Bestguarder 6×50 mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular Review

If you’re looking for the best night vision monocular for hunting, scouting, and bird watching, the Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular is the right choice for you. 

The Bestguarder digital night vision monocular helps to illuminate the target up to 1150 feet away. 

This digital night vision monocular comes with easy adjustment control  and it is very user friendly. This night vision monocular has the latest night vision technology that provides more features and benefits for the hunters or users. 

This device’s features are night vision, video recording capabilities, long viewing distances, digital zoom, and a powerful IR illuminator. These features make the digital night vision monocular a lightweight and beneficial device. 

The Bestguarder digital night vision monocular provides excellent visual precision and visibility. 

Nowadays, several night vision monoculars are available on the market with various shapes, sizes, features, and functions for different purposes. 

This digital night vision monocular can quickly fit into your hand and pocket so they are very useful for birdwatchers, hikers, hunters, etc. 

In this article, we have reviewed the Bestguarder 6×50 mm HD digital night vision monocular. 

It is one of the best night vision monoculars for nighttime use, and it makes your shooting, bird watching, hunting, and other outdoor activities more comfortable. 

This digital night vision monocular is an ideal choice for all night endeavors. Keep reading this article to understand its features and specifications.



Features of Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular 

Listed below are the features of the Bestguarder WG-50 6 × 50mm HD Digital Night Vision monocular.

Features of Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Monocular
Get a look and make assured this night vision monocular model suits your requirements.


Magnification is the main difference between a monocular and a telescope. Most of the telescopes come with a 1x magnification range to a 20x magnification range, but most of the night vision monocular has 2x, 6x, or 10x magnification range. 

The larger magnification decreases the laser units and brightness, especially when it comes to image quality. The single night vision monocular field of view is narrow. 

Magnification of Bestgurarder Digital Night Vision Monocular

The night vision monoculars with higher magnification provide low-quality images to the user. 

The Bestguarder digital night vision monocular comes with a 6x magnification range and provides high-quality target images on the user, so you can clearly view the objects from long distances.

Digital Zoom

This digital night vision monocular has a superior digital zoom ability that enables you to zoom in and zoom out your target easily. 

This feature perfectly works with complete darkness and low light conditions. It allows you to magnify images up to five times for advanced and wide view.

Digital Zoom of Bestguarder Night Vision MonocularDigital Zoom also comes with three customizable levels of brightness that provide an excellent view.

CMOS Sensor

CMOS sensor is a Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor. The CMOS sensor magnifies the image pixels into a clear image. 

The bestguarder has a CMOS sensor feature that is more efficient and produces target pictures with six times more magnification power

Due to the built-in microphone, it can make high definition video and photos with sound.

Screen Size

The night vision monocular is specially designed for the hunters, bird watchers, or other users in mind. 

The TFT screen enables easy viewing without difficulty. On a 1.5-inch screen, you can view clearly the targets in normal light or complete darkness. 

It allows you to adjust the menu bar settings in seven different languages, and this night vision device is more user friendly.

Portability and Convenience

The Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Monocular is attached to the durable home assorted IPX4 for water resistance. 

Two built-in mounting jacks are included for safe mounting. Units include TV output cable and USB. 

The nylon carrying bag is also customized to hold the lens with the inner bag and outer gear.

Long Distances Viewing

Long-distance viewing is one of the best features of this night vision monocular that allow you to view the object at a greater distance. 

This night vision device enables you to view the targets up to 350m in the daytime and nighttime hunting

It contains an IR illuminator for excellent viewing of the targets. The date stamping your video and photo makes it simple to detect specific pictures after a hunting excursion.

Objective lens

The objective lens is one of the essential visual parameters of any night vision monocular. 

Objective Lens of Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Monocular

The Bestguarder night vision monocular comes with a 50 mm objective lens diameter that provides crystal clear and bright target images for the user. 

The larger objective lens diameter is also heavier, but it provides higher clearness and brightness of the target images.

Video Recording

This digital night vision monocular has an image capturing and video recording features.  

This device has a small microphone for enhancing video recording. It takes pictures and video in high-quality so you can set up this night vision monocular as a live streaming camera to connect this device to your laptop and TV. 

Video Recording of Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Monocular

After, the images and videos stream in real-time when you sit and see the photos comfortably. The sound quality is very nice during video recording, and it captures faint sounds also.

Night Vision

Digital night vision is the advanced generation of night vision devices. The Night vision monoculars contain image intensifiers that digitally enhance the gathered photons under low light conditions. 

Night Vision of Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Monocular

The digital night vision provides an excellent quality target image in low light conditions or complete darkness. It also allows you to see the targets up to 1000 yards away in total darkness.

The type of night vision technology used in this Bestguarder night vision monocular provides you the better visibility at complete darkness with improved accuracy.

Zoom Capacity

Zoom capacity is a very beneficial “shoot and point” technique, but the monocular’s inherent FOV restrictions limit its use. 

Accurate zooming or variable magnification interferes with the short monocular optical image quality and Shrinks an already defined field of view.


The Bestguarder Digital Night Vision Monocular is made with a high-quality and water-resistant material. 

It provides you the freedom to travel the environment without worrying about water elements as it prevents you from appreciating your entertainment. Thus, you can use this night vision device in any environmental conditions.

Battery Type and Battery Life

The Bestguarder night vision monocular comes with a long battery life, and they powered up for a long time compared to other night vision monoculars. 

This night vision device needs four AA batteries to work. The lithium-ion AA batteries offer an extended run-time, and this device also used rechargeable and alkaline batteries. 

This night vision monocular has the benefits of charging with external power using the USB input.

Wide Range Applications

  • Camping Fun
  • Wildlife Observation
  • Exploring Caves
  • Hunting and scouting game
  • Nighttime navigation
  • Security and surveillance
  • Bird Watching
  • Search and rescue
  • Night fishing and boating


This night vision device has no auto-focus mechanism feature, so you have to adjust the picture manually. 

This cannot be good while tracking a moving object because you have to change the focus again as the object moves. 

Conversely, in the short term, the battery is used for charging. But the night vision device is durable, water-resistant, and also clarifies the night vision images. 

You can also use it on a stand, which begins with a one-year warranty.



Final Words

Whether you are an avid hunter or a hunting enthusiast, hunting can be exhilarating if you use this night vision monocular. It provides a high optical clarity to identify the targets and capture high-resolution target images easily. It is one of the beneficial tools for attaching your hunting arsenal. 

The Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular has a compact and lightweight design. Most hunters and wildlife observers like this night vision device because of its quality. This device is widely used in many applications, and it improves the hunter’s performance. In this article, we’ve explained all the features and functions of Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular. I hope this article helps you to choose the best night vision monocular for your hunting needs.

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