CREATIVE XP Digital Night Vision Binocular Review

Hunting at nighttime won’t be interesting or possible without any night vision devices. 

The best choice among the night vision devices for finding the nocturnal animals in the dark is night vision binoculars. 

It helps you to see the world after dark. Most hunters and wildlife enthusiasts love to observe the nocturnal animals at night. 

Because nocturnal animals are generally active after dark, and they become more active at night than during the day to hunt, mate, and avoid heat & predators. 

So, the professional hunters use a pair of night vision binoculars to track their prey.  

Night vision binoculars are used for hobbies like hiking, night game viewing, birding, or hunting at nighttime. 

Because of their ability, Night Vision Binoculars are used by law enforcement agencies for monitoring criminal activities under the cover of darkness. Also, they offer protection for hunting or camping in the dark of night. 

Are you a hunter, or an outdoor enthusiast who is looking for the best night vision binocular that is capable of providing a clear and bright range of view? We would like to introduce a Creative XP GlassOwl – Night Vision IR Digital Binocular. 

This creative XP is a digital night vision binocular that allows observing nocturnal animals at a long distance without disrupting their activities. Keep reading this article to know their features.



Before looking into the features just have a look at night vision binoculars, and what are they used for?

Night vision Binoculars

Usually, a night vision binocular is the most common optic device used around the world. 

A pair of night vision binoculars is a device that allows you to see in the dark. A night vision binocular comes with two eyepiece or dual tube system optic devices with built-in magnification. 

Night vision goggles are not sufficient for viewing at longer distances in the dark. 

In those situations, you can use night vision binoculars and these binoculars are designed to be used by both hands. There are several options to choose from the binoculars. 

If you love hunting, camping, birding, or tracking wildlife, then binoculars are the right equipment. 

Also, they are widely used by the police, military personnel, security companies, navigation, surveillance, and target purposes.

Features of Creative XP GlassOwl-Night Vision Binocular


The creative XP night vision binocular comes with a magnification range of up to 3.5x- 7x optical and 2x digital zoom. But, other night vision binoculars in this price will have much lower zooming capabilities. 

Overall the night vision quality and images were amazing for this night vision binoculars in this price range.

Both the magnification and the zooming capabilities give you an excellent sighting up to 1300 feet away. 

Also, it has a built-in 850nm IR illuminator that provides visibility in complete darkness. Besides, it can be used both during the day and night. 

Thanks to the powerful IR illuminator present in this night vision binocular that helps you to hunt, protect your farm, and wild-life observation in 100 % darkness, without the use of any external light. 

Magnification of Ceative XP Night Vision Binocular

Optics & Image Quality

The binocular has a multi-coated 31mm objective lens to give you freedom of action and joy while watching the nocturnal wild-life activities. 

Crystal clear viewing is guaranteed with a 31mm objective lens. These binoculars also feature a 4 inch TFT screen and a great field of view. 

This device allows you to take top-quality photos and videos with audio. Moreover, you can save your lifetime moments on the 32 GB memory card which is included with a binocular. 

It’s super-easy to transfer the captured images and recorded videos to your computer. Later, you can download and show them off to your buddies.

Viewing in Darkness

The creative XP GlassOwl night vision binocular is one of the favored choices among the hunters. 

These binoculars allow you to see in the pitch-black night. This device provides high-quality photos and videos without any source of ambient light. 

However, a GlassOwl night vision monocular featuring a no-glow IR illuminator that allows you to view the wild animals in complete darkness. The smooth zooming system enables you to capture crisp and clear images. 

Visibility of Creative XP Night Vision Binocular in Dark

These high-powered digital night vision binoculars have been designed to see in 100% darkness. 

Moreover, the creative XP high-tech night vision binoculars can be used for observing the wildlife during nighttime, monitor your farms and cattle and also to surveillance on your property with a no-glow infrared illuminator.


A creative XP GlassOwl night vision binocular is a great device to run in all weather conditions. 

The device is completely waterproof standard of IPX4 so that you can take them along on boat rides, rainy or foggy atmospheres of the rainforests. No need to worry about the environment and weather around you. 

Sturdy Design

This Creative XP Night Vision Binocular is built with the durable material to ensure rugged construction and reliable performance on the harsh conditions. 

The outer casing of the device is protected with a rubber coating, which provides you an easy and tight grip even if your hands are wet or dirty or if you wear gloves. 

If your binocular falls accidentally out of your hands, their sturdy design will protect them from breaking. 

Moreover, this unit can handle the most rugged conditions, as it’s durable and tough-build construction.

Battery Life and Warranty

The GlassOwl night vision binocular runs on 8AA batteries, which are not included in the product box. 

You have to purchase them separately, and they can be found in local stores or available in the markets. 

This unit is slightly heavy due to its tough build construction and batteries. The device can run for more than six hours when the IR illuminator is ON. 

It’s one of the advantages of this binocular, which has a long battery life with rechargeable batteries. Also, the product comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.


The creative XP GlassOwl night vision binocular is driven by the mission of high-end optics at a low-price. 

This device can be an alternative if you are looking for a budget night vision binocular. 

Additional Accessories

Most night vision binoculars come with an added functionality. The Glass Owl night vision binocular product package also includes a,

  • Lens Cleaning Cloth-  Always use a soft-Tek microfiber cloth, which is provided by the manufacturer to wipe down the lenses of your device because the binocular optics are provided with a special anti-reflective layer. If you use any wrong cleaning products, it may damage your optics.
  • USB cable- You can use the USB cable to connect with your computer and transfer the files quickly and easily.
  • 32GB SD card- To store the recorded videos and images as a lifetime memory.
  • Neck strap- To protect your binocular from accidental falling off.
  • A Protective case- A rubber-coated construction gives you an excellent grip.
  • User Manual- It’s easy to read. Before using the device read the instructions. 

Benefits of Night Vision Binoculars

  • Better visibility in the dark
  • Improved safety
  • Better accuracy



FAQs – CREATIVE XP Digital Night Vision Binoculars

 1. Can night vision binoculars be used in the daytime?

Yes. With the development of advanced technology, they can be used during daylight. 

Most of the devices come with a built-in Infrared illuminator. If you use the binoculars in daylight, you can turn off the IR illuminator. 

Also, the device is provided with a lens cover that allows only a small amount of light getting inside the binoculars. 

It won’t rely on an intensifier tube, and the digital system allows it to see in day and night hours.

2. How far can night vision binoculars see?

Generally, a night vision binocular typical viewing range is 400-800 feet. 

Most of the devices come with a fixed magnifier, which is perfect only for a maximum distance of viewing but not good for close-range viewing.

3. What is better thermal or night vision?

Thermal vision is better than night vision, but it’s more expensive as well. Thermal vision is the new and latest technology and it is used to detect the desired game object, while night vision has been used around since WWII, and they are at an affordable price.

4. How does Night Vision Binoculars work?

Night vision relies on ambient light; when this light(photons) enters the lens, it passes through a photocathode and changes the light particles into electrons. 

Then the electrons are amplified by the electrical and chemical process. These amplified electrons accelerate and hit the phosphor screen that turns into an image that is seen through the eyepiece.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the night stop the adventure. The creative XP GlassOwl night vision binoculars are user friendly, and it’s the right choice to venture out into the complete darkness. If you are on a tight budget, you can purchase this GlassOwl night vision binocular that allows you to observe wild animals, hunting, security, or general use. All-round, the Creative XP GlassOwl night vision binocular provides high-quality images and videos that are truly impressive in this price range. Thus all the features make this GlassOwl night vision binocular outstanding and also a popular choice for any lover of the night.

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