9 Best Tavor Scopes & Optics in 2022 – Expert’s Review & Guide

Hunting is one of the major hobbies followed in many countries, especially in The United States. In that case, if you’re a hunter, then you should always be ready with the necessary gears required on the spot. 

My father is a retired personnel from the armed forces. As an ex-military man, he cannot stay idle at home. So he thought of enjoying the hunting experience. 

In helping him, I was searching for the gears required for hunting. One such gear is the Scope needed for my father’s IWI Tavor. 

It was a great difficulty for me in finding the perfect Tavor scope globally. So I had thought of an idea in helping others, for those who find difficulty to sail across the net. 

So here I have elaborated the list of the Best Tavor scope or optics which is very important for long-range shooting. It makes your rifle more effective and efficient in aiming the target. It is helpful for both civilian and military use. 

But before getting into the topic, first, we must know what is Tavor and the best optic for Tavor.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Overall

Best Runner-up

Best Performance

What is Tavor?

Tavor is the most successful and famous bullpup rifle throughout the world, as it stands out with a unique configuration. It is a powerful weapon used for close quarter combats.

If you provide a good Tavor scope, then you would be able to work more rifle engagements. Tavor also has a 16-inch barrel that helps you to reach out to 500 yards. Thus Tavor is a versatile rifle that can perform various functions. 

What is optic/scope for Tavor?

Optic or Scope is a sighting gear used in Tavor. It helps you in the clear focusing of the object. Tavor remains incomplete without the scope. It is mounted on the bullpup rifle to increase accuracy over short or long distances. 

The lens present in the scope helps in magnifying the targeted object. Tavor scope works well in long-range shooting and also for close quarters.

9 Best Tavor Scopes/Optics in 2021 – Reviewed

In this digitalized world, there are many choices of Tavor scopes available in the market. To help you in purchasing, I have listed the best 9 Tavor scopes/optics that are in use at present. 

Just stay for a while and go through our article. I’m sure you’ll find a perfect one for your successful campaign.

1. Trijicon ACOG 4×32 Scope, Red Chevron

The top-ranked product on my list is the Trijicon ACOG 4×32 Scope. It is well famed for its pinpoint accuracy. Trijicon tavor scopes are the reliable and the finest optics available in the market. 

It is highly efficient for medium and short distance combat. Using this scope in your Tavor rifle enhances precision and accuracy in spotting the target.

Best Overall Scope

Trijicon ACOG 4x32 Scope


The Trijicon scope is a flat-top style, designed to be zeroed in using the tip at 100 meters. The chevron has a base width of about 5.53 MOA that is 19 inches at 300 meters. This helps in allowing range estimation for silhouette targets.


This dual illuminated Trijicon scope has advanced optical gunsights that can hit faster in any light. It has a 32 mm objective lens and is multi-coated to provide superior clarity without distortion.  

The glass provides a clear vision in any lighting condition. The fiber optics in the ACOG scope is skilled with automatic adjustment, that adjusts the level of brightness. 


The key feature of Trijicon’s scope is dual illumination. The fiber optics in this scope gives daylight illumination. And the tritium illuminated reticle helps at night. 

It is patterned for use at night or in low light. The tritium lamp is guaranteed for up to 15 years. The reticle range is calibrated out to 800 meters for flat-top rifles.  


Another major benefit of ACOG scope is the energy-saving capacity. The reticle does not depend completely on the battery. 

It has the magnifying power to receive light from its environment and store energy. Therefore, the reticle has enough light during nighttime operation.

Water Proof

Trijicon ACOG optic can withstand extreme heat and cold. The dry nitrogen-filled housing eliminates fog. Also, it has the capacity to stand up to 100 meters deep in water. It is very useful for marine activities or even for simple hunting on rainy days.

Other Features 

  • Military-Grade Aluminum Alloy Housing provides a strong sighting system. 
  • The unique feature of Trijicon ACOG scope is the Binding Aiming Concept (BAC). This model allows you to use both eyes open when aiming at the target. It also provides magnification while aiming.
  • It provides longer Eye-Relief and larger exit pupil for quicker target acquisition. 
  • Depending on the light conditions, the brightness and contrast level is automatically adjusted by the Fiber Optics.


Trijicon is an effective tool used for various tactical operations such as hunting season, target shooting, competition, or home defense.



2. Sig Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot Sight

The runner-up product in my list of best tavor optics is the Sig Sauer Romeo5 with Juliet3 Combo. It is best known for its high durability and eye-catchy red dot. 

This red dot makes it quite easier and faster to use. Therefore it serves as the best optic for Tavor for close quarter combats. 


The Electro-Optics design is an added function to Sig Sauer  Romeo5 scope. It has 1x20mm magnification at the aperture making it a perfect game-changer in the shooting.

Best Runner-up Scope

Sig Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot Sight

The red dot optics are becoming more popular and are used by many sports competitors, military personnel, and skilled hunters, as it is ideal for shooting.


Sig Sauer Romeo is boasted with a 2 MOA reticle that is skilled for clear vision and perfect accuracy. It features a setting of 10 illuminations for optimal viewing in different climatic conditions and light. 

For example, If shooting occurs in poor light, then 2 MOA reticle is responsible to reach 10 illumination settings for vivid sight. 


Sig Sauer Romeo5 optics come with two advanced attachments; Red Dot Sight and Red Dot Magnifier. These combinations in Sig Sauer scope are waterproof and are rated up to 20 meters. It can also bear wetness for about 1 hour. 


The special feature of Sig Sauer Romeo5 is the MOTAC or Motion Activated Illumination Technology, which helps in power saving. This device turns off automatically when not in use and on when motion is detected. 


It includes a CR2032 battery, that has side loading in the scope for immediate replacement. MOTAC Technology saves the power of the battery and increases the battery lifespan. It can last over 40,000 hours. 

Other Features

  • Sig Sauer Scope has low focal displacement that works well even in unfavorable angles of the gun. 
  • Moreover, this optic also includes a low mount riser and a co-witness mount riser that provides you the best support to target things accurately.
  • The anti-reflection coating in the lens reduces the surface reflections to low levels and provides superior light transmission. 
  • It provides industry-standard mounting options that can be used for a wide range of applications.



3. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8×24 Riflescope

Are you aiming for a best tavor scope that delivers slender, sharp-shooting performance? Then you can go with Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescope. It is a versatile scope that can adapt to any situation with incredible precision. 


Vortex Strike Eagle Riflescope is designed with multi-coated Extra-low Dispersion glass (XD). This is an advantage here because it allows bright vision even in poor light. It offers complete clarity, enhanced resolution, and true colors.

Best Performance Scope

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24 Riflescope


It is boasted with a 1-6×24 BDC MOA reticle and 30 mm objective lens that helps in faster target acquisition, even in dim light conditions. 

The high magnification level makes it quite easier to hit the targets. And so this Tavor optics is perfect for both short or long distance ranges.


Vortex is built with tough materials that are completely waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof that can adapt to a wide range of scenarios. 

It allows shooters to engage in targets from point-blank to extended limits. You can use this for any task such as home defense, competition, recreational shooting, or feral hog shooting. 


XD glass reticle is a special feature in Vortex Optics Strike. It contains a setting of 11-illumination modes that is adaptable to any lighting conditions. It delivers clear and cool images even in low light. 

Apart from this, The Vortex Optics Strike model has a Second Focal Plane (SFP) reticle that is present close to the eyepiece of the scope. 

The SFP reticle provides constant vision even when the magnification of the optics is changed. This is pretty good in predicting the focal spot. 


The scope is also provided with an auto shut-off system that helps you to save energy. You can also store an additional battery in the windage cap of Vortex Optics, and release it if needed. 

Other Features

  • Glass-Etched Reticle: It is a complex reticle design that is protected between two layers of glass for excellent durability and reliability.
  • Illuminated Reticle: It provides precise targeting even under low-light conditions.



4. Trijicon ACOG 3x30mm Riflescope

Is your Tavor used in hunting or running in competition, then Trijicon ACOG 3x30mm Riflescope is an excellent optic for you having a good reputation. 

It fits the Tavor pretty well. It is built for the rigid and combat field that efficiently makes the target aim and shot. 


Trijicon ACOG 3x30mm Riflescope is specifically designed with military-grade standards and is one of the versatile options to perform all your expectations.

Best Scope for Hunting

Trijicon ACOG 3x30mm Riflescope

The body of the scope is made with aluminum materials that are sturdy. It is resistant to fog, water, and shock. 


This fixed power rifle scopes have longer eye relief, that provides a clear and crisp view while focussing the target. Also, the scope is equipped with a thumbscrew mount that helps you to feel the speed of confidence in every pull of the trigger.  


Similar to the first product in my list, this Trijicon ACOG 3x30mm Riflescope model is also a dual illumination crosshair optic. 

The fascinating green light on the top of its housing is produced by the fiber optic illumination technology. This works great for long-distance range shooting. 

The tritium Illuminated reticle is bright enough even in low light conditions without the use of a battery. Also, it has versatile modes that help in different light situations. 


In addition, the reticle carries a 3×30 mm objective lens having 3x magnification power. It is capable of quick identification of the target and provides accurate acquisition as well as good fire control.



5. Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight

The Budget-friendly product on my list of best tavor scopes is the Bushnell TRS 25 Riflescope. It is a miniature red dot optic that is quite simple and very easy to use. Overall it is a high-quality Tavor optic that is light in weight. 


Bushnell AR Optics TRS-25 is a fine red dot scope featured with 11 illumination settings that are adaptable to any change of shooting environment.

Best Budget-friendly Scope

Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight

It provides optimum brightness in different light conditions. It has amber coated lenses that produce a crisp and bright picture. 


Bushnell TRS-25 is boasted with a 3 MOA red dot reticle that gives clear eyesight and seamless vision to focus the target in a precise manner. 

The 1 x 25mm objective lens contributes to the high magnification and accuracy in aiming the target. 


The riser block positions the scope at the maximum height on tactical shotguns. It conserves power and enhances battery life by regulating the brightness level. 

Bushnell AR Optics TRS-25 is very well compatible with firearms, shotguns, rifles, muzzle-loaders, and even pistols. 


Bushnell TRS-25 red dot optic is black with a matte finish. The housing is made of hard metal and polished with dry nitrogen to avoid damage. 

Purged with nitrogen in the scope protects it from the fog. Another plus is the O-ring sealed lenses. It is highly waterproof and so you can go on in any shooting scenarios. 

Other Features

  • The scope runs off in battery but provides high-level performance for the shooters. 
  • You can tune the brightness as per your wish as it possesses 11 illumination settings. 
  • You will also get a long eye relief through this optic.



6. Primary Arms 2.5X Compact AR15 Scope

The next product on my list is from the most popular brand Primary Arms. The Primary Arms 2.5 power compact scope is well known for its high-quality and simplicity. 

It is affordable, handy, and an excellent mid-range scope to reach the target out to 300 yards and beyond.


Primary Arms 2.5X Compact AR15 Scope is designed to be lightweight, durable, and easy to use. It fits perfectly with Tavor and allows the user to perform versatile activities. It comes with a Picatinny mount or you can use any other standard ACOG mount.

Best Compact Scope

Primary Arms 2.5X Compact AR15 Scope


Primary Arms 2.5X Compact AR15 Scope is patented with CQB ACSS Reticle and the illuminated reticle has 12 brightness settings that let you aim the target in your ambient lighting conditions. All the 12 different settings are powered by a battery. 

Resist fog and water

Primary Arms 2.5X Compact Prism Scope is completely waterproof and is ready to face all the challenges on your way. 

It is also made with fog-proof materials that can withstand in any combat field. The shockproof construction protects the optic from rough bumps and sudden falls. 


The prominent feature in Primary Arms 2.5X Compact Illuminated Riflescope is the bullet drop compensation reticle. It will aid you in providing clear and crisp images at further ranges out to 500 yards.

Other Features

  • This optic provides a 2.5x magnification range which is quite low but can provide clear sight and fast identification of the target for shooting. 
  • Another pleasant feature of Primary Arms 2.5X Compact optic is the battery. It gets energy from the batteries to provide clear vision even in low light fields.



7. Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier with Flip Mount

Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier is one of the best optics for Tavor in the Scope industry. It has secured the top position in magnification. It also comes with more innovative features. 


Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier is built with tough machined aluminum materials that ensure durability. The material is hard coated with a nitrogen-purged feature that is resistant to fog as well as water.

Best Advanced Scope

Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier with Flip Mount

It is a perfect addition for shooting excursions. It is made with a lightweight, compact design that is easy for you to carry. You will also feel comfortable using this product.


The Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier is featured with O-ring seals that can prevent dust, moisture, and debris from entering the tube. 

It also provides reliable performance in all environments. This pack also includes cleaning cloth or tissue that helps you to clean the lenses.


It is a simple, fast, and reliable optic for Tavor. The magnifier Vortex scope is fully multicoated to transmit light even for higher resolution. 

The greatest advantage of Vortex is the 3x magnification range. It helps you to target things from farther distances. This would help you to get a clear vision of the target and so you can aim it accurately. 

Another important feature of the Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier Riflescope is the push-button design.You can also lock the set magnifier with the help of a push button. 

The push-button engages and disengages the flip mount, by allowing lock the magnifier in a position. Its lenses offer maximum resolution for a better shooting experience. 

Waterproof and Fog Proof

As Vortex optics is waterproof and fog proof, it can work well in different environmental conditions. It is an ideal tavor optic for those who are looking for accuracy and larger eye relief. 

It is very well suited for your eyes and transmits the light to get a perfect aim of the target. This Vortex Magnifier optic is nitrogen purged that offers you complete performance with water resistant and fog resistant.



8. Leapers UTG T4 Series 4X32 Prismatic 36-Color Illuminated Riflescope

There are many different varieties, brands, and styles of Tavor scopes available globally. This UTG compact Prismatic T-Dot scope is an ideal scope for short range shooting. 

It gives dynamic performance in 100 yards size. It also comes with some impressive features that makes it stand out in the best list.


UTG T-dot scope is designed with a prism. The built-in prismatic technology transmits more light and increases the accuracy of aiming, while the optic size remains unchanged and is controllable.

Best Scope for Shooting

Leapers UTG T4 Illuminated Riflescope


The Leapers UTG T4 Series 4X32 Prismatic Scope  is developed  with 36 color illumination modes that is unique to this scope. 

It is a perfect solution for your Tavor helping in all of your specifications. It enhances the release of red and green colors that blend with shooting weather and light condition. It also supports other 36 color illumination modes.


The Leapers UTG Compact riflescope is built with extremely sturdy and long-lasting materials that give you years of reliability. 

It is built in such a way that it can withstand all tough climatic conditions and light. The high-quality materials make it lightweight and can resist harsh situations like fog, rough bumps, or rain. The nitrogen-purged technology protects the scope and can live long.


The UTG Compact scope is featured with a T-dot reticle that shows active performance and saves the battery. It increases accuracy and captures the target quickly in the T-zone application. 

The greatest advantage of this T-dot scope is the magnification range. It has an unusual 4x magnification range that can blow active performance out to 100 yards.

Other features

UTG Compact Prismatic scope also comes with the package of some accessories like flip-open lens caps, high energy lithium battery (2), Allen wrench 4mm, and a cleaning cloth.



9. Primary Arms CLxZ Gen II Micro Dot Sight

If you’re a beginner in the tactical activities, then the classic series of Micro red dot optic is a perfect choice for your Tavor. 

The Micro dot sight optic from The Primary Arms is an affordable scope that is most popular for its excellent quality and durability.


Primary Arms Microdot sight is a second-generation model and is budget-friendly. It is made of high-quality aluminium material that is sturdy and can withstand different situations.

Best Scope for Beginner

Primary Arms CLxZ Gen II Micro Dot Sight

This red dot sight scope comes with Picatinny mount and is quite easy to mount. It just takes a few seconds to attach the red dot optic to your rifle. 

The mount is also removable and can be used for versatile actions.You can customize the height of the scope and can witness the target in different sights. This scope is also compatible with any other standard riser mounts.


It is boasted with 2 MOA reticles that are made easy with zero adjustments. It enables the red dot optic to provide crisp and bright vision towards the focal point.  

It also comes with a bikini lens cover. You can cover the glass with this to prevent the entry of dust or debris, when not in use. 

It is an excellent solution for hunting and target shooting beyond 50 yards. The lens is multi coated for clear eyesight and the cover prevents the glass from damage.


Primary Arms CLxZ Gen II Micro Dot Sight is made of high visibility 2 MOA reticle with 12 brightness settings. It provides clear vision from bright daylight to dull night light. 

It is a perfect addition to firearms as it is loaded with a removable base. It shows active performance in short or medium range shooting and can be used by military personnel, civilians, and sports activists.


The Primary Arms second generation model is constructed with sturdy material such as the aluminium and finished with hard coat anodized. The O-rings are sealed on the top for protection. It does not allow fog or water to penetrate into the scope.



Things to consider before buying Best Tavor scopes/ optics

There are many different varieties and brands of rifle scopes available in the market. And these Tavor optics are just loaded with plenty of features that may or may not be needed for you. So before selecting your choice do your own research on optics and then come to a better decision.

Also, don’t get the optics that look elegant and beautiful, check out the performance of the scope and then grab your choice. There are also certain other things to look for before shopping. Let’s get started.


The first and foremost thing to consider is the Price. Tavor scopes come with a wide range of prices depending on the brands. 

So first think about your spending on the scope and then compare with those products based on your rate category. However, you can find the best quality scope at a reasonable price.

Nevertheless, you should not take your decision completely based on price alone. The main thing you need is the quality of the product. 

Above, I’ve made reviews on the top 9 picks available in the market at varying prices. You can also compare using those reviews.


The next major thing to consider is the magnification power of the scope. You should prefer the one that offers a wide range of magnification and make sure that it can be used for long or short range shots.

Magnification is the key role in scope. It helps in making the target to appear closer to your naked eyes and makes it easier to aim at. 

This will give you the chance of using this scope on different shooting engagements. The best scope will offer a clear and crisp image of the target even if your vision is not perfect. So you’ll not miss any shots.

Tavor scopes come in different magnification ranges from 3 to 9 or even 12. Price also varies with magnification ranges. 

Depending upon your usage you have to pick your Tavor optics. For long range shooting, you can go with higher magnification optics, whereas for medium or short range shooting, you can prefer 3x or 4x magnification optic.


Another essential factor to think about before buying a scope is its construction. To know about construction, you should find out the material of which the sighting optic is made of. The standard material used by most of the manufacturers is the aircraft-grade aluminium.

Aluminum is very well known to stand up even in rugged conditions and any kind of terrains. No doubt, with this, you can face any situation in the shooting area.

When it comes to durability, you should look for the performance of the scope in different climatic changes, i.e, waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. 

It should resist any kind of shocks such as the sudden fall, rough bumps, etc. Also, ensure that it can remain the same for years and possess active performance. 

Such kind of Tavor scopes would be versatile, and can make your shooting engagements with great success. 

In general, a well-constructed optic always provides supreme performance. Also, it can last for years, without any trouble. So consider the construction and quality of the Tavor optic before grabbing.


Lenses are the vital elements in the optics/scopes. It is responsible for the clarity of an optic. A good scope should possess coated lenses that protect them from debris. 

The main purpose of coated lenses is to ensure optimum light transmission that helps in focussing the targeted things more accurately.

You should also verify whether the scope is provided with waterproof lenses. The waterproof and fog proof material protects your optic and allows you to use in varying environments, especially for hunters. Coated lenses will not affect your results while hunting in different weather conditions.

Types of Lenses

Coated lenses are of two different types. They are

One layer coated lenses: It is the simplest coating given only on surface of the lens. The scope contains different surfaces, from air to glass, and all the surfaces have single layer coating.

Multi-coated lenses: Here all the surfaces and the lenses are coated with multiple layers. The multi-coatings in the lens will also protect your optic from scratches and have good looking for long years.

Multi-coated lenses always work well. So before purchasing check out whether the scope has multi coating.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance between the lens and your eye. It allows you to get a clear image of the object. Depending on the extent powered by the scope, you will get a smaller or larger range of eye relief. 

The range of eye relief is very important for the protection of your eyes. Optics for standard rifles will have larger eye relief up to 4 inches. So go for an optic with a good range of eye relief to keep yourself protected. 

The distance between your eye and the scope may also affect the position of your head and neck. So you may get tired easily. 

Choosing an optic with the eye relief of minimum 3 inches provides enough space and protects your face and eye as well. 

Field of View

Field of view is an important aspect necessary to have a wide look at the target infinity. Having a wide field of view helps you to hit your target thing more accurately. If your target is at the closer point then you could get less field of view.

All the products mentioned in the above list have a larger field of view, and can help you to achieve your target from a longer distance.


The last important thing to consider is the Quality of the scope. Make sure whether the optics is made of high-quality material and works well in all lighting conditions. Lenses optimizes lighting and delivers crisp images.

A good quality scope will provide a better field of view of the target and will deliver clear and bright images all the time.

Keep all these things in mind before you start your purchasing. These are some of the features that can help you to enjoy a better hunting experience and to achieve a successful shooting.


Have you ever experienced missing your target on the spot? 

This is because of using a poor scope for the rifle. Providing a good scope or optic for the Tavor increases the accuracy in aiming and gives you a perfect shot. So don’t forget to have Tavor optics in your rifle.

All the products in my list are examined based on their clear vision, magnification, versatility, durability, and for other special effects. So always be right in selecting your choices.

I had bought a Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Riflescope for my father and it really performed well. My father loved using it. It had gone for nearly 3 years and it looks the same even now. 

Have you experienced any of the products in my list of best tavor scopes/optics? Please share with us in the below section.

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