[Top 10] Best Scopes for Scar 17 in 2022

The FN Scar 17 rifle is one of the most unique rifles that have ever been manufactured in the industry of firearms. It has a carbine length and a weight that is approximately 8 pounds. It has some standard ambidextrous controls that are combined with both left and right charging handle mounts.

Its compact features are what it makes ideal for some close encounters, shooting behind some barricades or even around walls.

Also, Scar 17 is among the versatile rifles—it can use for tactical uses and some close-quarter combats. With its quality and features, Scar 17 only deserves the best performing scopes.

Well, you need not look far as we have already listed out the top optics and scopes for Scar 17 here. Together with their specification details and performance reviews, you would be informed of the different Best scopes for Scar 17 rifle in 2022.

10 Best Scopes for Scar 17

Vortex Strike Eagle1-6×24AR-BDC3 Check Price
Leupold VX-Freedom3-9×40MOA Check Price
Burris Fullfield E13-9×40Ballistic Plex E1 Check Price
Nightforce BEAST5-25×56MOAR Check Price
Trijicon ACOG3.5×35.223 BAC Chevron Check Price
Nightforce BR12-42×56Illuminated NP-R2 Check Price
Leupold VX-6HD1-6×24FireDot Duplex Check Price
Zeiss Conquest V44-16×44ZMOAi-T30 Check Price
Steiner Optics5-25×56MSR2 Check Price
Nikon P-Tactical4-12×40BDC 800 Check Price

10 Best Scar 17 Scopes and Optics in 2022 - Reviewed

1. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Riflescope

Just like the firearm Scar 17, Vortex’s Optics Strike Eagle Riflescope is tough and rugged. Due to that reason, they are compatible with each other, and they bring out the best potential of each other.

This Scar 17 riflescope is a great LPVO specifically designed for activities that are classified as short-range and medium-range.

It is constructed with a lightweight and compact design—a weight of only 17.6 ounces and a length of only 10 inches in total. With those two properties combined, maneuvering around the field would not be hard for you.


  • Objective Lens: 24 mm
  • Magnification: 1 – 6 x
  • Reticle: AR-BDC3
  • Tube: 30 mm
  • Field of View: 19.2 – 116.5 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 in
  • Weight: 18.5 oz



Illuminated Reticle

The scope is constructed with an illuminated reticle, thus your eyes would be able to focus on targeting faster and on holdovers. Also, this feature comes in very handy when shooting in low-light conditions because it is illuminated.

Waterproof and Fog-proof

With the nitrogen purging and the o-ring sealing, you would be able to enjoy using a scope that would withstand different weather conditions such as heavy rain. Also, fogging would not occur even when temperature and humidity change quickly. That is how the nitrogen purging and the o-ring sealing work—these two do not just give reliability but also durability.

Anti-reflective Coatings

For you to enjoy an increased transmission of light, enhanced clarity, and great low-light performance, this scope is constructed to have coatings that have anti-reflective properties.

Fast Focus Dial

This feature equipped on this riflescope’s reticle is what would allow you to have easy and quick reticle focusing. This feature is helpful, especially if you want to have a fast target acquisition.

2. Leupold VX – Freedom Riflescope

This best scope for scar 17 has been specifically designed for medium-range and long-range purposes—that is one of the reasons why this scope is considered versatile.

Leupold scopes are proven to have a durability that is unparalleled because every scope from this brand tested for recoil that is 3 times harder than that of .308.

With a property like that, the longevity of Leupold’s VX – Freedom Riflescope can be expected. This riflescope has a length of 12.39 inches in total.

Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40mm Riflescope


  • Objective Lens: 40 mm
  • Magnification: 3-9 x
  • Reticle: MOA
  • Tube: 1 in
  • Field of View, Linear: 33.1 – 13.6 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 4.2 – 3.7 in
  • Weight: 12.2 oz



Magnification Range: 

The 3X to 9X magnification setting of this scope makes it versatile, compatible, and the best scope for 300 yards suitable for medium ranges and long ranges of uses in the field. Also, with that feature, you would be able to have a clear view of images of the field at a different range.


This scope is constructed from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum that is tested and also proven to have a lifetime performance in the field even when faced with the harshest recoils of heavy-duty firearms.

Twilight Light Management System:

When shooting in low-light conditions, you would be able to have 10 more minutes of shooting light with the use of this feature—this is a helpful feature when you like hunting at night or for extended hours.

Climate Resistance: 

When faced with the different weather conditions in the field, you would be able to expect this scope to endure since it tested to perform well in temperatures between -40 degrees Fahrenheit and 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Burris 200446 Full Field E1 Riflescope

Burris’s 200446 Full Field E1 is a great and affordable scope for your Scar 17. This scope is constructed to have 10 brightness settings that can be used based on the available light in the field—these 10 brightness settings can come in very handy, especially with the unexpected weather and climate change that might affect your hunting activities and shooting practices.

Also, this scope is packed with a lifetime warranty that would surely make your purchase of it very, very worth it. Once you find any defects on your scope, the brand would gladly repair it or replace it if needed without costing you additional charges.


  • Objective Lens: 40 mm
  • Magnification: 3-9 x
  • Reticle: Ballistic Plex E1
  • Tube: 1 in
  • Field of View, Linear: 13 – 33 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 3.1 – 3.4 in
  • Weight: 13 oz



Ballistic Plex: 

Thanks to this feature because this scope has some wind drift dots and some trajectory-compensation properties that would surely make your hunting trip more fun and easier. Also, making some adjustments regarding the wind and tracking your targets on mountain areas would never be a problem for you.


One of the greatest features that riflescopes must have is versatility. With this specific scope, you would experience no trouble with that. It can use for different purposes such as plinking, practicing, or just general targeting. Also, another factor that makes it durable is its compatibility with several types of rifles. For example, it can pair with air rifles, rimfire rifles, centerfire rifles, and many more. Furthermore, its 1X to 7X magnification range makes it versatile in shooting too.

4. Nightforce BEAST 5-25x56mm F1 ZS i4F Riflescope

Another best scar 17 scope that is ruggedly and toughly designed riflescope is the Nightforce’s BEAST 5-25x56mm F1 ZS i4F Riflescope. The construction of this scope makes it compatible with Scar 17 rifles. It is also the affordable scope under $500 for Scar 17.

Its sleek and lightweight design is one of the things that hunters love about it. This is constructed with a first focal plane reticle to keep its consistency throughout use.


  • Objective Lens: 56 mm
  • Magnification: 5-25 x
  • Reticle: MOAR
  • Tube: 34 mm
  • Field of View, Linear: 4.92 – 18.7 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 3.35 – 3.54 in
  • Weight: 39 oz




One of the best features of this scope is the magnification range that it offers. With a wide option that starts with 5X and extends to a maximum of 25X, you would be able to use this scope for a wide variety of purposes—may it be for some close encounters, or may it be for some long-distance shots. Also, this scope is designed to be very accurate, reliable, and efficient with this magnification setting.

Illuminated Reticle: 

If you have long been wanting to experience fast focusing on your targets that eventually results in shooting them quickly too, then this riflescope’s illuminated reticle would help you do that. You would also be able to ensure that you would see your targets even when the condition in the field becomes very low in light.

Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology (BEAST): 

This feature is about this scope having advanced technology, it is called beast because it performs well and predatorily in the field.

5. Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35mm Riflescope

Trijicon’s ACOG 3.5x35mm Riflescope is probably the best ACOG you would ever find for your Scar 17. This scope is built solely to shoot in short to medium ranges because it has only a magnification setting that is fixed at 3.5X.

This scope is used by militaries all over the world, because of its ability to withstand harsh environments.

To be clear, this scope is used by the United States Marine Corps, Local Law Enforcement, United States Army, and many more. Also, with this scope, you would experience no problem when moving from one target to another.


  • Objective Lens: 35 mm
  • Magnification: 3.5 x
  • Reticle: .223 BAC Chevron
  • Field of View, Linear: 28.9′ at 100 yards
  • Eye Relief: 2.39 in
  • Weight: 14 oz



Battery-Free Illumination: 

One of the best things about this scope is its battery-free illumination. With it featuring a tritium/fiber optic illuminated type of reticle, you would never have a problem with it because it would automatically adjust to the suitable brightness that is based on the available light in the field.

Multiple Options for Reticle: 

This scope offers multiple options for its reticle—you would be able to choose a triangle reticle, a standard dot reticle, a chevron reticle, a horseshoe reticle in red, green, or amber.


This is considered as a nearly indestructible scope since it is made from 7076-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy. With that housing, this scope is truly durable and can be relied on even when the conditions in the field become harsh and adverse. With the construction of this scope, it truly can withstand different conditions.

6. Nightforce BR Benchrest NP2 DD C107 Riflescope

With the reputation of the quality of the optics that Nightforce has, this specific brand is also reliable and delivers really good performance.

It offers a second focal plane that is one of the must-haves for the Scar 17 to have the ability to reach distances that are beyond 800 yards.

Also, this brand’s attention to their scope’s details is unparalleled and it could be the best scope for long-range under $1000 produced by Nightforce.


  • Objective Lens: 56 mm
  • Magnification: 12-42 x
  • Tube: 30 mm
  • Reticle: Illuminated NP-R2
  • Field of View, Linear: 2.3 – 6.7 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 2.9 in
  • Weight: 36 oz




Probably, this is the scope that has the widest range of magnification settings on this list. Can you imagine having a scope that is designed to have a magnification that ranges from 12X and reaches a maximum of 42X? That is more than amazing, to be honest.

With that range, you would surely be able to shoot at extended and very long distances. 500 yards and 800 yards are distances that you would be able to reach without experiencing any trouble with your accuracy.

No wonder, I used this scope for 1000 yards, maybe not great, but it provides decent magnification.

Finger Adjustable: 

Another good feature of this scope is the ease of adjusting it. With its adjustments that would not require the use of different tools, you would be able to do quick adjustments with just the use of your fingers.

Glass-etched and Illuminated Reticle: 

This scope also offers an illuminated reticle that can be used even in low-light conditions such as nighttime. Also, with this illuminated reticle, this scope provides a crisp view or image of the field you are viewing through your scope.

7. Leupold VX – 6HD Riflescope

When you are looking for a rifle scope that would best fit your Scar 17, you have to look for a versatile one. Well, you need not worry about that anymore since this scope would provide you with the best versatility you are dreaming of.

Also, this scope has been one of the greatest choices for 3-gun competitions paired with a Scar 17 rifle.


  • Objective Lens: 24 mm
  • Magnification: 1-6 x
  • Tube: 30 mm
  • Reticle: FireDot Duplex
  • Field of View, Linear: 123.2 – 20.3 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 3.7 – 3.82 in
  • Weight: 13.4 oz



Twilight Max HD Light Management System: 

This scope would help you get 30 more minutes of shooting light in low-light conditions. Also, this feature would offer you high-definition lens clarity that you would be able to see from one edge to another edge. This feature is a really helpful one especially when you like to go hunting at night or from dawn to dusk.

Customizable Dial System: 

This scope is designed to have simplified longer shots by eradication its need for some holdovers and some ballistic calculations. This customizable dial is made to make this scope more fit for your rifle type and ammo type.

Waterproof, Fog-proof, and Shock-proof: 

You would be able to rely on this scope even when you face different adverse conditions in the field you are conducting your shooting activities. That is made possible by its combined properties of being waterproof, shock-proof, and fog-proof. Resistant to different worst elements such as fog and water is one of the essential features that any scope should have to be reliable and durable at the same time.

8. Zeiss Conquest V4 Riflescope

Zeiss’s Conquest V4 Riflescope is another scope that is recommended to be used in 3-gun competitions when paired with the famous Scar 17 rifle.

This riflescope can be used for different applications such as hunting purposes, tactical applications, and some military activities or operations. It weighs only 16 ounces, and it has a length of 10 inches in total.

With those properties, you would be able to maneuver quickly in the field without experiencing any hassle.


  • Objective Lens: 44 mm
  • Magnification: 4-16 x
  • Tube: 30 mm
  • Reticle: ZMOAi-T30
  • Field of View, Linear: 7.1 – 28.5 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 in
  • Weight: 21.3 oz



External Elevation Turrets: 

You would not have to worry anymore about doing some quick adjustments while you are moving or just staying still in the field. With this scope’s feature, you would have the luxury of adjusting in the easiest ways possible.

Illuminated Red Dot Reticle: 

This scope also has the feature of having an illuminated red dot type of reticle that would surely be able to offer you fast acquisition of targets, especially when doing activities in just a short to medium range.


This scope is manufactured with an aircraft-grade aluminum material that is proven to be a great material for scopes—rifle scopes that are made from this type of material are proven to last longer and are more durable when compared to other usual scopes. Also, this scope is fully sealed—thus, making it very good for resisting water from penetrating through it. Also, with this scope’s construction, it is made waterproof, fog-proof, and also shock-proof.

9. Steiner Optics M-Series Riflescope

Made to be a well-performing scope for snipers and rifles this scope offers a 25X magnification. With that said, this scope is the best sniper scope for Scar 17.

Elevation and windage adjustments can be allowed to happen even without removing your focus on your targets. But, if more precise adjustments are needed, one tactile click on the elevation and windage knobs would allow you to do adjustments by touch.

Another good thing about this scope is its lifetime warranty—you can assure that your scope would get repaired or replaced once defects are found and proven.


  • Objective Lens: 56 mm
  • Magnification: 5-25 x
  • Tube: 34 mm
  • Reticle: MSR2
  • Field of View, Linear: 4.6 – 23.6 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 – 4.3 in
  • Weight: 36.3 oz



Shock-proof, Waterproof and Fog-proof: 

For up to a depth of 33 feet, this scope can submerge in water. With that said, you can expect this scope to endure worse conditions than you can imagine. Also, fogging is one of the things that this scope is resistant to since it does not allow moisture to cloud and obscure the view on the lenses.


This scope offers a magnification setting that ranges from 5X to 25X—a very wide range like that is not something to be taken lightly. You would be able to do a variety of purposes for that given range. Truly, that is one of the best features of this scope.

Illuminated Reticle: 

With this scope’s illuminated reticle, 94 percent of light transmission would be allowed even in low-light conditions. Also, this scope offers a wider view to permit the shooter to see more area.

10. Nikon P-Tactical .308 4-12x40mm Riflescope

The Nikon P-Tactical is one of the best scopes for scar 17 on our list. This scope has a one-inch diameter body that has an objective lens of diameter 40 millimeters. It is also considered a very versatile scope that has a magnification setting of 4X to 12X.

With that, you would be able to use this scope even for both your short-range activities and your long-range hunting.

It has adjustable turrets made for elevation and windage. BDC type of reticle uniquely open circles, hash marks, and dots that can be used for aiming from a distance of 100 yards to 800 yards.


  • Objective Lens: 40 mm
  • Magnification: 4-12 x
  • Tube: 1 inch
  • Reticle: BDC 800
  • Field of View, Linear: 7.9 – 23.6 ft at 100 yds
  • Eye Relief: 3.7 in
  • Weight: 17.5 oz



Fully Multi-Coated Optics: 

This scope is made very reliable in providing bright and live images of the field you are viewing through your scope. Also, this type of coating would allow the maximum transmission of light even in low-light conditions.

Waterproof, Shock-proof, and Fog-proof:

This scope can be used even during different weather conditions. Its o-ring sealing and nitrogen purging prevent the moisture from fogging the view through the lens and the glass. Besides, its shock-proof construction is reliable in shrugging off recoil and enduring periods of rugged use.

Ergonomic Turrets: 

This scope has turrets that are marked for quick adjustments to be offered. These turrets are for windage and elevation. This feature is extremely helpful in doing field adjustments.


Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the main tube of this scope is very high in strength and proven to be durable. With this built and design, this scope would surely last long.

The 223 Rem 5.56 NATO round with 55-grain polymer tip bullet gives unique hash marks and open circle aiming points to the shooters for up to 600 yards. Its Spring-loaded windage and elevation knobs are very simple to use and handle.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Scar 17 Scopes and Optics


The durability of scope is one of the most important factors that should ensure before buying. Of course, you are investing in buying it, so you should make sure that it would last long and would withstand long periods of being used ruggedly.

Some common materials that are known to produce the most durable scopes are the following: 6061-T6 aluminum, aluminum alloy, aircraft-grade aluminum, 7076-T6 aluminum, and many other types of materials.

Also, being built with o-ring sealings, nitrogen fillings, nitrogen purging, and other types of sealing is important to ensure that the scope would perform well and have the ability to be waterproof, fog-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof.

To be able to withstand different adverse conditions and tough elements, the scope should be made durable.

Quality of Optics

One of the reasons why you are buying a scope is because you want to see targets placed at certain distances that cannot be seen by your bare eyes only.

To tell you honestly, you would not be able to experience that if you have a scope with low quality of optics and reticle.

Some brands are known to produce the best quality of optics; if you want to be sure, you can buy a scope from them.

But you can also check the design first if you are buying from some other brands to make sure that you would be able to rely on your scope.

Some recommendations are multi-coated optics, emerald-coated optics, fully multi-coated optics, anti-reflective optics, and many more. Some brands like to customize their optics and put their unique touch to enhance them.

Eye Relief

A scope that has a longer eye relief is better than a scope with an eye relief that just ranges from 2 inches to 3 inches.

With just a 3-inch allowance between your scope and your eyes, it is still possible for your eyes to get hurt when hard recoils occur.

So, for you to be sure, get a scope that has an eye relief of greater than 3 inches. Some scopes offer 9 inches to 12 inches of eye relief. Also, some offer unlimited eye relief. If possible, try to look for them.

If you do not know, longer eye reliefs offer faster target acquisitions too; so, be sure to get a scope with adequate eye relief.

Magnification Range

Your scope’s magnifications range is what would depict the type of shooting range you can do. With a scope that just has a magnification that only extends from 1X to 4X, you can only do short-range activities.

With a scope that has a magnification range of 3X to 9X, you would be able to do medium to long-range shooting.

With a scope that has a magnification from 6X to 24X, you would be able to do a medium to a very long and extended range of shooting activities.

Remember that magnification is also important specifically if you are serious about doing some hunting and shooting activities that require good magnification settings.

Lens Coating

Most of the night vision scopes come with either single or fully multi-coated. The coating on the lens reduces the glare, diffraction, and reflection from the sun or any other bright lights.

Thus it results in bright, clear, and sharp images. So, when you are ready to buy a scope, it’s recommended to check whether the scope has a multi-coated lens.

Objective lens

It’s another important factor that you need to look at. As we all have poor night vision ability, we rely on the use of the night vision scope to see well at nighttime.

Clarity is much important while buying a night vision scope so choose the one that gives you bright and clear images to get precise shots.


Weight is also an important factor that you need to look at. Most people don’t like to carry heavy objects during hunting or outdoor activities. Also, carrying heavy objects during outdoor adventures may get tired easily.

So, it’s wise to look at the unit’s weight on purchasing. Thus it may help you carry around your scope for a long time with your comfort.


As mentioned so many times, everything you buy should be an investment. You have to be smart, and you have to think twice about whether the scope you are buying is a good investment or not.

Be sure that its quality matches its cost—and be sure that you would be able to use it for a long period before buying another one. Money does not come easy, so be sure to get a scope of good quality and is worth every centavo it costs.

Benefits of Buying the Best Scar 17 Scopes

Better Optics 

Most of the products come with larger objective lenses, and they are typically useful for long-range target shooting at a fixed target. Also, the larger objective lenses are extremely helpful for target shooting or hunting at nighttime. 

Has Long-Range Accuracy

Hitting the target from long-range is an aim for any sharpshooter. Choosing the great optic will let you hit your shot from far away distances since the scope is engineered with excellent magnification power.

A better advantage over the competition

Accuracy of the scope is vital when you compete. More accuracy allows you to score more in a competition. So that, choosing a scope for your Scar 17 will give you an edge and your shots are dead-on target every time you hit.

Why do you need a good optic?

Having a good scope for your Scar 17 will help you to get the following things.

Low-light shooting

A good sight plays a major role in better hunting or shooting experiences. The Scope uses ambient light to make the image very clear as possible, so it ensures a huge improvement when you are shooting with your weapon. 

The increased brightness and visibility of the scope lets you hunt early in the morning or late evening. Else, you won’t be able to hit your targets accurately because your visibility might be too low, and very hard to shoot at your targets.

Moreover, the early morning and dawn to dusk are the right time for outdoor hunting and to hit your targets precisely. But it’s only able to achieve with a great optic that you choose.

Reduces Recoil Injuries

Eye relief is one of the important considerations with hard-kicking magnum rifles. It protects the shooter’s eye from injuries. This eye relief can vary between various brands’ models, also the long and short-range of the scopes. If the range of eye relief increases, the cost of the scope also increases. 

Improved shooting precision

The reticles or crosshairs are the essential parts of the good quality scope. This allows you to easily hit your target and tells you where your shot will hit. So, hitting your target looks more possible with the best optic for Scar17.

Target Magnification

When selecting an optic system for a rifle, you need to look at the magnification of the optics because the chances of hitting your target may increase to a great degree. 

A scope with a good magnification range gives you a wider field of view and lets you see clearly what’s behind the target and evaluate whether it is surely a safe shot or not. 

Different optics have different levels of magnification. The scope with great magnification allows you to see your target accurately. This feature makes it easier to shoot on your target, and also makes your hunting experience much safer.


With all the best scopes for scar 17 mentioned above, you surely have a pick by now. Your Scar 17 rifle is very versatile that is why you must pick a scope that matches its performance.

Also, the tough and rugged design of Scar 17 Scope can cope up with that built too. So, choose a scope that is among the best quality and performance.

Remember that you have to choose a scope that would not intimidate you—a scope that is too complex in design could intimidate and further distract you while you are shooting in the field.

Just choose a scope that you feel comfortable using. With that, you will be at your best potential since you know the perfect use of your equipment.

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