The Best Shotgun Scopes in 2023

As a Hunter, you know that having the right shotgun scope can make a big difference in your success rate.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the 10 best shotgun scopes in 2023.

This way, you can be sure that you’re using a great shotgun optic no matter for what purpose you’ll use it like self defense, turkey, deer or as a slug gun scope.

We’ve tried all of them so you can trust us with the options we are suggesting below.

After this guide, you will be able to identify the perfect riflescope model for your shotgun.

Here we go!

Three key factors in achieving an ideal shotgun scope:

  • Must be eligible for long distance shooting.
  • It is essential to have excellent measurements in all categories.
  • No matter what type of hunter you are, your level of experience is very important.

Featured Shotgun Scope


Bushnell Trophy is an amazing shotgun scope that guarantees centerfire accuracy of up to 600 yards. A combination of DOA 200 Multi-X Reticle, Large Objective Lens, Ample Magnification Power, it is ideal for shooting.

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Many hunters prefer shotguns because of their wide viable options of ammunition available for them. These shotguns are famous for hunting, competition, and defense. If you choose only one firearm, then many hunters will recommend a shotgun for you.

A scope is a sensible addition to your shotgun to get the most out of shotguns for gaming like deer hunting. Using the best scopes for shotguns ensures you get a better aiming and view of your target.

Today’s market is engaged in a various types of rifle scopes. We aim to find the right scopes that could work great with your shotguns. Even an excellent shotgun scope does not need a big budget, which is the best part.

Let’s explore some of the best scopes for shotguns here. Keep reading to find the best shotgun scope for you and know how to choose the right one to get better results in the end.

What We’ll Cover Here

Why Shotgun Scope is Great?
8 Best Shotgun Scopes in 2021
1. Bushnell     – Best Multi-Coated Rifle Scope
2. Monstrum  – Best Multi-Reticle Red Dot Sight
3. Holosun      – Best Scope for 3-Gun
4. Leupold      – Best Shotgun scope for Hunting
5. TRUGLO     – Best Shotgun Scope for Slugs
6. TRUGLO     – Best Illuminated Reticle Scope
7. Burris         – Best Shotgun Scope for the Money
8. Vortex        – Best Compact Shotgun Scope
9. Aimpoint    – Best Shotgun Scope for Remington 870
10. EOTech      – Best Tactical Shotgun
Need of Shotgun Scope
When the Shotgun Does not Need an Optic?
Ideal Magnification for Your Needs
Which Type of Optic is Suitable for Your Need?
Shotgun Vs. Centerfire Rifle Scope
Reason to Add an Optic to Your Shotgun
Buying Guide: Factors to Consider while Buying a Shotgun Scope
Best Manufacturers of Shotgun Scopes
Frequently Asked Questions

Why Shotgun Scope?

As shotguns have started being used for home defense, competition, and large gaming like deer, the market for the best shotgun scopes is filled with many brands and models. So it is nearly impossible to choose one just like that. You should research, compare, and analyze to pick the best one. Like other scopes and weapon sights, the shotgun scope also should match your hunting style and help you do better in the field. Let’s see what makes a shotgun scope great.

Durability is the primary concern in all the purchases you made, especially for outdoor actions. The great shotgun scope should not break and leak even after being crushed, smashed, and thrashed. Despite the weather and ground conditions of the area, the scope should not reduce its performance.

Clarity is the second thing. Great scope for shotgun should offer clear images of the target. The scope does not need a high-resolution sensor to provide high-quality images with clarity. It is good to choose as long as it differentiates your target from the surroundings.

Magnification of the scope directly affects accuracy. The magnification should not need to be high, but it should not affect the scope’s accuracy.

Easy-to-go design will be the last thing. Your scope can have many advanced features and functions, but it should not affect the usability and maneuverability.

Few other factors make a scope great, but the above are the top things you should have in your mind when searching for one.

Best Shotgun Scope in 2022 – Reviewed

1. Bushnell Trophy DOA 200 with Multi-X Reticle

Shotgun scopes are available from various brands and models with different features and types. Among all the popular brands, Bushnell is one of the manufacturers who produce weapon sights for rifles and shotguns in large amounts. This Bushnell Trophy Scope for Shotgun is one of their excellent releases to check out.


  • Brand: Bushnell
  • Weight: 0.89 Pounds
  • Tube Diameter: 1-inch
  • Magnification: 3-9x
  • Obj Lens Diameter: 40 mm

Pros & Cons

1.] Versatile scope
2.] Clear and bright vision
3.] Unique camouflage design

1.] Doesn’t have the illumination on reticle

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This scope has a very unique and adaptive design that makes it look ideal in the list. It is a combination of advanced features and great vision over the target. All these things make this Bushnell Trophy be the best shotgun scopes for deer hunting.

Bushnell scopes and optics are created with the requirements of a hunter in mind and their budget. So, their products don’t empty your balance. The shotgun scope has 3x to 9x magnification power, which is high compared to other models. So, you can get a clear view of your target even from a long distance.

The scope uses a 40mm large objective lens, which is relatively wider than other models of its class: the large lens, the high light transmission. But remember the size of the objective lens in the scope also affects its weight. The lens is entirely multi-coated with anti-reflective materials that increase clarity and light transmission.

To get most out of the shotguns, the scope comes with 200 DOA reticle, which is excellent to use with slug guns to shoot the moving targets. The optical tube in the scope is about 1 inch that works great with all the standard sets of optical rings.

The durable outer layer of the shotgun scope is fog proof and waterproof to protect the unit from extreme conditions. So with this indispensable scope, you don’t need to worry when using it in foggy outdoors. This Bushnell Trophy scope is one of the best shotgun scope for slugs available on the market.

The Trophy shotgun scope is shockproof and resists 12 gauge recoil without losing zero. The scope comes with 4-inch eye relief, which is comfortable to view the small targets from long range. The aiming and shooting will not need you to be close to the scope’s eyepiece.

2. Monstrum S330P 3x Prism Rifle Scope

If you are looking for a compact scope on your gun, then you can consider this Monstrum Tactical Rifle Scope.

It has the features for heavy-duty even though it comes as compact. So you can use the scope for a long time without compromising the durability and the quality of the scope.


  • Brand: Monstrum
  • Weight: 15 oz
  • Eye Relief: 3+inches
  • Magnification: 3x
  • Obj Lens Diameter: 30 mm

Pros & Cons

1.] Compact scope
2.] Glass prism optical system
3.] Best for long range shooting

1.] Doesn’t hold zero perfectly

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It offers 3x magnification power that is far enough for the shotguns, slug guns, and kinds. The objective lens of the shotgun scope is 30mm. This is the right size for allowing large amounts of light particles from the surroundings to scope and offer better clarity.

The overall weight of the shotgun scope is 15 ounces. Those who would like to have a moderate weight of guns and scope for hunting will find this model the right one. Being more compact, active, light, and loaded with features, this shotgun scope is a great choice for budget concerning buyers.

The optics of the scope is made of a glass prism, so you get better images of the targets. The manufacturer uses this type of optics in this prism scope to offer its customers better image quality than their traditional rifle scopes.

When you mostly spend time in low light conditions with your gun and scope, then this gun scope is such a type that can offer more liabilities than you expect.

The Monstrum shotgun scope comes with a visible reticle type, which helps the hunter aim their targets clearly, even if it is smaller and from a long distance. The handling and carrying of this scope are easier and quicker. Anyone can get used to this scope very easily.

3. Holosun HS510C 2 MOA Red Dot Sight

This Holosun HS510C Red Dot Sight is a suitable choice for those who need an effective scope for 3-gun competitions and home defense. This scope offers great performance and makes it easy for the shooters to aim and hit the targets quickly and easily.


  • Brand: HOLOSUN
  • Magnification: 1 x
  • Battery Life: 50000 hrs
  • Battery Type: CR2032
  • Finish: Aluminum

Pros & Cons

1.] Long life battery
2.] Best for home defense
3.] Simple to remove and mount

1.] It won’t zero

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It maintains the full field of view and 100% awareness of the surroundings of the hunter. This weapon sight provides the hunters all the features from a coated objective lens, full field of view, magnification power, and detection that help them achieve what they need.

The battery life of this Hologun shotgun scope is outstanding and unmatchable by the other models. The sights offer almost 50,000 hours of operation time using a single CR2032 battery. So you can use the scope for years without worrying about replacing the battery and power.

To save even more energy and to extend the battery life, this shotgun scope is equipped with a Solar panel that observes the energy from daylight. It means while you use the scope for day time hunting, the scope is working in another way to offer you more hunting time. So you get infinite power on hunting from your scope. You may get tired, but your scope won’t be tired of aiming at the targets for you.

This is the reflex red dot sight that also has 1 MOA dot surrounded with a 65 MOA ring. It is the popular ring type. These MOA dots and rings enable the scope for quick acquisition on fast-moving close range targets and accurate ranging. There are Dot and Ring reticle or Dot only and Ring only combinations available with this scope.

The scope is made of Titanium alloy, which makes sure the scope withstand extreme weather conditions and provide clarity even in fog or smoky environments. The overall design of the shotgun scope is shock resistant. The QD mounting system of the scope makes it easy for mounting and demounting.

4. Leupold VX-Freedom 2-7×33 1 inch Riflescope

If you’re searching for the best shotgun scope for your hunting adventures with lightweight, then this Leupold VX-Freedom Riflescope is the perfect choice for your needs.

It is the best leupold shotgun scope available on the market with excellent features that many premium scopes offer.

It comes at an affordable price, so it is ideal for the budget hunters. For decades, it has provided outstanding hunting performances on the field.

Leupold VX-Freedom 2-7x33mm Riflescope

  • Brand: Leupold
  • Obj Lens Diameter: 33 mm
  • Eye Relief: 4.2 3.7 inches
  • Magnification: 2-7x
  • Weight: 11.1 oz

Pros & Cons

1.] Affordable
2.] Durable construction
3.] Crisp and clear images

1.] Turrets need improvement

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When it comes to magnification, it comes with a magnification range of 2-7x that allows you to view the target clearly from short to long-range distance.

The 2x low magnification of this scope allows you to shoot the target that is closer to you up to 50 yards, while the 7x higher magnification allows you to accurate shots from a distance up to 300 yards.

This Leupold shotgun scope will fit your shotgun and will be your perfect companion to provide better performance. It helps you to acquire the fast moving target easily.

It comes with the high-quality optics to deliver crisp and clear images with sharp details. The lens of this scope is coated with multiple layers that reduce glare and improves the visibility like the human eye even in low-light conditions.

The optics system contains a Twilight Light Management System that provides an extra time of light during hunting in low-light areas.

This improves vibrant colors and increases the contrast of the images to provide a high-quality image in dusk and dawn conditions.

The objective lens of this scope is 33mm that allows available light into the scope to improve light transmission and provides better target images. The reticle present in this scope is Duplex that can be used by many hunting enthusiasts.

This reticle provides you an accurate view of the target in any distance. The crosshairs present in this reticle allow you to focus the target from a long-range distance and view the exact hitting point of the target.

It comes with an excellent adjustment system that provides excellent windage and elevation adjustments to compensate for wind and bullet drop.

This Leupold shotgun scope is constructed with durable 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum materials to ensure strong construction so you can hunt in rugged environments.

Though it has rugged construction, it is light in weight, and provides comfort while shooting on the field, and allows you to carry it anywhere. This durable construction provides waterproof, shockproof, fog proof, and scratch proof performance in all weather conditions.

5. TRUGLO 4x32mm Compact Rimfire and Shotgun Scope

TRUGLO optics are famous for their low-cost optics and sights for hunting and shooting since they developed their first device. The TRUGLO 4x32mm Compact Rimfire is one of the best shotgun scope for slugs that provides quality features at a low cost.

This cost-driven shotgun sight made, especially for smaller targets and gaming. Though these have few features, the scope performs excellently in the hunting field.

TRUGLO 4x32mm Compact Rimfire

  • Brand: TRUGLO
  • Obj Lens Diameter: 32 mm
  • Magnification: 3 x
  • Eye Relief: 4 inches
  • Finish: Matte Black

Pros & Cons

1.] Fully coated lens
2.] Comes with rubber eye guard
3.] Best shotgun scopes for deer hunting

1.] Not suitable for beginners

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If you love simplicity in scope and like to buy a low-cost unit, then TRUGLO Compact Rimfire is for you. The scope comes with a 4x fixed magnification power settings. Its fixed magnification makes sure the hunter gets reliable performance.

It also reduces the overall size and weight of the scope. Without parallax adjustment, you can easily handle the scope and carry it around for a long time.

The 32mm objective lens in the scope is multi-coated to allow high light transmission, thus improves the clarity and quality of the images. Its lens is made of high-quality materials that protect the slim and trim optic from debris and other breakages due to weather conditions.

The size of the objective lens and optics in the scope allows a decent amount of light particles to hunt in all the everyday shooting situations.

Overall, the scope is one of the best values in this list of best shotgun scopes. There are other few added features also available with this scope. The rubber eye guard is one of those features that protect the hunter’s eyes and brows from the impact of recoil. There is a mount with this scope that is easy to mount and demount on your shotgun.

6. TRUGLO Gobbler Stopper Turkey Hunting Sight

TRUGLO Gobbler Stopper sight is the best shotgun scope for turkey hunting. This is the great choice for a turkey firearm that comes with advanced features and functions.

This TRUGLO Gobble Stopper sight illuminated reticle scope  has a unique reticle that shows a 24 inches circle at 30 yards distance. The reticle will be illuminated in two different colors, such as red and green.


  • Brand: TRUGLO
  • Obj Lens Diameter: 30 mm
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Battery Type: 3V-CR2032
  • Light Transmission: 95%

Pros & Cons

1.] Has reticle illumination
2.] Comes with spare battery
3.] Made by robust aluminum

1.] Bulky than others

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The Standard CR2032 battery is used in this turkey hunting gun sight that is the primary source of reticle illumination. This red dot sight is compact and weighs less regardless of the features.

The built-in mounting system of this red dot sight can be attached to all the standard rail types in the gun receiver. So you don’t need to spend extra money on scope rings and other mounting hardware.

This scope made of high-grade alloy materials that made the scope waterproof so you can use the scope even in the rain without affecting the clarity. The internal parts of the scope are fog proof to prevent the objective lens from the distortion.

This scope has detachable anti-glare caps that protect the scope and the internal optics from the outdoor conditions by being an extra layer of cover. The standard elevation and windage adjustments of the scope offer the similar shooter controls as earlier standard adjustments so that the hunter won’t waste time on adjusting it.

The unlimited eye relief of the scope is another advantage over other models. With these features, you can mount this scope anywhere on the gun receiver.

Hunting at night is called camouflage. So most hunting optics manufacturers design the optics with matte finish and camouflage finish so that the hunter can stay away from predators. Likewise, this red dot sight also comes in matte black and camouflage finish so you can choose the one based on your preference.

7. Burris FastFire III 3 MOA & 8 MOA Red Dot Sight

If you’re a short-range shooter, having a quality red dot sight for shotguns will improve your CBQ shooting experience.

In this case, the Burris Fastfire III Red dot sight will be your perfect shotgun scope on the field. It increases your speed and accuracy to acquire the target easily. It has less price while compared to its competitors and provides better performance than them.

Burris Fastfire III Red Dot Sight

  • Brand: Burris
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Weight: 0.9 oz
  • Dimensions: 6x5x2 inches
  • Obj Lens Diameter: 21mm

Pros & Cons

1.] Rugged construction
2.] Long-lasting battery life
3.] Light in weight
4.] Easy mounting

1.] Adjustment turrets needs improvement

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It comes with a fixed 1x magnification that provides you a clear view of the target that is closer to you. With this magnification, you can shoot the targets from a particular range of distance, and it is perfect for close combat situations.

The features present in this red dot sight allow you to perform various tactical activities, so it is the best tactical shotgun scope for the hunters and shooters.

The lens of this scope is coated with multiple layers to improve clarity in low-light conditions and reduce reflection. One of the impressive features of this Burris FastFire III is its auto-brightness sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness based on the lighting conditions of your surrounding environment.

This sensor helps to provide better images in all light conditions no matter what the available light condition. It has 3 default brightness settings that are high, medium, and low.

The higher brightness setting is suitable for the bright light conditions so that you can view the objects clearly. The medium brightness is perfect for the dreary conditions or indoors where there is available light, and the low brightness setting is ideal for the low-light conditions such as dusk or dawn where there is no available lights. This sensor runs by a battery that provides long-lasting operation. It is one of the best burris shotgun scope for your needs.

This tactical shotgun scope comes with two reticle options such as 8 MOA dot and 3 MOA dot, so you can choose anyone based on your needs.

Generally, the 8 MOA dot is suitable for the shotguns and handguns to provide excellent shooting from a short-range distance. On the other hand, the 3 MOA dot is widely used with rifles to improve accuracy for quick target acquisition.

This red dot sight is constructed with high-grade aluminum materials to ensure solid construction and durability in rugged conditions. Moreover, this shotgun scope is 100% waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof, so you can hunt or shoot in all environmental conditions.

8. Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

If you are looking for a scope to your 12 gauge shotgun, this Vortex shotgun scope is the right one to start with. The Vortex Optics Diamonback rifle scope would be a suitable option for those who go for extreme hunting and shooting activities. It assures speed, accuracy, and reliance.

Vortex Optics Diamondback

  • Brand: Vortex
  • Magnification: 1.75-4x
  • Weight: 12.8 oz
  • Obj Lens Diameter: 32 mm
  • Finish: Hard Anodized

Pros & Cons

1.] Second focal plane
2.] Ideal for extreme hunting
3.] Many eyesight features

1.] Can’t alter the image size

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This rifle scope is best for big competitions, and intricate shooting sessions as the scope has a high resolution, durable body, and hiding matte black finish.

The scope has a multi-coated 32mm objective lens that offers 4x magnification power. As the lens is coated with anti-reflective materials, glare and fog are prevented.

The customized dot design in the scope avoids a lot of guesswork and provides precision. Its Dead-hold BDC type reticle dot insight is the right choice for adjusting windage and holdover.

The specially made eyepiece of this scope offers great vision while hunting stringent targets in low conditions. The captured images remain constant in the scope because of its SFP (Second Focal Plane) reticle. Its bright pictures are guaranteed once you focus the scope on your targets regardless of magnification adjustments.

The optical tube of the scope is anodized and durable to hold minor bumps. This scope sealed with an O-ring, and argon purged to turn its water and fog proof.

9. Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic

If you’re looking for a red dot sight for shotgun, this Aimpoint Pro optic is the perfect choice for you. The Aimpoint Pro is one of the best red dot sights available on the market with excellent features.

This red dot sight contains night vision modes that allow you to view the targets any time, no matter what the lighting condition is. Thus, it is an ideal choice for those who like to hunt at nighttime.

Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight

  • Brand: Aimpoint
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Weight: 11.6 oz
  • Obj Lens Diameter: 38 mm
  • Length: 5.2 inches

Pros & Cons

1.] High-quality optics
2.] Night vision compatibility
3.] Affordable price
4.] Easy target acquisition

1.] Reticle needs improvement

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With this red dot sight, you can acquire your target easily with improved accuracy. It comes with high-quality optics that provide you crisp and clear images of the target in all light conditions. It is specially designed to perform in harsh conditions. It can be used indoors with its excellent light capability.

It comes with a 1x fixed magnification that allows you to clearly view the targets that are closer to you. The objective lens of this sight is 38mm that is large enough to provide you better target images in all lighting conditions.

This large objective lens improves light transmission and delivers bright images of the target in low light conditions. It comes with 2 MOA reticle that contain 10 brightness settings, and you can choose one based on your needs.

The objective lens of this red dot sight is coated with multiple layers to eliminate glare during bright conditions and provides clear images in low-light conditions. It is the optic that ensures safety during critical conditions at nighttime.

This Aimpoint Pro is constructed with durable materials to ensure rugged construction and reliable performance in the harsh conditions.

It includes a durable Aimpoint QPR2 mount and removable spacer that helps you to easily adjust the sight based on your needs. Moreover, it comes with a flip-up lens cover to protect your sight from damage.

10. EOTech EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

EOTech EXPS2 Holographic Sight is one of the best shotgun scopes on the market that can be widely used in many tactical applications. It is preferred by many modern shooters for its high-quality features and reliable performance on the field.

EOTech EXPS2 is one of the best holographic sights that provide better visibility to the hunters or shooters on the field. If you’re an AR-15 owner, then this EOTech EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight is the perfect choice for you.

EOTECH EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight

  • Brand: EOTech
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Weight: 11.2 oz
  • Length: 3.5 inches
  • Dimensions: 3.8×2.9×2.2 inches

Pros & Cons

1.] Rugged construction
2.] Easy to operate
3.] Improved accuracy
4.] Reliable performance

1.] Not ideal for nighttime

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It is the best scope for duck hunting and competitive shooting. It can be used in close quarter battles, and many special forces and US military uses this holographic sight for their operations. It comes with high-quality optics that provide crystal clear images of the target.

It contains two reticle versions that have 20 brightness settings based on your shooting or hunting situations. With this brightness conditions, you can view your targets in dark conditions without any additional lighting source. This multiple brightness setting allows you to adjust during shooting operations quickly.

It comes with a compact size that provides more convenience while operating, and you can easily carry this wherever you go.

This EXPS2 holographic sight has side buttons and adjustable locking, so you can easily change the settings based on your needs. The Quick Detach lever present in this holographic sight allows you to easily install the system without any complexity.

It is constructed with rugged materials to ensure its durability in the tough conditions. This holographic sight is water-resistance and can submerge into 10 ft water, so you can use this optic in all environmental conditions.

It comes with a CR123 battery that provides 1000 hours of continuous operation so you can spend more time on the field.

What’s the Need of Shotgun Scope

Some people find mounting a scope on the rifle as its downside sometimes. Based on the situation and conditions, a scope may be highly beneficial or the wrong thing you did.

For wing shooting, you might need a shotgun with a bead sight, or else you will less likely utilize your ability to track and see the target while hunting.

However, using a scope for shotgun, slug gun, or rifle shotgun barrel for large gaming like turkey hunting improves accuracy and avoids missing targets.

While you went for shooting a single projectile like a slug, you eventually need a large caliber low-pressure rifle.

Aiming and shooting a turkey or smaller targets is different than shooting at birds or ducks. In these cases, you need a perfect rifle sight or a scope.

When the Shotgun Doesn’t Need an Optic?

Having an optic to your shotgun improves your shooting in various situations, and at the same time, an optic also may harm your performance in some situations.

Not always an optic improves your hunting or shooting experience, and it may affect your performance according to the conditions. If you’re shooting on sporting clays, skeet, shooting traps, then it is better to shoot without an optic.

Most of the hunters use shotguns only for Shooting the wings since it requires a technique of point and shoot. The wing and skeet shooters only focus their targets and keep their both eyes open and acquire the target easily.

The optic may interfere while shooting the moving targets since it may distract the attention of the shooter to the reticle for focusing. Generally, the optic compels you to focus on the targets instead of making shots.

If you’re going to hunt doves, waterfowl, and other birds, then you can use only your shotgun without any optic to get successful hunting.

What’s an Ideal Magnification for Shotgun Scope?

The magnification power of the scope is significant because these can affect the overall accuracy of the scope. So when selecting the scope checking its magnification is vital. The right magnification range of the scope should enhance the accuracy and precision while aiming and shooting the targets from long distance. It should allow you to hit your target cleanly.

The two common types of magnification settings are Fixed and Variable. Both models have advantages and disadvantages. So it is not easy to choose the one. Let’s discuss the good and bad parts of these two magnification settings.

Types of magnification

Fixed Magnification Scopes

The scopes with the fixed magnification have a specific range that can’t be altered above that. Though the fixed magnification power scopes are hardly adaptable, these scopes are highly reliable as they don’t allow for adjustments. Because of the fixed magnification, the scope will be small, light, and simple. The fixed power scopes with parallax are a excellent choice for beginners.

Variable Magnification Scopes

The great advantage of variable power scopes is flexibility. Unlike the fixed power scopes, these variable power scopes offer great adjustability and flexibility. The adjustable turrets in these scope aid you use your scope magnification that suits current conditions and targets. The veteran hunters highly benefited from these scopes while adjusting the scope to hit their targets.

On the negative side, these variable power scope might be hard to operate and complicated for beginners. A variable magnification means an adjustable parallax. The constant adjustment consumed more time and delayed the aiming. The larger the magnification power, the heavier the scope will be. So if you need a variable magnification range, you should be ready to bear the weight of a bulkier scope on your scope.

We have highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of both styles. Now, it is up to your decision on which type of magnification power you need. Research and read reviews of different products to compare and find which will be more suitable for you.

Which Type of Optic is Suitable for Your Need?

If you are looking for the best scopes for your shotguns, dozens of options are available in the market. Each one works well with your shotgun. The type of optic is based on what kind of hunting you plan with your shotgun. Here we’ve mentioned the various types of optics for your shotgun.


The scopes are the best choice for the long range rifle shooting, machined slugs, and fully rifled barrels. It effectively works well and gives a precision target for your shotgun. The low power riflescope is the right choice for those who are looking for the optic for a slug gun. When compared to the typical rifle, a slug gun comes with a shorter range. You no need a high magnification because 1.5x to 9x range magnification is enough.

Red Dots and Holo Sights

The next option for your shotgun is a red dot and holo sights. For fast target acquisition, the red dot optics are used. It comes with little to no magnification, which is ideal for all hunting situations.

Reflex sights like red dots and holographic sights are most widely used for home defense shotguns.

Shotgun Vs. Centerfire Rifle Scope

Shotgun Vs Centerfire Riflescope
Shotgun Vs Centerfire Riflescope

As of now, there are different kinds of choices available for shotguns than ever before. But still, Centerfire rifles have more options available. If you have a centerfire rifle scope that is in the right condition to reuse or attached to the rifle scope that you are not ready to give up, but that scope on to your shotgun without any doubt.

The shotgun recoil is no longer on a scope than rifles, though they are much harder than wide varieties of available rifles. If you have doubts, contact the manufacturer and check if the scope you plan to reuse is qualified for shotgun recoil before mounting it on the rifle.

Using a scope in the wrong way will break the thing and void the warranty.

Most of the rifle scopes come as high magnification, so these will be heavier. But it is not an issue on shotguns as the more the gun weighs, the less the gun recoils.

Reason to Add an Optic to Your Shotgun

Why is it necessary to add a scope to your shotgun when accuracy is not a top priority when shooting shotguns? Well, it doesn’t hurt to hit your targets precisely once. Also, a scope is very important in finding distant targets.

Without intimidating your targets, you can scout the targets from a long distance by using a scope. It helps you to improve your hunting skills. Moreover, its heavy covers help to prevent you from adverse targets.

Overall, a scope greatly improves how you shoot and how you find targets. Your scoring ability will be even better when using scopes with bullet drop compensation. The optics can be attached to the top of the gun with a ripped rail.

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch, so invest in a good shotgun. With adequate eye relief provided for multiple scopes, you can run them comfortably. The purpose of the red dot is not to obstruct your external vision, which increases your accuracy.

If you are participating in competitions, then the best shotgun scopes are a must. They are provided accuracy and speed and also available at affordable prices.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider while Buying a Shotgun Scope

Most of the hunters nowadays preferring high-end rifle scope for long-range hunting. Some may question the need for shotgun scopes because you are going to use it for deer, turkey, and small targets. But, having a shotgun scope will surely increase your skills in hunting.

If you are a beginner or veteran, choose the shotgun scope to improve your accuracy. The magnification power and reticle allow you to get brighter and precise images to hit the targets. Shotguns are great for shooting moving targets.

Every day, we receive different models and features of scopes, so it might not be very clear to choose the right one.

It takes time to research and find the right scope for your shotgun. But it is not an impossible task. Read reviews of different products, compare various brands, check features, and pick the best one.

We have given the detailed guide for choosing the right shotgun scope for you if you did not find the above list of best shotgun scopes that fit your needs.


Before going into features and models available for shotgun scopes, you should have the answer to an important question. What is the primary purpose of the shotgun you are looking to buy?

The answer shows what you want your scope to serve for you.

The fast targeting red dot sight that is typically used for home defense cannot be used for deer hunting or shooting slugs in a long-range.

Likewise, if you are using an 18-inch barrel on a 12 gauge gun model for self-defense, you may not use the same firearm for hunting turkey. One should have a light semi-automatic forearm for shooting clays and a high-end combat model for three gun competitions.


As we already discussed the features of excellent shotgun scope, the durable shotgun scope is the right choice if you will hunt at different weather conditions and scenarios. From the beginning, these shotguns are used for hunting animals like deer, turkey, rabbit, and small birds. So there is a chance it will get trashed and damaged.

A well-conditioned scope on a shotgun should endure all these situations. Shotguns are lighter, and they have strong recoils, so the shotgun scope has to fight back that too. Choose the shotgun scope that is tough for extreme use. The right shotgun scope must withstand accidental dropping also.

To ensure all these, you have to check the materials used for making the unit.


A right shotgun scope should provide clear and crisp images of the targets. As you are using the shotgun, your targets will be near, so the high resolution is not there. The scope should allow you to distinguish the targets and surroundings with its sharp images of good clarity.


The clarity of the scope is important to help the shooters get aim on their targets. You don’t need to spend high for best clarity; instead, check if the lenses in the scope are good or not. The scopes with multi-coated lenses are great models that provide clarity.

Magnification Power

Magnification power settings of the scope is an essential factor to check as it can make or break the game. Unless you go for long-range shooting, there is no need for a high zooming range in your shotgun scope.

As we have seen, magnification settings come in two different ways, such as Fixed and Variable. Fixed magnification power scopes guarantee reliable performance using constant parallax. Crisper and clearer images are ensured. It is easy to use and carry as they weigh less.

A great choice for beginners.

Variable power scopes allow the hunter to adjust the magnification and parallax. It offers more flexibility to the hunter while shooting. But, due to adjustable parallax and magnification, the scope is heavier and harder to use.

Shooting using shotguns will not need a scope of high magnification power. The range of 4x to 12x is far enough.

Eye Relief

Shotguns have strong recoil; the scopes having a long eye relief is important to prevent eye injuries. With the long eye relief, one could make acquisition easier and quicker even while hunting moving targets.


As the technology grows with innovations, the features added to the scope also increases, which needs a specific design not to compromise the usability for the extra features.

The scopes of 21st-century boats many features with various benefits. But in shotgun scopes, these are always simple, lighter, and easy to operate. The high features the scope has, the large battery power it consumes. This may affect the overall lifespan of the scope. Don’t go for additional features unless you need it. Most of the time, simple designs offer more.


A hunter or shooter needs camouflage while hunting to avoid getting caught by the animals and be unnoticed until hunting. So choose the scope with matt black finish. Don’t ever pick the shiner scope that would attract animals towards you or scare them away. A scope of matt black finish offers you better hiding in the wild.

Ease of use

As we find many scope models online market today, each one varies when it comes to using. You have to find those are easy to use while hunting or shooting. Check different varieties of scope models. You don’t need to spend your money on a scope that does not possess user-friendly design and use.

As a shotgun user, you want to keep the needs simple. Not all expensive and modern models would perform great. Some simple models are still functional available out there. You will have a great time using these scopes while shooting.


After deciding what you are going to use, you have to decide your budget. From the beginning to now, the price range of scopes has always varied. These scopes are available from very cheap rates to expensive that could empty your packet. So, it is always recommended to decide how much money you are ready to spend on the scope before starting searching the models.

You may get questions from around while choosing this. Do you need some inexpensive models to save money? If you are starting with, then going for the inexpensive model is not a bad thing.

But remember, cheap scopes sometimes don’t offer clarity and accuracy that you expect from more expensive models. These models may lose zero after a few uses.

Buying a cheaper scope may not be a good fit for long use. These may make you pay for repairs and breakage costs.

Unless you are not going to use the scope for a long time, it is better to choose the expensive and high-quality model from Popular Brands. Buying the real scopes avoids replacing, repairing, and breakage costs.


Whether you are buying for the first time or replacing your old rifle scope, you will have to be sure to choose scope from an already established reputable brand. There are many duplicate copies of high-end scopes that don’t do anything with your firearm.

From the 20th century, countless companies started producing optics and weapon sights with cheap quality and features. They intended to produce a large number of products where they compromise the quality. So, don’t get fooled by these kinds of namesake company products.

Research various brands that are producing real shotgun scopes for a long time. We can count a few well-known optics brands, Nikon, Bushnell, Simmons, or Vortex. The quality, performance, durability, clarity, and usability of their products have always gone upwards.

All these top brands offer a decent warranty to their products for defects and damage.

Stay away from off-brand scopes and save yourself from the wrong investment.

Best Manufacturers of Shotgun Scopes


Bushnell Corporation is an American company that was founded in 1948 by David P. Bushnell. The company has headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, United States. This company specializes in sporting and hunting optics and outdoor products and is a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor.

Bushnell has been the optics industry leader with constant high-performance for more than 70 years. Their principle is to offer the most reliable and affordable sports optics products with high quality. They are committed to providing outstanding customer service and healthy retailer partnerships.

The share of Bushnell is leading in all the sports optics categories. Their products are continually being appreciated for design and performance with awards. Their line of outdoor optics gives us great joy in every outdoor activity from nature study, hunting, shooting, fishing, and birding.

The binoculars from Bushnell provide a closer view of the indoor to the audience in fast-moving sports and concerts.

The company is involved in emerging its products and technology constantly with a pair of leading-edge design and innovation with expected performance. With all their principles and hard work, the company became the most reputed and recognized optics brand in the world.

Below are the categories of products they are manufacturing.

  • Riflescopes
  • Red dots
  • Binoculars
  • Rangefinders
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Train Cameras


Simmons Optics was established in 1983 as a visionary leader to produce high value, high-quality rifle scopes, and binoculars. Since they started, hunters, shooters, and outdoor sportspeople follow Simmons for their outstanding optics with innovation and rugged durability.

Simmons rifle scopes built to spot the targets with accuracy, with innovative features, to provide excellent performance, and to last long. Simmons performs well for many hunts compared to other brands of its class.

The one who used or using Simmons products will get why hunters are trusting the company to fulfill their dream hunt in reality.

Below are the categories of products they are manufacturing.

  • Riflescopes
  • Binoculars
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Rangefinders


Vortex Optics is an American firm of optics producing companies for hunting, bird watching, wildlife watching, outdoor recreational sports, and law enforcement. Vortex Optics has its headquarters at Barneveld, Wisconsin, United States.

Vortex has been in America since 1986 as American Veteran owned and operated business of great team here in South Central Wisconsin.

Daniel C. Hamilton and Margie Hamilton are the founders and current owners of the company who moved to Middleton, WI, in 1986, where they started an outdoor retail store. The company has a belief that if they focus on the needs of the customers and help them to reach their goals, the business will grow itself.

The small retail store has evolved, and in 2002 Vortex Optics was established. Started with two Dan and Margie, now 200 American team members are working to satisfy their customers.

Vortex Optics uses modern facilities to design, pre-inspect, engineer, and service the products. The company has dealers from the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Europe, and Australia.

Recently, the company moved to Barneveld, Wisconsin, United States.

Below are the categories of products they are manufacturing.

  • Riflescopes
  • Red Dots
  • Binoculars
  • Rangefinders
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Monoculars
  • Tripods
  • Apparel & Gear


Truglo was founded in 1993, which has headquarters in Richardson, Texas. As of now, there are 51-200 employees in this company. TRUGLO is a world-leading sports goods company that has cutting edge aiming technology in their shooting sports products.

Every year, the company enhances the market with technically advanced tools of innovative ideas for outdoor sports—this worldwide brand celebrating 27 years of expertise in the shooting and hunting optics.

Below are the categories of products they are manufacturing.

SightsWing ShootingSilencers
StabilizersAir GunRed Dots
RestsChoke Tubes
BroadheadsHunting Scopes
AccessoriesRed Dots
Fibers-pinsTactical Scopes

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Difference Between a Rifle and a Shotgun Scope?

The main difference is the limit. A shotgun scope is effective within 100 yards. At the same time, the riflescope is useful when the targets are located at a distance of 300 yards or more. The next difference is magnification. When compared to the rifle scopes, the shotgun scopes come with a lower magnification.

2) Why Would you Put a Scope on a Shotgun?

The scopes of the shotguns are perfect if you want to use snails. If you are using pellets, you will know that they spread during firing. The scope should be ideal, whether your shotgun is designed for long range.

3) Should I Put a Red Dot on My Shotgun?

A red dot is good for your shotgun and you keep using it against small sport or waterfalls. As a scope, it will give you the best goal and accuracy. Additionally, you can keep your target locked without looking at your target in low target settings.

4) At What Distance Should I Zero in My Shotgun?

The best distance for your shotgun would be 100 yards. Start by zeroing it in at 25 yards and then increasing it by 25 yards (i.e. –50, 75, and 100). Shoot it only where you know it is guaranteed to hit you. If you can’t hit 100 yards a rifle may be an alternative option.

Featured Shotgun Scope


Bushnell Trophy is an amazing shotgun scope that guarantees centerfire accuracy of up to 600 yards. A combination of DOA 200 Multi-X Reticle, Large Objective Lens, Ample Magnification Power, it is ideal for shooting.

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Shotguns are used for any number of applications, from turkey hunting to home defense. As the utilization of shotguns increased, the effective tools for shotguns also increased. Everyone has requirements and purpose; based on these, there are different shotgun tools to win over others.

For shooting slugs, turkey, and small birds for defending or hunting, you need a right shotgun scope or best red dot sight to get the best performance from your gun.

But the problem is, the hunting or shooting optics market has been saturated with plenty of brands,  models, features, and prices. So it might be difficult for even experienced shooters to pick the right scope for them. This is the reason why this article is.

I hope our list of best shotgun scopes and detailed buying guide keep the guesswork away and give you an idea of choosing the right scope for the shotgun.

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