EOTech 512 A65 Review – Tested & Reviewed

If you’re a gun enthusiast, then you definitely know how effective the holographic sight is. It allows you to see the targets clearly even from a long distance. The holographic sight is widely used in close combat situations as it ensures fast target acquisition. The holographic sight is not common as red dot sights or … Read more

Holosun 507K Mini Red Dot Sight Review

If it is 2015, most of you don’t know who Holosun is. That’s right! They just started their establishment in the weapon sight those days.  Only a few people know about their products because of their budget price. After all the ups and downs, now Holosun is one of the companies that produces a large … Read more

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Review

Introduction Are you searching for the scope that fits all your weapons, such as shotgun, pistol, or high-powered hunting rifles? There are lots of models available in the market with excellent features.  Having a good optic while hunting is the backbone of a hunter and improves their hunting interests. Many hunters think that they need … Read more

HOLOSUN HS515CM Military Grade Micro Red Dot Sight Review

HOLOSUN HS515CM Military Grade Micro Red Dot Sight review

Hunting and shooting have become a passion nowadays. You need to have the essential tools in your arsenal for your adventure. And your arsenal remains incomplete without red dot sight. HOLOSUN Military Grade Micro Red Dot Sight is an ideal choice for you which makes your hunting adventures as a memorable one. Professional hunters love … Read more

Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec LQD Reflex Sight Review

Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec LQD Reflex Sight review

Reflex sights have become a new fashion among hunters and night shooters. The best reflex sight is one of the most important tools necessary for outdoor enthusiasts to enhance their shooting or hunting experience. The combination of both red dot sight and holographic sight is known as reflex sight or reflector sight. The reflex sight … Read more