a 60Hz refresh rate that can easily track the fastest moving targets with no motion blur.

One Shot Zero Technology

Zeroing the scope is very essential for an accurate shooting. Sighting in or zeroing is the major problem experienced in many other brands of scopes. But ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal scope is away from this hassle. This process is quite easy and faster. Simply take one shot to sight the scope and now you are ready to hunt. Adjust the reticle to hit the target and save the settings. This reduces your time and helps you to hit the target rapidly.

Video Streaming & Recording

As we mentioned above, video streaming and recording is the newly added feature to ThOR 4 series. Here both video recording and live streaming occurs simultaneously, so it is called dual streaming. ATN ThOR HD series does not have this feature, it just records video in HD.

The new Obsidian Core Processor is designed to perform live video streaming and recording through the Obsidian app. It is compatible with any type of Android smartphones or tablet making it more relevant for mobile users.

You can also change the settings of the scope using this app. Recording your memorable moments in the field and sharing them live with your beloved ones and others gives you an amazing experience. So don’t forget to record your exciting moments of hunting. 

Recoil Activated Video

RAV is also another feature of ThOR 4 640 thermal scope to capture the video footage of your shot. It is triggered by your rifle’s recoil and then starts recording. So make sure whether your rifle’s recoil is powerful enough to trigger RAV. It can be checked by the calibration feature of RAV in the settings.

Once you turn on RAV on the scope, it will start to save video recording from a few seconds of the shot, i.e, before, during, and after the shot. You can also adjust the duration of how long it should record the shot.

Lens Option

ATN ThOR 4 scopes come with four different lens options that have different magnification ranges namely;

  • 1-10x (Cheap) – 830 yard detection, 350 yard recognition, 225 yard identification
  • 1.5-15x – 1050 yard detection, 530 yard recognition, 330 yard identification
  • 2.5-25x – 1950 yard detection, 800 yard recognition, 475 yard identification
  • 4-40x (Our review) – 3300 yard detection, 1450 yard recognition, 800 yard identification

You can choose any pick from these lens options, but make sure whether the selected one is perfect for the distance of your shooting. 

Easy to Mount

ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal riflescope comes with additional accessories such as L-rings and standard rings for mounting your scope. The control buttons and other buttons have a classic ergonomic design and are placed perfectly for easy access. So you can enjoy your hunting without any problem.

Battery Life

To manage all these features a scope definitely needs a powerful battery having a long life. ATN ThOR 4 640 scope is provided with a lithium ion battery that can supply power continuously for 16 hours. This helps the dual-core processor to run cooler and efficiently. But the down thing is that the battery is little big compared to other scope brands.



Final Thoughts

Overall, ATN ThOR 4 640 thermal riflescope is the perfect choice for hunters who look for top-quality images with advanced features.

It is an expensive product, but bangs a lot for money. It offers top-quality performance and excellent images under any circumstances.

Great thanks to ATN for developing dual streaming options in the thermal scope. This is amazing that we can watch live video streaming of our loved one in the hunting field. It gives them really a memorable hunting experience.

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