Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

ATN, BUSHNELL, LEUPOLD, SIG SAUER, and WALKERS are the top most renowned manufacturers for the best rangefinders for golfers. Bushnell is the major optic manufacturer that introduced laser rangefinders for the golding industry.

To keep the top position in the race, Bushnell is working on the internal and external qualities of laser rangefinders or laser telescopes. In their series, Bushnell Pro XE Golf Rangefinder is the best among the gaming laser telescope which brought back Bushnell to its place after a few minor downfalls.

Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder is the smartest hand tool that is popular for its temperature and elevation measuring features to offer high precision.

The slop technology is improvised in this golf rangefinder to attain accuracy and acquisition.

Let’s discuss more on the below Bushnell Pro XE Golf Rangefinder review.

Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder - A Detailed Review

Range to a Flag: 500+ Yards Magnification: 7x
Slope with Elements Compensation: Yes Slope Compensation: Yes
Slope-Switch: Yes PinSeeker with Visual JOLT: Yes
PinSeeker with JOLT: Yes Integrated BITE Magnetic Cart Mount: Yes
Waterproof: Yes Water Resistant: Yes

First Impression of Bushnell Pro XE: Unboxing

A good-looking carrying case with the carabiner is placed below the Pro XE rangefinder; by using the carrying case, you can attach your golf rangefinder with your golf bag. If you already used the X2 rangefinder from Bushnell, when you see lifting this laser rangefinder, you might think X2 is better than XE because of two reasons. 

The first one is the weight, XE is heavier than the X2. Though the X2 is not a lightweight unit as it is metal construction however XE is noticeably heavier than the X2.

The second reason would be the sleek design of X2 which XE is missing.

Aside from weight and design, Bushnell Pro XE is also a winner in the race. 

You can clearly see the quality of this rangefinder when you take it out of the box. This pro-XE Rangefinder has solid and premium quality built, and it is very comfortable to hold. 

The black and grey finish of the rangefinder provides a modern look, and the Magnetic Bite feature makes it the smartest model. This golf rangefinder’s buttons are easy to maneuver, and the slope switch is more impressive than the previous model. 

Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder Optical System

One of the important reasons for choosing this new model Bushnell Pro XE is its optics. 

If you compare other low-priced models with the Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder, you can easily find out the sun and moon difference between them. Looking through the Bushnell Pro XE gives you the feeling that you are looking through a high-quality binocular that shows a crisp and clear view.

It helps to aim the target and cover the distance in an easier way. A focus knob is also designed in this golf rangefinder to help you easily adjust your eyesight for easy focus. 

Bushnell Pro XE is the one and only golf rangefinder in the market with 7X magnification so that you can get a clear and quality image of the long-range target for up to 500 yards.

The numbers in the display are in bright red color, so you can easily see it which helps in top-notch golfing performance.

Easy to Setup and Use

When compared with other latest model rangefinders, using the Bushnell Pro XE is very simple.

Simply push the power button to get the aiming circle on the lens, and another push of the button get the distance of the target.

Turn ON or OFF the slope mode by simply sliding the Slope Switch right or left. You can on the element mode by touching the mode button.

The holding mode in the menu will help to adjust the brightness level and switch between meters and yards. Overall, the Bushnell Pro XE is user-friendly and easy to control. 

Jolt Technology and Accuracy

The first thing you will notice in Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is its speed; how fast and accurately it gives the reading. This laser rangefinder will quickly show the distance to the pin after you press the button. 

Unlike other rangefinders that show the approximate distance measurement reading between the +/-5 yards, the Bushnell PRO XE rangefinder gives the Standard same result every time of use. 

It does not matter when finding the hazards, flags, bunkers; with the vibration jolt feature, you can easily lock the target and eliminate the guesswork.

Every time you lock the target using this rangefinder, it will vibrate to inform your position, which helps to save time you spend on ranging.

Due to the nice upgrade of this feature, there is no doubt that the distance measurement is 100% accurate.

This feature does not come in the previous models; you can be confident than you ever had before with the distance by using this feature. 

Slope Technology

Like the previous model rangefinder, the Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder has slope technology.

This technology gives more advantages to golfers, but it is not allowed in all golf tournaments. Luckily, it does not mean that you have to bail on this rangefinder.

There is a slider provider in this rangefinder to turn on or off the slope technology for the golf tournament.

This rangefinder calculates the slope of each shot and modifies it for providing compensated distance. It will accurately show how to hit the golf ball to reach the target calculating geographical distance.

It is one of the greatest features that improve the performance in the golf courses. The Bushnell made the slope technology even better in the Pro XE Rangefinder than other models. 

Dual Display

This Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is equipped with a dual display, it includes both black and red colors. Moreover, it is one of the best backlight displays in today’s market. This ultra-enhanced backlight display helps the golfer to enjoy their play even on sunny days. 

BITE Magnetic Mount

Another impressive feature of this Bushnell XE rangefinder is the built-in BITE magnetic mount. You can see the magnetic band goes around the cart bar of the rangefinder to clip your rangefinder with the golf cart for quick access. It is a clever idea of Bushnell to put the magnet directly on the side of the rangefinder.

Legal in Tournament

The common disappointment that a Pro XE owner gets is not being allowed to use slope technology in tournaments. When you turn off the slope technology, you can use this rangefinder in various tournaments, but yes you will surely miss something great.

Whenever you are going to participate in the upcoming tournaments, check with their rules and regulations to make sure that your rangefinder is permitted on green or not.

Some other best features in Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder

In the Pro XE Rangefinder, the ‘E’ stands for ‘Elements,’ and you may think what are the elements and what will they do?

When you are playing a golf course in the cold early morning and hot humid summer afternoon, you can notice that your 7-iron hits various distances, even you swing the same way. The natural elements are the reason for this impact, and it makes an impact on the distance too. The altitude, temperature, barometric pressure, and air density influence the ball’s traveling distance. 

This Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder design helps to take more into consideration of your playing conditions were hit the strategic shot.  In this Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder, the slope technology comes with element compensation. It has the distance factor of Adjusted altitude, temperature, slope.

This rangefinder calculates all these details to determine the actual playing yard for a particular location considering its current nature conditions. By using this rangefinder, you can easily find out the actual distance of the target despite weather, wind, and sunlight. 



Our Verdict

Having overloads of various rangefinders and great brands on the list, if you are not sure about what you are looking for, finding the best golf rangefinder becomes a huge task.

If you are interested in Bushnell XE but need to know it further, I hope the above Bushnell ProXE Rangefinder review has helped you.

The Best Laser Rangefinder for Golf should give you confidence and help you improve your professional or tournament performance, I assure you Bushnell Pro XE will do this.

The modern, compact, sleek design with the latest technologies yet easy to understand and use controls are the biggest advantages of this laser telescope.

This Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is an ideal option for people interested to play in different environments to improve their accuracy. It suits wet, sunny, or unpredictable weather conditions.

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