Trijicon Teo Reap – IR Mini Thermal Scope Review

It would be impossible for property owners with limited financial resources and a decent amount of deer cover to remove all the coyotes in one area at once. Most wildlife biologists say that it is a good thing that not all coyotes can be eliminated.

Wildlife should not be completely wiped out from an area as it maintains the healthy balance of the ecosystem. But if such wildlife seeks to destroy your property, it is wise to stop them.

If more coyotes, deer, and wild boar roam the area where you live, it is your duty to keep your land and garden safe from them. You need to control them to protect your property from being damaged by wildlife.

Usually, such wild animals roam outside only at night. Finding animals that move very fast at night is a challenging task but with the help of technology, such challenging things can be made easier.

Yes, it is very easy to find the target at night using scopes made using thermal imaging technology. The Trijicon Teo Reap – IR Mini Thermal Scope is one of the best, according to our panel of experts.

Let us take a deep look at Trijicon Teo Reap – IR Mini Thermal Scope.


Why Should You Consider the Reap – IR Mini Thermal Scope [Noteworthy Features]

Built Quality

The REAP-IR thermal scope is built with premium-grade material (7000 series Aluminum/ABS) to provide sturdy and ruggedness. And the scope is completely equipped with waterproof materials thus you can utilize the device even in rainy conditions without any hesitations. And it has the ability to submerge into the water for about 1-meter depth.

This thermal device improves the SWAP mindset by its small and simple packaging connected with a lightweight aspect. The REAP-IR is the right choice for you if you need a quality firearm display that fits perfectly in a tactical rifle. The device features a battery extender, Mini D-LOC Rail Mount, and flip-up lens cap.


The Trijicon Teo Reap – IR Mini Thermal Scope delivers crystal clear images and all the images have clear details. The REAP-IR thermal system is equipped with a new BAE Systems MicroIR thermal core that utilizes the most advanced 12-micron sensor technology.

This compact military-grade construction is consolidated with a frame rate of 60 Hz which allows users to capture crisp images even from a long distance. The Reap-IR Mini Thermal Scope is consolidated with a sturdy lens that has a 12A° degree field-of-view, besides, it is fitted with the latest stadiametric rangefinder.

Magnification Range

This thermal scope is equipped with optical magnification that ranges from 2.5X to 20X and it has an 8X digital magnification thus you can view the target more precisely and clearly. This Nitrogen purged thermal device has 30 Hz and 60 Hz frame rates and it allows the user to control the focus range manually. The scope is incorporated with a GASIR objective lens to provide a crisp and clear view of the target.

Thermal Core

This small tactical package is equipped with a 12um micron LWIR thermal core that makes it supreme for tactical teams, night hunters, special operations, and border security. The fast frame rate is very beneficial for hitting the fast-moving target.

The REAP-IR is integrated with multiple reticles and it comes with MaxPol white hot/black settings. With the help of these multiple reticles, you can mount the scope on different defense weapons and retain your reticle position.

The device comes with a unique digital read-out on the reticle adjustment screen that provides you data on how many clicks you have adjusted using the system. On the whole, the REAP-IR thermal system comes with 5 different reticle patterns, with this you can obtain the best fit for your purposes.

Mini DLOC Mount

The DLOC-IRD genuine re-visitation of zero brisk delivery mount is a scaled-down and skeletonized variety of the exceptionally mainstream A4S DLOC line of optics and adornment mounts.

The DLOC-IRD snappy delivery mount is the lone TRUE re-visitation of zero mounts accessible for the IR Patrol M300w. The DLOC-IRD likewise gets more rail than contending mounts, and the DLOC protected plan makes it the most precise speedy delivery mount available.

The DLOC-IRD can be utilized across numerous stages including mil-spec, and out of spec, Picatinny rails without the need to adapt to pressure. In the event that you have ever needed to move your IR Patrol on and off your weapon without the need to re-zero then this is the mount for you. With the DLOC-IRD you would now be able to keep up evident exactness.

Stadiametric Rangefinder

The REAP-IR’s stadiametric rangefinder utilizes an arrangement of reticle lines with flexible rakish dispersing to rapidly and effectively dial in on an objective’s distance.

The REAP-IR’s stadiametric rangefinding framework permits you to choose your objective’s height or width at that point and change a bunch of reticle bars to contain your target’s height or width.

The REAP-IR will at that point give you a comparing distance readout. Stadiametric rangefinding is broadly utilized in long-range military killing and is quicker than laser range-discovering procedures.

Electronic laser rangefinders can likewise part with a shooter’s position, yet a stadiametric rangefinding framework is totally secret. Indeed, even in antagonistic climate conditions, for example, downpour and haze the REAP-IR will, in any case, recognize and distinguish an objective.

It is common for all digital optics that make up an image on an LCD screen to misjudge distance when looking at an object at a distance at night. But finding the most accurate distance is the most important aspect for the hunting industry.

Many of the animals have the ability to move fast, and many more have the ability to move very fast. Distance is considered an important factor when hunting such animals.

The distance between the target and the scope is measured very accurately as stadiametric technology is used in the Trijicon REAP-IR. These help you enter the size of your target, adjust the limit marks for that target, and resolve screen reading-related issues.

Edge Detect Mode

The REAP-IR comes with an Edge Detection feature that offers a completely distinctive unique method of observing the target. Edge Detect mode is also a portion of the brightness of another mode so your eyes won’t be as likely to nyctalopia (night blindness) after coming off the scope.

There are several tactical situations that need your display to really dim so as not to be identified, and to overcome nyctalopia after coming off of the eyepiece. The REAP-IR has an exceptional feature that has been utilized on several important military thermal optics.

Edge Detect Technology provides you a totally different way to view your goal, with 90% of the screen black, and the edges encompassing the objective white. This is a beneficial feature and our team of experts has found that such features are not found in any other commercially available firearms displays on the market.

Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR)

The REAP-IR 35mm Thermal Weapon Sight comes with a remarkably advantageous technology known as Enhanced Target Recognition which is also called ETR. Most thermal systems have the potential to automatically adjust the brightness and contrast of the image across the whole display screen.

This can prompt a cleaned out picture around the crosshair or for a dominant part of the display zone. The Enhanced Target Recognition chooses the zone on the display to adjust images with determined specifications thus you can obtain the perfectly adjusted image.


The device is equipped with an eMagin OLED type of display, besides, it gives the video output with a range of Analog RS-170/NTSC via and image capture at a range of 100 640×480 JPEG/BMP.

The recoil rating of the Reap – IR Mini Thermal Scope is .308 WIN. This device is tested to MIL-STD-810G methods and procedures thus you can get precise output.

The display shows the intuitive menu system to the user to offer a variety of features for obtaining clear targeting. One can easily utilize this thermal imaging scope as a handheld monocular.

This thermal scope has the innovative technology called Digital Focus Control or DFC that focuses your image on the optimal setting. Not only focuses but also this feature permits you to sharpen the whole image.

Power Source

The device is powered by a 2 CR123A Lithium battery which means you won’t worry about the power flow while you are capturing your target with the help of Trijicon Teo Reap – IR Mini Thermal Scope.

A quick reference guide, shuttered eye guard, lens pen, batteries, hard cast, and warranty card are the additional equipment that comes along with the Trijicon Electro-Optics REAP-IR 35mm Thermal Weapon Sight package.

Final Verdict

Overall, this compact unit is easy to use not only for hunting but also for security purposes. Made in the USA, this scope is equipped with 6061-D6 aluminum housing, and the mill-specs that come with it are highly durable, giving priority to providing quality output. It is backed by a strong guarantee as you would expect from Trijicon.

Scopes with such thermal technology will definitely help you to hunt coyotes, deer, wild boar, and many more animals and protect your property from them. Compatible with a wide variety of rifles, REAP-IR aims to effectively chase your target by providing better performance.

Although slightly more expensive for this purpose they offer price-appropriate performance and innovative features. They display very clearly and accurately when you see your target with such a high thermal unit.

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