10 Best Red Dot Sight in 2020 (For The Money & Best Budget)

Due to technological advancements in the past years, innovation has been one of the most sought skills to improve the functionality of a riflescope for manufacturers. 

This much is true to keep the hunting game in check for hunters while closely monitoring the latest trends for hunting wild animals, depending on its difficulty levels.

There are many different sights available in the market, but the most common type is the Red Dot Sight or Red Dot Scope. 

For beginners, this type of sight uses a non-magnifying reflex sight that is useful for most firearms and other aiming-like equipment. The aim point of this sight usually uses a LED illuminated dot in red color. 

If you are in a hurry, you can go with HOLOSUN Military Grade Micro Red Dot Sight. It is one of the best red dot sights on our list. It got the #1 rank in our review.

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Best Red Dot Sights

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Regardless of your eye’s position, the alignment of its red sight stays within your sight for easy target acquisition. 

This allows you to shoot your targets comfortably and with much ease. Red dot sights are commonly used for leisure target range shooting, hunting wild animals as well as for special forces and military purposes.

Other than its practical and basic applications, nowadays, people tend to use these types of sights for other outdoor activities, which include photography, bird watching, and wildlife observations. These red dot sights are usually mounted on the user’s camera or even telescopes, which will then serve as its secondary “finder” scope.

Ideally speaking, Red Dot Sights are designed to be used by beginners and hunters who lack enough marksmanship skills to keep up hunting animals just like other enthusiasts and veterans out there. 

This type of scope is used to compensate and improve their inferior shooting skills, which can help when taking down their marked targets on the field. It allows you to shoot more comfortably and smoothly, giving you more confidence in the long run.

With that said, this article can help you find the right red dot sight for you, whether you are a beginner or not. 

Determining what is best for you depends on your hunting style, as well as taking into account other factors before coming up with the purchase. Let us now move on with the discussion.

Best Red Dot Sights

10 Best Red Dot Sights in 2020 – Reviewed

1. HOLOSUN Military-Grade HS515CM Micro Red Dot Sight

Whether you are a hunter or part of military ops, having the HOLOSUN Military-Grade HS515CM Micro Red Dot Sight along with your rifle might become your greatest ally. It has been built with ruggedness and versatility in mind, which supports your shooting capabilities.

For its sight, it allows you to choose between 2 options, which are as follows:

  • 2 MOA Red Dot Sight
  • 2 MOA Red Dot Sight with 65 MOA Circle-Patterned Dot Reticle


Best Red Dot Sights

There is no zeroing required for the aforementioned options with just one button, which can very well adapt to various combat conditions and easy target acquisition. It has also employed the use of LEDs for illuminating its sight, which is quite helpful for night operations. 

Based on initial tests conducted, CR2032 Battery can last for up to 20,000 – 50,000 hours (or approximately 2 years) for as long as it is in good condition and handled well.

For its circle patterned red dot sight, it uses the Solar Fail-Safe Technology and auto-brightness settings, which can drastically improve the battery life for most average-type shooters. 

For its structure, this red dot sight is milled using a 7075 anodized aluminum, which has been tested to withstand extreme water pressure with 30M depth for a maximum of 30 minutes.

This product features a “Shake Awake™” Motion that enables you to recall your last setting, saving time with the lesser hassle of configuring your setup, giving way for a more smooth shooting towards your target. 

In addition to that, it includes 12 illumination settings – 10 for daylight illumination with 2-night vision settings – which improves the gathering of light thanks to the 20mm main tube. 

This red dot sight has a fixed magnification setting of 1x, which is ideal for close-quarter combat, giving you a wider field of view for its optical performance. 

Moreover, it provides extended eye relief, which won’t hurt your eyes most, especially if your rifle gives off a heavy recoil shock. It has an adjustable click value of ½ MOA, which helps in controlling your windage and elevation turrets that may increase the chances of precision and accuracy shooting.



2. Sightmark Mini-Shot M-Spec LQD Reflex Red Dot Sight

If you are looking for a red dot sight that is well rounded, then Sightmark Mini-Shot M-Spec LQD Reflex Red Dot Sight might be a perfect option for you. Its exceptional sight performance can be experienced well when used for the following applications:

  • Target Shooting Competition
  • Wild Animal Hunting
  • Home and Personal Defense
  • Law Enforcement


This sight is compatible with shotguns, rifles, and pistols. In addition to that, this product includes a “low” profile mount intended for pistols and shotguns, as well as the riser mount intended for rifles.

When it comes to the sturdiness of its built, you can trust that this red dot sight can withstand water pressure and accidental submersion, gaining a rating of IP67. 

It can work well on various weather conditions as it is durable enough, milled using a quality 6061-T6 aluminum steel, making it the toughest and strongest optical sight out there. It is shockproof, scratchproof, and dustproof, too.

Powered by a CR1632 battery, it can last for up to 300 – 30,000 hours when used in lower power settings. It has an automatic shut-off control, which inhibits low battery operation when not used after 12 hours. 

Moreover, it includes 10 levels of brightness, which can adapt well to various environment settings – be it in broad daylight or under extreme dark conditions.

For ambidextrous users, this product allows you to switch controls quite easily using both of your hands, most especially to pistols. 

It provides you more mobility and saves the hassle of setting up the controls, allowing you to take your aim and shoot considerably smoothly compared with other similar products.

Adjusting the elevation and windage is also easy using 1 MOA click adjustments. Making and maintaining the zero for the 3 MOA Red-Dot Reticle can be done without any problems. 

Additionally, its optical sight comes with a complete locking quick detachable (LQD) mount and A.R. Riser mount that is ideal for AKs, ARs, pistols, and shotguns.



3. Axion Cobra EKP-1S-03 Russian Kobra Red Dot Sight

For only $489, you can avail of the specialized Axion Cobra EKP-1S-03 Russian Kobra Red Dot Sight that has been designed to improve the military and tactical applications. 

It provides an accurate and precise target acquisition, which can work perfectly well under various lighting conditions such as broad daylight, moonlit night, and twilight.

Axion Cobra

This product has 4 different types of reticles or sighting marks that can be used for various shooting applications. These types are: 

  • T-Bar Reticle
  • Red Dot Reticle
  • V-Bar Reticle
  • V-Bar Reticle with Dot

Axion Cobra EKP-1S-03 Russian Kobra Red Dot Sight also includes 16 brightness levels, which can be flexible enough in adapting to numerous lighting conditions. This specialized sight has been manufactured in Izhevsk City of the Russian Federation under the Axion Company.

This product is lightweight, robust, and compact in design, which makes it quite durable after continuous usage or operation on the field. 

Significantly, it provides stellar optical performance even under the toughest weather conditions or precipitations, which includes heavy snowy weather, tropical rains, fogging, extreme heat from the desert as well as hoarfrost.

It can be operated under the temperature range between -40°С and 50°С. It is 100% waterproof, shockproof, fog-proof, and dustproof. It won’t hinder your target acquisition and can be considered as a perfect companion for your hunting weapon. 

Moreover, it provides extended eye relief as it can be operated with both of your eyes open, providing an unlimited viewing field for you to locate and observe your targets more efficiently and effectively.

This red dot sight can fit almost all types of weaponry, which include A.K., Saiga, S.V.D., S.K.S., Vepr, Tigr, Hungarian, Bulgarian and other types of A.K. rifles. Their similarity is its compatibility with A.K. / S.V.D. Side mounting platform.

Axion Cobra EKP-1S-03 Russian Kobra Red Dot Sight uses CR2 Standard Battery (3V), which can last for up to 300++ hours under maximum reticle brightness level. 

The shooting success one can accomplish lies with the higher precision and accuracy level of the shooter’s eye performance. No matter what application you use for this sight, you can be sure that it will give you a satisfying result for its visual and sight performance, making it a good investment for you.



4. MeproLight M-21 D/N Self-Powered Reflex Red Dot Sight

If you are looking for a red dot sight that does not solely rely on battery alone, then you may want to check out MeproLight M-21 D/N Self-Powered Reflex Red Dot Sight if it fits your preferences as well as compatible enough with your rifle or hunting weapon.

This red dot sight product allows you to have constant and light aiming capabilities without the use of batteries for sight illumination. 

Basically, the illumination is achieved thru fiber optics used for its Light Collector Technology used for a bright day while a self-powered miniature tritium light/power source is utilized at night, making it a sight applicable for night vision applications.


The transition between the two light sources is instantaneous as well as automatic, ensuring of having a great contrast and consistency between the aiming mark and the marked target. Additionally, you can accurately shoot your targets at any shooting range and situations without missing your mark.

MeproLight M-21 D/N Self-Powered Reflex Red Dot Sight has a built-in 30mm objective lens, which aids in accomplishing a fast target acquisition and shooting while using both eyes, opened, extending relief and comfort. 

Eventually, it can also give you a wider field of view, which can become a great help for monitoring your marked target. The adjustment controls of this device are also easy and hassle-free.

This product has been designed specifically as a symbol of collaboration between the manufacturer and the Israeli Special Forces. 

Its durability, worth, and strength have been proven on the battlefield, at the frontlines, providing the military with precise shooting and high accuracy success rate against terrorists. It is also ideal for close quarter combat (CQC) applications.

This product has optional reticle types, which include a Dot Reticle, Triangular Reticle, Open X Reticle as well as the Bull’s Eye Reticle. 

Significantly, this red dot sight can operate well under all precipitation types and temperatures without compromising its visual performance despite pressure against continuous firing and other resistance factors. Surprisingly, despite the firing pressure, MeproLight M-21 D/N Self-Powered Reflex Red Dot Sight drastically increases your accuracy, speed, and precision rating when it comes to shooting.

It has a fixed magnification of 1x that delivers 50% of light transmission using its objective lens that is coated in s special A.R. coating that prevents your optics from being damaged against extreme environmental damages. 

It is waterproof and has been fortified with a high-quality structure, allowing this product to last for a longer period of time of continuous use.



5. MeproLight Tru Dot RDS Red Dot Sight

MeproLight Tru Dot RDS Red Dot Sight has been manufactured and designed while keeping the improvement of situational awareness in mind, which is very much important when talking about hunting and survival in the wild. Be it on the battlefield or in the wild, its worth and ruggedness have been proven quite exceptionally, which gives you more confidence when using this product.

This product has 4 unique reticle illumination levels that come with a red dot reticle type and a huge window display that shows the battery indicator. 

It plays a huge role in applying to different types of tactical and military scenarios, as well as hunting conditions when necessary. It greatly helps you in acquiring your targets rapidly and smoothly without giving you much of a headache.


MeproLight Tru Dot RDS Red Dot Sight is quite durable and reliable. Its lightweight and rugged design symbolizes strong built and enhanced mobility to its user. 

It has an embedded LED System Technology, which increases and extends the battery life operation of its power source into a thousandfold. 

What makes this product unique is its compatibility with night vision goggles and other NV devices that incorporate the 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation Night Vision Illumination System. On that note, this product fairs well when used for the long-distance application. 

This product also encourages eye relief by allowing you to use both of your eyes, which, in turn, offers fast target acquisition. It has a built-in shut-off technology that automatically switches the illumination power off when not in use, and saves more energy in return. 

There is little maintenance needed for this state of the art red dot sight product, which will not become a burden for you. Contrary to it, this product can enhance your marksmanship skills and utilize the hidden potential of your rifle this product is compatible with.



6. HOLOSUN HS401G5 1x30mm Red Dot Sight with Integrated Green Laser

For an affordable price of $448.21, you can easily have the HOLOSUN HS401G5 1x30mm Red Dot Sight with Integrated Green Laser. It is packed with two versatile sight options that can be used on various hunting, and tactical purposes deemed necessary.

It has a fixed magnification of 1x, which provides a larger and unlimited field of view for you. This is quite a catch most, especially if you prefer close-range shooting. 

On the other hand, its 30mm objective lens can gather sufficient light, which is needed for a clearer sight performance. Additionally, this RDS also aims to provide extended or unlimited eye relief, parallax-free.


This product has a powerful green laser (5MW) integrated into its system, which boosts the firing accuracy of your hunting rifle. It also has a tendency to blind your attackers in case of emergency situations or extreme circumstances vital for survival.

This RDS device is milled using a T6061 aluminum steel material that connotes a fortified structure that can withstand extreme precipitation conditions and harsh environmental factors. Moreover, its structure is coated with PEO / MAO finish for more durable strength, making it long-lasting without wearing.

It can be used for both day and night applications, which gives you more flexibility when it comes to hunting. Powered by a CR2032 Battery, the latest LED Technology provides illumination and battery operation for up to 50,000++ hours. 

With different functionality and notable flexibility, you can definitely place your faith and confidence towards this product as it won’t disappoint you. You don’t have to use a bulky and heavyweight riflescope when you have this RDS device.

It operates on 2 MOA Dot sizes, which helps in reducing the ammunition and training time. Significantly, equipping it to your rifle can bring you the finest and premium experiences that you have never imagined.



7. HOLOSUN HS503GU Red Dot Sight

HOLOSUN HS503GU Red Dot Sight features two types of the reticle that can perfectly adapt to any situation. This includes:

  • 2 MOA Red Dot Sight – This type of sight features a distinct “side” mounted battery as well as the “U”-housing design, covering both the elevation and windage turret adjustment settings on two (2) sides. It even utilizes the latest LED System Technology, which can further enhance or extend the battery life operation for up to 5 years.


Moreover, it has an embedded “Shake Awake™” Motion that enables you to recall your previous settings as well as automatically shutting off the optics whenever it senses motion against its surroundings and turns back once the motion subsides.

  • 65 MOA Circle Dot Sight – This type of sight connotes parallax-free settings with an unlimited viewing field for enhanced situation awareness and observation skills that is vital for survival. It also lessens the time it takes you for training. Moreover, this sight also helps you decrease the ammunition used for continuous firing through the increased accuracy and precision shooting rating. 

This device prioritizes sturdiness, ruggedness, and durability, which, in turn, made way with the use of high-quality aluminum steel, fortifying its defense against tough environmental conditions and weather types. 

It is also coated with MAO finish, which also helps in inhibiting the occurrence of any damage towards the red dot sight device.

Powered by a CR2032 battery type, it can last for up to 20,000++ hours for 65 MOA Circle Dot Sight while 50,000++ hours for 2 MOA Red Dot Sight (or approximately 2 to 5 years for constant use). It also employs the latest LED System Technology, which greatly improves the sight performance as well as target acquisition settings.

Its lens is multicoated, which prevents any damage or scratch towards it. It has a 1x magnification that offers a broader field of view and extended eye relief. It is also ideal for close-range applications. 

Additionally, when it comes to illumination, it has over 12 different brightness levels – 10 for daylight illumination settings and 2 for night vision applications.

Unlike the conventional sight device, the objective lens of this RDS product is positioned on an “off” axis, appearing to be slightly titled when viewed. 

It operates perfectly well between the temperature -10°С and 50°С. It is waterproof and can survive an accidental submersion of at least 1M. For longer sight operation, it is best to store this device with a room temperature of -40°С to 70°С.



8. HOLOSUN HS503BU Red Dot Sight

The previous model, HS503GU has some difference from HOLOSUN HS503BU 2 MOA Micro Red Dot Sight. This includes the battery location for each model. HS503GU has a side battery “compartment” that features the letter “G” and a cap, while HS503BU has an embedded battery tray on its side with the letter “B” on its name.

It also features two reticle types applicable for different circumstances. These are as follows:

  • 2 MOA Red Dot Sight – This sight is used to cover both the elevation and windage turret adjustment settings placed on each side.


It is free of parallax while allowing you to fully enjoy the unlimited and broader field of view, which is an advantage for close-quarter combat or short-range hunting purposes. It utilizes the newest LED Technology that can extend the battery operation for approximately 5 years when used scarcely.

  •  65 MOA Circle Dot Sight – This sight features a built-in “Shake Awake™” Motion Sensor Technology that can automatically turn off the optics when it senses subject motion towards its surroundings and reverts back once the motion stops. Furthermore, it can decrease your training time efficiently while saving enough ammunition thanks to the improved accuracy and precision shooting rating.

Powered by a CR2032 Battery, its illumination system can last for approximately 5 years. This is especially true if the illumination technology is used sparingly or when needed. The battery placement is located internally, near the optic. 

Its economically friendly price connotes great features and an excellent red dot aiming mark, which ideally improves your aim and shooting skills. This device can also bring out the best using your preferred rifle. Well, for as long as this device is compatible with your chosen weapon.

It has been tested and works quite well on an A.R. Platform while maintaining zero, covering a distance of 500 yards. It is also easy to utilize when covering a 100-yard mark. 

HOLOSUN HS503BU 2 MOA Micro Red Dot Sight can help you achieve a continuous firing without much of a problem or hassle. It is good for beginners and a great investment to boot. You will definitely enjoy hunting thanks to this red dot sight device.



9. BelOMO PK-01V Collimator Red Dot Sight

Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association or commonly known as BelOMO, is a universal and major association that incorporates substantial scientific & technical potentials used for the production and development of high precision laser system, optical & electronic equipment, optical & mechanical devices, and other high functioning laser technology fused for space equipment and military weaponry systems.

BelOMO has been widely recognized as one of the most high-quality products when it comes to workmanship crafts and ruggedness. 

This interest gives you all the more reason to trust this product, fitting your budget and criterion when it comes to hunting or other outdoor applications of BelOMO PK-01V Collimator Red Dot Sight.


This device has a fixed 1x magnification, allowing you to enjoy a wider field of view. It gives off a modern design feel while being lightweight, compact, serviceable, and easy to operate or adjust the settings that fit your preferences and needs.

BelOMO PK-01V Collimator Red Dot Sight was designed for rapid target acquisition under a variety of lighting or brightness conditions. 

It can be used and can work perfectly well under broad daylight, moonlit night, as well as twilight time. It is also compatible with certain night vision gadgets such as NV/G 14 Night Vision Goggles. 

The sight visuals of this product are produced by two aiming mark types, which are as follows:

  • Pointed Aiming Form
  • «Т» Aiming Form

For its illumination’s source of power, this RDS device uses dual AAA Batteries under a 3V supply. The battery can last for utmost, 100 minutes, depending on your usage of the illumination. It is quite compatible with weapons that use a lateral Dovetail strip for its mount.

BelOMO PK-01V Collimator Red Dot Sight is also resistant against fogging and water pressure. Its optical lens is housed using dry nitrogen gas, sealing it completely, preventing any moisture from penetrating the lens. 

It works perfectly well under the temperature range between -20°C and 50°C. Go hunting without any worries despite the cold weather conditions and other variety of tough precipitation that might limit your sight capabilities and shooting accuracy.



10. HOLOSUN HS406A Red Dot Sight

HOLOSUN HS406A Red Dot Sight is ideal for everyday use. It has a 30mm objective lens and provides unlimited eye relief, giving you more comfort and ease whenever you take your aim and release the bullet to hit your targets. 

The objective lens comes with “cantilever” mount, which allows parallax-free settings atop the A.R. platform.

This device is quite flexible. It allows you to hunt any time of the day, be it from dusk until dawn, from morning to evening.


This is made possible by infusing the newest LED Technology into its illumination system. It is powered by one CR2032 Standard Battery that can last for approximately 5 years, given its sparing usage, operating for up to 50,000++ hours.

This RDS device offers 12 supreme brightness levels that can be breakdown into the following: 10 brightness levels intended for daylight applications and 2 brightness levels intended for nighttime applications (night vision settings). 

If left unused, it can automatically shut off after 8 hours, saving enough energy more efficiently for maximum performance. 

Additionally, it has a distinct “Solar” Technology, which enables the reticle to adjust automatically and accordingly, depending on your surroundings.

HOLOSUN HS406A Red Dot Sight also helps in reducing the training time as well as decreasing ammunition wastes efficiently and effectively as this product helps in the further improvement of your shooting skills and locating targets before taking it down. It is very much ideal for both close range and long-range marked targets. 

It has a durable construction. It is housed using a 100% weatherproof aluminum steel material while withstanding extreme impact and shock brought about by continuous firing. Significantly, if you are using a rifle or a shotgun, this product might be compatible. 

Moreover, its optical lens is multicoated, ensuring a large light transmission that can provide clarity and razor sharpness.



 What is red dot sight?

What is red dot sight

The red dot sight is the simply designed optic sight and it is very effective at close to the moderate range. Traditionally it is named as the red dot sight because the reticle used in this sight is a red dot.

Sometimes they may be in green color but included with the red dot option, most of the red dot sight has a red dot point as the reticle. Red dot sight mostly has 1X magnification, which means they do not include the internal magnification range.

Generally, the red dot sight is designed for a 300 yards man-size target. It is mostly used in hunting and shooting. It helps to improve your shooting skill within the week. It is one of the best tools for beginners that helps them to shoot accurately on the viewed target.

What are the reasons to choose a red dot sight?

What are the reasons to choose a red dot sight

The red dot sight is mainly designed for practical and accurate target shoot, with the help of this optic you can easily get the target acquisition and to hit precisely on the object. It makes the most precise shot than the iron sight in many ways and it is also easier to handle than other sights. 

Red dot sight is specifically designed for the simple shot of the target. While iron sight needs to align the front and rear sight precisely, then only you can aim the target on the front sight but in the red dot sight it is easy to use. 

Just you want to place the red dot on the target point and then pull the trigger to shoot accurately on your target.

Using the red dot sight rapid shot is very easy and you can avoid major missing of target and wrong shot. It can easily track the moving object. With the help of this red dot sight you can quickly shoot multiple targets. It allows you to precisely hit your target even in the worst environmental condition.

The red dot sight offers the brightness lighting setting using this feature you can easily access the sight even in the low lighting condition. 

Another good thing about this red dot sight is it is easily compatible with all types of night vision devices so that you can use it for nighttime hunting.  

You can change the brightness level of dot light and it provides good performance while hunting or shooting in dark light. It is versatile to use and easy to carry.

How does the red dot sight work?How does the red dot sight work

There are different steps involved in working with red dot sight. A red dot sight project laser into a small tinted glass. The red dot sight allows your eyes to view the reflection of the red color reticle. While seeing through the red dot sight, you actually see the reflection of the red laser’s light. Using this, you can view your target.

Topmost Brands For Red Dot Sight



Aimpoint is known to be the first designed red dot sight ever. They introduced the first model in the 1970s, and they decided to push the concept forward. 

Then slowly, they produce the optic sight for the scope they feature with a unique design. 

Aimpoint designed the optics sight to use in the United States air force and the army. This is one of the top brand companies when it comes to red dot sight. Aimpoint designed the optic sight as a highly durable one; these optic sights are used in the military and police forces. 

The compact size, highly durable products sell at a reasonable price. Aimpoint also provides a high magnification range and mount for their optics delivers the full experiences of the red dot sight, and it is very hard for all other red dot sight brands to beat the Aimpoint.  


If you plan to purchase the best red dot sight, then Holosun is the first choice for you. Holosun was introduced in 2013 with new advanced technology. 

Holosun is a Chinese company that is specialized in its red dot sight. It is popular for its design, durability, and reliability. Every year they update their product with advanced technology. They are featured with a lot of advantages; they are: solar failsafe, shake awake, multi reticle system, super LED, multi-layer coating, and highly durable battery. 

Their main goal is to give cutting edge technology to all the users. They continuously strive to innovate their product that makes sense to work, and it makes the brand stand out from the crowd.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying Red Dot Sights?

When buying red dot sights, it won’t be that easy as there are a wide array of models and brands available out there. Additionally, there are certain factors that you might need to consider before finalizing your decision to buy a red dot sight. Here are some of the factors you might need to review:

1. Compatibility to Your Rifle

As it stands, the compatibility of RDS to your rifle is very important. For the most part, a scope amplifies and utilizes the potential of your firearms. 

If the red dot sight you have bought is not compatible with your own weapon of choice for hunting, then it would only deem to be a waste of resources and fortune. 

You might never experience the best optical view that you ever dreamed of having a red dot sight. On that note, it is better to check whether the red dot sight of your liking is compatible with your owned rifle. If not, better look for another RDS.

2. Weight / Size

Red dot sights come in different sizes and weights. Some have a rather bulky and heavy built, while others have a lightweight and compact structure. 

One must also take into consideration that some red dot sights are meant for specific types of rifles. Having a lightweight RDS may increase your mobility for as long as it is compatible with your rifle to avoid wasting money.

3. Resistance

When it comes to military and tactical applications, having a red dot sight that can withstand the extreme heat of a desert or the extreme coldness of winter without compromising its optical performance can very well become vital in completing missions. 

Nowadays, a scope that can resist harsh conditions is applied to every model. As long as the RDS has built resistance against various weather conditions, fogging, water submersion, heavy impact, and shock, among others, then it can become your greatest ally and investment.

4. Size of the Reticle

Determining the size of the reticle matters when buying red dot sights. A smaller reticle is a perfect match for making precision shots deemed for longer range as it can cover the lesser area, making the shot more accurate when taking down your prey. 

However, this can naturally mean that the red dot might become a little harder to become visible when daylight comes. On the other hand, a larger reticle is great for beginners, which gives them more red dot visibility. 

However, it might hinder your sight performance when viewing your targets at a longer range. One common knowledge is measuring the distances covered in either inch or yards (i.e. 1-inch diameter = 100 yards; 2 inches diameter = 200 yards, etc.)

5. Reticle color and options

red dot sight reticle  view

Most of the red dot sight comes with the red dot reticle so that it is called a red dot sight. The simple red dot allows you to get an accurate target and rapidly shoot the target. It is easy to use by simply putting the red dot on your target and pulling the trigger to hit your target, so most people like this red dot sight.

Some branded companies like EOTech, Holosun, Sig, Aimpoint have some additional features in switching the reticle color and pattern. The commonly used reticle dot is MOA and it is featured with some options.

There are four common patterns used such as dot, larger rings, cross hairs, and dot surrounded by the ring. The color of the reticle is another concern because it comes in two different colors. They are red and green because this is the common color that allows you to easily view the reticle.  

6. Brightness Setting

The red dot sight has the feature to switch the brightness level of the reticle according to your environmental lighting condition. 

Most people prefer a wide range of brightness settings and it is also easy to change the brightness level while shooting. It is the adjustable type so it is easy to switch between multi brightness options and the comfortable position will improve your shooting skill.

Red dot sight has the capability of night vision technology so that you can use it even in dark lighting conditions. Some models of red dot sight are featured with the automatic brightness setting that helps to adjust the brightness level based on the environment lighting.

7. Magnification Range

The red dot sight is easy to often with magnifiers; you can use a magnifier with the red dot sight so that you can easily extend the range of the target.

The magnification ranges allow you to access your target’s focus point. The magnification range of the red dot sight allows you to see the crisp and clear view of your target.

8. Battery life

The power source is very important when you go week hunting. The red dot sight has a long everlasting battery power pack. Using the battery, you can continuously use more than 30000 hours without any problem.

In some red dot sight, they offer the battery indicator to indicate the battery power. And it also has the feature to automatically shut down when it is not in use so you can save power.

Some models come with a solar panel, which is the best way to save battery power in the daytime.


There is no doubt that widely, hunting has become one of the best outdoor activities for people worldwide. This is quite evident with the rampant production of different scopes for different rifles, specifically Red Dot Sights. Be it as an accessory for your leisure shooting or crucial equipment for your rifle aimed to accomplish military missions, the importance of RDS can very well improve your aim and marksmanship skills. I hope that with this article, you can determine the red dot sight that is compatible with your preferred hunting rifle as well as your hunting preferences and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the early stage of a red dot sight, it was only used in the military field, but now it is available in the market, so common men can also use this sight for their shooting or hunting experiences.

The Aimpoint Comp M4 red dot sight is popularly used by the Us army soldiers. Moreover, Eotech EXPS3, Elcan, and Trijicon RMR are also used in various roles.

This is a common misconception for those who are new to using firearms.The answer is no, the red dot sight is not a laser; the laser used in the Red Dot Sight is only for the reticle reference.

The Holosun red dot sight has the 1X magnification range; using this, you can easily shoot a minimum of 500 yards distance targets.

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