AGM Python 25mm Short Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope Review

Hunting is one of the major hobbies in many countries and it’s been developing day by day. Hunting equipment has also been developing for hundreds of years. No doubt rifles have occupied a prominent place in the hunting gears. 

But today rifles deserve this place only because of riflescopes. Predators get a better result with these rifle scopes and that allows the user to locate the target easily at a distance.

As the technology has improved day by day, the outdoor gears are upgraded with the modern thermal technology and that is growing at a faster rate in the market. Thermal scopes have accomplished with night vision technology that created a new revolution in the last 30 years.

AGM Python 25mm Thermal Riflescope
4.8 / 5
Magnification: 1X
Magnification: 1.2X

And now there are plenty of thermal scopes available in the market and finding the best rifle scopes among them for the tactical field leads to a great confusion. We are here to resolve your doubts and confusions. Well in this post, we’ve given the detailed study of AGM Python 25mm Short Range Thermal Imaging Riflescope and you are going to gain knowledge about it.

Features of AGM Python 25mm Short Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope 


AGM Python 25mm Thermal Riflescope is engineered with military grade materials making it sturdy and rugged. The long-wave infrared thermal imaging rifle scope is designed to be lightweight and provides 24X7 operations. Once mounted, you’ll never feel to dismount this thermal scope from the firearm. 

These materials are water resistant and provide ultimate performance even in worse environmental conditions. So you can tackle any tough weather with AGM Python thermal scope. 

AGM Python scope can be mounted on your firearm or rifle with the help of Weaver, Picatinny, MIL-STD 1913 attachments.

Thermal Core Sensor

AGM thermal scope is featured with a thermal imaging sensor having 640×480 pixels resolution. It is configured with a pixel pitch of 17 micrometers that provide crystal clear images to hit the target precisely.

It provides stunning performance for the shooter to achieve the tasks. It is featured with a specified FLIR Tau 2 type detector.

In addition, AGM Python thermal scope possesses 45mm of Eye Relief and 10mm of Exit Pupil that provides comfortable viewing ability.

Objective Lens System

AGM Python Short Range Thermal Scope is fitted with a durable germanium lens with unique modifications. AGM Python comes with three different lens systems namely, 25mm, 50mm and 75mm. So you’ll get the choice to select the lens system for your hunting. 

Here, our review is a 25mm lens system which is considered to be the best thermal scope for short range target shooting. It allows you to focus the objects very closer and more accurately.

Next is the 50mm lens. It is a perfect choice for medium-range shooting. AGM Python Medium Range Thermal Scope allows you to aim the target within the specified range.

AGM has created three models separately for short, medium, and long range shooting. In that row the next is the 75mm lens model. It is recommended for long distant targets and often used for night hunting, law enforcement, and military purposes.

Magnification Range

Magnification is a very important feature in every thermal scope. It magnifies your targeted image to get an accurate shot. 

AGM has also surprised you with another model (AGM Python 1.2x25mm Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope) to compete with Python 25mm Thermal Imaging Riflescope. It comes with more or less similar features but differs only with the magnification range. Both the models are configured with the same specifications including the price and dimension. 

Digital Zoom

You can gradually increase the size of your target with the digital zooming feature. It ranges from 1X,  2X, 4X, and up to  8X. These zooming ranges enable you to get a very close detection of your target. It gives you a minimum focusing range from 2m and maximum range to infinity. So you’ll be able to see your prey clearly at any focusing range.

Imaging Process

AGM Python 25mm thermal scope offers 60Hz refresh rate and the field of view angle from 25° to 20°. These two are the major aspects in processing high-quality images and higher resolution videos.

The scope doesn’t provide reticle instead it is featured with 4 MOA Dot namely Line dot, Crosshair, Cross, and Cross center dot. These 4 MOA dots are responsible to produce bright, vivid images quickly and accurately. This thermal imaging scope produces better output than the reticles. 

The greatest advantage here is that the MOA patterns are changeable and allows you to use your desired option. 

AGM Python 25mm Thermal Riflescope is built with a real-time HD display having a resolution of 800×600 pixels. It displays images with even more clarity. So you’ll not miss any shot.

User Interface

For your convenience, AGM has provided two adjustments; Automatic and Manual. If you’re satisfied with the automatic mode then you can set it activated and continue with your focusing. 

If you feel that the brightness of the image is not enough or you need less brightness, then you can manually adjust its level with 8 different illumination settings. This AGM Python Thermal Scope is user friendly and is very easy to operate. 

Moreover, it also comes with a standby mode that helps to activate or deactivate your device with a single click. Thus it can extend the life of the device.

S620 Connector

AGM Python Thermal Scope includes S620 Connector along with the device. It helps to perform various functions. You can connect the HD video recorder with the scope using this connector. So you can record all the events that occurred in the hunting field.  These videos are downloaded in the PAL. It also includes remote control operation that helps to access the device effortlessly. 

Power System

AGM Python thermal riflescope grants you two power sources to operate the device. They are CR123A type and CR123 batteries. Both of them are lithium batteries and are rechargeable. It is capable of the continuous operation of the scope for up to 4 hours. CR123A and CR123 type batteries have voltage ranging from 3.0V to 3.7V.


Micro-USB gives you a hand in difficult situations. For example, if you have stuck in any critical situation without power, then you can charge your riflescope by connecting power bank, or other power sources via micro-USB.

In addition, you can also use this to connect other devices such as video recorders, power banks, and WiFi attachments. So you’ll not find any tough situation in the field with this scope, instead it keeps you relaxed and lets you enjoy the hunting. 

Magnification: 1X
Magnification: 1.2X

Final Words

AGM Python-Micro 1.9x 35mm Compact Thermal Scope has a lightweight design and can be carried easily. The rugged materials make it sturdy and to withstand harsh climatic conditions. It is built in with advanced technology that makes it versatile and can be attached to any of the powerful weapons, rifles, or firearms.

AGM Python-Micro Compact Thermal Scope provides incredibly amazing performance and can be used in all scenarios. If you’re looking for a compact thermal scope then AGM Python-Micro 1.9x 35mm Compact Thermal Scope is the best choice for you.

 Hope so this review article is helpful for you!!!

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