10 Best Rifle Scopes for 600 Yards in 2022 – [Updated Review & Guide]

Telescopic sights or simply, rifle scopes have been designed and developed using a refracting telescope as a basis. It is embedded with a graphic image device, commonly known as a reticle, that provides an aiming accuracy point. Here we’ve given the Best Rifle Scopes for 600 Yards article for you. It helps you to choose the best one.

There are at least several variations when it comes to rifle scopes which provide different features and uses such as:

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Vortex Viper-HD

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ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day-Night Rifle Scope

ATN X-Sight

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Some of these have merged with optical electronics to come up with a night scope. Moreover, several scopes use different types of reticles, which can further enhance your shooting capabilities.

Riflescopes are popular equipment used for both the hunter’s and military’s firearms. Several models were also developed with a higher magnification range, enabling the user to acquire targets for more than 600 yards.

Not only are they efficient, but also compatible with most rifles, making it a good investment. It can be mounted or affixed easily on your firearm while adjusting the settings under your preference.

Most rifle scopes nowadays are also weatherproof, which makes it durable and cost-efficient. It is also versatile, making it a great companion during hunting, leisure shooting, home defense, or tactical military purposes.

Indeed, looking for an appropriate scope for your rifle may be a little hard, most especially if you are looking for a rifle scope that can cover up to 600 yards. Magnification, Field of View, and Objective Lens play a big role in this context.

With that said, this article will talk about several rifle scopes that can cover a distance of 600 yards and up. Now, let us proceed with the discussion.

After 48 hours of research, we’ve made this list of Best Rifle Scopes for 600 Yards which is available on the market. As per the customer review, rating, price, quality, design, we’ve made this list of 2021.”

10 Best Rifle Scopes for 600 Yards

10 Best Rifle Scopes for 600 Yards in 2021 – Reviewed

1. ATN ThOR 4, 4.5-18x Thermal Rifle Scope

When it comes to innovation, ATN ThOR 4, 4.5-18x, Thermal Rifle Scope comes to mind. It is a state of the art rifle scope, which includes high magnification with unique features. Moreover, it got the #1 rank on our list of Best Rifle Scopes for 600 Yards.

It is embedded with the newly improved 4th Gen Obsidian Dual-Core Thermal Sensory Technology. It is able to bring the unique features of the former models while adding integrated laser finder, recording, and streaming videos all at the same time.

Ergonomically designed, ATN ThOR 4, 4.5-18x, Thermal Rifle Scope enables you to find targets and use controls much easier. What makes it a good catch of a rifle scope is its higher thermal sensitivity, improved display resolution, and contrast with little to no noise shutter.



Highly Sensitive 4th Gen Sensor

With higher sensitivity and resolution, you can get crisp and vivid images, making it easier for you to capture your targets despite the long-distance easily. Moreover, it can provide you with smooth gradiation when the night falls without compromising the quality images it can give you.

Highly Sensitive 4th Gen Sensor

Ballistic Accuracy Calculator

This feature allows you to determine the precise ballistics, which allows you to perform long distance shooting accurately. It includes:

  • Range
  • Angle to target
  • Wind
  • Temperature
  • Multiple-Weapon Profiles
  • Humidity
  • Others
Ballistic Accuracy Calculator

It makes you a responsible hunter without missing any of your shots towards your prey.

Streaming and Video Recording

Streaming and Video Recording

You can now stream HD videos to your mobile phone while effortlessly recording towards the SD card embedded in the rifle scope. It allows you to view crystal clear images even in darker environments. ATN ThOR 4, 4.5-18x, Thermal Rifle Scope is compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 in Android and iOS, making it multifunctional.

Recoil Activated Video (RAV)

RAV can mostly take care of all your needs. All you have to do is relax while focusing on monitoring your prey. Let the Obsidian Dual-Core do the work.

Recoil Activated Video

Ultra-Low Power Profile

Powered by an Internal Li-Ion Battery, so you won’t have to worry about losing a power source when you are in the wild. Its operation can last for 18 hours utmost which makes it a good ally for you.

Laser-Range Finder

ATN 20000mAh Battery Pack

This feature boasts a 22 hour operation, which allows you to enjoy the unique features of this device without the need of having to change batteries frequently. All you have to do recharge it after use. It can also power up other devices that you have whenever you are out.

ATN ABL Laser-Range Finder

This feature allows you to determine your long range targets quite easily. All it has to do is send out the gathered data using the ballistic calculator through Bluetooth. It will make it easier for you to adjust your reticle on time.

ATN ThOR 4, 4.5-18x, Thermal Rifle Scope also includes the following features, making it a unique rifle scope that aids you in long distance shooting:

  • 3-Dimensional GS-7 Gyroscope
  • 3-Dimensional Magnetometer
  • 3-Dimensional Accelerometer
  • Smooth Zooming Capabilities
  • E Compass
  • GPS Tracking for Geotagging and Elevation
Thermal mode

Significantly, ATN ThOR 4, 4.5-18x, Thermal Rifle Scope is somewhat similar to traditional optics. It includes a standard mount rings with a long eye relief of 90 mm. It can also effortlessly pick up your hidden target’s thermal signature due to fast acquisition and viewing.

2. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Rifle Scope

Looking for a rifle scope that enables you to perform long range shooting with ease? Try Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Rifle Scope and enjoy its formidable tactical unique features that will bring you to a newer height!

The Viper PST Gen II Scope is a versatile tool with great compatibility with your rifle when adapting different shooting ranges. You can go close-range shooting at 100 yards, mid-range shooting at 300 yards, and long-range shooting for 600 yards and up.

This product can be easily mounted on your rifle, which gives you an exceptionally edge for tactical purposes in the field. The Viper PST Gen II Scope has glass-etched, illuminated reticle that can offer 10 different intensity levels that can adapt pretty well on different conditions.

Each intensity level has an off position between them, enabling you to customize your sight experience smoothly. This feature is quite convenient, burdening you with no hassle at all!

Vortex Optics Viper


Highlighting Features

Built with aircraft quality grade aluminum, you are sure that it is durable, lasting longer than other similar scopes. If you want to buy the best rifle scopes for 600 yards under 1000$, this is the best choice.

It can also withstand extreme shock from heavy recoil while handling wet conditions very well, making it waterproof and resistant against fogging thanks to O-Ring Seal. Say goodbye to cloudy scopes, which makes it hard for you to acquire and monitoring your prey.

In addition to that, the lenses are coated with ArmorTek, which protects it against scratches, dirt, and oil. Its sturdy construction is applied with anodized finish that inhibits the possibility of corrosion from occurring.

The Viper PST Gen II Scope has a built-in sunshade that reduces the amount of glare from sunlight. On this note, it allows you to experience your concealment or covert operation during the hunt fully. It is also embedded with Rapid-Zero-Return (RZR), which helps prevent your turret in dialing low sight in the distance.

With its quick focus eyepiece, you can focus and determine your prey a lot quicker, providing you with continuous and accurate shots when necessary. With a maximum magnification range of 25x, you can have a clearer and vivid view of your target from a distance of 600 yards and up. It is the best rifle scope for 100 to 600 yards.

It greatly improves your efficiency and accuracy rate while using your rifle. As long as it suits your preferences, go ahead and try this rifle scope! It will surely please you.

3. Vortex Viper-HD 20-60x85mm Rifle Scope – Straight Angled

When it comes to a high quality rifle scope that is budget friendly, Vortex Viper-HD 20-60x85mm Rifle Scope – Straight Angled won’t disappoint you.

Vortex Viper-HD 20-60x85mm is packed with incredible features and exceptional optical exaction that rifle enthusiasts very much appreciated.

It is an ideal rifle scope that can pinpoint your targets on longer distances with its powerful magnification of 60x at maximum. It offers you a spectacular resolution, crystal clear clarity, and vivid image that are an edge if you are going for 600 yards and above.

Adjusting the magnification is quite easy. If you want to increase the magnification for mid or long range shooting, turn the adjustable ring in a clockwise direction. On the other hand, if you want to decrease its magnification for close range combat, turn the adjustable ring on a counter clockwise direction.

After that, you can start adjusting your focus dial to match your magnification settings. It allows you to place blurry images into a clearer and brighter picture. It is one of the Best rifle scope magnification for 600 yards. 

Vortex Viper HD


Highlighting Features

This product is also easy to attach, either affix on your rifle or tripod for stable and balanced viewing. Just place it at a top of the mounting receiver plate, and you are good to go. Take your aim steadily and comfortably without any disturbances.

Vortex Viper-HD 20-60x85mm also boasts its adjustable eyecup, enabling you to fully observe the whole surroundings whether or not you are wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses. You can extend it entirely for supreme viewing experience.

This rifle scope has a built in sunshade, which completely blocks the sunlight’s glare by extending it. In addition to that, the sunshade can serve as the objective lens’ shield, which inhibits mechanical destruction. It can also act as its guard, which prevents soiling due to fingerprints.

Vortex Viper-HD 20-60x85mm can also withstand wet conditions as the O-Ring seal prevents any debris and moisture from decreasing your shooting performance in all conditions.

It can also resist fogging wider temperature range as the lens material has been filled with argon. Lastly, it can hold itself against scratch, dirt and oil thanks to ArmorTek Ultra-hard coating.

If you want to improve your long range shooting of over 600 yards, then this rifle scope can help you achieve it.

4. ATN X Sight 4K ProSmart UltraHD Day&Night Rifle Scope

Another unique rifle scope, ATN X Sight 4K ProSmart UltraHD Day&Night Rifle Scope, can adapt exceptionally well in all conditions. You can say that this product had brought about innovation when it comes to the digitalized hunting experience.

ATN X Sight 4K ProSmart has fused with the newest technology while having a traditional scope feels, which offers you only the best from both interests. It still retains the standard mount rings and long eye relief while giving you an optimized optical performance.

You will never experience blurry images or even pixelation whenever you zoom up to its maximum magnification of 20x. It greatly enhances your shooting skills, which makes it a reliable ally on the field.

Ultra HD Sensors

With Obsidian IV DualCore Processor, it offers you a revolutionary technology with higher image resolution, quicker optics, and a vast number of vivid shades. It is quite capable of providing you 120fps at maximum with no pixelations when zooming in for a greater image detail at greater distances of 600 yards and above.

ATN X Sight 4k

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day-Night Rifle Scope

Ballistic Accuracy Calculator

Having a ballistic precision calculator allows you to perform long distance shooting accurately with much comfort and ease. It mainly determines the estimated calculations for the following:

  • Range
  • Angle to target
  • Wind
  • Temperature
  • Multiple-Weapon Profiles
  • Humidity
  • Others

You can rest easy without missing any of your shots towards your prey using this unique feature of ATN X Sight 4K ProSmart.

Streaming and Video Recording

You can stream HD videos in real time using your mobile phone while smoothly recording that saves through the SD card embedded in the rifle scope. This feature allows you to clearly see the images even on darker environments at a longer range. ATN X Sight 4K ProSmart is also compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 devices in Android and iOS, making it a multifunctional rifle scope that you could ever wish for.

Ultra-Low Power Profile

This rifle scope is powered by an Internal Li-Ion Battery. As it is, you don’t have to go through the hassle of losing a power source during your hunt on the field. It can significantly last for more than 18 hours, making it a good companion for you and your rifle.

ATN ABL Laser-Range Finder

With this feature, you can determine your long range subjects quite easily. Basically, it gathers data using the ballistic calculator then sends out the information through Bluetooth. This way, it makes it easier for you to adjust your reticle real time without any hassle.

ATN 20000mAh Battery Pack

Using ATN X Sight 4K ProSmart allows you to have continuous operations of up to 22 hours. It enables you to enjoy its distinctive features without the hassle of changing the batteries frequently. Just recharge it after use. Moreover, it can also power up other similar devices you have with you during your hunting session.

ATN Quick-Detach Mount

With this feature, you can smoothly move this rifle scope from one platform to the other while keeping the zero without any hassle.

ATN XTrac Remote System Control

With ATN XTrac Remote System Control, you can gain overall control of using various rifle scope features, including the versatile Ballistic Calculator and Laser-Range Finder.

Other Features:

ATN X Sight 4K ProSmart has the following innovative features, making this rifle scope quite a catch that can support your long distance performance:

  • 3-Dimensional GS-7 Gyroscope
  • 3-Dimensional Magnetometer
  • 3-Dimensional Accelerometer
  • Smooth Zooming Capabilities
  • Electronic Compass
  • GPS Tracking for Geotagging and Elevation

5. BelOMO PO3.5x21P 5.45x39mm BDC Wide Angle Prismatic Rifle Scope

Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association, or simply BelOMO, is a major specialized assembly plant that develops optomechanical products. It is one of the Best Rifle Scopes for 600 Yards which is available on the market.

They have been a manufacturer of quality rifle scopes that boast high precision shooting features such as lasers, optical devices, multi spectral photographic devices and other equipment that comprises laser systems.

BelOMO PO3.5x21P 5.45x39mm BDC Wide Angle Prismatic Rifle Scope is one of the high precision scopes they have made.

It was specifically designed for tactical military purposes and security law enforcement. In addition to that, this product can also be of great assistance when it comes to sports distance shooting.

This product is lightweight with a sturdy built, which makes it perfect equipment for your rifle. It has been considered one of the best tactical and military designated scopes made from the previous Soviet Union Optics Facility.



Highlighting Features

This product boasts a wider range of viewing field of 12 degrees. It allows you to view your surroundings more expansively. The optical clarity is exceedingly high, making it one of the clearest and brightest scopes ever made.

BelOMO PO3.5x21P can adapt quite well to numerous illumination settings. Just take your aim confidently on your target as it can offer you with much precision and details.

Rifles with 5.45×39 reticle design can precisely aim at your targets between 100 yards to 1000 yards. The glass lens is also multicoated, which reduces the amount of glare you receive from the sunlight. This product is perfect for a small to average target shooting.

As the night falls, you can still easily scan your surroundings as the reticle of this product is battery illuminated using the CR123 standard type. You won’t have to worry about missing your targets in darker environments anymore.

BelOMO PO3.5x21P can hold itself against any tough conditions such as shock from heavy recoil, scratching, and water immersion of 1 meter at maximum. It can also be operated continuously under temperature ranges between -50°C and 50°C (or -58°F to 122°F).

Without a doubt, using BelOMO PO3.5x21P can enhance the best of your marksmanship skills. Just mount it on your rifle, aim and accurately hit your targets with ease, and comfort.

6. Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm Rifle Scope

Are you perhaps looking for a versatile riflescope that can perform well in any circumstances? Give Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm Rifle Scope a try, and you will definitely fall in love with its simple but compact design while delivering the utmost performance.

What makes it an ideal catch is its ability to adapt in critical low light conditions using its Twilight-Max Lighting Management System. On that note, you can perceive a brighter and vivid image of your prey under different lighting environments. 

It allows you to have a fuller view of your surroundings while monitoring your target’s movements on a larger scale.

With a maximum magnification of 14x, you can perform a long range shooting from 600 yards and above, which allows you to have a clearer picture suitable for your needs.

Leupold VX


Highlighting Features

Moreover, as the lens is coated with Diamond Coat II – Ion, it can supply enough light transmission of greater quality, supporting marksmanship capabilities even during the hunt or in a competition.

The construction of Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm Rifle Scope is quite sturdy as it used aircraft grade (6061-T6) aluminum, making it a durable and sturdy rifle scope. Even with continuous use along with your rifle, it won’t easily wear down.

Significantly, this riflescope has endured the heavy impacts of about 5,000 brought about by Leupold’s tester machine called Punisher, recoil simulator equipment. Note that each impact has the force thrice as that of recoil from the .308 rifle.

This rifle scope has been tested to endure a 33 feet depth of water at maximum while withstanding a greater change in pressure. 

This product’s lens allows you to fully experience the joy of hunting even at night under colder conditions, without fogging, which typically hinders your aiming accuracy.

Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm RifleScope can be operated very well under the temperature range of – 40ºF to 160ºF (or -40ºC to 71.11ºC). Additionally, it can hold itself against extreme abrasion, making this rifle scope a great ally on the field.

As long as you believe that this rifle scope suits your needs and preferences, there is no need to restrain yourself. Just enjoy sports hunting or shooting competition to your heart’s content.

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7. Vortex Optics 20-60x80mm Diamondback Rifle Scope

Vortex Optics, 20-60x80mm Diamondback Rifle Scope, can guarantee you optimal performance when it comes to mid and long distance shooting from 600 yards and above.

This rifle scope can offer you a great deal of majestic image details thanks to its powerful magnification of 60x at maximum. There are no pixelations to worry about, only enjoy the crystal clear picture the scope can give you.

Moreover, adjusting the magnification is not that complicated. By turning the adjustable ring clockwise will increase magnification. 

By turning the adjustable ring on a counter-clockwise direction can decrease magnification. It all depends on whether you are using the scope for close combat or long distance shooting. It is the best riflescope for 600-800 yards.

Vortex Optics


Highlighting Features

After thoroughly adjusting the magnification based on your preference, you can just turn up the focus dial to resume the vivid details of the image with precise shade transmission that you can see through the scope. Adjusting the focus is given whenever the magnification is changed.

Using the adjustable eyecup allows you to fully observe a wider scope of the surroundings despite wearing eye glasses or sunglasses. It gives you much comfort without any hassle.

Its built in sunshade can completely block any stray light, which might bring discomfort and strain on your eyes. In addition to that, the sunshade itself can serve as a shield that inhibits mechanical destructions while guarding the lens against precipitation and soiling caused by fingerprints.

The construction of Vortex Optics 20-60x80mm Diamondback Rifle Scope is quite sturdy. It has been coated with ArmorTek, which makes it resistant against scratch. 

It has been reinforced with fiberglass with O-Ring seals and being filled with nitrogen. It makes this rifle scope both resistant against fogging and water.

Be it a sports hunting or leisure shooting competition, having a reliable scope such as Vortex Optics 20-60x80mm Diamondback Rifle Scope can definitely support you while being compatible with your rifle.

8. Vortex Optics 6-24x50mm Diamondback Tactical Rifle Scope

Another versatile rifle scope from Vortex, this model will not disappoint your expectations. Vortex Optics 6-24x50mm Diamondback Tactical Rifle Scope is another good choice if you are looking for a rifle that can cover 600 yards of distance and above.

Thanks to its maximum magnification of 24x, despite the long distance, you can be assured that you can still determine your subject with brighter and precise image details. 

Its multicoated lenses play a big role in allowing you to have a clearer color transmission, which gives way for a crisp and brighter picture. If you are looking for the best rifle scopes for 600 yards under 400$, votex optics has the answer. 

This rifle scope has been designed with the 1st Focal Plane (FFP) function, making it easier for you to use the glassed-etched reticle sub tensions up to the utmost magnification range.

Vortex Optics


Highlighting Features

This product’s built made up of the premium aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it sturdy without wearing despite the continuous usage in the field. It can also hold itself against touch conditions, such as the harshest recoil.

Sealed with O-Rings while being filled with nitrogen, you can place your confidence that this riflescope won’t break down against fogging and other wet conditions.

It won’t hinder you most, especially if you are on a hunt during rainy weather. It will never compromise its optimal performance, which is a great asset for your shooting skills.

Vortex Optics 6-24x50mm Diamondback Tactical Rifle Scope contains anti-reflective coatings, which improves the visibility of your scope even on dimmer environments.

This product is also embedded with a Zero Lock and Reset Turrets Control, enabling you to adjust both elevation and windage, providing more precision and accuracy in return.

You can pretty much enjoy both close range, mid range and long range shooting while quietly covering your presence against your prey. This rifle scope won’t let you down.

9. BARSKA 10-40x50mm IR-SWAT Tactical Rifle Scope

BARSKA 10-40x50mm IR-SWAT Tactical Rifle Scope has been created to operate and perform well under the most demanding and harshest conditions. It is the best riflescopes for 600 yards under 300$ to buy.

This rifle scope is an exceptional product that can provide you with a supreme optical performance at the furthest distance. 

The same quality can also be experienced even in close range combat, making it a perfect partner for your rifle.

Thanks to the advanced multicoated lenses, you can typically enjoy a crystal clearer image precision. On the other hand, the illuminated MilDot reticle of this riflescope can quickly acquire your subject under any lighting conditions that you might experience.



Highlighting Features

This product also allows you to experience quality lighting transmission, which is a great companion for its powerful magnification of 40x at maximum. 

Despite a distance of 600 yards and above, you can still determine your subject easily while enhancing your surroundings’ situational awareness.

Its glass etched mildot reticle brings about 11 adjustable brightness levels, which can adapt in any lighting environment. 

Be it on a brighter space or a dimmer place, and its supreme optical performance will never disappoint you. Hence, it will further enhance your marksmanship skills while utilizing the best features of your rifle.

BARSKA 10-40x50mm IR-SWAT Tactical Rifle Scope has an embedded sunshade that prevents any unnecessary light, which may hurt or bring discomfort to your eyes. You can fully enjoy deer or prairie dog hunting with much ease and confidence.

Built with quality materials, this riflescope can definitely last longer without wearing, making it durable and reliable at the same time. It can also hold itself against heavy recoil impacts while providing an eye relief of 3.6 inches.

Its excellent performance will also not wither under an extreme sub-zero temperature or even the harshest heat in the middle of the dessert. 

You can put your trust in this product completely as it can support you in any way, under your preferences.

If you want a high performing rifle scope for your firearm that is appropriate for your budget, then BARSKA 10-40x50mm IR-SWAT Tactical Rifle Scope is a great choice for you.

10. Visionking 10-40x56mm Rifle Scope

Considering an affordable price without compromising quality optical performance, Visionking 10-40x56mm Rifle Scope can live up to your expectations. It boasts a wider main tube, which can maximize the visibility of the subjects through the scope.

This riflescope boasts a powerful magnification of 40x at maximum, which offers you a much more optical performance that you can ever dream of.

It is pretty much compatible with any rifles that are meant for long range shooting. It can cover distances of 600 yards and up. You can hide your presence completely away from any prying eyes in the wild.

This rifle scope can also transmit greater brightness wavelengths without hurting your eyes under any circumstances. It is one of the best rifle scopes for 600 yards under 200 on our list.

Under low light conditions, you can still see the image details precisely compared with other similar rifle scopes. You can also get to experience quite a vivid picture with much contrast under brighter environments, making this product flexible.



Highlighting Features

What’s more is that this riflescope can easily be zeroed, which entails a greater accuracy level on your part as a shooter with an adjustable click value of 1/8 MOA for both elevation and windage.

Visionking 10-40x56mm Rifle Scope is built with study and high quality aluminum materials that won’t wear out easily.

It can even withstand shock from an impact of heavy recoil, making it a durable and reliable partner for you and your rifle.

You can also be guaranteed that it can resist water, making it an ideal scope on a rainy season. Moreover, you can say goodbye to fogging as the lenses are filled with nitrogen.

Confidently hunt at dawn or night without being bothered by a cloudy inner lens that can disrupt your aiming and shooting capabilities. This characteristic can be of great help to you by quickly acquiring your targets without much trouble.

If you think that Visionking 10-40x56mm Rifle Scope fits your criteria, then that would be a good choice.

As a way to put your trust in this product, VisionKing guaranteed a 5 year warranty, which is a great help for all hunters.

What Is a Scope for 600 Yards and Who This Is For?

These scopes are specially built and designed for the shooters who want long-range such as 600 yards. Its lens offers clear, crisp as well as bright images thus increasing your target acquisition. Moreover, the lens is O ring sealed and gas purged so that it ensures the fog and waterproof performance. 

As it comes with these features, you can use this device under any weather conditions. It will work in foggy or rainy situations as well. This scope is a powerful one because it comes with a higher magnification that ensures a good experience. Furthermore, it is robustly built to provide heavy-duty performance even with heavy recoil and occasional bumps and shocks.

This scope is the perfect choice for the people who work in the military and those who are participating in target shooting competitions. If you are a hunter or tactical operator and looking for a reliable scope, this 600 yards scope is the better choice. It can perform in any condition. 

Also, people who want to improve the performance of their guns and weapons also use the 600 yards scope. Nevertheless, this is intended for those who want to get more satisfaction from hunting or shooting activities. If you are one of these people, you need to read your options carefully and find the right vision tool for your needs.

What Makes a Great Scope for 600 Yards?

One thing that makes a great riflescope for this particular distance is its image accuracy, brightness, clarity, and crispness. Only the best scopes can give a performance like this.

Targeting 600 yards will be challenging to use a sighting device, that cannot provide a clear image for shooting. It can be painful in the neck and create frustration. If you have a powerful objective with high-quality optics you will not face this problem as they are O-ring sealed and gas-purified. With this, you can get the peace that you can keep wetness and moisture out of the lens.

Additionally, advanced turrets and reticles are easier to repair and maintain. With these features, you can make the necessary changes to your shots while at the same time compensating for height, wind, parallax, and other factors that affect accuracy.

Moreover, these great scopes are made of hard materials including air-grade aluminum that can withstand occasional bumps, shocks, and severe setbacks. Through this lifespan, this scope is for your demands and greater use. Therefore, the scope is heavy-duty that can be overcome no matter what.

However, these are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use to create great scope. Look at them when comparing your options.

Benefits of Having Best Rifle Scopes For 600 Yards

  • The best rifle scopes for 600 yards are also very useful not only for its accuracy but also for many reasons
  • Some of the long-range rifle scopes can only achieve targets up to 500 yards, but these scopes can offer more than that. 
  • Best Rifle Scopes for 600 Yards are designed to compatible with most of the rifles, so you don’t have to worry about what scopes you have.
  • The mounting option and the adjustments are also very easy, even for the new users. 
  • These Best Rifle Scopes for 600 Yards come with many quality features like powerful magnification, waterproof performance, high-quality materials, fog proofing, etc. 
  • The scope’s accuracy is based on the magnification, FOV, and an objective lens of the scope. 
  • As these riflescopes are made of the quality material, they can last for long periods. Moreover, they are versatile and offer many adjustments that allow you to customize it.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Rifle Scopes for 600 Yards

Rifle scopes are a powerful tool that can support you whenever you are out hunting, joining a shooting competition, and others. It allows you to aim and shoot more accurately and effortlessly. Consider the following factors, which can help you when you decide to buy your own rifle scopes.

1. Magnification

Having a powerful magnification allows you to experience a clearer and faster target acquisition when you go out hunting or competing in long-distance shooting.

A magnification range is between 12x to 40x allows you to cover a long distance from 500 yards to 1000 yards (or even more). It is a great ally especially for those who have a hard time when it comes to long-range shooting.

2. Image Quality

We can all agree that the main purpose of having a rifle scope is to let us have better sight and focus on our targets. 

It could mean that having a great image quality allows you to have a clearer distinction and view of your target’s movements while enhancing your situational awareness.

A powerful magnification and lighting conditions usually offer greater image quality, especially if used for longer distances (600 yards and up).

3. Mount

You have to consider if the rifle scope that you are attempting to buy can be affixed easily onto your rifle to avoid wasting your money. Purchasing a rifle scope, which is hard to mount on your firearm, makes it hard for you to pinpoint your target.


There are a lot of rifle scopes available in the market which makes it hard in determining what is good for you. However, having enough information before purchasing can up your chances of finding a suitable rifle scope that is compatible with your firearm as well as to your preferences and needs.

Indeed, most high quality rifle scopes that can cover longer distances are a bit expensive but you don’t have to fret over it. There are several rifle scopes that are not only great when it comes with long distance shooting but also budget friendly.

I hope that with this article, you are able to get sufficient information about rifle scopes which are good for covering 600 yards for long distance shooting. Just aim and shoot with ease while saving your money through the featured scopes in this article.

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