10 Best Rated Thermal Imaging Cameras in 2021 – Tested & Updated Picks

One of the hardest things that a lot of people encounter is doing some tasks at night since the situation is dark already. Some of the affected people are firefighters, building inspectors, and many more.

Nowadays, night vision technology has already been of great help in solving that problem. There are three major types of night vision technology are available. 

One of the devices that are known to be incorporated by thermal night vision technology is a thermal camera—this type of device does not rely on any light source to be useful and functional.

What it needs is just the heat energy that is present in almost anything in this world. Thermal cameras are usually used in search and rescue operations and in inspecting homes, buildings, and the likes.

For search and rescue operations, thermal cameras have the ability to detect people who are stuck in dark places once unfortunate events happen.

For building and home inspection, thermal cameras can detect a lot of temperature-related issues—broken electrical connections and wires, mechanical dysfunctions, building defects, and even water leakages.








Nowadays, there are already a lot of thermal imaging cameras that are claiming to be the best one for people to use. If you are worried that you might get confused about picking the best one, we are going to help you with that. 

We are going to feature and compare the best thermal cameras together with their features and properties in order for you to know why they are considered as one of the bests.

The 10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras of 2021

1. FLIR C3 Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR C3 Thermal Imaging Camera is a top-rated thermal imaging camera that can be used to see building inefficiencies that cannot be seen by humans’ bare eyes. This thermal camera also comes with the FLIR Tools Application that can be used for many purposes, such as creating some detailed reports and analysis.

Best for Professtional Works

When you want to upload and share the images and videos you captured with other people, you would be able to do so since this thermal camera can be connected to Wi-Fi. The weight of this thermal camera is only 0.3 pounds while its length has a total measurement of 4.9 inches. 

This thermal camera has a 3-inch display screen. When this thermal camera is not in use, you can store it in places that have a temperature between -40 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius. 

When you buy this thermal camera, it comes with free accessories such as a pouch, charge, USB cable, tripod mount, and a lanyard as well. What makes this thermal camera stand out among the other thermal cameras is that it has the ability to capture normal pictures and not just thermal images. The FLIR C3 is also one of the best thermal imaging camera for moist detection on the market.

With a feature like that, you would be able to easily determine the exact location or part of a building where you took the thermal images and videos. This thermal camera can be used in inspecting ducts, electrical connections, condensers, and other parts of a build to see if there are some problems that might cause further deficiencies.



2. FLIR C2 Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR TG165 – Spot Thermal Camera is a very compact and lightweight thermal camera that you can bring almost anytime, so it can be useful during unexpected times that you use it. This camera is constructed with a rugged design that can withstand even the toughest situations and temperatures. It underwent testing that proves that it can withstand being dropped for 2 meters.

Best Compact Design

The quality of the images that this thermal camera provides is enhanced by the MSX technology, giving a more detailed thermal image for a more precise visual. The 3-inch display of this camera is the touchscreen, so you will not have any problem in making some adjustments.

The thermal sensor has -10 degree to +50 degree Celsius of operating temperature and -40 degree to +70 degree Celsius of storage temperature. With this wide temperature range, the camra ensures accuracy of +/-2 degree Celsius.

FLIR provides the best thermal imaging camera app when compared to the other ones. With the FLIR Tools Application, you would create some reports and analysis regarding the images and videos you have captured. 

You would also be able to do some image editing in order to provide a more in-depth assessment of the images and videos. When you use this thermal camera, you would be able to monitor water leakages in a building. 

You would also be able to check if there are roofing defects in a building. This thermal camera has a length of 4.9 inches, a width of 3.1 inches, and a thickness of 1 inch. This lightweight thermal camera has a total of only 0.29 pounds. 



3. FLIR E4 Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR E4 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera has different modes for its measurement that are all useful for both building and home inspection. Some of these modes are center spot, auto-cold spots, auto-hot spots, and area box.

Best Handheld Camera

This thermal camera has a rugged design that can withstand being dropped accidentally even for a height of 2 meters, it performs well in harsh conditions, and has temperature detection range of -20 degree Celsius to +250 degree Celsius. This also has a compact and lightweight construction that would not make it hard for you to carry and bring all the time. It just has a weight of 0.575 kilograms. 

When it comes to the quality of the images and videos that this thermal camera produces, it has a thermal resolution of 80 pixels by 60 pixels and display resolution of 640 pixels by 480 pixels. The frame rate with 9 Hz, this thermal imaging camera produce highly detailed and clear images every time. The buttons of this thermal camera are very easy to use, that is why it would not be hard for you to configure and use this camera.

The on-screen adjustment settings are also not hard to comprehend, so you are going to get used to this thermal camera in just a short period of time. With its easy to use features, this one is known as one of the best thermal imaging cameras for home inspection since all people can easily use it. 

This thermal camera detects moisture problems, electrical wiring issues, and even deficiencies in the walls of houses. The battery type that this thermal camera uses as its power source is a rechargeable Li-ion battery—with this power source, you would be able to use this camera for four hours.



4. Seek Thermal’s RevealPro-Thermal Camera

Seek Thermal’s RevealPro-Thermal Imaging Camera is a best thermal imaging camera for hunting that provides a fixed magnification range of 4X. With that magnification, you would be able to use this thermal camera within short ranges to medium ranges.

Best Camera for Short-range

Its thermal sensitivity is one of the most impressive things about it—the thermal sensitivity has a temperature range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 626 degrees Fahrenheit. When you use this thermal camera, you would be able to detect persons, animals, or any other things that you want to detect up to a maximum distance of 600 yards

This thermal camera can operate up to 4 hours continuously, and it provides a 32-degree angle for its field of view. This thermal camera has a ruggedized design that makes it one of the most durable ones that you can buy from the markets. 

The resolution of the images that you are going to see through the use of this thermal camera is 240 pixels by 320 pixels—this resolution is really an impressive one compared to the usual types of thermal cameras. To ensure that you are not going to drop this thermal camera accidentally, it comes with a free wrist lanyard. 

The display screen of this thermal camera is a 2.4-inch colored screen. Another good thing that makes this thermal camera different from the other ones is that it has a built-in flashlight that can produce a brightness of 300 lumens. The rubberized casing of this thermal camera would protect it from some impacts that it might be exposed to once used in different applications.



5. FLIR TG267 Thermal Camera

FLIR TG267 Thermal Camera can measure body temperatures within the range of 32 degrees Celsius to 42.5 degrees Celsius without contact. The ambient temperature can measure within the range of -25 degrees Celsius to 380 degrees Celsius.

The thermal sensitivity of the this thermal camera is 70mK. It is the perfect choice for the electricians since it is one of the best thermal imaging camera for electrical inspection. This thermal camera can capture images and videos using its authentic thermal images.

Best for Authentic Images

The resolution of the images and videos that can be produced by this thermal camera is 160 pixels by 120 pixels. When you need to measure some areas, you can use the multi-point laser pointer of this thermal camera to help you get precise measurements. 

This thermal camera can be connected with an external device via Bluetooth to quickly transfer the images and videos you have captured. The storage or the capacity of this thermal camera is impressive since it can keep up to 50,000 images. You get clear images every time with the 9 Hz refresh rate

The simple interface of this thermal camera would give you convenience when you are using it since it can be easily used. This is incorporated with a feature called Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging that makes the quality of the images and videos more clear and more detailed. 

This is a versatile thermal camera that you would be able to use whether checking for electrical connection faults or mechanical issues with 57 to 44 degree of FOV. Even when you want to conduct some search and rescue operations, this thermal camera can be of extreme help. This thermal camera has a total weight of 1 pound, while its total length including the handle is 8.27 inches.



6. FLIR TG165 – Spot Thermal Camera

FLIR TG165 – Spot Thermal Camera has one of the longest battery life. When you use it starting from its fully charged state, you would be able to capture photos and videos for up to 100000 hours. It is considered as the best thermal imaging camera for water leaks with its advanced features. 

The range of temperature you can use this thermal camera is -13 degrees Fahrenheit to 716 degrees Fahrenheit—this range includes being in freezingly cold places and extremely hot places.

Best Battery Powered Camera

The weight of this thermal camera is 0.4 kilograms only, while its length is 8.3 inches including the handle and screen. This comes with a free USB cable that you can use to download images or transfer them to an external device such as a phone or a laptop. 

This thermal camera’s 8GB micro SD card is removable, so you can also choose that option to transfer images and videos. The resolution of this thermal camera is 80 pixels by 60 pixels. Its thermal sensitivity has a value of 0.15 degrees Celsius, and its display is a 2-inch non-touchscreen interface. 

Its buttons are found right under the display screen, and they are very easy to use. This thermal camera comes with a free lanyard to ensure that it does not get dropped, and it also comes with 3 AAA batteries that are all rechargeable. 

This type of battery can also be found at stores worldwide, so you can just buy new ones if they are needed to be replaced.



7. Seek Thermal CompactPRO Thermal Camera

Seek Thermal CompactPRO Thermal Camera is a versatilely designed and constructed thermal camera. Its versatile design makes it able to detect building issues that are not visible to human’s bare eyes. It can also detect animals and humans, even when they are in a totally dark location. This compact thermal camera can detect temperature variation from 6 to 1800 feetSome of the other functions that can be used for detecting energy losses and detecting mechanical and electrical failures.

Best Pocket-sized Camera

It can also be used to see if there are some leakage related issues. This thermal camera is one of the recommended cameras by many people such as contractors, engineers, and many others since it does need any battery when used. 

It just has to be connected to an android mobile phone. This thermal camera comes with an included waterproof case that would protect it all the time that it is not in use. You are going to have access to the Seek Mobile Application.

The lens of this thermal camera is focusable, so you would be able to see clear thermal images and videos. The wavelength of thermal sensor is between 7.5 and 14 microns. Some of the other important and useful features that this thermal camera has are having nine color palettes, having an automatic and adjustable span control, having four emissivities presets, 32 degrees of field of view and having a wide range of detection as well. 

This is a lightweight thermal camera that weighs 14 grams in total. When used to capture images and videos, the resolution that it produces is one of the best—to give you an idea about that, it produces images and videos with 320 pixels by 240 pixels resolution and 12 micrometers pixel pitch.



8. Perfect Prime IR0001 IR Thermal Camera

Perfect Prime IR0001 Infrared Thermal Imager and Visible Light Camera is a best cheap thermal imaging camera that brings the same usefulness as the ones that are listed above. It is a battery-powered thermal camera, and it just needs 4 AA batteries.

Best Budget-friendly Camera

This thermal camera produces images and videos with a resolution of 32 pixels by 32 pixels—this resolution is just perfect for residential purposes such as checking different temperature-related issues in subdivisions, villages, and homes. 

The temperature range that this thermal camera is expected to deliver its best performance is between -20 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius. The display screen of this thermal camera is a full-angle and high-definition 2.4-inch screen. This is one of the best price thermal imaging cameras because it is functional despite being affordable.

The weight of this thermal camera is 8 ounces, while its total length is 9.06 inches. The display of the device is 2.4 inches which may be small for few. With its simple design, you would be able to adjust its settings to match your needs easily. The range of distance wherein this thermal camera functions the best is within 1.6 feet to 16 feet, but it can still be used for longer distances. 

When you buy this thermal camera, it comes with free extra things such as one protection bag to store it while it is not in use, one SD card with a capacity of 4 gigabytes, and one drop-resistant rope. The thermal sensitivity of this thermal camera has a value of 0.15 degrees Celsius, and its temperature accuracy has a value of +/- 2 degrees Celsius.



9. FLIR ONE Gen 3 Thermal Camera

FLIR ONE Gen 3 Thermal Camera is a powerful thermal camera that just has a very compact size and very lightweight. When you buy this thermal camera, it will give you access to FLIR ONE mobile application. This would give you some exclusive content, tricks, tips, easy documentation, and many other benefits that can help you have more quality images and videos.

Best Lightweight Camera

The MSX technology that is incorporated in the design of this thermal camera makes the produced images and videos more enhanced and detailed when it comes to quality. The resolution of the images and videos that this thermal camera produces are 80 pixels by 60 pixels

The temperature accuracy of this thermal camera is only +/- 3 degrees Celsius—this would already give you accurate temperatures. The total length of this thermal camera is just 2.64 inches while its weight is just 1.22 ounces. The type of battery you need to make use of this thermal camera is a lithium polymer battery. 

The width of this thermal camera is only 1.34 inches, and its thickness is only 0.55 inches. This is one of the top-selling thermal cameras; that is why its quality is more than ensured. Besides its high sales, it also has one of the highest ratings due to the reliability and the construction that it provides its users. 

This thermal camera surely aids people in seeing during dark conditions. You need not worry about this thermal camera not compatible with your mobile devices because it is compatible with both android phones and iPhones. The device uses Ethernet wireless technology for communication.



10. FLIR E75 – 24 Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR’s E75 – 24 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera is one of the best thermal cameras you may buy from the markets. When you want to have clear images and videos to see, this thermal camera provides a resolution of 320 pixels by 240 pixels—this is the usual resolution of infrared devices.

Best User-friendly Camera

The automatic focus of this thermal camera is laser-assisted, and it has a quick response; thus, it can really be used during situations that need urgency. The display screen of this thermal camera is a 4-inch touchscreen that provides a 160-degree viewing angle for the users. 

The lens of this thermal camera has a diameter of 17 millimeters (24-degree), and you can change it anytime that you want to because it is interchangeable. If ever that you want to upload some of the images and videos that you have captured, this thermal camera can be connected to Wi-Fi. Once connected to an internet source, you would be able to start uploading through the use of the FLIR Tools Application. The Temperature calibration of this thermal sensor is 1000°C (1832°F) with the power output of 1mW.

When you are using this thermal camera, you also can have access to some useful features such as a multimeter and a moisture meter. This thermal camera can also help you determine some vital information such as water intrusion in a building and measurement of a damaged area in a structure. 

When this thermal camera is purchased, it comes with some other extra accessories such as a lens cap, wrist and hand straps, battery, battery charger, SD card, lens cloth, and many more. With all the features and the quality that this thermal camera provides, it is considered one of the best thermal imaging cameras.



What is Thermal Imaging Camera?

Every object created by nature and human emits infrared rays, and the infrared energy thus emitted is stored in them as a thermal signature with the help of thermal cameras. The energy emitted by objects may increase or decrease based on body heat.

A thermal imaging camera or infrared camera is commonly known as a thermal imager, which is a thermal vision sensor that can take pictures using thermal imaging technology. Unlike night vision devices, thermal devices use thermal technology to detect minimal differences in temperature even in pitch darkness without ambient light. In many ways, thermal imaging differs night vision.

The thermal camera first receives the overall thermal energy of the material and then creates an electronic image based on the collected thermal information, called a thermogram

Not only thermal cameras but also other thermal devices like thermal scopesthermal imaging goggles, thermal binoculars, and thermal monoculars are also operating based on thermal technology.

A standard thermal imaging camera detects every object and generates various thermal images according to the temperature abnormalities like heat gain and heat loss in the objects. These heat detection cameras are utilized to point out the temperature variations in living objects and heat leaks in electronics & buildings.

Thermal imaging security cameras are currently utilized in the industries and home to ensure safety. They also widely utilized by army officials, firefighters, law enforcement people, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and hikers. 

Objects Caught On Thermal Camera

Thermal image of bats
Dog clicked by thermal camera
Thermal image of a residence
A man captured by thermal camera
Dog’s funny pose to Thermal Camera

How Are Thermal Imaging Cameras Using in a COVID-19 Test?

Thermal Imaging Camera Working Process
Thermal Imaging Camera in COVID 19 Testing

Thermal cameras are widely used to detect the temperature of any objects and organisms and capture them. Demand for these thermal imaging cameras has grown significantly as a result of the recent pandemic situation caused by the unknown virus namely COVID-19. Fever and flu are common symptoms of COVID-19, so people with the flu can be quickly detected and tested for COVID-19 using thermal cameras that accurately detect body temperature digitally. FLIR is considered to be the most sought after product in this pandemic situation.

Checkpoints are set up and staffed at airports, shopping malls, borders, schools, colleges, railway stations, and many other places to ensure that people are not only infected with COVID-19 but also related to the virus. Experts say the use of thermal cameras is currently on the rise among these employees, and that these cameras act as a kind of warning signal.

Portable thermal imaging cameras and thermometers manufactured by a well-known company called FLIR are now used in most hospitals. In the current scenario, governments are demanding FLIR to increase the handheld T-Series products and permanently mounted A310 thermal imaging cameras. It is a non-contact thermometer, people require more IR200 because it pointing the person’s forehead and checks to detect any signs of fever.

How Does Thermal Imaging Camera Works?

Thermal technology operates in contrast to night vision technology, meaning that thermal devices do not depend on ambient light (moon & stars). Instead of ambient light, they take pictures with the help of thermal patterns. Scientifically speaking, all the natural and man-made objects emit infrared energy as thermal energy. Humans and animals generate significantly more heat than their surroundings, based on which thermal scopes are easily operated. And, this is how thermal imaging works on all thermal night vision devices.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras have lots of applications in various fields such as hunting, firefighting, building inspection, electrical inspection, home inspection, moist detection, pest control, etc. It helps you to prevent your properties from damages and saves your money. The important benefits of the thermal cameras are as follows

  • It detects the affected areas without destructing or damages your properties. It won’t disturb the other activities while inspecting.
  • The thermal imaging cameras don’t produce any harmful substances like chemicals. The infrared laser present in the thermal camera identifies the radiation without releasing it.
  • The thermal camera finds small temperature changes even in the hidden remote places such as walls, columns, power boxes, etc.

Difference Between Normal Camera & Thermal Camera

Difference Between IR Camera and Thermal Camera


1.  Resolution of Images & Videos

When you choose a thermal camera to use for your night tasks, you have to first consider the resolution of the images and the videos that would be produced. As you know, the resolution is where the quality and the clarity both depend. 

You have to consider the type of applications you are going to use your thermal camera for—with this, you would be able to know enough resolution you are going to need. If you are just going to need a thermal camera for residential areas only, then you can just pick one with a resolution that is not that high. 

But suppose you are going to need a thermal camera for professional applications such as inspecting buildings and machines. In that case, you need one that can give you high-resolution images and videos. With high-resolution images and videos, you will have a detailed view of the things you have to analyze and assess.

2.  Durability

The durability of the thermal camera that you should buy is of utmost importance. Some of the thermal cameras are usually used for applications that require urgency. With that happening, there are times that they get dropped accidentally or get exposed to some impacts and forces. For that reason, you need a thermal camera that has the strength and ability to withstand being exposed to those tough situations. 

In addition, having some designs that protect it can be useful too. One of which is having a rubberized case or waterproofing properties. As much as possible, try to choose a thermal camera that is overly protected for it to last long and stay reliable even after a long time.

3.  Compact Size

Another thing that you have to consider is the size of the thermal camera you will buy. If you pick a thermal camera with a bulky size, you will be hindered in performing well or achieving your goal. With that said, just try to pick a thermal camera that provides maximum portability. Once you buy a thermal camera, you would be able to bring it anytime and anywhere. 

The benefit that you can get from that is being always ready anytime that there are situations that need a thermal camera. You also would not get easily tired when carrying a compact thermal camera, and it would not cause much hassle for you. But if it is okay with you to carry a bulky thermal camera, then you may buy one as long as it is useful.

4.  Thermal Accuracy

The thermal accuracy is another important thing that you have to consider because it is where the precision and correctness of the images and videos depend. For the value of thermal accuracy, you have to pick the smallest one. 

Some of the recommendations are positive or negative 1 degree Celsius, positive or negative 2 degrees Celsius and positive or negative 3 degrees Celsius. Those are some of the most acceptable thermal accuracies. Once it exceeds those values, the images and the videos you will get might not be in good quality. Remember that accuracy is one of the things that you must guard or check in order to have a successful operation with your thermal camera.


Choosing a thermal camera might be difficult to do because there are a lot of things to consider and check, but the thermal cameras that we have featured for you are all tested and proven that they are effective to be used even in completely dark places. They produce images and videos that are high definition and clear resolution. 

These thermal cameras that are mentioned above have their own designs, strengths, and construction. With that said, they also have different levels of usefulness and unique functions that cannot be found in other thermal cameras. 

Thermal cameras have a great help for many people in doing different tasks at night and in total darkness, so do not hesitate to buy one if you usually do some important things in those situations. We wish you the best and the safest experiences using a thermal camera.

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