10 Best Scopes for Remington 700 in 2020 – [Review & Guide]


Since the year 1962, Remington 700 has been produced by Remington Arms. Remington 700 is a type of bolt action centerfire rifle that has been inspired by both the 721 and 722 Remington series introduced in the year 1948.

Remington 700 is compatible with the following cartridges:

  • .223 Remington
  • .308 Winchester
  • .243 Winchester
  • .300 Remington Ultra Magnum
  • .300 Winchester Magnum
  • .338 Lapua Magnum
  • 7 mm Remington Magnum

Remington 700 is an ideal rifle for long-range shooting. The quality and features of a scope that you can affix on your rifle make or break the accuracy and precision rate of your shooting.

Searching the suitable scope for your Remington Model 700 that fits your needs and preferences may be a little hard. With that said, this article will discuss ten scopes that may satisfy your criteria. Let us proceed with the discussion.

10 Best Scopes for Remington 700

10 Best Scopes for Remington 700 in 2020

1. Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm Rifle Scope

Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm Rifle Scope is a versatile rifle scope that can perform very well under different circumstances. There is no doubt that you will fall in love with its simple yet compact design while delivering its premium performance on the field.

It is built in Twilight-Max Lighting Management System has the ability to adapt in any critical low light conditions. On that note, you can see a much brighter and detailed image of your subject under different lighting environments.

Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm can reach 14x maximum magnification. It allows you to perform long-range applications covering 600 yards and above. This magnification can give a clearer picture that fits your preferences while having a full awareness of your surroundings.

The optics of this product is coated with Diamond Coat II – Iron. It can offer enough light transmission of higher quality, which can support your shooting capabilities during the hunt or even in a shooting competition. You can easily monitor the movements of your prey on a larger scope.

Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm Rifle Scope has a sturdy construction as it is made up of aircraft grade (6061-T6) aluminum, makes it durable, and last longer. Even with your continuous usage, this product will not wear that easily.

Moreover, this product was able to endure the heaviest impacts of about 5,000 caused by Leupold’s tester machine called Punisher, a recoil simulator equipment. Each impact has a triple force impact that can be likened to the recoil from the .308 rifle.

This scope was also tested to endure a depth of 33 feet underwater at maximum while resisting against greater changes in pressure. 

The lens of this rifle scope allows you to fully experience the joy brought about by hunting under colder and dimmer conditions. You can say goodbye to fogging, which typically obstructs your aiming and shooting precision.

Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40mm Rifle Scope can operate well between the temperature ranges of – 40ºF to 160ºF (or -40ºC to 71.11ºC). Additionally, it can also hold itself against extreme abrasion, which makes this rifle scope the great partner on the field for your Remington 700.

If you want to purchase this scope, read the specifications below for your reference.

Magnification   : [ 4.5x – 14x ]

Objective Lens Dia : [ 1.60 inches ]

Reticle: [ Duplex ]

Eye Relief : [ 3.7 inches – 4.4 inches ]

Tube Dia : [ 1 inch ]

Lens Coating : [ DiamondCoat 2 – Ion ]

Viewing Field @ 100 Yards : [ 7.4 feet – 19.9 feet ]

Click Value : [ ¼ Minute of Angle (MOA) ]

Operating Temperature Range : [ – 40ºF to 160ºF  |  -40ºC to 71.11ºC ]

Resistance : [ Fog proof | Waterproof | Shockproof | Abrasion Resistant] 

Length : [ 12.6 inches ]

Weight : [ 13 ounces ]

If you believe that this scope is suitable for your needs and hunting criteria, you don’t need to restrain yourself. Enjoy leisure hunting in the wild or joining a competition to your heart’s content.

2. Athlon Argos – BTR 6-24×50 Riflescope

If you are in need of having a first focal plane (FFP) rifle scope, try purchasing Athlon Argos – BTR 6-24×50 – Rifle Scope. This product offers different features that are usually found in expensive rifle scopes.

This product is quite perfect for the beginners of Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS), as it is easy to use. It is also an ideal for enthusiasts that are into target shooting or long-distance hunting on the field as it is a versatile product that might fit your criteria.

Having a variable magnification range from 6x to 24x provides you with a very exceptional optics, which might be perfect for your Remington 700 rifle. It allows you to hunt from medium to longer- distance without compromising the quality of the image it offers you.

Its optical lenses are fully multicoated exclusively by XPL coating, offering brighter and crystal clearer image preview despite lower light circumstances. It protects your rifle scope away from grime, grease, and wet weather.

Moreover, it can effectively reduce the amount of reflected light while increasing light transmission. It can offer vivid and precise image details than single-coated lenses, allowing you to experience as if you are just in front of your prey.

The main tube of Athlon Argos – BTR 6-24×50 – Rifle Scope is built from quality aircraft-grade (6061T6) aluminum material, protecting the optical lenses under different conditions it is faced with. You can be assured that it is sturdy and durable without breaking easily.

This rifle scope boasts supreme optical performance, which can help snipers or hunters in executing long-range applications. 

Thanks to the side-mounted parallax adjusting knob, eliminating all possible parallax errors. It also makes windage and elevation adjustments quite easy, providing corrections to shooting settings.

Having a glass-etched APMR FFP – IR MIL reticle will prevent any distortion brought about by extreme lighting conditions. It provides you with a higher visibility rate, which is an advantage for hunting either in dusk or dawn, as well as other low light conditions.

Athlon Argos – BTR 6-24×50 – Rifle Scope is also well known for having to resist great shock due to heavy recoiling. Added with an eye relief of 3.3 inches, you can comfortably aim your subject without sustaining minor bruises through heavy recoil and eye restrain.

This rifle scope can also prevent the occurrence of fogging, which might hinder your performance during the winter hunting season. It is also waterproof, protecting the product from the rain or submersion in water accidentally. It is also filled with argon, which uses inertia-gas, which fortifies its resistance against water and maintains normal thermal temperature.

Below are the specifications of Athlon Argos – BTR 6-24×50 – Rifle Scope if you are interested in purchasing this product.

Magnification : [ 6x – 24x ]

Objective Lens Dia : [ 50mm ]

Reticle: [ Glass Etched, APMR FFP IR MIL ]

Exit Pupil : [ 2.1 mm – 8.2mm ]

Eye Relief : [ 3.3 inches ]

Tube Dia : [ 30 mm ]

Lens Coating : [ Multicoated, XPL ]

Viewing Field @ 100 Yards : [ 4.5 feet – 16.7 feet ]

Click Value : [ 0.1 MIL ]

Nitrogen Filled : [ No – Organised Filled ]

Resistance : [ Waterproof | Fog proof | Shockproof ] 

Length : [ 14.1 inches ]

Weight : [ 29.6 ounces ]

As long as this product is suitable for your preferences, then you will never regret buying it for your Remington 700 rifle.

3. Nikon P-Tactical [.223 3-9x40mm] Scope

Nikon P-Tactical [.223 3-9x40mm] Scope boasts a wide array of features that maximizes and enhances your hunting journey in the wild through your Remington 700 rifle.

Its optic lenses are multi-coated while being enveloped with quality aircraft grade aluminum tubes. You can be sure that its performance won’t be affected by harsh conditions.

This rifle scope is ideal for medium- range applications with the help of its magnification settings that can be adjusted from 3x to 9x. It solely depends on your hunting ground and your preferred subject.

Nikon P-Tactical [.223 3-9x40mm] Scope has at least 4 reticle options that can adjust very well to your hunting needs and caliber, which are as follows:

  • MK1-MOA – an asymmetrical design that allows additional hold over; Can be utilized for range estimation, subject size, windage, and elevation holdover at a specified magnification.
  • MK1-MRAD – matched against ergonomically designed turrets that provide directional-indicators.
  • BDC 150***
  • BDC 600***
  • BDC 800***
  • BDC SuperSub***
  • BDC Carbine***

Note: *** – All BDC reticles are optimized and improved by Spot On Ballistic Technology (www.NikonSportOptics.com/SpotOn). These reticles provide precise holdover points or any adjustments in elevation for long-distance purposes. Each reticle is designed to match your caliber preference. 

Adjusting the focus of this scope is quite easy. Just turn it smoothly, and you can effortlessly acquire your target for medium-range applications. Resetting it to zero after sight lock-in, it is also hassle-free, especially when you are making some adjustments on the field.

Nikon P-Tactical [.223 3-9x40mm] Scope is filled with nitrogen and sealed with an O-ring, which prevents any moisture from entering the lenses. 

It is quite reliable by simply being resistant against water and fogging. Its sturdy construction can also hold itself off against heavy recoil and impact, making it a durable product.

Check out the specifications below for more information about this product.

Magnification : [ 3x – 9x  ]

Objective Lens Dia : [ 40 mm ]

Reticle: [ MK1-MOA | MK1-MRAD | BDC ]

Exit Pupil : [ 4.4 – 13.3mm ]

Eye Relief : [ 3.6 inches ]

Tube Dia : [ 1 inch ]

Lens Coating : [ Multicoated ]

Viewing Field @ 100 Yards : [ 11.3 feet – 33.8 feet ]

Click Value : [ ¼ Minute of Angle (MOA) ]

Nitrogen Filled : [ Yes ]

Resistance : [ O-Ring Sealed Waterproof | Fog proof | Shockproof ]

Length : [ 12.4 inches ]

Weight : [ 17.1 ounces ]

If you prefer a rifle scope with multiple reticle options, then this product is your safest bet while being affordable at the same time.

4. UTG 4-16X44mm Scope

If you are a hunter, then refers to both mid-range and long range hunting, you might want to try UTG 4-16X44mm Scope. It can maximize and enhance your shooting performance thanks to its flexible magnification of 4x to 16x. It allows you to be aware of your surroundings and situation while approaching your subject on the field.

UTG 4-16X44mm Scope has a built-in 36-Color EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing (IE) System, which can be flexible enough to adapt under lighting and environmental conditions.

Thanks to its OneClick High-Tech Illumination Memory, you can easily go back to your previous settings for brightness and chosen color, which saves time while being efficient at the same time. You won’t have to go through the hassle of changing your settings whenever you are hunting.

This product also contains an integral sunshade, which helps you in reducing excessive glare from the sun. It protects your eyes from getting hurt, which optimizes your sight when acquiring your targets with the best clarity it can offer you.

UTG 4-16X44mm Scope is also equipped with Zero Lock & Reset Adjustment Turret Settings. This allows you to maintain zero within a second while providing enough room for adjusting elevation and windage that suits your shooting preferences.

This rifle scope can withstand the impact brought about by heavy recoil, which makes it durable and can last longer despite continuous usage. Moreover, as it is sealed and filled with nitrogen, you can be assured that it can resist against water as well as the possibility of fogging during cold & wet conditions while retaining thermal stability.

Below are the specifications of this product, which can serve as your guide before buying.

Magnification : [ 4x – 16x ]

Objective Lens Dia : [ 44 mm ]

Reticle: [ EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing System, Mil Dot  ]

Exit Pupil : [ 2.8mm – 10.2 mm ]

Eye Relief : [ 3 inches – 3.2 inches ]

Tube Dia : [ 30 mm ]

Lens Coating : [ Emerald coatings ]

Illumination : [ 36 Colors ]

Viewing Field @ 100 Yards : [ 6.8 feet – 24.4 feet ]

Click Value : [ ¼ Minute of Angle (MOA) ]

Power Source : [ CR2032 Battery, 3V ]

Nitrogen Filled : [ Yes ]

Resistance : [ Shockproof | Fogproof | Rainproof ] 

Mount Type : [ Picatinny | Weaver ]

Length : [ 390 mm ]

Weight : [ 28.5 ounces ]

Having this scope as a match for your Remington 700 is a good choice especially if you prefer medium and long range hunting.

5. Bushnell 3-9x40mm Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescope

Do you prefer hunting at night, which amplifies your chances of concealment towards your prey? The Bushnell 3-9X40mm Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescope is a good recommendation for you.

With its 3x to 9x magnification, it is a great scope for hunting deers under medium-range shooting. It adapts well to its surroundings, especially at night. You can work covertly while lying on your prey.

Its optical lenses are multi-coated with DDB (Dusk & Dawn Brightness), which offers brightness and stunning HD-like clarity, providing you with an optimal performance for sight and target acquisition lock-in. Just aim and shoot comfortably in your hiding place.

This scope allows you to have the utmost focus when acquiring your targets. Moreover, it will make you feel like the prey is just in front of you due to its clarity and quality sharpness under dimmer environments. Quite reliable, isn’t it?

Bushnell 3-9X40mm Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescope was specifically designed to excel its lighting performance during early morning and late-night hunting expeditions. It is flexible and accompanies you well on your preferred hunting schedule.

This scope will help you to utilize the capabilities of your Remington 700 rifle. It is best when used for varmint hunting, big game hunting, sports target shooting. For most rifle enthusiasts, this product is highly favorable as it is budget-friendly without compromising quality.

This rifle scope also has several reticle types, which are as follows:

  • Multi-X – This type of reticle is your basic duplex crosshair style, which is exactly what most hunters would want to have. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  • BDC MZ 200 – This type of reticle is perfect for big game hunting. It creates red and green crosshairs that aid you in aiming.
  • Circle-X – This reticle is similar to Multi-X but with thicker crosshairs that form a circular image at the central point of the scope. 

Bushnell 3-9X40mm Banner Dusk & Dawn Riflescope can also withstand extreme shock from recoil, assuring you of its stability and sturdiness after continuous use. In addition to that, this scope can also resist against fogging while being waterproof. 

This means that you can hunt to your heart’s content and fully enjoy the experience, especially at night.

If you are considering this product, please read the specifications below to give you more summarized information.

Magnification : [ 3x – 9x, Variable ]

Objective Lens Dia : [ 40 mm ]

Reticle: [ Multi-X | Circle-X | BDC MZ 200 ]

Exit Pupil : [ 4.4 mm – 13 mm ]

Eye Relief : [ 6 inches ]

Tube Dia : [ 1 inch ]

Lens Coating : [ Multicoated ]

Illumination : [ Red | Green ]

Viewing Field @ 100 Yards : [ 14 feet – 40 feet ]

Click Value : [ ¼ Minute of Angle (MOA) ]

Resistance : [ Shockproof | Waterproof ] 

Length : [ 12 inches ]

Weight : [ 13 ounces ]


This is a good option for you, especially if you are looking for a rifle scope with multiple reticle options and able to operate at night that comes in at a reasonable price.

6. UTG 3-9X32mm BugBuster Scope

Although it is typically used for Airsoft-type assault rifles, UTG 3-9X32mm BugBuster Scope is a reliable and versatile rifle scope that also might be perfect for your Remington 700 rifle.

This product maximizes the transmission of light thanks to its built-in EZ TAP Illumination Enhancement (IE) System with dual-color settings (Red / Green). With that said, this rifle scope can offer you a crystal clearer and more vivid image details while being aware of your surroundings.

It also includes 36 different color settings that can adapt very well to most light and weather conditions that you might experience during your hunting expedition. It also boasts an embedded sunshade that can reduce unnecessary light that may hurt your eyes.

Additionally, you can easily restore your previous color and brightness settings in just one click using its OneClick High-Tech Illumination Memory. It is quite helpful and efficient if you are in the middle of your crucial hunting expedition.

UTG 3-9X32mm BugBuster Scope offers you a viewing field of larger scope, making it quite convenient when your sight is locked towards your prey. Its well-designed turrets provide crisp and precise elevation & windage adjustments. 

The most crucial feature is its ability to maintain zero for aiming and shooting thanks to its locking and resetting controls.

This rifle scope is built with sturdy construction that can withstand extreme shock for heavy recoil while providing an extended eye relief of 3.2 inches to 4.2 inches. This allows you to avoid intolerable bruises from recoil and eye discomfort.

Moreover, this product can adapt to a variety of diverse weather conditions. The scope itself is sealed and filled with nitrogen, making it resistant against the formation of fogging as well as accidental water immersion. When affixed on your firearm, you can achieve its maximum performance and reliability.

If you are interested in the UTG 3-9X32mm BugBuster Scope, read the specifications below for more information.

Objective Lens Diameter : [ 32 millimetres ]

Magnification : [ 3x – 9x ]

Reticle Type : [ RGB Mil Dot | EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing System ]

Diameter of the Tube : [ 1 inch ]

Reticle Focal Plane : [ 2nd Focal Plane (SFP) ]

Exit Pupil : [ 10.6 millimetres – 3.6 millimetres ]

Viewing Field @ 100 yards : [ 14 feet – 37.7 feet ]

Eye Relief : [ 3.2 inches – 4.2 inches ]

Weight : [ 13.9 ounces ]

Length : [ 8.11 inches ]

Illumination Color : [ Red and Green ]

Click Value : [ ¼ Minute of Accuracy (MOA) ]

Mount Type : [ Picatinny ]

Power Source : [ Lithium Metal Batteries, 2pcs ]

Nitrogen Filled : [ Yes ]

Resistance : [ Waterproof | Shockproof | Fogproof ]

This rifle scope can significantly amplify your marksmanship skills, while improving the accuracy of your aim when using your own rifle. Even if you suddenly fell down, the scope will maintain its aim settings.

7. Emarth 20-60x60mm Scope

Emarth 20-60x60mm Scope is economically friendly, which makes it a good option for outdoor activities. It boasts a powerful magnification range of 20x to 60x, which is an ideal for medium-range and long-range applications. 

20x magnification allows you to observe a larger viewing field while having a 60x magnification can bring about much more detailed image viewing up close.

It brings out a greater color quality and clarity, which allows you to enjoy the scene that plays out through the scope. It would feel as if nature has been brought closer to you.

This scope can be applied to multiple outdoor activities with or without a mount that includes the following:

  • Target Shooting
  • Varmint Hunting
  • Bird Watching
  • Wildlife Observation
  • Moon Observation & Star Gazing
  • Hiking and Camping
  • Archery

Its optic lenses are multi-coated in several layers while featuring BAK-4 Roof Prism. This combination increases the chance of having 99 % of quality light being transmitted to the scope, which offers more vivid and razor-sharp image precision that can support you for shooting targets under lower light conditions.

Moreover, this product also includes an embedded sunshade that protects your eyes from harmful glares. You can enjoy the view by being fully aware of your surroundings while monitoring your prey on the field.

This product has a dual-focus wheel control that enables quick and fine-tuning adjustments for a more accurate focus, which is ideal for long-distance viewing. You can easily acquire your target in a more detailed manner.

Emarth 20-60x60mm Scope won’t let you down. It has a durable built which provides comfort despite the extreme impact from outside factors. In addition to that, it can also hold itself against fogging while being resistant against water, as it is completely filled with nitrogen. 

This product is completely an O-ring sealed, 100% guaranteed. Rest assured that this will prevent any dust, moisture, and debris from penetrating the scope.

Below are its specifications for more detailed and summarized information about this product.

Magnification : [ 20x – 60x ]

Objective Lens Dia : [ 60 mm ]

Exit Pupil : [ 1.10 mm – 3.2 mm ]

Eye Relief : [ 13.5 mm – 17 mm ]

Lens Coating : [ Multi Coated | BAK-4 Roof Prism | Anti-reflective ]

Viewing Field @ 1000 metres : [ 19 metres – 39 metres ]

Nitrogen Filled : [ Yes ]

Resistance : [ Waterproof | Fog proof ] 

Dimensions (L x W x H) : [ 13.4 inches x 5.9 inches x 3.1 inches ]

Weight : [ 3.46 pounds ]

If you are a hunter that prefers multi-functional yet economical scope, then Emarth 20-60x60mm Scope is appropriate for you.

8. Vortex 6-18x44mm Crossfire II Riflescope

Vortex 6-18x44mm Crossfire II Riflescope is a versatile product that is designed for the purpose of Tactical Shooting and Hunting. Having this rifle scope allows you to have the supreme performance and reliability levels, which helps in maximizing the output of the rifle.

Using the Dead-Hold BDC-MOA Reticle, you can easily eliminate the guesswork brought about by the corrections for holdover and windage adjustments. 

This is a great equipment for your rifle if you prefer a varying shooting or hunting range wherein hold overestimation is trouble.

Its SFP reticles are found near the eyepiece and behind the magnification lenses. What makes this reticle great is that it can maintain the same visual presentation even when you adjust its magnification settings. It helps you in estimating the range, windage, and hold over accurately using its highest settings of magnification.

Vortex 6-18x44mm Crossfire II Riflescope is built using anodized aircraft quality grade aluminum, which results in having a durable construction without compromising its optical performance. Rest assured that this product won’t easily wear after continuous use.

As its lenses are purged with nitrogen, you no longer experience the occurrence of fogging during cold and wet weather conditions. You can fully concentrate on monitoring your subject under the magnification range of 6x to 18x, allowing you to have crisp and razor-sharp image precision on longer ranges.

It is also sealed with O-rings, which can inhibit the penetration of moisture as well as debris and dust. Guaranteed, this product is 100% waterproof, which can be a great partner for you.

The optic lenses of this product are coated with an anti-reflective finish, which can aid you in increasing the volume of light being transmitted on your scope. It can also help you hide among your subjects without revealing your position and making them escape.

To protect your eyes, Vortex 6-18x44mm Crossfire II Riflescope has a built-in sunshade that prevents the sun’s glare from hurting your eyes under a brighter or an open field environment.

Are you interested in this product? Read the specifications below for more information.

Magnification : [ 6x – 18x ]

Objective Lens Dia : [ 44mm ]

Reticle: [ Dead-Hold BDC MOA, 2nd Focal Plane (SFP) ]

Eye Relief : [ 3.7 inches ]

Tube Dia : [ 1 inch ]

Lens Coating : [ Anti-reflective ]

Viewing Field @ 100 Yards : [ 5.3 feet – 15.2 feet ]

Click Value : [ ¼ Minute of Accuracy (MOA) ]

Nitrogen Filled : [ Yes ]

Resistance : [ Waterproof | Fog proof ] 

Length : [ 13.5 inches ]

Weight : [ 19.6 ounces ]

As long as the specifications and technical description of this product suits your hunting preferences, then there won’t be a problem in purchasing this rifle scope for your Remington 700.

9. Vortex Viper 4-16x44mm HS-T Riflescope

Vortex Viper 4-16x44mm HS-T Riflescope is one of the specialized scopes made by Vortex under the Viper series. 

It provides a magnification range of 4x to 16x, which makes it an ideal for medium-range and long-range applications. It allows you to enjoy an optimal optic performance by showing crystal clear and sharp image precision when hunting.

Its VMR-1 MOA Reticle is ideal for executing shooting at further ranges. On the other hand, its optics are XR multi-coated, which enhances the delivery of light to the scope, providing vivid optical performance and exceptional resolution quality.

The lenses are also coated with Armortek, which protects it from scratches, dirt, oil, and fingerprints. Its sturdy and durable construction is made up of high-grade aircraft aluminum material, which fortifies its rigidity and strength despite heavy recoil. You can be sure that it will never yield to wear after continuous usage.

Its lenses are also sealed with O-rings, which inhibits any debris, dust, and moisture from entering the scope. In turn, it can offer you its utmost performance under wet conditions making it your reliable partner on the field when hunting.

What makes it unique among the other scopes in this list is that it is filled with argon instead of nitrogen gas. It is much more dense nitrogen, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of fogging over several temperature ranges.

The material itself is coated with anodized polish, which allows you to perfectly perform your camouflage without attracting suspicions from your prey. You can readily take your shot when the right time comes after thorough observation.

You can easily adjust the focus of your scope after setting the magnification smoothly thanks to its fast-focus eyepiece. 

Moreover, the construction of turrets in this product allows you to adjust the settings that can assist you in precise and continuous shooting. Maintaining it to zero is also easy.

Vortex Viper 4-16x44mm HS-T Riflescope also boasts the following features:

  • Precision Force SpringSystem – it uses quality components in the erector spring system, which ensure optimal repeatability and smooth adjustments.
  • Precision Glide ErectorSystem – it uses quality components in the zoom lens mechanism, which ensure effortless adjustments in magnification despite tough conditions.

The specification below can give you more information that can serve as your guide before buying this scope.

Magnification : [ 4x – 16x ]

Objective Lens Dia : [ 44 mm ]

Reticle: [ VMR-1 MOA ]

Eye Relief : [ 4 inches ]

Tube Dia : [ 30 mm ]

Lens Coating : [ Anti-reflective ]

Viewing Field @ 100 Yards : [ 7.4 feet – 27.4 feet ]

Click Value : [ ¼ Minute of Accuracy (MOA) ]

Nitrogen Filled : [ No – Argon Filled ]

Resistance : [ Waterproof | Shockproof | Fogproof | Scratch proof ]

Length : [ 13.33 inches ]

Weight : [ 20.8 ounces ]

If you are into target shooting, hunting or for tactical applications, this rifle is appropriate for you. You can definitely perform well under different circumstances without holding back.

10. Night Owl Optics NightShot Riflescope

Night Owl Optics NightShot Riflescope is another specialized rifle scope designed specifically for night hunting. Nonetheless, this product is multi-functional, which can also support you for other outdoor activities such as:

  • Night Hunting
  • Hog Hunting
  • Varmint Hunting
  • Paintball Shooting
  • Airsoft Shooting

This versatile and exceptional rifle scope can also be used together and very much compatible with the following equipment/firearms:

  • Shotgun
  • Crossbows
  • Paintball Rifle
  • Airsoft Rifle
  • Tactical and Military Rifles (below 30-caliber bullet, magnum or non-magnum | 30-caliber bullet, non-magnum)

This rifle scope is a great companion when it comes to night hunting thanks to its night vision application. This allows you to covertly perform varmint hunting at night, which is supported by a fixed magnification of 3x. You can easily discern and acquire your subject before shooting.

Aside from being a quality product, this rifle scope is also economical, which makes it a safe alternative for your hunting activities. Affixing it on your Remington 700 rifle will help you to enhance your shooting skills while optimizing performance delivery.

It can pretty much cover a distance of 100 yards to 200 yards, which makes it ideal for close combat applications. It allows you to enhance your situational awareness by fully understanding your surroundings while pinpointing your subject smoothly.

Night Owl Optics NightShot Riflescope also has at least 3 types of reticle that can adapt to your hunting needs and preferences. Both types can be easily configured between black or white, which allows you to adjust the reticle that can be used best for your present shooting circumstances.       

This product is powered by a battery. Depending on the type of the battery and usage of infrared (IR) illuminator, its night vision application can last for 4.5 to 17. 5 hours. 

Batteries with lower quality can shorten their lifespan, which might hamper your hunting activities. Additionally, this riflescope is also built with sturdy materials engineered with thermoplastic components, making it durable even during daytime activities. 

If you think that you like having this rifle scope for your Remington 700 rifle, then read the specifications below to give you more information.

Magnification : [ 3x ]

Reticle: [ Multiple ]

Resolution : [ 640 x 480 display ]

Eye Relief : [ 2.70 inches ]

Illumination : [ Black | White | IR ]

Viewing Field – Degrees : [ 5.6º ]

Click Value : [ ¼ Minute of Angle (MOA) ]

Power Source : [ AA Batteries | Lithium Batteries, 4 pcs ]

Battery Life – AA Batteries : [ High IR: 4.5 hours | Low IR: 7.1 hours | IR Off: 11.9 hours ]

Battery Life – Lithium Batteries : [ High IR: 6.7 hours | Low IR: 11.1 hours | IR Off: 17.5 hours ]

Mount Type : [ Picatinny | Weaver ] 

Dimensions (L x W x H) : [ 13.2 inches x 2.7 inches x 4 inches ]

Weight : [ 1.3 pounds ]

Despite its reasonable price, this specialized rifle scope won’t compromise its performance especially when used for your rifle.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Remington 700 Scopes

There are at least three factors that you need to take note of if you are planning to buy a scope for your Remington 700 rifle. These factors are crucial, which can enhance and improve your shooting skills.

1. Magnification

It goes without saying that a powerful magnification feature might be a tempting choice, which isn’t necessarily the case. You have to consider the distance that you prefer when you hunt. 

If you are going for close-range hunting between 100 and 200 yards, then a scope with 1x to 3x magnification is a good choice.

If you are planning to hunt in a mid-range circumference of about 300 to 400 yards, a scope with a magnification range of 3x to 9x or 4x to 12x is ideal for you.

Now, if you are going for over a distance of 600 yards and above, a variable magnification of 12x and above is perfect for your rifle. This is usually applied for military and tactical purposes, long-distance target shooting competitions, and leisure long-range shooting.

2. Durability

Several calibers compatible with Remington Model 700 produce a heavy impact from recoil. Heavy shock very much can affect the overall precision and accuracy of your shooting capabilities. Having a durable scope that can withstand any harsh condition is important to take into consideration on the field. It can make or break the quality of your marksmanship skills. 

3. Reticle

There are several types of reticles to choose from. It is important to note how you plan to hunt, which can be crucial for choosing a scope.

If it is simple for hunting, the reticle type of MilDot, Duplex, or BDC (Bullet Drop Compensating) is a good option for you. 

However, if it is intended for long-distance applications, an advanced type of reticle is the best solution for your Remington 700 rifle. These types of reticles can pretty much aid in adjusting windage and elevation smoothly.

There is also a high chance that you will choose whether or not you want a reticle that is illuminated. This type of reticle is ideal for dimmer environments, which is greatly enhanced by Etched-Glass Reticle.


The Remington 700 is a popular American rifle which is iconic. It is just right to have it partnered with supreme quality scopes. Buying an appropriate scope for you that matches your preferences and hunting needs will definitely enhance the capabilities of your rifle to the fullest while assisting you in achieving zero missed shots.

I hope that the list provided in this article can help you to determine the best rifle scope for your Remington 700 rifle that fits your hunting requirements. Good luck!