FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera Review

Thermal cameras are part of most people’s arsenal. Thermal imaging will have the utility you need whether you are maintaining equipment, working on a home inspection, or detecting energy loss in a home.

The FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Camera is the world’s first pocket-sized thermal imaging camera. Keep in mind that this thermal imaging device will become a part of the tools you use every day as FLIRC2 has very powerful features. It is fitted with full-featured pro features.

Although the C2 is no bigger than an ordinary mobile phone, it provides the clarity and image detail needed to be useful in a variety of consumer and professional applications. The C2 furnishes an all-new meaning to the term all-in-one thermal imaging camera, which possesses a stylish and compact structure that provides enough performance.

This entry-level thermal imaging camera combines a flashlight, a thermal imager, and a visual camera to provide detailed images. This feature definitely helpful for on-site users who all are looking for a compact pocket-sized thermal imaging camera.

Albeit the outlook of the device is small and compact it is filled with lots of advanced and innovative features. FLIR C2 features Multi-Spectral Dynamic (MSX) Imaging, crisp image quality, a wide temperature range, and so on. This device has the ability to connect with a software called FLIR One to create the report you need.

This review will discuss all the details about FLIR C2 Thermal Camera and explain to you through this article its best and worst features.

Let’s dive into the review.

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Why Should You Consider the Flir C2 Camera [Noteworthy Features]

The FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Camera is consolidated with innovative features and updated technologies to fulfill all the expectations of the user who want a pocket-sized thermal device. And it comes with some notable and advanced features that make the device a practical one. Let us take a look at a detailed review of its features.

Build Quality

The FLIR C2 is designed to be a pocket camera and it consists of a chinky but tiny profile. All the components of the thermal device have very low weight thus it comes with an overall weight of just 4.6 ounces. That’s why it is known as one of the lightweight thermal imaging cameras when compared to the other models.

The lightweight construction, chinky profile, valid design are the most interesting aspect of this thermal imaging camera. Most experts classify it as one of the best thermal imaging cameras considering its uniqueness and functionality.

Even if it is a pocket model you do not have to worry if you do not have a pocket because the coarse plastic and rubber shell constructed with this camera has the power and strength to withstand even a sharp fall.

Constructed of rubber on the outside, this device has a great grip that feels safe in your hands. A lanyard slot is located in the bottom corner of the device that attaches the camera to the neck strap to provide extra protection for the camera.

The device has the ability to operate at a temperature level of –10°C to +50°C. And the manufacturer does not indicate any IP rating for the camera so there is no assurance about the waterproof technology. The big downside of this device is the touch screen doesn’t have any protection aspect to handle the worst cases.

In front of the camera, there is an LED lamp is located which is very helpful in dark situations. This practical aspect helps you to take the images even in the pitch darkness. The 3-inch unsecured touch screen has a thermal resolution of 320 × 240 pixels.

Though it does not gives 100 percent clarity and quality but it also offers crisp and bright images both day and night time. The responsive touch screen interface is responsible for the smooth operation and clear cut images.

MSX Technology

Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) is a patented imaging technology produced by the thermal imaging products manufacturer FLIR. This innovative technology generates detail thermal images by bringing collectively the thermal and visual spectrums.

The MSX technology is based on FLIR’s novel internal processor and utilizes an internal digital camera to improve real-time thermal images. The MSX patented technology produced by FLIR permits the thermal camera to capture crystal clear and richly-detailed images for future reference.

It extends the primary features of the visual image and the thermal image to obtain the aspects clear and crisp. Clearly speaking, thermal images are not only the amalgamation of two images.

The software installed in the FLIR C2 thermal camera captures the essential details from the contrast visual images. These details include numbers, words, other edge details, shapes, and so on. The final image produced by this camera is clutter-free and clear, which makes it faster for problem detection and easy for target identification.

Though the device is set to MSX mode by default you can turn it on or off at any time. If you have MSX technology in your thermal imaging camera then you need not use extra visual images for future reference.

Our team of experts commented that this technology would be very useful in preparing reports later as it provides clear and precise specifications. Also, users find these to be very helpful in explaining details to those who are not present in the area during the test.


Using a combination of both a digital camera and a thermal sensor, the thermal camera delivers clear and crisp pictures by capturing thermal images. The IR detector captures the images with a high quality that has a resolution of 80×60 pixels, and the ordinary digital camera contains the resolution 640 × 480 pixels which capture the images with details.

Albeit the camera comes with the mid-range of resolution but in reality, it produces detailed images from the determined distance. And in some cases, the pixel count (low, mid, high) of the IR sensor is not essential for utilization in residential and commercial settings.

This thermal camera often proves that the real charm of the C2, which is produced by FLIR, lies in its ability and convenience. The visual image combines the precise amount of detail to the thermal image to help easily identify the thermal image, making the details of the images more clear.

The picture is developed over a comparatively broad horizontal FOV of 41°. Nevertheless, the heat sensitivity at 100mk distinguishes it. Through our study, we found that the device is very effective in capturing even the smallest thermal signatures optimally.

Admittedly, the sensor has the ability to detect a temperature limit between –10° to +150°C. The thermal device has the accuracy levels at 25°C are ±2°C (±3.6°F) or 2%.

Although the device’s features and specifications are very precise, they do not capture long-distance targets because their resolution is limited and they can only detect objects at short distances. Our test team used FLIR C2 to see the target at a distance of one meter, but the report said the image quality was not good enough to identify the details.

High Resolution

As I said already, the digital camera has a resolution of about 640 × 480 pixels and the IR sensor has a resolution of about 80 x 60 pixels. The device works better with the help of FLIR’s MSX technology.

This MSX captures images using visible light and it utilizes a separate lens to capture the images in more detail. The image captured by the separate lens overlays onto the thermal one and it provides you the thermal image with context and details to aid you to identify specific objects more comfortably.

FLIR C2 is equipped with a vibrant touchscreen and it has the size of 3 inches. This 3″ touch screen simply displays all the colors selected by the sensor of the thermal camera. By using this high-resolution thermal camera you can obtain the most detailed images that are very helpful in your further reference.

Wide Field of View

Just because a C2 thermal camera made by FLIR is so small does not mean that the displays provided are not of good quality. In contrast, the thermal camera provides clearer and better quality shots even though it is much smaller than the smartphone.

Also, this camera has a 45 ° viewing field (Field of View) which fits more objects into an image, which is especially helpful on work platforms when handling large structures and machinery.


Experts say that connectivity is the main aspect that makes everything easier in a professional context. But when it comes to the connectivity of the FLIR C2 compact thermal imaging camera, it doesn’t equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. But using a USB cable is the only option to share the images or files.

With the help of this USB cable, you can share the files or extract the images from the SD card included in the thermal camera. This method may cause time lags but it is a great way to transfer large amounts of files from one tool to another at the same time.

Fortunately, the FLIR C3 Thermal Imaging Camera avoids this issue by having Wi-Fi connectivity.

Video Capabilities

There is a push-button located on the device that is very helpful in capturing video files in an easy manner. The video camera of FLIR C2 recorded and streams videos in the MPEG4 format and these videos have a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. This high-resolution thermal camera offers you a richly detailed video file that is very precise and colorful.

Weather Protection

The most important thing you should notice in the FLIR C2 thermal camera is that it does not come with a weather protection feature. Our team confirmed that the device is capable of withstanding some splashes even though it does not have the ability to withstand various weather and ambient attacks.

Although this device is not designed to withstand harsh weather conditions they are sure to provide minimal protection.

It is noteworthy that even though there is a rubber layer around the lens that comes with the device, a cover or cap that fits the lens is not attached. This is because the device may be subject to dust, scratches, and various external lifts due to such feature defects.

Pro-Level Diagnostics

The display layer adds more detail to the image to facilitate the recognition of a scene and enhance its uniqueness.

However, the true value of MSX which is the combination of visual and thermal is revealed when justifying innovations to the manager or customer. These give clarity to the image so that they can easily identify what is going on in the image.

This company allows users to download FLIR tools software made by FLIR for free. With this awesome software, you can compare MSX display images, create required reports, make as many changes as you can in-camera settings, and make many more interesting setting changes.

Most interestingly with this software the device has the ability to capture a point temperature reading anywhere in the image wherever the focal point is. Live streaming video is another great feature that can be done when connected via USB.

Touchscreen Interface

The interface and functions of FLIR C2 are similar to a smartphone. All the menus of C2 are present on the screen that provides you easy and quick access to the device’s wide range of picture options at a notice of the moment.

FLIR Tools Software

The FLIR company offers a tool that is FLIR Software, you can also download this application for free of cast. It has the ability to compare the visual images to MSX images, adjust the images, helps to general the reports, and aids in many changes in settings.

This software has the potential to live stream the content if it’s once connected via USB. Using this feature you can take temperature readings of the image at any point.

Final Words

Kudos to the brilliant thermal device manufacturer FLIR for producing a great thermal imaging camera such as FLIR C2. FLIR C2 is the world’s first pocket-sized portable thermal imaging camera with lots of potentials.

FLIR makes this device a part of everyday life. This ready-to-use thermal package offers aspects such as a rugged design, built-in LED spotlight, top-notch thermal sensitivity, and so on. Fundamentally, it’s a reasonable option for professionals who have an everyday application for thermal imaging.

This entry-level thermal imaging camera is definitely worth a look if you require thermal imaging as a piece of your work arsenal. Combined with the FLIR tool software it grants great performance and the right quality in this price range.

Now it’s your turn to choose the right one for your purpose.

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