10 Best Scopes for .22 Pistol in 2022 – Expert’s Picks & Guide

If you have a long-time hunter by now, you must know that there are a lot of firearms that you can use besides the usual and powerful shotguns and rifles. 

There would be times that you are just going to need the use of pistols for certain applications, and one of the best options when it comes to using pistols is the .22 pistol. 

Having a .22 pistol is just like a breath of fresh air because it is really light in weight and very compact in size, but it is truly powerful and reliable. 

Despite being a very incredible pistol, the .22 pistol also needs the use of scope in order to let you have shots with more accuracy and precision. 

With that said, we are going to help you search for the best scopes for a .22 pistol that can be bought at markets nowadays. 

We are going to list them down together with the best features and designs that they have in order to for you to know them deeply and how they can be of extreme help for you. 

So, if you are now ready to level up your performance by equipping your .22 pistol with the best scopes available, then let us proceed.

10 Best Scopes for .22 Pistol in 2021 - Reviewed

#1. Burris’ Handgun Hunting Scope

Burris’ Handgun Hunting Scope has a magnification range that starts from 2X to 7X. That given range gives this scope the ability to be suitable for short-range to medium-range applications. 

This is a scope that has a quick target acquisition that would help you in sighting and shooting your targets faster. With a feature like that, you would be able to take down more targets in less time.

Best Overall Scope

Burris’ Handgun Hunting Scope


This .22 pistol scope has the ability to provide a large field of view, so you would see your surroundings from a wider perspective. 

The thing that makes this scope compatible with a .22 pistol is that is originally designed as a scope for handguns. 

This .22 pistol scope is incorporated with a ballistic plex technology that is really dependable when you want to consider the trajectory of your shot—with this type of technology, you are going to have more accurate and precise shots.

One of the best assets about this .22 pistol scope is that it has a very generous eye relief that ranges from 9.2 inches and reaches 12 inches—these distances are more than enough to keep your eyes and your eyebrows safe even when heavy recoils hit. 

Besides being reliable, one of the best things that you are going to get from this scope is safety. This .22 pistol scope has multi-coated lenses that would ensure that you are always going to have a bright view of the hunting and shooting grounds even if the lighting conditions in the location you are shooting in becomes adverse.



#2. Leupold’s FX-II Handgun Scope

Leupold’s FX-II Handgun Scope has a duplex reticle type that would help you have more accuracy and precision since you would be able to aim exactly at the target. 

This .22 pistol scope has a matte finish that you can expect to protect its exterior housing when it comes to being scratched and corroded. 

The matte finish also gives it a very elegant look that does not fade even after how many years of being used.

High Precision Scope

Leupold’s FX-II Handgun Scope


This .22 pistol scope is 100 percent waterproof, fog-proof, and shock-proof—with these three protective properties, this scope becomes reliable under any condition that you are going to be faced within the hunting and shooting grounds. This .22 pistol scope is available in two colors—silver and black. 

This  lightweight scope that measures 7 ounces only, but it still performs reliably even when it just light in weight only.

The given weight of this scope is what makes it suitable to be mounted on a .22 pistol. The lenses of this .22 pistol scope are protected besides being reliable since it designed to be resistant to scratches.

This scope is also one of the most generous when it comes to the eye relief that it provides. To give you an idea about that, this scope gives an eye relief that measures 18 inches regardless of the position you are shooting in. The total of this .22 pistol scope is 8.4 inches.



#3. Vortex Optics’ Crossfire II 2-7x32 Rimfire SFP Rifle Scope

Vortex Optics’ Crossfire II 2-7×32 Rimfire SFP Rifle Scope is a .22 pistol scope that has a compact length and lightweight. 

Its length has a total measurement of 11.3 inches—this length does not even reach one foot, so you can really mount it on a .22 pistol. 

The weight of this scope has a total measurement of 14.3 ounces. The type of reticle that is incorporated in the design of this .22 pistol scope is the V-plex reticle.

Best Compact Scope​

Vortex Optics’ Crossfire II


That type of reticle is known as an all-purpose reticle that can be used for any hunting and shooting applications. 

This .22 pistol scope provides an eye relief that measures 3.9 inches—this is just enough length to keep your eyes and eyebrows safe. 

The lenses of this .22 pistol scope are fully multi-coated, so you would always see your hunting and shooting grounds with a bright and clear view. 

These lenses are also incorporated with anti-reflective properties that make them protected while performing reliably. The material used for constructing this .22 pistol scope is aircraft-grade aluminum—this material is known to have high strength but not a heavyweight. 

The built it has truly fascinating because it is more durable with its nitrogen purging and o-ring sealing. 

That gives it a performance that does not get hindered even when faced with tough situations such as heavy rains, accidental drops, exposure to changes in the ambient temperature, and many more. The easy to use turrets of this .22 pistol scope are capped and do not require any tools when being used.

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#4. Bushnell’s Trophy TRS – 25 Red Dot Sight Rifle Scope

Bushnell’s Trophy TRS – 25 Red Dot Sight Rifle Scope is the shortest option that you have here on this list. The length of this .22 pistol scope is only 2.4 inches in total, which makes it very compatible with a .22 pistol. 

Because of its very compact size, it has very small construction; thus, its weight becomes very light with a total measurement of 0.23 pounds only. 

This .22 pistol scope provides 11 different brightness settings that you can choose from depending on the current lighting condition you are in.

Best Red Dot Scope for .22 Pistol

Bushnell’s Trophy TRS


The design of this .22 pistol scope easily mounts on almost all Picatinny rails that is why it is compatible with a lot of firearms such as a muzzleloader, a shotgun, a rifle, and a pistol. 

This .22 pistol scope has an o-ring sealing that makes its interior parts dry at all times. Even when you submerge this scope in water, it would surely survive and still perform the functions that it is designed to provide. 

The shockproof construction of this scope gives it the strength to endure different tough situations such as getting bumped, banged, or dropped.

To make its construction more amazing than it already is, this .22 pistol scope also has a nitrogen purging that would let it perform well even when there are some rapid changes in the temperature and humidity. 

The nitrogen found inside it would prevent fogging from occurring. Another thing that makes this scope really worth buying is that it offers an unlimited eye relief that would make your eyes and your eyebrows safe from heavy recoils that you might face once you start shooting your targets. The exterior housing of this .22 pistol scope has a matte finish.



#5. BSA’s RD30 30mm Red Dot 5 MOA

BSA’s RD30 30mm Red Dot 5 MOA uses just the standard 3-volt lithium battery in order to be operated, and it is already included in the package when you buy this .22 pistol scope. 

This scope comes with a brightness control that you use anytime that you need to adjust it depending on the lighting conditions in the hunting and shooting grounds. 

The type of reticle used for this .22 pistol scope is a red dot reticle. The features present in this scope makes it one of the best BSA scope available in the market. 

Best Versatile Scope

BSA’s RD30 30mm Red Dot


The total weight of this scope is only 11.38 ounces, and it has a total length measurement of 5.25 inches. 

The mounting system and design of this .22 pistol scope are very versatile than you think because this can be mounted on a wide variety of firearms—shotgun, pistol, rifle, and even on a crossbow.

If you think that this scope is specifically made for small calibers because it is lightweight only, you are going to be fascinated that it is ruggedly designed too for it to be compatible with large calibers. 

With the design of this .22 pistol scope, it can be used for short-range to medium-range shooting activities. 

This scope has an 11-position rheostat that makes it more versatile for you to use it exactly depending on your needs.



#6. WEAVER’s Classic Silver Handgun Scope

WEAVER’s Classic Silver Handgun Scope is a great .22 pistol scope that is constructed using the best quality of materials for it to really stand out. 

It is originally designed to be a hunting scope for pistols, but you can also mount it on other firearms that you have. 

This .22 pistol scope has fully multi-coated lenses that can be expected to always provide a view of the hunting and shooting grounds with brightness and optimum clarity.

Best Scope for Hunting

WEAVER’s Classic Silver Handgun Scope


The interior parts of this scope are purged with nitrogen gas, so it always has a fog-free performance even if there are rapid or quick changes in the ambient temperature. 

This .22 pistol scope is also waterproof and shockproof for you to be able to use it even if it is raining or exposed to heavy recoils. 

If you doubt about the durability of this .22 pistol scope, it has undergone certain testing that gives it the ability to withstand the most powerful and strongest handgun. 

The performance of this scope does not need any parallax adjustment with a long distance of 50 yards; any distance beyond that, parallax adjustments would be provided by it. 

If you want to have a unique scope rather than just the traditional black-colored scopes, this is a great choice because it has a silver finish, which is really rare. 

The magnification of this scope is fixed at a 2X power—with this magnification; you can have an unstoppable accuracy and precision within short distances.



#7. Hammers’ Long Eye Relief Pistol Scout Scope

Hammers’ Long Eye Relief Pistol Scout Scope 2-7×32 has a magnification range that starts from 2X and reaches 7X—with this range; you are going to be able to shoot targets that are located in short ranges and medium ranges. 

This .22 pistol scope provides you with a safe use since its eye relief is one of the longest you can have. To give you an idea about the eye relief, this scope can provide a length that ranges from 9 inches to 9.5 inches.

Best Convenient Scope

Hammers’ Long Eye Relief Pistol Scout Scope


The elevation and windage turrets of this .22 pistol scope do not need any tools when being used to fix some adjustments.

With just the use of your fingers, you would be able to have accurate and precise adjustments. When this scope is bought, it comes with free weaver mounting rings that you can use for mounting it with more stability. 

The complete length of this .22 pistol scope is 10 and ½ inches, so it is really compact since it does not even reach a 1-foot length.

The exterior surfaces of this scope are very protected because it is finished with an anodized coating—this protects it from scratches and corrosion that might develop after some time of being used.

The exterior surfaces are also in the form of matte black color, which is why it looks really elegant and aesthetic. This .22 pistol scope is designed to have a fast-focus eyepiece that would let you acquire and shoot more targets in just a less amount of time.



#8. Simmons’ Pro Hunter Truplex Reticle Handgun Scope

Simmons’ Pro Hunter Truplex Reticle Handgun Scope is one of the best .22 pistol scopes that is known to provide the best quality when it comes to optics. 

The materials used for constructing this scope are tested and proven to be durable. The design of this .22 pistol scope features having incredible aesthetics, so you get both a good look and a long-lasting life when you buy this.

Best Durable Scope

Simmons’ Pro Hunter


This .22 pistol scope has multi-coated optics that would never fail to provide bright and clear views of the surroundings you are viewing. 

This is also built with a waterproof, fog-proof, and recoil-proof performance that would surely keep it protected from any harsh environments and applications. 

The magnification range of this scope is from 2X to 6X—with a range like this, you are going to be accurate and precise within short ranges and medium ranges. 

The weight of this .22 pistol scope is 9.7 ounces—this is a weight that is not hard to carry even when you are doing the very long shooting and hunting activities. 

The eye relief that this scope provides is one of the best things about it because it has a maximum measurement of 20 inches—with this distance, you are going to be sure that you are safe from the impact that heavy recoils may bring. 

The design of this .22 pistol scope is also versatile since it is compatible not just with pistols but also with rifles and shotguns. With the use of this .22 pistol scope, you are going to get a lot of benefits.



#9. Bushnell’s Trophy Handgun Scope

Bushnell’s Trophy Handgun Scope is another scope that is rare when it comes to its exterior design. This .22 pistol scope that comes from the brand of Bushnell is silver in color, and it has an incomparable performance in the hunting and shooting grounds. 

This is designed to have fully multi-coated optics that can help you see brighter and clearer views of your targets in order to hit them with successful shots.

Best for Performance

Bushnell’s Trophy Handgun Scope


This scope has a Rain Guard Technology that gives two benefits at a time—the first one is by providing a high-definition view through the lenses while the second one is by protecting the scope when it starts to rain or drizzle.

This .22 pistol scope is also fog-proof and shock-proof in performance, so there is no need to be worried about using it under any condition outdoors. 

The magnification ranges that this scope provides start from 2X to 6X—with this given range, shooting within short ranges and medium ranges would never be a problem that you are going to encounter.

This .22 pistol scope can be mounted on other firearms that are known for their heavy recoils because this provides a very long eye relief that measures 20 inches.

With a distance that long, your eyes and your eyebrows have no chance of getting hurt when recoils take place. 

The elevation and windage adjustments that this .22 pistol scope offers are finger adjustable. Meaning to say you are not going to need any tool in order to use it for making some adjustments.



#10. NcSTAR’s 2.5X30 Pistol Scope

NcSTAR’s 2.5X30 Pistol Scope is the last scope on our list, but it does necessarily mean that it is the least in performance. 

This scope has a fixed magnification at 2.5X. If you do not know, having a fixed magnification is an advantage too, because your scope would have fewer moveable parts. 

When a scope has few moveable parts, it tends to be more durable and long-lasting since it stays intact.

Best Quality Scope

NcSTAR’s 2.5X30 Pistol Scope


The coating on the lenses of this scope is blue in color, and it offers a long eye relief that would give you a very safe experience in shooting and hunting.

The size of the objective lens of this scope is 30 millimeters in diameter, which is why it has the ability to let the entrance of light happen in order to provide bright views of the surroundings and targets. 

The weight of this .22 pistol scope is only 14.08 ounces, and the reticle type of this scope is a plex reticle, which is known to be versatile and can be used for a wide variety of shooting and hunting applications.

This scope has a matte black finish that makes it look really cool while giving it some extra protection from scratches. Another reason that would make you buy this scope is that it comes with free Picatinny and weaver rings when you buy it.

The total length of this is only 8 and 5/8 inches—with a compact size like this, you would surely be able to mount it on a wide variety of firearms, including the small ones.



How To Choose The Best Scope For .22 Pistol

Compact Size

When you plan to buy a scope to equip and mount on your .22 pistol, you must consider getting one with just a compact size only. 

Obviously, you know that the size of a .22 pistol is just a small one only. With that, take into consideration, you do not need to pick a scope that is much, much bigger than the firearm that you are using; because if you do, your performance would be greatly affected negatively. 

To be certain that you are going to have a performance that would not make you uncomfortable, then just pick a compactly sized scope. 

Once you pick a scope that is not compact in size, everything would be affected, including your accuracy and precision—and you surely do not want this to happen because you would not be able to hit your targets once it does happen. 

Usually, scopes with a more compact size tend to be light in weight, too, so you get a lot of benefits when you buy a scope with a size that is not too big. 

Easy Adjustments

When choosing a scope for a .22 pistol, it would be unavoidable to need some adjustments at sometimes. 

With that said, you are going to need a scope that has built-in turrets or dials in order for adjustments to be made. But you have to consider the design of those turrets and dials, whether they are easy to use or not. 

Once you are hunting, one of the last things that you want to happen is getting distracted because you cannot make some quick adjustments. When you get distracted, your performance would be affected. 

Thus, your accuracy and precision would not be guaranteed. So, if you really want to level up your experience by using a .22 pistol, be sure that the scope you are going to buy can be easily used when it comes to adjustment because you would also be able to achieve more and shoot more targets if you can easily have the right settings in just a matter of seconds. 

In addition, choose a scope that does need any tool when using the turrets because that would be much of a hassle. Just choose the ones that can be adjusted with the use of your fingers only. 

Built and Protection against Tough Elements

When buying a scope for a .22 pistol, you also have to take the built into consideration. The materials used are a great thing that must never be ignored or neglected because they affect the performance and the long lastingness of the scope. 

Some of the recommendations are having a built using aircraft-grade aluminum, having a built using aluminum alloy, and many other more. 

Just remember to choose a material type that is not heavy for you to not overpower the weight of your .22 pistol. You also have to look for some protection against tough elements brought by adverse conditions. 

Some of which are water, fog, and other debris. If you are faced with conditions that seem to be harmful to the scope, it is always important to consider the safety of your scope in order to use them for how many years. 

If you do not consider having some protective factors to include in the design of the scope you are getting, then it might break sooner than you expected. Once that happens, you would spend money on buying a new one again. 


The .22 pistol scopes that are mentioned above are known to provide performances that would surely level up your shooting and hunting skills with the use of your pistol.

The scopes on this list are also the ones that you would be able to depend on under any condition that you might be faced with outdoors while you are hunting and shooting. In addition, their performance and features are worth more than the money that you are going to use for buying them.

So, be sure that you check them out, for you have to have a hunting and shooting experience that you never had before.

Of course, there would always be somethings that you have to consider before having a final pick, but that is for you to ensure that you are going to have the best scope to use, which is why you have to remember all those.

Keep in mind that it is still up to your choice and preference when it comes to buying, so be wise in picking. We wish that you have more wonderful experiences in hunting and shooting.

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