10 Best Sights For Glock 19 in 2024 – Reviews & Guide

As an avid hunter and night vision enthusiast, I’ve spent countless hours testing various sights on my trusty Glock 19. Whether you’re looking to upgrade for home defense, competitive shooting, or just to enhance your overall accuracy, choosing the right sight can make a world of difference. In this guide, I’ll walk you through my top picks for the best Glock 19 sights in 2024, based on hands-on experience and extensive research.

Why Upgrade Your Glock 19 Sights?

Before we dive into the top options, let’s quickly cover why you might want to swap out those factory sights:

 Improved Visibility: Many aftermarket sights offer better visibility in low-light conditions.

 Faster Target Acquisition: Upgraded sights can help you get on target quicker.

 Enhanced Accuracy: Better sights often translate to tighter groups downrange.

 Durability: Quality aftermarket sights tend to be more rugged than stock plastic sights.

Top 10 picks for the best Glock 19 sights in 2024:

Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set

Kicking off our list is the Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set. I’ve run these on my EDC Glock 19 for over a year now, and they’re absolutely phenomenal. The tritium-illuminated front sight features a highly visible orange ring that practically leaps out at you, even in daylight. At night, the tritium vials provide a clear, three-dot sight picture.

What sets the HD XRs apart is the narrower front post, which gives you a better view of the target while maintaining that quick acquisition you want in a defensive situation. They’re built like tanks too – I’ve put thousands of rounds downrange and these sights still look and perform like new.


– Exceptional visibility in all lighting conditions

– Durable metal construction

– Narrower front post for improved target visibility


– On the pricier side

– Installation may require a gunsmith

Ameriglo Spartan Operator

Next up is the Ameriglo Spartan Operator sight set. These offer a great balance of performance and value. The large, square-notch rear sight pairs nicely with the high-visibility front sight, which features a bright orange outline around the tritium vial.

I particularly like these for shooters transitioning from factory sights, as the sight picture is familiar but vastly improved. The wider rear notch makes for faster sight alignment, which is crucial in high-stress situations.


– Excellent value for money

– Large, easy to acquire sight picture

– Durable steel construction


– Front sight may be too “busy” for some shooters

– Not as bright as some premium options

XS DXT2 Big Dot Night Sights

For those who prefer a non-traditional sight picture, the XS DXT2 Big Dot system is worth a look. Instead of a three-dot setup, you get a large front dot that sits atop a vertical stripe on the rear sight. It’s designed for ultra-fast target acquisition at defensive distances.

I was skeptical at first, but after running these in a low-light defensive pistol course, I became a believer. The big dot is incredibly easy to pick up, even when your heart’s racing. They’re not ideal for precision work at longer ranges, but for close-quarters defensive use, they’re hard to beat.


– Extremely fast target acquisition

– Great for low-light conditions

– Unique sight picture stands out


– Less precise at longer ranges

– Takes some getting used to

Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights

If you want bombproof reliability without breaking the bank, look no further than the Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights. These are essentially military-grade sights that will withstand just about anything you can throw at them.

The three-dot tritium setup provides a clear sight picture day or night, and the white rings around each vial enhance visibility in daylight. I’ve had a set of these on my range Glock for years, and they’ve never let me down.


– Extremely durable

– Good visibility in all lighting conditions

– More affordable than some Trijicon options


– Basic three-dot design may not suit all shooters

– Front sight isn’t as eye-catching as some competitors

Night Fision Perfect Dot Night Sights

Night Fision might not be as well-known as some brands, but they’re making waves with their Perfect Dot sights. What sets these apart is their use of a proprietary photoluminescent material around the tritium vials, which they claim is the brightest on the market.

In my testing, these were indeed impressively bright. The front sight, in particular, really pops in low light. They also offer a variety of color options, so you can customize the look to your liking.


– Extremely bright tritium

– Multiple color options available

– Good value for money


– Less-known brand may concern some buyers

– Some users report difficulty with installation

Hiviz Litewave H3 Tritium/Litepipe Sights

Hiviz has long been known for their fiber optic sights, but the Litewave H3 combines fiber optics with tritium for the best of both worlds. During the day, the fiber optic pipes gather light for a bright sight picture. At night, the tritium takes over.

I found these to be incredibly versatile. They’re especially good for shooters who split their time between daylight range sessions and low-light defensive training.


– Excellent visibility in all lighting conditions

– Unique combination of fiber optic and tritium

– Reasonably priced


– Fiber optic pipes can be fragile

– Some users find the sight picture “busy”

TruGlo TFX Pro Tritium/Fiber-Optic Day/Night Sights

Another hybrid option, the TruGlo TFX Pro sights use both tritium and fiber optics. What sets these apart is their focus on durability – the fiber optic pipes are fully protected, addressing the main weakness of most fiber optic sights.

I’ve run these hard in several training courses, and they’ve held up admirably. The bright orange front ring is easy to pick up quickly, and the U-notch rear provides a clean sight picture.


– Very durable design

– Bright in all lighting conditions

– Protected fiber optics


– Relatively thick front sight may obstruct target for some shooters

– On the expensive side

Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights

Meprolight has been in the night sight game for a long time, and their experience shows in the Tru-Dot sights. These feature a straightforward three-dot tritium design, but with extra-large dots for enhanced visibility.

I appreciate the simplicity of these sights. They’re bright, durable, and get the job done without any unnecessary frills. They’re also a great value, often coming in cheaper than comparable options from other big-name brands.


– Large, easy-to-see tritium dots

– Simple, effective design

– Good value for money


– Basic design may not appeal to all shooters

– Some users report inconsistent quality control

AmeriGlo Pro-IDOT for Glock

The AmeriGlo Pro-IDOT sights offer a unique take on the three-dot system. Instead of three equal-sized dots, you get a large orange dot up front and two smaller white dots in the rear. This setup naturally draws your eye to the front sight, which is exactly what you want in a defensive situation.

I found these to be a nice middle ground between traditional three-dot sights and more radical designs like the XS Big Dot. They’re quick to acquire but still allow for precise shooting at longer ranges.


– Unique design aids in proper sight alignment

– Bright, easy-to-see front sight

– Reasonable price point


– May take some getting used to for traditionalists

– Orange paint on front sight may wear over time

Glock OEM Night Sights

Last but not least, we have Glock’s own factory night sights. While not as flashy as some aftermarket options, these are a solid choice for those who want to keep their pistol as close to factory spec as possible.

The three-dot tritium setup is straightforward and effective. In my experience, these sights are plenty bright for practical use and hold up well over time. They’re also usually the most affordable night sight option.


– Direct OEM replacement

– Reliable and durable

– Most affordable night sight option


– Basic design may not suit all shooters

– Not as bright as some premium options

Choosing the Right Sights for You

When selecting sights for your Glock 19, consider the following factors:

 Intended Use: Are you primarily using your Glock for home defense, concealed carry, or competition?

 Lighting Conditions: Do you need sights that work well in low light, or primarily for daytime use?

Sight Picture Preference: Do you prefer a traditional three-dot setup, or are you open to more unique designs?

 Budget: Quality sights can range from around $50 to well over $150.

Remember, the “best” sight is ultimately the one that works best for you. If possible, try out different sights at a local range before making your decision.

Installation Tips

While many of these sights can be installed at home with the right tools, I always recommend having a qualified gunsmith do the job. This ensures proper installation and zero, and can save you a lot of headache (and potentially a damaged slide).

If you do decide to install them yourself, be sure to use a proper sight pusher tool rather than a hammer and punch. This will prevent damage to both the sights and your Glock’s slide.

Wrapping Up

Upgrading the sights on your Glock 19 can significantly improve your shooting experience and performance. Whether you opt for the premium Trijicon HD XRs, the innovative XS Big Dots, or stick with Glock’s OEM night sights, you’re sure to see an improvement over the stock plastic sights.

Remember, the key is to practice with your new sights once they’re installed. The best sights in the world won’t help if you’re not familiar with them. Get out to the range, run some drills, and get comfortable with your new setup.

Stay safe out there, and happy shooting!

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