10 Best .44 Magnum Scopes in 2023 – Top Picks & Reviews

The .44 Magnum is deemed as one of the most robust and flexible revolver cartridges that is available at the markets nowadays.

If you own one and you are currently searching the markets for a scope that can be a best partner for your .44 Magnum, then this must be your lucky day since we are going to discuss the best .44 Magnum scopes in this article.

The .44 Magnum is a very powerful firearm and it only deserves the highest quality of scopes that would be able to keep up with its performance.

May it be for hunting, target practice and for other tactical operations, you should ensure that your .44 Magnum gets the best equipment possible in order for it to perform well at any condition.

44 Magnum Cartridge

The .44 Magnum is using for years, the popularity of this cartridge is goes beyond the movies. There are many types of guns designed for this bullet and almost everyone shares one common thing – the power of the 44 magnum cartridge. Let us briefly explain some details about this 44 Magnum cartridge.


  • The 44 magnum is one of the famous large-bore cartridges.
  • The 44 Magnum cartridge is first designed only for revolvers after that it has been adopted with rifles and carbines. 
  • It is a high power cartridge, so it can be used in muzzleloaders and heavy recoil rifles. 
  • This caliber is not like any other judging calibers because of its wide range of applications in revolvers and lever-action rifles. 
  • The 44 magnum is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as deer hunting, hog hunting, self-defense, etc. 
  • This type of caliber became more popular in 1971 after the movie dirty Harry.

What Makes The Best .44 Magnum Scope?

First, you have to consider the magnification of the scope sufficient to shoot a hundred yards, which makes the scope best for a .44 magnum. Usually, the solid construction and magnification make the best .44 magnum scopes, which has to withstand many years of rugged usage, and also it has to perform well in all weather conditions.

The high-quality lens will provide the high-density clarity of the images. The magnification is also ideal for when you are choosing the scope for your revolver, and also, it is important to consider in the scout scope for easy handling. The magnification is playing an important role in providing crisp and lucid images.

At the same time, the construction of the scope must be waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof then only it will perform well with the .44 magnum. Apart from this, it should help you for the quick target acquisition.

Finally, the best .44 magnum scopes are designed with the finger-click windage and elevation adjustment for fast and easy use.

Table: 10 Best .44 Magnum Scopes

We know that you are more than ready to know the scopes that are a great fit for your .44 Magnum. So, without further introductions, here are the best .44 Magnum scopes:

10 Best .44 Magnum Scope in 2021 - Reviewed

1. Leupold VX-3 Handgun Scope

If you are looking for a scope that is both versatile and reliable for your .44 Magnum, Leupold’s VX – 3 2.5-8x32mm Handgun Scope is a scope that you should check out.

This scope is really helpful in delivering an adequate eye box, an extended eye relief and optics that offer lucid images of the images you are viewing through it.

All these incredible features that it has contribute to the precision that this scope gives with every shot that it is used. This scope is available in two colors that you can choose from—matte black and silver. Due the quality construction and advanced feature of this scope, it is consider as the first product in the best .44 magnum scopes list. 

Leupold VX-3

Leupold VX-3 Handgun Scope

Twilight Max Light Management System: When you are hunting in the dark of night and this scope suddenly runs out of battery, you have this feature to give you 20 more minutes of light for shooting. Also, this feature reduces and prevents glare from occurring on the images that you are viewing through your scope.

Long Eye Relief: This scope offers a long eye relief that would make your eyes and your head safe from forceful recoils that some firearms may cause. To be more specific, this scope offers a long eye relief that reaches for up to 15 inches—with that length, you would not have to position yourself as perfectly as you have to compared with other scopes just to get a good shot.

Magnification: This scope offers a wide magnification range that is perfect for short range to medium range activities that can be done in the field. To be more specific, it offers a magnification setting that ranges from 2.5X to 8X.



2. Burris Fastfire III Red Dot Sight

Burris’ Fast Fire III is a top-rated scope that you can buy for your .44 Magnum. With its compact size, it is a scope that is highly recommended for self-defense, competitions and hunting activities.

With this scope, you would experience having elevation and windage adjustments that are tool-less. You only have to use your fingers, and you do not need any tools to bring out anymore.

The magnification setting that this scope has would give you the ability of shooting even if your eyes are both open.

Burris Fastfire III

Burris Fastfire III Scope

Pinpoint Accuracy: This scope would put an unmistakable red dot where the point of impact is. You would be able to see that on the images that you are viewing through your scope. With this feature, you would be able to have an advantage when it comes to accuracy and speed.

Versatility: This scope has an automatic brightness sensor that adjusts in order to match the lighting condition in the environment that you are in. But if you are not comfortable with the automatic sensor, you can always choose from the 3 different brightness settings.

Compactness and Portability: This scope is only 1.8 inches in total length, and it is only 1.5 ounces in total weight. With these two characteristics combined, you would be able to maneuver quickly through the field that you are doing your shooting and hunting activities in.



3. Simmons ProHunter Truplex Reticle Handgun Scope

A very good scope for short range and medium range battles is Simmons’ Pro Hunter Truplex Reticle Hand Gun Scope. This is specifically designed to suit the needs of hunters who use .44 Magnum.

Also, this scope is known to be really versatile that it can be used for a lot of activities like varmint hunting, big game hunting and target shooting too. Hence, this Simmons Scope is the best varmint scope on the market.

One good reason that makes it truly compatible with .44 Magnum is the durability of this scope—it does not break or gets destroyed when subjected to the recoil of .44 Magnum.

Simmons ProHunter

Simmons ProHunter Truplex Reticle Handgun Scope

Multi-Coated Optics: The multi-coated optics of this scope would surely bring the brightest and the sharpest images that you are expecting to see through it. Together with its high-quality glass, this scope does deliver the best images of the field.

Waterproof, Fog-proof and Recoil-proof: The properties of this scope all work together in order to make it waterproof and fog-proof in design and performance. Also, it is designed to be recoil-proof specifically from magnum rifles and slug guns. With these characteristics, this scope can be dependable at almost any condition and any rugged use that it might be exposed to.

Long Eye Relief: This scope offers an eye relief that reaches for up to 20 inches—with this length, you can be assured that both your eyes and your head are safe from the recoil of .44 Magnum. Also, with this feature, you would not have to have a perfect position in order to get accurate and precise shots. Thus, promoting faster acquisition of targets.



4. Burris Handgun 2-7x32mm Ballistic Plex Reticle Pistol Scope

This certain scope is a good choice since it is also designed to handle and endure the recoil of .44 Magnum. Not just that, even the most arduous magnum rifles have no match with this scope’s durability.

Burris’ Hand Gun 2-7x32mm Pistol Scope – 200279 has a matte black finish that prevents corrosion and scratches from occurring on its surfaces, and it has an objective that is 32 millimeters in diameter—with that size of objective lens, you can be assured that you would get the enough lighting that you need.

Burris Handgun

Burris Handgun Pistol Scope

Magnification: This scope’s magnification setting provides a lot of benefits and uses. Having quite a wide range of 2X to 7X which you can use for several activities—may it be for short range or medium range shots. This scope’s 2X magnification offers fast target acquisition and a surprisingly massive field of view while its 7X zoom offers accuracy even at hand gun stretching distances.

Fully Multi-Coated Optics: With this feature, you would be able to see an outstandingly lucid image of the field that you are viewing through your scope. This feature can give you all the quality optics that you are going to need for a much better precision and accuracy. Also, with this feature, you can be assured that maximum light transmission would happen even in the darkest times of the day.



5. Leupold FX-II Handgun Scope

Since there are a lot of top-notch options that you can choose from when buying a scope for your .44 Magnum, it might be perplexing sometimes to deal with it.

But this scope, Leupold’s FX–II Hand Gun Scope, is another high-class scope that you should check out. This scope has a very lightweight design that disperses the recoil energy in order to produce an unparalleled durability and performance.

Also, this scope has a very elegant and classy matte finish that adds up to the overall aesthetic of it; not mentioning that it also prevents corrosion and scratches from occurring on its surfaces. The people who are looking for the best .44 magnum scopes in medium price range can consider this scope. 

Leupold FX-II

Leupold FX-II Handgun Scope

Scratch Resistant: Both the lenses and the matte black finish of this scope are scratch resistant. With this feature, this scope passed the standards of extreme abrasion specification from the military.

Twilight Max Light Management System: With this scope, you need not worry about running out of batteries at extremely dark conditions because it would give you 20 more minute of light for shooting. Also, with this specific feature, you can be assured that glare would be reduced in order for you see clear images from one edge to the other.

Waterproof, Fog-proof and Shock-proof: This scope is designed to have some characteristics that make it waterproof, fog-proof and also shock-proof in performance and durability. With these three combined, you would be able to expect this scope to deliver a very well performance at any condition and, at the same time, prove that it is durable.



6. Primary Arms SLX Red Dot Sight

Primary Arms’ SLX Advanced Push-Button Compact and Red Dot Sight is probably one of the red dot sights that you have to consider when you are looking for scopes and red sights for your .44 Magnum.

This scope comes with a free CR2032 battery when you purchase it. It has a 3-year warranty that you would be able to make use of once defects start to manifest from your scope.

Also, this scope includes some other free accessories when bought—these accessories are bikini lens cover for the protection of this scope’s glass and a removable picatinny rail mount.

Primary Arms SLX

Primary Arms SLX Red Dot Sight

Durability: This scope’s housing is made from 6061 aluminum—this type of material is proven to be a very popular type that is used by a lot of manufacturers due to the strength it possesses and shows. Together with this scope’s anodized finish, this scope is less likely to be damaged even when faced with tough conditions and elements.

Waterproof and Fog-proof: This scope is o-ring sealed—if you do not know what this does, it is a property that can be added when this scope is still in the process of construction that makes it waterproof and fog-proof. Both durability and reliability are improved with this property. Even when exposed to adverse weather conditions such as rain, this scope would not let the harmful elements to damage its inside, and, of course, without affecting its performance.



7. Bushnell Trophy Handgun Scope

Bushnell’s Trophy Hand Gun Scope is one of the scopes that are acclaimed to be the best pistol scopes for your .44 Magnum.

With this scope, you would have no problem with edge to edge clarity of the images that you are viewing through it. This pistol scope feature 6 different reticle options that you can choose from.

Well, not just that, it also offers 7 different configurations for you to choose from. This scope is priced reasonably for all the features that it offers.

Bushnell Trophy

Bushnell Trophy Handgun Scope

Long Eye Relief: This scope an eye relief that reaches for up to 20 inches—with that eye relief, you would be assured that your head and your eyes are both free from strain that recoils of .44 Magnum can cause. Also, this eye relief would give you fast target acquisition—as you know, speed is an important thing that you must observe when shooting in the wild since there are a lot of dangerous predators there, and you have to move and shoot faster before they put your life in jeopardy.

Rain Guard HD and Fully Multi-Coated Optics: These two properties, when combined, offer 91 percent of light transmission at any given weather condition in the field. You would be able to depend on this scope to deliver the brightness and clarity that you need even when the lighting becomes dim due to rain or any other factors that might cause light to decrease in amount.



8. Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Riflescope

In a lot of reviews, Redfield’s Revolution 3-9x40mm Riflescope is deemed to be among the top scopes for .44 Magnum firearms.

In fact, this scope is a favorite by hunter since its design is not that complicated and it is a very compact scope. This scope has a black finish that makes it very aesthetic and compatible-looking with a lot of firearms in the industry.

Also, this scope offers 2 distinct reticles that you can choose from. This scope is very light in weight too since it only has a weight of around 12.6 ounces.

It has a massive objective lens that lets light to enter in order to have a better view of the field you are looking at though it—to be more specific, it has a large 40-millimeter diameter objective lens.

Redfield Revolution

Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Riflescope

Rapid Target Acquisition: This scope offers target acquisition that is faster than you can think of. In just a span of less time, you would be able to spot and shoot your targets; thus, doing more in just lesser time. In the wild where there are all the dangerous varmints and predators live, you have to move faster since your life is the at risk if you do not.

Optical Finesse due to Multi-Coated Lenses: This scope offers multi-coated lenses that are of good quality and proven to produce an exquisite quality of images that you are viewing through it. With the very low distortion and very minimum aberration on its color, you would be surprised at how this scope performs well at its price range.



9. Weaver K4 4X38 Riflescope

One of the top preferences of a lot of professionals nowadays is Weaver’s K4 4x38mm Riflescope. Due to its affordability, functionality and durability, this scope has become a favorite by a lot of people.

It has an unparalleled overall design that practices reliability, very light, rugged and clear specifications all at the same time.

Even if you are shooting and targeting moderate to large-sized targets, this scope is a really dependable one. This scope has a total weight of only 9.9 ounces, and it has a total length of only 11.5 inches.

Weaver K4

Weaver K4 4X38 Riflescope

Durability: Made from the highest quality of materials, this scope is expected to be durable and resistant to all the tough conditions it might be exposed to in the field—to be exact, it is made from an aircraft grade aluminum. Also, its glasses are made from the most premium quality of Japanese glasses, so it is truly durable and reliable.

Fixed Power: You need not worry anymore about some forceful and rugged recoil that this scope might experience because it is built with a fixed power that would resist it all even the harshest ones. Hence, the Weaver K4 is the best fixed power scope that provides excellent performance on the field.

Fast Target Acquisition: As mentioned for many times, speed is a skill that you should possess and practice if you want to be a serious hunter. With a lot of dangerous varmints and predators in the wild, you have to act fast. Otherwise, these predators might cause some damage. With this scope, you need not worry about that since it would make you acquire your targets rapidly.



10. Simmons .44 Mag Truplex Side Focus Riflescope

The last on this list, but this does not mean that it is the least, is Simmons’ .44 Mag Truplex 4-12x44mm Side Focus Riflescope. This scope offers an adequate amount of eye relief that measures 3.75 inches.

To be honest, professionals have nothing bad to say about is field of view since it performs more exceptional when compared to scopes that are more expensive in price.

Also, this scope feature simple adjustments for some settings; thus, adjusting would not be much of a hassle for you. This is the last one in the list of best .44 magnum scopes, but it does not mean that this scope is not manufacture in good quality. This Simmons .44 Mag scope is the best choice for the people who are looking in an affordable price range. 

Simmons .44 Mag

Simmons .44 Mag Truplex Side Focus Riflescope

Magnification: The magnification setting of this scope offers a very wide range—from short range to long range of shooting activities, you would be able to do it. With a magnification that ranges from 4X to 12X, this scope is a very versatile one since you would be able to do a lot more compared with scopes that have just a limited range.

Waterproof, Fog-proof and Recoil-proof: This scope also is designed to be very durable in design. With the built it has and the properties of being waterproof, fog-proof and recoil-proof, this one is truly worth the money you are going to spend for it. You would be able to use it for a long period of rugged purposes and even use it under any weather conditions—adverse or not.



.44 Magnum Scope Vs Red Dot Sight

Red Dot Sight is highly recommended for the gun, especially when you are going hog hunting. You can accurately focus on the deers with the help of GP 100 that comes with the ProPoint. When comparing the red dot sight with the .44 Magnum scope, the red dot sight is faster than the .44 Magnum Scope.

Anyhow, if you are planning to shoot a long-range target, the .44 Magnum Scope will perform well. It proves that you can easily target more animals with the Contender in 7mm TCU with 2X8. This will help you to shoot the target up to 150 yards.

The Red Dot Sight is more useful in woody or brushy regions, and also it shows the accurate target for fast work. A scope with 2X magnification is more suitable for open landscape, and the target might be 100 yards or more.

It proves that the red dot sight is a reasonable one to pick, as well as the magnified scope commonly requires tremendous practice to utilize with haste. 

You can practice with the help of scope and makes it exceptional compared to the other sight models, but without sufficient practice, shooting the moving target is more difficult than the red dot sight.

Moreover, the red dot sight performs extremely well in low light conditions. Using the red dot sight, you can easily acquire the target, which makes it apparent from the .44 Magnum Scope.

Factors that You Should Consider Before Buying .44 Magnum


The durability of a scope is a very important thing that must be taken into consideration since it is where depends a lot of things—the reliability, the life of the scope and the resistance to tough elements and different adverse weather conditions.

Some of the recommendations for a durable scope is that it must be built from materials such as the following: aluminum, steel, aluminum alloy, 6061-T6 aluminum, aircraft grade aluminum, heat-treated steel and many other more.

With those types of materials as the built of your scope, you can be assured that your scope would last long and be of high strength for a shock-proof and recoil-proof performance.

When talking about a scope’s resistance to different tough elements and adverse weather conditions, some of the recommended properties are the following: nitrogen purged, nitrogen filled, argon purged, o-ring sealed and completely sealed.

With some of those properties combined, you would be assured that your scope has the resistance to fog, moisture and water.

Magnification Range

The magnification setting of your scope is what would depict the type of hunting and targeting activities that you can do with it. That is why it is imperative that you choose a scope for your .44 Magnum that would let you do the activities you want to do.

For example, a 1X to 4x scope is made specifically for short ranges to medium ranges of activities only. Another one, a 3X to 9X magnification scope can do medium ranges to long ranges of activities.

Those two types of magnification range are the most common types that you can buy from the markets. But nowadays, there are already a lot of types—there is 2.5X to 8X, there is 6X to 24X, there are magnification that reaches 32X.

To make it short, there a lot that you can choose from. The only thing that you have to consider before doing so is the activities that you are planning to do with it.

Eye Relief

The .44 Magnum is somehow known to have some forceful recoils that is why it is imperative that you get a scope with an adequate eye relief in order for your eyes and your heat to be safe from strain or pain when recoils hit hard.

While a 3-inch eye relief seems adequate already, there are a lot of scopes that are considered to be more generous than that. There are some that offers eye relief that reaches 6 inches.

There are some that reaches 9 inches. Some may extend for up to 12 inches. But the most convenient ones are the ones that offer an unlimited eye relief.

Not only would you be so sure that both your eyes and head are safe, you would also get fast target acquisition and comfortable positioning while shooting with a longer eye relief. So, buy a scope with an eye relief that would be of much, much help for you and your shooting.

Quality of Optics

The quality of the images of the surroundings that you are going to see through your scope all depends on the optics of it.

Some of the recommended quality of optics are the following: multiple layers of coating, diamond coating, emerald coating, fully multi-coated layers of coating and many other more.

Some brands like to put their unique touch of coating in order to enhance the quality of images. But with these ones listed, you can already be assured that you would see the brightest, the clearest and the best quality of images through your scope.

Because with all those that are listed, maximum transmission of light is a priority in order for your scope to be functional even at night or low-light conditions as well.


The reticle is an important thing to consider for fast target acquisition. There are thousands of reticle models available, and one buying guide is not enough to talk about all of them. Still, we give some ideas about the reticle that you may choose when it comes to scopes. 

Cross Reticle: The cross reticle is a standard type reticle; the reticle’s shape looks like a cross, and sometimes a black or red pointer is designed in the middle of the cross. It helps to aim better, and it gives simple and effective aiming. 

Marked Reticles: This is one of the additional designs apart from the point or cross. This reticle design comes with the markings to identify the distances, which helps to aim the target much better, especially on the long-range target. 

Fully Marked Crosshair: The fully marked crosshair is the most complicated reticle pattern than all other designs. This reticle pattern provides not only distance marking but also some additional features, such as lights, windage, decluttering, etc.


No need to say, when it comes to the .44 Magnum Scope or Sight, the weight is the special thing to consider. The reason behind the consideration of the weight is no one prefers to add the unnecessary weight on the rifle; it may cause the bulk feeling to you.

When you are going hunting, you need to carry your firearm all through the day. When you find out the target, surely, you have to set yourself in the firing position. In this case, a bulky carbine will slow down the timing and speed. 

Field Of View

FOV is defined as a field of view, it refers to the image resolution when you will look at the object through the scope. The field of view is hand-in-hand with the objective lens diameter of the scope.

It is also important to consider the scope with more magnification range, you will get less FOV. So this feature will make an impact on the size of the scopes and the magnification. 

The FOV will measure in the feet per 100 yards. For Example, if your scope offers a 7-feet per 100 yards field of view, you will see only 7 ft of the total space from one edge to another edge. SO we recommended choosing the scope with a high field of view. 

Recoil Resistance

Not most people consider this feature, but this is also an important feature to consider in pistols’ scope. It is not a matter that the handguns are small in size because some of the models have tons of recoil and power.

The .44 Magnum revolver is a great example because this type of revolver has more recoil than the Glock. So you have to choose the scope that matches that kind of recoil. We recommended choosing the scope that has the anti-recoil build.

A dual spring-loaded tensioner is a perfect example for that. The impact-resistant and shatter-resistant scopes are also an ideal choice to protect from recoil damage. Overall, make sure that your scope can handle tons of recoil that you are using with the powerful handgun. 


The above-mentioned scopes are just some of the best .44 magnum scopes that you would be able to find in the markets nowadays.

But these ones listed are the ones that are of extreme compatibility and complement to your .44 magnum.

Remember that you also have to consider your budget when buying a scope—you need not spend much for the best .44 magnum scopes, there a lot of mid-ranged price scopes that perform better than the ones of higher prices.

Also, you to have to choose a scope that is not too much for you—not a scope that is too complicated. With a complicated scope, you would be hindered from doing what you can since you would get confused at configuring it at sometimes.

But, if you choose a scope that is just right for your skills and needs, you be able to perform and be at your best when you are shooting. A scope that makes you comfortable when you are using it would unleash all your potentials in shooting.

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