Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Bushnell is the topmost brand for laser rangefinders, they are the first one who introduces the laser rangefinder in the golfing world. They have always dominated the market by keeping the best rangefinders.

From time to time the competitors are making a threat to their domination, but Bushnell improves their product with a better feature every year.

In this list, the Bushnell Pro XE Golf laser rangefinder is the new model smartest distance measuring device. The temperature and elevation measuring feature of this rangefinder will help to get the precise yard measurement.

The Bushnell improvised this product by featuring the slop technology for accuracy. The players who are lucky to have this new device on their hands. 

First Impression of Bushnell Pro XE

Usually, the Bushnell products come with a case, and the Bushnell Pro XE golf laser rangefinder is looking great when it comes out of the box. The rangefinder is placed into the quality built box; when you open the box, the rangefinder is placed in front and center of the box. 

A good looking carrying case with the carabiner is placed below the Pro XE rangefinder; by using the carrying case, you can attach your golf rangefinder with your golf bag. When taking this golf rangefinder out of the box, most of us think that choosing X2 is better than XE for two reasons. 

The first one is XE is heavier than the X2. The X2 rangefinder has a metal body, so it is not a lightweight rangefinder, and the XE is noticeably heavier than the X2. But, the XE is also designed with a durable built. But if you are a person who likes to take the sunny bag to your golf course, maybe it will be a problem for you. 

The second reason to choose the X2 is, it is a new model golf rangefinder. The X2 is a combination of red and gunmetal gray, and it looks sleek. It is a very attractive model.

Now, these two things are out of consideration after focusing on all the XE features, and it allows us to choose XE that is better than X2. 

You can instantly notice the quality of this rangefinder when you take it out of the box. This pro-XE Rangefinder has solid and premium quality built, and also, it is very comfortable to hold. When it comes to the size of this rangefinder, it is a little bigger than some other premium-quality rangefinder that is available in the market, but you don’t need to feel bad for that because it is a powerful device in the overall option. 

The black and grey finish of the rangefinder provides a modern and sleek look, and the magnetic Bite feature makes it as the smartest model. This golf rangefinder button is very easy to use, and the slope switch is more impressive than the previous model. 

Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder Optics

One of the important reasons for choosing this new model Bushnell Pro XE over the other affordable model is its optics. When you are considering the cheapest rangefinder, there is no doubt it looks good, but you don’t think about the quality of the lens. 

If you look through one of the cheapest models and then the Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder, you can easily find out the sun and moon difference between them. Looking through the Bushnell Pro XE gives you the feeling that you are looking through a set of high quality binoculars; it shows the crisp and clear view.

It helps to shoot the target accurately, which is a very easy and enjoyable one. A focus knob is also designed in this golf rangefinder; it helps you easily adjust your eyesight for easy focus. 

This is the one and only golf rangefinder in the market with 7X magnification so that you can get a clear and quality image of the long-range target.

The numbers in the display are in bright red color, so you can easily see it, and it definitely makes you feel notch than the previous models.

Easy to Setup and Use

When comparing with other latest model rangefinder, using the Bushnell Pro XE is very simple and easy to use.

Simply push the power button to get the aiming circle on the lens, and another push of the button get the distance of the target.

Turning ON or OFF the slope mode is also very easy, simply sliding the Slope Switch right or left. You can on the element mode by touch the mode button.

The holding mode in the menu will help to adjust the brightness level and switch between the meters to yards. Overall, the Bushnell Pro XE is very impressive and easy to use. 

Jolt Technology and Accuracy

The first thing you can notice when using this Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is How fastly and accurately it gives the reading. It will immediately show the distance to the pin after you press the button. 

The distance measurement is not like some other cheapest rangefinder that shows the approximate reading between the +/-5 yards, but this rangefinder gives the same result of every time of use. 

It does not matter when finding the hazards, flag, bunkers; by using the vibration jolt feature, you can easily lock the target and eliminate the guesswork.

Every time locking the target using this rangefinder, it will send a vibration for informing you about your position, which helps to save time and increase the time you spend for ranging.

Due to the nice upgrade of this feature, there is no doubt that the distance measurement is 100% accurate.

This feature does not come in the previous models; you can feel more confident than you ever had before with the distance by using this feature. 

Slope Technology

It is also like the previous model rangefinder, the Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder has the slope technology.

This technology gives more advantage to the golfers, but it is not allowed in all golf tournaments. Luckily, it does not mean that you have to bail on this rangefinder.

There is a slider provider in this rangefinder for turn on or off the slope technology for the golf tournament.

This rangefinder calculates the slope of each shot and modifies it for providing compensated distance. It will accurately show how to hit the golf ball to reach the target, geographical distance.

It is one of the greatest features that improve the performance in the golf courses. The Bushnell makes the slope technology even better in the Pro XE Rangefinder than other models. 

Dual Display

This Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is equipped with a dual display, it includes both black and red color. Moreover, it is one of the best backlight displays in today’s market. This ultra-enhanced backlight display helps the golfer to enjoy their play even in the sunniest weather condition. 

BITE Magnetic Mount

Another impressive feature of this rangefinder is the built-in BITE magnetic mount. You can see that the magnetic band goes around the cart bar of the rangefinder to clip your rangefinder with the golf cart for quick access. The Bushnell cleverly designs by putting that magnet directly on the side of the rangefinder.

Legal in Tournament

Most people are facing the problem by using the Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder while enabled the slope technology.

Once you disable the slope technology in this rangefinder, it is completely suitable for golf tournaments’ current rules, regulations, and laws. When you turn off the slope technology, you can use this rangefinder in various tournaments without any problem.

Whenever you are going to participate in the upcoming tournaments, make sure that your rangefinder is permitted on green or not.

Some other best feature in Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder

In the Pro XE Rangefinder, the ‘E’ stands for ‘Elements,’ and you may think what the element has to do with anything?

When you are playing the same golf course in the cool early morning, and hot humid summer afternoon, you can notice that your 7-iron hits various distances, even your swing the same way. The natural elements are the reason for this impact, and it makes an impact on the distance. The altitude, temperature, barometric pressure, and air density influence the ball’s traveling distance. 

This Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder design helps to take more consideration in your playing conditions when you hit the strategic shot.  In this Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder, the slope technology comes with element compensation. It has the distance factor of Adjusted altitude, temperature, slope. This rangefinder calculates all these details to determine the actual playing yard for a particular location on that day’s particular climate. By using this rangefinder, you can easily find out the actual distance of the target. 



Our Verdict

Nowadays, there are a lot of rangefinders available in the markets and local sporting stores. If you are not sure about what you are looking for, finding the best golf rangefinder in a perfect model with good features and functionality becomes a huge task. Using the Bushnell ProXE Rangefinder, you can feel more confident about improving your professional or tournament performance. This Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is modern, compact, sleek, and designed with the latest technology. The buttons are provided for quick and easy use. 

This Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is an ideal option for people interested in playing in different environments to improve their accuracy. You can confidently use this rangefinder in wet, sunny, or unpredictable weather conditions. Overall this Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is one of the best options for professional golfers. 

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