Best Magazine for 300 Blackout in 2022 [Magpul & Lancer] – Top 7 Picks

If you’re looking for a magazine for 300 blackout and haven’t found the right one, don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Choosing the magazine is one of the important tasks since the magazine for your weapon has a great responsibility on the performance. 

The .300 blackout is one of the excellent calibers on the market that can be widely used in close combat rounds. The 300 blackout is an ideal choice for the AR15 rifle since it provides incredible performance on the field. 

The magazines are specially designed for the ammunition that is a bit heavy and long. The magazine will keep your ammunition safe with your rifle, and you can load it whenever needed. 

It is very challenging to find the best magazine for 300 blackout among lots of models on the market. In this case, you are at the right place, and we will help you to choose the right magazine based on your needs. 

We’ve researched and tested lots of models available on the market and finally filtered the 7 best 300 blackout magazines according to their features and functionalities. 

Having the right 300 blackout magazine for AR15 makes you an expert on the field and offers utmost performance. Moreover, we’ve listed some considerations in the buying guide that will give you confidence while choosing the 300 blackout magazine.

7 Best 300 Blackout Magazines in 2021 – Reviewed

1. Magpul PMAG 30B GEN M3 Magazine

The top-notch product in our list is the Magpul PMAG Gen M3 .300 Blackout Magazine, it is one of the excellent choices that you can consider. It is designed to increase the performance of the 300 blackout on the field. 

Magpul is one of the most famous manufacturers that produce high-quality magazines for many firearms. This PMAG Gen M3 .300 Blackout Magazine was introduced before the Lancer 300 blackout magazine on the market.


30 rounds


300 AAC Blackout



No one wants to compromise the performance of their 300 blackout, so they need a quality magazine while hunting or shooting. In this case, Magpul manufactures a next-generation magazine to enhance the performance of 300 blackout in any firearm. 

Every 300 blackout magazine come with optimized internal geometry. This internal geometry contains a constant curve that adapts a wide variety of rounds used in 300 blackout calibers. The Magpul magazine comes with the new, patented, 4-way anti-tilt follower and low-friction to enhance its reliability. 

This magazine is made of a crush-resistant polymer and has a new aggressive front and rear texture that allows the 300 blackout to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

This Magpul magazine has a distinct rib design that ensures the differences between visual and tactical to eliminate cross-loading problems. Unlike Gen M2, this Gen M3 Magazine comes with a dust cover, a slim profile, and a new floor plate design, so you can carry this easily side by side. 

There are four matrix boxes placed on the bottom of this magazine that allow the user to mark for identification. This 300 blackout magazine 30 rounds comes with a black finish, and it is available with or without an ammo window according to your needs. 

If you want to know the usage of ammo, then choose the 300 blackout magazine with a window. It is built with the latest material technology to ensure durability and reliable performance for military purposes. 

One of the impressive features present in this magazine is that it prevents bullet pinching problems that are found in 556 mags. If you’re looking for a budget magazine for 300 blackout without compromising the quality, then you can go with this Magpul PMAG Gen M3 .300 Blackout Magazine.



2. Lancer L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine

The Lancer L5AWM 300 BLK Magazine is one of the most popular 300 blackout magazines available on the market with excellent quality. In recent years, it has been the favorite magazine for many hunters and shooters due to its better performance.

It is the same as the 556 AR15 magazines with durable polymer construction and steel lips. The combination of polymer and steel allows this magazine to resist chemicals and corrosion. Thus, you can use this 300 blackout magazine in all weather conditions without any restriction.


10 round


300 AAC Blackout



The aggressive texture of this magazine provides excellent grip with or without gloves. The internal geometry present in this Lancer 300 blackout magazine is designed to aid you with the heavier grain 300 BLK subsonic ammo.

This provides you reliable performance while firing shots on the field. When it comes to the structure of the magazine, this new generation lancer magazine has some improvements in the exterior design. The feed lips of this magazine are made of a single piece of hardened steel, and it is molded the polymer body permanently.

This Lancer 300 blackout magazine contains the polymer non-tilt follower and beefier steel spring that allows the controlled tilt follower system to provide high reliability in .300 AAC Blackout ammunition.

It comes with the new floor plate model that dismantles the magazine easily without using additional tools, unlike the old model. The body of this magazine has the capacity to resist heavy impacts while hunting on the rough terrains, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected damages.

This Lancer L5AWM magazine comes with standard opaque or see-through colors that help you to investigate how many cartridges are left in the magazine with color options.

The slide-on base plate of this magazine is one of the effective features that makes it easy to maintain the magazine without influencing its durability.

It is available in three sizes, and it is better to choose the 30 round magazine to perform in good ranges. Moreover, it is one of the best 300 blackout magazines for AR-15 available on the market.



3. Magpul Minus 5 PMAG Round Limiter

If you’re looking for a short magazine for 300 blackout for your needs, then you can consider buying this Magpul Minus 5 PMAG Round Limiter.

It is one of the short magazines that is suitable for hunting coyotes, deer, hogs, etc. It is also ideal for bench shooters, those who don’t need more added weight.

In some U.S states, the high capacity magazines are banned by hunting industries, so they decided to use the 5 round magazines. In this case, they use the excellent round limiter that is specially developed for reducing capacity during hunting applications.


5 round


300 Blackout/5.56×45 NATO and .223 Rem


Reinforced molded hard polymer



Buying this Magpul Minus 5 PMAG round limit will help you to save the money on spending for a five-round capacity magazine since it reduces the 10 or 20 round capacity of 5.56x45mm/300 blackout magazines.

This Minus 5 Round limit can be installed in GEN M3 PMAG magazine by decreasing the 5 round capacity. It is specially designed for hunting and sports application since you can easily install this Magpul Minus 5 round limit, and it doesn’t need any permanent modifications.

You just slide the cover and displace the base from the spring and then insert the Minus 5 limiter. With this, you can modify the high-capacity magazine temporarily based on your needs.

If you’re a hunter and want to modify your high-capacity magazine, then you can go with this Magpul Minus 5 Limiter. It allows you to use the 10 round in hunting when the law permits you to use only a 5 round capacity magazine.

This Magpul Minus 5 Round limiter comes with the reinforced molded hard polymer that ensures reliable performance in all weather conditions and allows it to withstand heavy impact on harsh situations.



4. Hexmag True HX10/30-AR 10 Round Magazine

The Hexmag is one of the most popular brands for manufacturing AR-15 magazines at affordable prices on the market. The price of these magazines is half of the price that PMAGs and Lancers offer.

Besides price, the HexID Color Identification System present in this magazine makes it standard among the others on the market. Moreover, it is also a favorite magazine for many hunters, even if it doesn’t specially design the 300 blackouts.


10 rounds


223/5.56x45mm, .300 AAC Blackout, .458 SOCOM



The magazines that the Hexmag produces contain PolyHex2, which is a fiber-reinforced composite of Hexmag. It is a durable and lightweight polymer that provides stable and reliable performance while used on the field.

This strong material ensures long-lasting usage of the magazine. Moreover, it comes with an approved hexagonal design that provides a lifetime warranty. The 300ACC blackout contains 30 round high capacity and a non-standard 15 rounder that authorized Hexmag to provide the magazine of 10 round capacity called True HX10/30-AR.

This True HX10/30-AR magazine includes a True Riser system and shortened spring that offer 10 round magazines to the areas where firearms are restricted to use the high capacity 30 round spring.

This Hexmag magazine comes with excellent thicker feed lips, anti-tilt follower, and sturdy bullet guide ribs while compared to the PMAG. This magazine contains 17-7 PH, heat-treated, stainless spring that provides long-lasting storage.

The HexID Color Identification system present in this magazine allows you to separate the different types of ammo using a spring guide or follower. The anti-tilt follower of this magazine prevents bullet pinching and increases the feeding time.

If you’re looking for an affordable magazine, we recommend this Hexmag Magazine among the others. It provides excellent performance with a fantastic style and looks.



5. CZ 13014 CZ 527 300 Blackout Magazine 5 Rd

The CZ 13014 CZ 527 300 Blackout Magazine 5 Rd is the right choice for those who are looking for a short magazine for their needs.

It is one of the shortest magazines available on the market with 5 rounds capacity. The 5 round capacity can be widely used in states of the USA where the high-capacity magazines are restricted to use.


5 round


.300 AAC Blackout



This CZ 527 magazine is specially designed for 300 AAC blackouts and Whisper calibers. It is constructed with steel material to ensure durability and provides reliable performance on the field. Moreover, it comes with a black finish that provides an excellent outlook.

The durable construction of this magazine allows it to provide incredible performance in all environmental conditions. This 5 round magazine contains a high-tensile steel spring and steel follower that delivers smooth and solid performance in any situation.

It comes with the precision-constructed geometrics that provides a brisk fit for reliable performance. The removable steel floor plate present in this magazine allows you to detach this quickly for cleaning and better maintenance.



6. Magpul Industries PMAG 7.62 AC – AICS Short Action Magazine

If you’re a professional shooter and looking for a reliable 300 blackout magazine, then consider buying this Magpul PMAG 7.62 AC Magazine. It is constructed with the durable polymer material to ensure reliable performance on the field.

A rifle fed with this Magpul 300 blackout magazine delivers accurate shots continuously, and it allows you to perform long-lasting time on the field. Thus, this PMAG 7.62 AC is ideal for combat use and shooting competitions when you need extra rounds.


10 rounds


300 Blackout/7.62x51mm


Crush resistant polymer

This Magpul 300 blackout magazine is built with M3 technology, so it is advanced in the material and manufacturing process. Moreover, it contains many advanced features that make it an excellent bolt action magazine on the market with more reliability. The cartridges with 2.86 inches size can be fitted in this magazine.

The next-generation crush-resistant polymer construction of this magazine allows it to withstand heavy impact and works in all weather conditions. It includes a self-lubricated follower that improves the reliability of this magazine, and the stainless steel spring present in this magazine provides long-lasting usage.

According to the Gen M3 technology, the bottom of the magazine body has a Paint pen dot matrix that allows you to identify the cartridges.

This Magpul 300 blackout magazine has a flared floor plate that helps you to easily dismantle the magazine for better maintenance, and also it provides comfortable handling.

It can be used as a standard 5 round capacity magazine during hunting operations, and you can modify this to increase the capacity based on your needs, such as combat and shooting competitions.

The performance of this magazine will differ based on the cartridges you use. Moreover, it is an excellent option if you’re looking for a 300 blackout magazine for hunting, target shooting, combat purposes, etc. It provides worthwhile performance without compromising its quality for the money that you spend.



7. Duramag Speed AR-15 300 BLK Aluminum Rifle Magazine

If you’re looking for a durable and reliable 300 blackout magazine with a 30 round capacity for AR-15, then this Duramag Speed AR-15 300 BLK Aluminum Rifle Magazine will be the perfect choice for you.

It is specially designed for serious shooters who need a high-capacity magazine to improve their performance. This will help you when you need increased capacity during the critical condition. It is constructed with the durable 6061-T6 aluminum material to ensure utmost durability in harsh conditions.


30 round


5.56x45mm NATO, .300 AAC Blackout, .223 Remington


6061-T6 Aluminum

This magazine comes with advanced interior and exterior geometries that provide excellent feeding and dependability. With its durable construction, you can use it in all weather conditions.

Unlike polymer bodies, this Duramag steel body doesn’t provide flexibility, but it is better for extended storage.
It has the capacity to store more cartridges without any additional tools. This magazine is coated with T-360 that allows the 300 blackout loads easily. provides smooth performance, and also improves product longevity in harsh conditions.

It is one of the great magazines for 300 blackouts preferred by many shooters, particularly with long loads. Although it has a solid construction, it is light in weight, and it doesn’t add any extra weight to your rifle, so it is preferred by many Military experts and Law enforcement officers.

The anti-tilt follower present in this magazine prevents jamming while storing a huge amount of calibers. If you’re a professional shooter, then you can go with this Duramag Speed AR-15 300BLK Aluminum Rifle Magazine without any delay. This 30 round high capacity magazine will be your perfect companion.



What is 300 Blackout?

The 300 blackout is an intermediate rifle cartridge that can be used to perform hunting, plinking, target shooting, and home defense. The 300 blackout is also known as 300 AAC that was invented to enhance the performance of AR rifles with low recoil. The magazine for 300 AAC is considered for 10, 20, 30 rounds.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Best 300 Blackout Magazine

There are several important factors that you should consider before buying the best magazine for 300 blackout. It is a difficult task to choose the right 300 blackout magazine if you don’t have any idea about magazines. Thus, we’ve listed some factors to help you to choose the perfect choice for your needs.


It is very important to consider the material used in the Magazine before buying that. Most of the magazines used in AR-15 are built with polymer or steel like 6061-T6 aluminum, and some models incorporate both materials.

The perfect example of this is the Lacer Magazine that utilizes both polymer and steel material. Most of the Magazines are durable, but it may lead to tears with common wear and provides difficulties while bending the feeder lips on a hard surface.

Thus, it is important to ensure that the magazine blends well without breaking. Moreover, many shooters choose the polymer magazines since most of the magazines are built with polymer material on the market.

These polymer magazines are very thin and built with a window that allows you to identify the number of 300 blackout calibers left in the magazine.


When it comes to looking for a 300 blackout magazine, it is very important to consider the construction of the magazine.

It is better to choose the magazine with internal geometry that allows a wider range of 300 blackout ammo to load without jamming. Having a 300 blackout magazine with an internal front guide rib eliminates double and triple feed.

It is specially designed to improve the loading of wide varieties of 300 blackouts on the field. In respect to lubrication, the self-lubricating follower based on Teflon can be adopted with the commercial magazines to avoid friction.

With this, you won’t need to face any trouble related to friction or lubrication while shooting with the 300 blackout magazines on the field.


It is important to consider the compatibility of the 300 blackout magazine since it has limited compatibility.

The 300 blackout cartridge has the full capacity to work in the same 5.56 and .223 magazines. The 5.56 magazine contains front guide ribs, and it selects a wide range of bullets at a time, so it may affect the 300 blackout cartridge with overall length and leads to feeding problems.

Thus, the magazine that you choose should be adapted to the 300 blackout. Another important thing to keep in mind is, you should n’t shoot a 300 blackout with the 5.56 rifle since it may cause a harmful result that leads to injuries.


There are several things to consider, but it is important to look at the quality of the magazine while choosing for 300 blackouts.

The first thing you have to know is what round capacity that you need for your purpose. There are many magazines available with different capacity rounds, so you can choose the one that will satisfy your needs.

You can choose the 5.56 magazine with 32 round capacity for your 300 blackout, and it only depends on your trust towards the 5.56 mags while performing with the 300 blackout cartridges.

The best magazine that you choose should provide you an excellent grip in all situations so that you can shoot without any pressure about the weather conditions.

Visibility of rounds is one of the vital things for some users since it allows you to see the rounds left in the magazine.

Quality Finish

It is also important to look at what kind of finish that the magazine you choose has since it determines the long-lasting life of the magazine. Having a high-quality finish that resists rust and corrosion lets you hunt or shoot in harsh weather conditions. The Teflon coated finish and nitride finish magazines are the two best options to choose from.

Quick Release

You have to ensure that the magazine you choose for 300 blackout should evacuate immediately when you click the release button. Thus, you don’t need to put pressure on the magazine to remove it.

Spring and Follower

While choosing the best magazine for 300 blackout, it is essential to ensure that the magazine has the quality spring and follower. 

Basically, the magazines come with a high-quality follower and steel spring that improves the feeding of the magazine by easily allowing the cartridges to the firing chamber. The combination of polymer or aluminum anti-tilt follower or stainless steel spring ensures the best 300 blackout magazine.

Non-Slip Texturing

The last thing you have to consider when buying the 300 blackout magazine is Non-slip texturing. You have to ensure that the magazine you choose should have a non-slip texture on its body so that you can grab this during slippery conditions. 

In a sense, the magazine contains indentions or lines that allow you to grab it easily. Moreover, it has a reliable finish to provide excellent friction. The flared base is one of the important things that lets you grab easily. 

Moreover, some users use additional parts on 300 magazines to improve their performance. Thus, you should choose the right quality tools to ensure reliable performance.

How to Pick the Right Magazine for 300 Blackout

Generally, the magazine is one of the simple components used in rifles without high maintenance, and also, it is the most vital gear for self-loading rifles since it is the main reason for the defect of the rifle.

The 300 blackout cartridge is one of the cartridges that work in the same 5.56 or .223 magazines with full capacity. With this, the 300 blackout faces many troubles such as feeding problems, wide bullet selection due to the length of the 300 cartridge.

Thus, you have to choose the magazine that is specially designed for the cartridges for your needs. To differentiate cartridges, you should buy the magazines with different colors or choose the magazines that have a different texture to remind you of the number of rounds in the chamber.

If you want to choose the purpose-designed magazine for AR rifles that contains 300 blackout, then you can choose the magazines that are made with aluminum, steel, or other types of polymer.

Mostly, the AR-15 rifles contain aluminum OEM magazines. Although the steel magazines provide reliable performance, many people prefer polymer magazines. The steel magazines have the capacity to break and make trouble while bending the feeding lips and using them on the rugged surfaces.

The follower is one of the important parts in the magazine that is a portion connected with a spring to force the rounds to the barrel chamber via the feeder’s lips.

Then, the anti-tilt follower was introduced in the year of 1992 after having problems with black followers. The anti-tilt follower is widely known as the green plate. Nowadays, all the manufacturers produce their magazines with the new versions of anti-tilt followers, and the issue with that is the followers come in tan color.

Benefits & Capacity of 300 Blackout Magazine

The military officers who have modern military rifles prefer the magazines that have large-capacity boxes. The capacity of the magazine is limited by its body length, the strength of the spring, and the requirements.

Apart from capacity, the authority in many countries restricts the semi-automatic rifles that focus on the commercial market. Nowadays, the capacity of the standard magazine for modern firing rifles ranges between 20 to 40.

In some states in the USA, the guns civilians have are legally restricted to use the 5 or 10 cartridges magazine. The magazines have a capacity of 20 cartridges, and 30 cartridges for AR-10 and Ar-15 rifles are preferable choices for self-protection and home defense.

Moreover, it destroys many hunting situations so that many states restrict the capacity of magazines. If you’re planning to hunt with an AR-15 rifle, then the low-capacity magazine is enough for you.

The professional and more experienced hunters make well-placed shots instead of making quick follow-up shots. In the USA, some states have restrictions on magazine rounds such as 3, 5, or 10, but some local authorities don’t allow detachable magazines that are used for hunting sports.

Apart from law and ethical restrictions, many hunters don’t prefer magazines that have large capacity since they will add extra weight and decrease your energy.

In pest and varmint control, you can increase the capacity of the magazine based on the type of hunting and the animal you hunt. When it comes to coyote hunting, the AR-15 rifle with a large capacity magazine allows the hunter to make more than one shot.

.300 Blackout Magazines vs. 5.56 Magazines

Many hunters and shooters have been confused about these 5.56 magazines and 300 blackout magazines. Basically, the 300 blackout is specially designed to use in the standard .223 or 5.56 magazines with full capacity.

The 300 blackout is affected by the 5.56 magazine while using it due to its front guide rib and internal design.

While using the 300 blackout cartridge in 5.56 magazine, you may get reliable performance or not. Thus, it is better to examine the 300 blackout cartridge with the 5.56 magazine and see. The 5.56 magazines have different modifications with their rib and internal design.

Moreover, the feeding lips have some extra space to provide smooth feeding to the 300 blackout, and the follower has a small variation in design.

Basically, the follower is designed for self-lubrication to decrease friction and enable reliable performance. The magazine for 300 blackout has the capability to feed 5.56 ammo, and it has a low risk of using the 5.56 ammo in 300 blackout magazines.

You should use the magazines that have been marked as .300 BLK since you know that you can modify the magazine to feed the round perfectly.

If you want to use the magazine that is marked as 5.56, then you have the responsibility to make the 300 blackout to work in 5.56 magazine.

It is an important factor to consider that the 300 blackout magazines work well with the steel 5.56 magazine while it does not work well with polymer 5.56 magazines.

How Much Magazines Will You Save For Your .300 Blackout?

The answer to this question is that you can’t have enough magazines for your 300 blackout. This means you can’t determine the number of magazines that you will save for your 300 blackout cartridge.

The magazine is an important thing, so you have to stock the magazines as much as you can with the situation that we have experienced the shortage of guns, ammo, and magazines.

You may think that it is essential to save the magazines and are we really using that? The answer is no, but there is a chance that we may need more than two magazines at a time.

Having magazines is very important in the serious situations since that will help you to save yourself. Moreover, whatever happens in that situation, such as you may lose the magazine, the follower may be damaged, or the springs will tire out.

Like this, anything can affect your magazine and makes it unusable. This is why you have to collect as much as a magazine to use at the critical condition where the shortage occurs. Thus, you would desert in the situation when you don’t get magazines.

You won’t face this situation if you have stocked up enough magazines based on your needs. Though you can use two or three magazines at a time, you will have more than enough magazines for further needs.

Thus, it is better to have six or more than that magazine for your rifle so that you can have stock after usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Magazine do you use for your 300 blackout?

You can use the common magazines such as 5.56 or .223 magazine that you often use and get good results with the 300 blackout cartridge. Moreover, you can use the magazine that is specially designed for 300 blackout during the conditions where you use subsonic and difficult 300 blackout rounds.

Which round is best for 300 blackout Magazine?

The 300 blackout magazine is specially designed for 30 round capacity to provide incredible performance on AR firearms.

Is it possible to use the 300 Blackout with 5.56 Magazine?

The answer is yes, you can use the 300 blackout cartridge on 5.56 magazine, but it is not sure that you will get better performance with this. If you want to load 300 blackout cartridges in a 5.56 magazine, then you can optimize that based on your needs. You will get incredible performance with the magazine that is specially designed for 300 blackout.

Is it possible to shoot the deer at 200 yards?

The answer is yes, it is possible to shoot the large animals such as deer, varmints, pigs at 200 yards according to the weight added for 300 blackout rounds. The more weight provides more power to the shot, and it is perfect for hunting.

Is the 40 round capacity magazine legal?

There are 42 states that don’t ban or modify the capacity of the magazines. The modern sporting rifle has the capacity of 30 rounds. Even though the Federal Assault Weapons restricts the capacity of the magazine in some states such as California.

Final Words

For some rifle enthusiasts, the magazine is a trivial thing for firearms. Nowadays, there are lots of 300 Blackout magazines available on the market with superior durability.

The MAGPUL and Lancer company manufactures the best quality .300 Blackout magazine compared to others. The 300 Blackout Magazine is perfect for tactical, home defense, or plinking usage.

The ethical hunter does not require a 20 or 30-round mag while 5 or 10-round light and short magazines will suffice for any hunting situation.

Here we have listed the Best 300 Blackout Magazines that are durable, tough, war-ready, and begin with a solid spring to assure reliable and precise feeding. I hope this article will help you to choose the best one for your needs at a reasonable price.

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