Best Golf Rangefinders in 2022 – [12+ Tested Picks & Guide]

Nowadays, rangefinders have become a revolution in many sports, including golf. As the popularity of rangefinders grows, the wide range of prices also proliferates.

A rangefinder is quite designed to estimate the distance and tells you how far away you are from the pin.

And if you are looking for the best golf rangefinder but don’t know how to choose it? Don’t have to worry about it; that’s why we’re here for you! There are a lot of options available with golf equipment.

The great rangefinder should provide a fast, accurate distance within your budget. If you are an advanced golfer, then you’ll need the best golf rangefinder.

After 48 hours of research, we’ve listed the top 14 best golf rangefinders for the money. Here, we’ve mentioned the rangefinders’ features, thus helping you pick the right one for you. If you want to know all the details of why we picked up each of these models, then read on!

Let’s go for the depth review of each rangefinder!

14 Best Golf Rangefinders in 2021 – Reviewed

1. Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Pro XE is the newest rangefinder from Bushnell, and it’s one of the best Golf Rangefinders we have tested. It is the upgraded version of the Bushnell X2 model. However, it provides more accuracy; it is available in a higher price range. 

It is one of the amazing pieces of equipment for golf. It not only looks sleek, but it offers many features for its price.

Bushnell Pro XE


This rangefinder can provide yardage up to 500+ range and it is the most extended range of any Bushnell rangefinders. It is made of the metal housing that increases protection and is 100 percent waterproof but not water-resistant like other Bushnell rangefinders. Its BITE magnetic mount lets you mount the rangefinder on the cart bar easily.

Slope with Elements

This rangefinder’s best feature is its slope with elements that mean the device factors in barometric pressure and temperature when giving you the distance. Bushnell’s patented slope technology provides the most accurate distance ever to the golfers. 

Simple and Convenient 

The simple and convenient feature is the built-in magnetic cart mount. With this feature, you can easily attach the rangefinder to your cart without the help of any additional accessory. But be careful not to leave it on the cart after the round.  
Slope Switch

The slope switch allows you to switch from Bushnell’s patented slope to the element function easily. Moreover, it will enable you to use the slopes to get the distance covered when they want to play golf and have a legitimate USGA-compliant device to play the game when they need to.

Bushnell Golf App

You will get the Bushnell App along with this rangefinder that gives 3D hole flyovers with front, center, back, and hazard distances. It also shows hole to hole layouts with distances. There are 36000+ courses available in this app.

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It is not perfect for the beginner golfer. It is made for those who play many competitive events and break 70 on a consistent basis.



2. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

A Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT is one of the best golf rangefinders on our product list. It is one of the handiest rangefinders that you’ve ever found.  And if you are looking to purchase the best rangefinder with a compact design and high quality, then the Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder is ideal for you. This rangefinder did its job perfectly and offered exact readouts.

Bushnell is one of the leading golf rangefinder’s manufacturer. Initially, they started popping up on golf courses, thus making them an industry leader. Moreover, it is a trusted brand name in the world for a long time.

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT


This V4 Jolt is the smaller one but offers more advanced features than others. It comes with the JOLT technology to deliver better accuracy when compared to everyone. This technology gives short vibrating bursts when it is locked onto the flag. So that you don’t have to worry about whether the yardage is correct. 

If you want a high-quality golf rangefinder, Bushnell has the answer. As it has a compact design, you can easily carry it out and keep it in your palm or pocket.

The notable feature of this rangefinder is it comes with water-resistant performance. By this, you can use it, even during the rainy season. The package includes a sleek and convenient carry case as well as one battery. 

You will also get the Bushnell golf app that can be displayed hole layouts, 3D flyovers, and 36000 courses.

Jolt Technology

It is the vibration that you get when the rangefinder locks its target. It is usually the flagstick. This technology did its job well when it is out of the box. If you are targeting long-distance ends, then you can use a fast focus system and 5x magnification. This will help you to get a good and easier focus on where you want to locate your pin. And this technology provides you with a burst of vibration to reinforce the laser has locked onto the flag. The yards are accurate, so this is a small query; It’s fun to get confirmation vibes, and when you don’t get it, you have to look elsewhere to ensure the distance that your study makes sense. 

Silicon Protection

One area where the Bushnell Rangefinder will narrow is the stability of its housing. Its lightweight plastic feels like it does not provide adequate protection for jostling and drops that can occur on golf rounds. It is definitely a lot less rude than Leopold’s housing.

But they come with a nice silicone sleeve to give additional protection for the Tour V4, which will go a long way to help. Like a useful cell phone case, the silicone sleeve rangefinder provides an additional layer of shock absorption and protection against the inevitable drops and abuses it takes. It is a required addition to underwhelming housing.


The Bushnell Tour V4 is a great success over the Tour V3 version. They provide only quality products, thus making them a more trusted brand in the world. It is 30 percent smaller than the V3 model. Overall, this high-quality rangefinder is the best value for your money.



3. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

There are dozens of models available in the market when you’re searching for the best budget Golf rangefinders under $200, but the TecTecTec VPRO500 golf rangefinder comes first among those results. Most professionals prefer this device, and it has 4100+ reviews.

It can provide yardage up to 500 yards with high accuracy. There are a few companies that make their products at an affordable price. TecTecTec is one of them. If you are concerned about the budget, this golf range finder is the best choice for you.

TecTecTec VPRO500


It is a compact, lightweight rangefinder with a 6x magnification good pin sensor and a sturdy hard case. Its lens is large and gives a clear view of your target while you’re in the field. 

The pin seek feature is not that much good, but it offers more accuracy when compared to the GPS and eyeballing it.

As it is small in size, it can easily fit in your pocket. Moreover, its water-resistance feature helps to use it in rainy seasons. 

The VPRO500 comes with pin sensor tech; it ensures that you get the flagstick. Its scan mode displays a consistent reading when you are moving the reticle from the target to target.

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The best thing about this rangefinder is its very low price compared to the Bushnell and Leupold brands rangefinders. The 6x magnification mode, long-range accuracy, and simple design are the best feature of this rangefinder. The package includes a hard case, cleaning cloth, and battery. However, it is a little bit older model that ULT-X is the best value for your money.



4. Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

The next great option is the Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder that is priced compared to the previous models. 

Nikon is a well-known company for cameras and accessories, so you are very well about their quality. They also expertise in the golf market. Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder is the best choice for those who are concerned about the money. 

Nikon Coolshot 20


This device’s weight is 4.4 ounces, which is very compact compared to the other Nikon rangefinders. Its display shows precise distance to the flagstick, making it easy to hit trees, hazards, and mounds. 

It only takes a single press of a power button to give 8 seconds for continuous measurement scanning. It allows you for quick measurements of multiple goals and makes sure that you are accurate in your approach.

Ease of use

It is a mistake to say that any rangefinder worth buying is twisted to use. If you drive a car using a smartphone, you can use the Rangefinder. 

So the fact that the Coolshot 20 is easy to use compared to its counterparts is not a big statement or difference, but its simplicity makes it a perfect fit for the ‘No BS’ golfer who wants to keep it simple.

It gives fast and accurate readouts for every shot. The package includes a protective case, battery, and a strap. Since it comes in small sizes, it is easy to misplace anywhere. 

8 Second shoot Time

Warning of easy use that you can not easily shoot the pin if there are other background noise objects. 

You do not have the flagship Bushnell pin seeker technology. If you want to get the right distance, you have to use the 8 seconds to scan the area. 

Anyway, unless you are very less disabled, you do not need to target the flag. The average golfer should aim for the circle near the center of the green. 

You can easily get the indirect distance you need by shooting the green around the flag in a big motion. 

Moreover, you will get 5-10 different readings when you scan, so you can use it to determine the right club. It is an art to using a Rangefinder effectively, but it is easy to create in a round or two.


It is one of the best competitors that come under the $150 price range. If you don’t want to spend more money, this Nikon Coolshot 20 is a great choice. 



5. Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

It is the next model from the Bushnell brand that is extremely accurate but more expensive than the previous one. It is known for its sleek design and easy to use display. 

Dual Display 

One of the best features that you definitely love in this rangefinder is its dual display. If you want to change from a deep black to a bright red color, just press the mode button.

Bushnell Pro X2

Because many rangefinders focus on accuracy and offer less on essential things like clear yardage measurements in shots, Bushnell has offered several display options. It ensures that you can easily see the yards regardless of light conditions.


This rangefinder uses four types of technology that are

  1. Dual Display Technology (DDT)
  2. Pinseeker JOLT Technology
  3. Slope Compensation Technology
  4. Slope Switch Technology 

1. Dual Display Technology (DDT)

You can use this technology to switch between a bright red, clear display, or a sharp black display with the mode button’s simple press. It is the best feature because you can change the display color to the most visible option when the lighting conditions change.

2. Pinseeker JOLT Technology

Pinseeker JOLT technology is the next feature that creates a shock when it is detected accurately when ‘shooting’ on the rangefinder pin. 

It provides peace of mind knowing that the pin is the correct distance, and that did not accidentally get the wrong distance to a tree 30 yards behind the green. It now has a standard Bushnell feature, which is present in the last four models.

3. Slope Compensation Technology

It may not be a big deal for some players who can calculate, but when your home course is on the edge of a hill, having a best rangefinder with slope compensation technology can be of great help. 

Professional athletes competing in the USGA and major amateur events also benefit greatly from amateur slope compensation technology. 

The ability to use rangefinders to calculate these gradients in practice rounds allows the players to create accurate references in their yardage books that can be referenced during their matches.

4. Slope Switch Technology 

With slope switch technology, you only need a flick of a switch to go between the two modes, making a speedy and user-friendly experience.


The Bushnell Pro X2 is a user-friendly range finder, and its shape gives a comfortable grip to the user. Its rubber case gives protection against falls and bumps. Moreover, it has waterproof performance so that you can use it in all-weather situations. It has provided an accuracy that ranges from 5 to 1300 yards. 

This sleek and slim design device doesn’t have the drawbacks, excluding its higher price.

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If you are willing to spend more money on a high-quality rangefinder, this device is the perfect choice for you. The ease of use display, clear design, and slope feature all make this device the best.



6. PEAKPULSE 6 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope

PeakPulse 6 Pro is the other golf rangefinder on our list that is more geared for golfers when compared to outdoor enthusiasts. 

It is an excellent rated golf gadget and hard to beat the price. This budget-friendly model can give accurate targets up to 400 yards. It can easily identify the black and white colors.

The best features of this rangefinder are Advanced Flag Acquisition Technology and slope compensation. Both features can allow the golfer to grasp the precise yardage to the pin.


Advanced Flag Acquisition Technology

Advanced flag acquisition technology focuses on the rangefinder’s pin lock. Instead of measuring everything behind the flag, the PeakPulse 6 Pro provides an accurate measurement of one side of your screen in just seconds.

Slope Compensation

The slope compensation will provide the ability to make elevation changes to the golfer in the course of all targets for precise yards. If you are playing a shot up 200 yards, the 6 Pro will give an exact readout that helps you find the best club for your upcoming swing.

Switch off-slope compensation

If you are playing in matches, the slope compensation feature will be judged to be illegal assistance. This summation includes a disable switch to stop the peak pulse factor and gradient compensation in the design.

In our time with Rangefinder, no matter how we lost our grip on the device, we missed a progressive scan feature that locked in targets. It is not a deal-breaker, but you should know that you need to keep the rangefinder smooth when you press the button to engage in reading for accuracy.


If you are in the golf game’s entry-level, this PEAKPULSE 6 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder is the best choice. You can easily handle this device, even if you are an entry-level golfer. However, it doesn’t come with scanning features.



7. Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

As we mentioned earlier, Nikon has been one of the successful brands in the optical market. So there is no doubt, they make high-quality rangefinders. 

This competitive legal tracker has enough new pieces of technology to keep your game partners begging you to keep trying. 

Here, we will look at the features included here to see how this unit works. With that in mind, read Nikon Coolshot Pro’s review!

Nikon Coolshot Pro


The name of the game with this Rangefinder is stability. Stabilize technology in the workplace is optimal for maintaining the existence of your site array, and the laser beam will take out the reading itself. 

When you’re using the average Rangefinder, you may have to take as many readings as three, four, or five before deciding that you are getting an accurate number. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Locked On

This feature works well with stabilizing technology. After reading, most rangefinders indicate that they are locked on so that you know you have received your final number. 

Nikon’s locked on feature helps fix this problem by sealing the target subject with the green circle, so you don’t have to suspect that it is locked on the pin.

Water and Fog Proof Feature

If you are the type of golfer and want to get the crowd together and shine for a rain sleet or weekend spin, you want a rangefinder that is as flexible as your own uncompromising determination. But unfortunately, not all the products are good enough to stand up against the elements.

Thanks to its durability, you don’t get this issue with the Nikon. This rangefinder comes with fog and waterproof casing, including sensor technology, thus safely removing the device from all weathers.


If you’ve been in the premium rangefinder market, this is perfect for you. Nikon is in many ways comparable in the Bushnell X2 technologies, but it is able to outperform the pack through some key pieces of technology. Especially the locked on and stabilizing features are very simple, but very effective touch.



8. TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec seeks to split the virtual monopoly that Bushnell holds on rangefinders, and ULT-X is the best product that must give them good penetration into the market.

It comes with some advanced features such as length measurements up to 1000 yards, high-quality carrying cases, extreme accuracy, slope measurement with sliding faceplate, and vibrating pin lock. All are making this ULT-X the best rangefinders in the market.

TecTecTec ULT-X

6X Magnified

The ULT-X6X comes with a 6X magnification range, which is very useful in match play. It also acts as a binocular that gives a better idea of where a ball might be. After all the advantages, it also has one problem. 

The yardage numbers are displayed too high on the screen, thus making the reading difficulty. Overall it is one of the best value rangefinders on the market. 

Sliding Faceplate

By pulling the faceplate out from the Rangefinder’s body, you can turn the slope measurement. The bright yellow strip indicates that the slope measurement is activated and that the rangefinder match is not legal.

If you want to use this Rangefinder in a tournament, slide the faceplate back with the body and cover the yellow bar, you better go! This versatile and brilliant design is making this ULT-X an excellent choice for elite players who want to hit slope ratings in a training round and use the same Rangefinder systematically in competitions.

Other features

The package includes a cleaning cloth, sturdy and hard carrying case, CR2 battery, and quick start guide. 

This durable Rangefinder is both moisture resistant and rainproof so that you can use it in winter and don’t have to worry about ruining your Rangefinder. With the latest optical technology, the TecTecTec ULT-X gives extremely accurate readouts from 3 yards distance up to 300 yards.


If you are looking for the original model and want a vibrating rangefinder when hitting your target and need a vibrating feature, check this out TecTecTec. This sloping Rangefinder is great for most golfers and is one of its best budget GPS devices. The scan mode of this Rangefinder is a great feature. It makes it much easier to find the right target.



9. Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

Callaway has its own rangefinder to add to the mix, which is a good entry in the rangefinder industry. 

The Callaway 300 is a top-notch golf rangefinder that is simple and easy to use. This rangefinder is simple to handle even if you are a beginner golfer. This golf rangefinder comes with a high-quality optics and has a 6x magnification range that provides a crystal clear view of faraway targets.

Moreover, the scope has built-in slope technology for measuring the angle of inclined or declines and for calculating long-distance measurements. All these features come under $200. 

Callaway 300 Pro

Long-range vision

The Callaway 300 Pro Golf laser rangefinder can offer yardages up to 1000 yards. It is an impressive achievement, but once you get out about 100 yards, it is somewhat distorted because the picture is blurry. 

It is not a big deal how much you tried to get a smooth and clarity image; it will not be resolved in the crystal-clear images found in some of the top options. Maybe it is a problem for an iron shot, but it has been hard at 5s and long par 3s to make sure you are shooting the right target.


The next feature that can cause problems, even if it appears small, is that the 300 Pro has a “Pin Acquisition Technology” that minimizes it when the pin is locked. 

Instead of a quiet vibration known to happen only to the user of the Rangefinder, the 300 Pro chirps will be louder when a lock is received.


The slope measurement of this rangefinder is used to calculate the “actual” yardage for your shot. However, in more than one case, the slope calculation is specified under the slope, with only 2 degrees applicable when other rangefinders give 3 degrees or more. For the most part, it was perfect.


With many features, this would be the best new choice for 2020 if you want a rangefinder with precision, affordability, and slope capabilities. It is one of the highly rated and preferred by players worldwide.



10. Gogogo Sport Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

It is one of the most affordable golf rangefinders you can ever find on the market. It comes with many good reviews and the best choices for hunting, bowhunting, and other outdoor activities. 

The Gogogo laser rangefinder highlighting feature is fast scan measurement, flagpole vibration locking mechanism, and a 6 X magnification lens.

One of the best features of this Rangefinder is its slope calibrate function. Based on the elevation changes in the course, it gives you the exact yardage.

Gogogo Sport


If you are playing tournaments, do not worry, the Rangefinder legalization slope function will be disabled. The Rangefinder features an ergonomic design and lightweight to provide a comfortable grip.

Multicoated Lens

Its lens is coated with multiple layers, which are scratch resistance and dampen light. You will get a clear look at the targets up to 650 yards with fast readouts. 

This Rangefinder also offers a microfiber cleaning cloth, strap, and canvas carrying bag. 

Pin Locking Mechanism

The pin lock mechanism of this Rangefinder works up to 150 yards, which is very lower than other competitors. 

Regardless, you will see the front and back of the green and the size for all the upcoming targets like water or sand that you want to avoid. It is the best low priced and high-performance rangefinder on the market.


You don’t get the Rangefinder with many advanced features at the double-digit price like this Gogogo. It gives enough features for its low price. If you are a beginner in the golf game and want to use it outside the course, this Gogogo is undoubtedly the perfect choice. Moreover, it is the best golf rangefinder under $100.



11. Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (Slope) Golf Laser Rangefinder

It is another rangefinder that comes under the Bushnell brand. Bushnell Tour V4 Shift is the updated version of Tour V3. 

In Tour V4 shift rangefinder, they increase the pin seeker’s speed and slope compensation mechanism. It comes with a silicone protective cover, a hard carrying case, and a cleaning cloth for the Rangefinder’s lens. 

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift

Rangefinder with slope

The Tour V4 Shift introduces a new way to turn on and off slope compensation. The Tour X Bushnell and the Leopolds GX-4i² laser rangefinders have the bright colored faceplates. 

It allows tour officials to determine whether a player uses their slope or whether they are operating the Rangefinder illegally.  

Value for the Money

The Tour V4 Shift was priced at around $ 400 when it was released. It is recently available at around the $300 range, which is more affordable when compared to the others. 

It is a valuable rangefinder for your Money. If you want to buy the great value rangefinder at an affordable price, this is the best. 

Battery Life

The Bushnell Tour Shift V4 powered by a CR-2-3-volt lithium battery. Some early rangefinders have the battery life problem, but this shift V4 can last for 40+ rounds. 

Moreover, the viewfinder screen indicates the ‘loB’ when the battery is low. The manual suggests that you have to replace the battery once every 12 months.


The Bushnell Tour Shift V4 laser rangefinder is the compact one so that it can fit into your pocket and palm easily. If you are a size concern, this is the best pick for you. Moreover, it is water-resistant so that you can use it even in the rain. 



12. Bozily Golf Rangefinder

Bozily Golf rangefinder is the new addition to our list. However, it comes with a low price; it gives slope calculation and tons of other features. 

It can spot the targets up to 1200 yards distance, which is one of the best things you have ever found. Moreover, its 6x magnification, ergonomic design, high definition camera, 7-degree field angle, slope technology, and +/- within one yard of accuracy all are the best features of this Rangefinder. 

Bozily Golf Rangefinder


Its sleek design offers a comfortable grip to the golfer. This Bozily Golf rangefinder is durable, waterproof, and fog-resistant so that it allows you to use it in any weather situation. As we mentioned earlier, this Rangefinder also features a pin seeker with JOLT technology. 

You can easily define the slope degree and compensation distance with the help of slope switch technology. You will get a carrying case, carabiner, USB cable, cleaning cloth, manual, and lanyard along with this Rangefinder. 

Scan Modes

There are two scan modes available that are Continuous Scan and slope distance + angle + flag-lock + jolt tech Scan. The continuous scan is used for the legal tournament while the second one is used for daily training. This Rangefinder comes with a 107*74*42mm dimension, ergonomic design, and portable size.


Even though this Bozily Golf rangefinder is made for golfers, it can work well for other activities like racing, climbing, hunting, bird watching, and other outdoor sports. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this Bozily Golf rangefinder is the best choice. 



13. Garmin Approach Z82, Golf GPS Laser Rangefinder

If you are committed to the golf game seriously, this Garmin Approach Z80 rangefinder is made for you. It is a king of all the rangefinders, which perfectly suits your passion. 

It is not the cheapest one; it is one of the most expensive picks on our list. It comes with a 2D overlay of the hole so that you can see more than any device on our list. 

With this Rangefinder, you can clearly spot hazards at the target. It also offers more than 41000 courses worldwide. It gives the most accurate readouts with distance up to 350 yards.

Garmin Approach Z82

‘Play Like’ distance

It not only provides improved green vision and distance but also adjusts the slope. As it has ‘Plays Like Distance,’ it will automatically adjust the yardages based on uphill or downhill shots. 

It also has the ability to calculate the distance depending on the elevation changes from your standing location. It helps to figure out which is an easy club to hit for downhill or uphill shots. 

You can easily remove this feature when you are playing in a tournament, so you don’t have to worry about this issue. It also features PinPointer that displays the direction to the green on blind shots to you. 

Insane accuracy

With the image stabilization feature, you can easily find and range the flag accurately. Once you reach the ‘flag lock,’ the green view will automatically display the front, center, and back of the green via the lens.

The picture it shows is very clear. The Garmin Approach Z80 rangefinder displays the hole at six times magnification to give clear and crisp shots with graph overlays showing the entire aperture structure.

Laser Range Arc

This rangefinder is perfect for the person who usually carries a Rangefinder and Yardage book. Now you can skip the Yardage book and create the best tee box by focusing on the screen and access the shot strategy. 

This rangefinder can draw an arc on the 2-D course by using the Laser Ranger Arc feature. It ensures that you can see everything in your play and avoid the hazards or bunkers.


If you have more budget, you can buy this Garmin Approach Z80 rangefinder. It is worth Investment for your Money. It comes with enough technology for its price. It is the best choice for those who have a game plan and are visually oriented for each shot. As this Garmin Approach Z80 rangefinder has much technology, you don’t have to worry about hitting your target.



14. Precision Pro Golf NX7

The final best golf rangefinder on our list is precision golf NX7 pro , which is perfect for your game. Like the Bushnell Tour Jolt, this rangefinder also comes with pulse vibration technology that can provide a short vibration while you’re hitting the target to ensure you’re locked on. 

Like the other golf rangefinder, it is also shockproof and water-resistant, thus making it very durable. It offers 6 x magnification for distances up to 400 yards. 

You will get a battery, lanyard, cleaning cloth, instruction manual, and hard carrying case along with this package.

Precision golf NX7 pro


The precision Pro is one of the best accurate golf laser rangefinders, which is available in today’s market. To lock the target with the NX7 golf rangefinder, press a button on the rangefinder’s top. 

A circle with crosshairs will show. After setting this to the desired destination, just press the button again. Crosshairs will flash until the yardage is detected and displayed. NXY is simple to use and delivers what you require without any tricks.

It has Target Acquisition Technology that helps to protect the rangefinder from the background objects while you are hitting the particular target. It is able to target up to 400 yards distance.

6 X magnification

The Precision Pro has a 6x zoom magnification range, thus gives a clear target view. It lets you better lock the crosshairs on other targets. Precision golf NX7 pro is the best slope rangefinder for the money.


It is a very clean design and also has good reviews on the market. Its technology also gives the quick and accurate shot distance of your target. It is the best golf rangefinder with slope 2020.



Compare Best Golf Rangefinders

Products Bushnell pro Bushnell tour Tectectec Nikon Coolshot Bushnell pro x2
Large range to flag 500 yards 400 yards 540 yards 400 yards 500 yards
Magnification 7x 5x 6x 6x 6x
Weight 11 oz 0.75 Pounds 6.56 oz 4.4 oz 8 oz
Battery Type CR2 CR2 CR2 2 Lithium ion CR2
Slope switch
Price $$$$ $$ $ $ $$$
Learn more Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Slope VS No Slope Rangefinders

While you are confused about choosing the best golf rangefinder with slope or without slope, you have to keep in mind if you want a legal device for the competition game.

The competitive game comes down to the precision distance required, and laser rangefinders are inferior to their accuracy.

Slope VS No Slope

As GPS devices are precise within four yards, we prefer the ideal for a competitive game, i.e., laser rangefinders are show-stoppers of this type because they are sensitive and small about minor flaws.

So, if you need to use the rangefinder during a competitive sports game, you have to know the rules before you set foot. If you use the illegal rangefinder, then you will be disqualified, even if you do not use the luxury features.

What are the Features to Look for in a Best Golf Rangefinder? 

As much data and new equipment come out all the time, so you have to keep your golf rangefinder up to date. If you are a beginner in the golf rangefinder world, don’t worry. 

Here, we’ve given some essential factors to consider before you are going to make a purchase. 


One of the essential rangefinder functions is a distance measurement. If you do not have the right size for the shot you want, you can guess. It is not a problem with these devices as it has been with new technology in the past, but it is still an essential factor.

best golf rangefinders

The great golf rangefinder should be shot at an accurate distance from the target. If you need a variation of 5 or 6 yards for every measurement, you can go to a GPS yardage finder, which can map the hole and the yardage back and front of the green.

You have to ensure that the yardage is exact to the target you choose and specific to the desired destination.

Battery Life

When you are looking for the factors in a rangefinder, there are few things more frustrating. One of them is battery life.

Most of the golf rangefinder’s batteries can last from 6 months to a year. Some of the best rangefinder companies like Precision Pro give free batteries with a life long warranty.

Most of the rangefinders use CR2 batteries that are very expensive!

But having one additional battery for safety is always best while you are going to play. 


The optics quality and clear display are very essential to see the accurate target. Good optics can give a crystal clear view like the rifle scope or binoculars. With crystal clear images, you can easily achieve your target.

best golf rangefinders

As for the scenario, we are looking for yardage readouts that are clearly visible to ensure you are aiming correctly as well.

When compared to GPS watches and handheld devices, rangefinders come with a variety of displays. Some of the high-end rangefinders offer slope settings and crosshairs. 

Ease of Use

As with accuracy, it is not a problem as rangefinders are very reliable and straightforward to use consistently. But it does not mean that all the rangefinders are easy to use.

Ideally, you need a rangefinder; you can pick it up, press a button, hold it with one hand, and have the right distance to a flag or danger. 

The real idea is whether you can easily grab the unit from your bag and quickly find the target before shooting. Pressing the button and re-reading takes a second or less, so you can’t get it any easier than this.


The golf rangefinder is available from the $100 range up to $1000 and over. If you are choosing the model at around $250, you will get a solid performance. If you want the more advanced features like pin seek tech, 2D hole layouts, then you have to pay more. Based on the features, the price of the golf rangefinder will be increased. 


best golf rangefinders
Waterproof construction

Can your rangefinder withstand a sudden downpour? If you are a person who likes to play golf in the rain, then make sure that your rangefinder should withstand rainy situations. So you have to check whether the rangefinder is waterproof or water-resistant. 

Distance Range

Using the laser rangefinder, you can easily able to shoot a thousand yards, but it is not possible if the magnification range of the rangefinder is not enough to see the faraway target.

Keep in mind that a long-range rangefinder is not useful if you can’t see the target from your place. Make Sure to have a good range of magnification will help to see the far away targets.

The laser rangefinder with the 5x magnification is the old model. Now the rangefinder usually comes with a 6-7x magnification range. Don’t stop with the good enough; make the game as easy as you can. 

Can I use a golf rangefinder for hunting?

Yes. You can use a single Rangefinder for both activities. But, you have to be very careful while choosing the laser rangefinder. Check whether it has menu options and features to serve for both hunting and golf. 

Also, it helps you save a few bucks on buying one rangefinder. Several models have all appropriate features because they are expected to be used for both activities such as hunting and golfing.

Remember that, not all laser rangefinders offer the respective features, only a few brands of laser rangefinders are available that can be used for both hunting and golf. So before you choose a laser range finder, read all the specifications carefully.

What’s the difference between golf rangefinders and hunting rangefinders?

If you think there are no differences between a hunting rangefinder and a golf rangefinder, you are completely wrong. 

Golf rangefinders and Hunting rangefinders have a lot of similarities, but their features are not created equal, and they congruent with each other. Even if the purpose is the same you will find many functional differences between the two.

The following table will help you to know the major differences between the two types of laser rangefinders.

Golf Rangefinders Hunting Rangefinders
Includes High Magnification strength Has a least magnification range(6 -7x magnification) which is great to see far-away targets.
Covers around 400 yards, which is great enough for golfers and bow hunters. Covers up to 1000-1500 yards ranges.
Doesn't require precise targeting as the hunting ones. Requires precise targeting for hitting your desired targets.
Offers quick target detection and delivers better accuracy. Gives accurate readings for the hunters to make sure their prey hits perfectly.
"First Target Mode" to detect close objects in the golf course. "Distant Target Mode", for an easy focus on distant objects.
Features excellent weatherproofing and ruggedness. Rugged and weatherproof construction to work in any harsh environmental conditions.
Outstanding battery life that exists more than a year. Battery will last approximately 40-50 rounds.
3 Common Types- Laser, Optical, and GPS rangefinders 3 Main types- Precision Shooting units, Rifle-Hunting rangefinder, Archery rangefinders
Cheaper and you can easily get it around $100-$400. The Price goes on increasing depending on the lenses.

History of Rangefinders in Golf

Golf has developed extremely from the beginning over 700 years ago. In the past 15 years, the club technology and the ball’s improvement will make the game completely different in the Fowler and Spieth era compared with the eras of Player, Hogan, Palmer, and Nicklaus.

The Laser rangefinder takes an important place in that change; the useful technologies mostly developed for military and medical use, which dates back to the late 1950s. The calculation of the impact of wind, pressure, and if the target is in the range depends on the sniper team’s accurate distance. 

The first laser rangefinder designed for golf was debuted in 1955 by Bushnell, which is the largest company for rangefinders. 

Who Makes a Best Golf Rangefinders?

There are many companies that manufacture the rangefinder for golf games, but all are not the best. Here we’ve mentioned the top brands of the golf rangefinder industry. 


Bushnell is a well-known company in the golf rangefinder industry and sports optics for more than 65 years. This company was founded in the year 1948, the headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas. They have produced reliable, highest quality, and affordable products on the market.


It is the next outdoor optics company that they are produced easy to use and quality products on the market. It is based out of Beaverton.


TecTecTec is the new company of the rangefinder industry and the headquarters in France. Since 2014, it is very famous for its affordable, at the same time advanced laser rangefinders. Its Vpro500 rangefinder is one of its best budget golf rangefinder and beginner level rangefinders. 


Finally, Nikon is also known for its cameras. They have also produced rangefinders for Callaway for many years. Now they have started to produce COOLSHOT with 20, 40, and 40i models.

Range and Swing!

Having a sophisticated rangefinder on hand will give you that satisfaction.

If you find it annoying to ask every hole, throw them into the rangefinder review that can train them. 

The key is that everyone has a rangefinder that can find themselves ready to develop. 

Hope, you’ve learned everything about the rangefinders, so you can easily pick the best one based on your need without any confusion. As we mentioned earlier, there will be many choices available, but you find the best golf rangefinder depending on your game needs. 

Keep in your mind the budget, function, and ease of use before you are going to make the decision.

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