Holosun HE508T-GR-X2 Green Dot Sight Review

Handguns are more loveable to use outdoors, so recently the optics for handguns has been increased in the markets. Best optics is an excellent tool for both rifles and handguns for better accuracy. Red Dot detects the target accurately, but it is too expensive and not durable, so red dot is not the first choice for guns.

Alternatively, Green Dot Sight is affordable to everyone. Green Dot Sight is the best choice to use in home security and law enforcement. Holosun is a company that produces high-quality optics with sturdy nature and durable designs for handguns. The HE508T-GR-X2 Green Dot Sights has titanium housing, which is best for pistols.
It is specially designed for X2 series pistols.

When you fix these optics on the pistol, it gives the best result while shooting. This Holosun sight will not disappoint you with its great features. The Solar Failsafe system ensures this optics will continue powered even after the battery is dead. This HE508T-GR-X2 is featured with Law Enforcement Model programs like Manual Mode and Lock Mode that ensure the accidental button presses. These features are more useful for civilian use.

Let’s take a deep look at Holosun HE508T-GR-X2 Green Dot Sights.

Holosun HE508T-GR-X2 Sight

HOLOSUN HE508T-GR X2 Green Circle Dot  


Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum Optical Coating: Multicoated
Magnification Type: Fixed Magnification Range: 6X
Illumination Type: LED Illumination Color: Green
Eye Relief: Unlimited Battery Type: CR1632
Battery Life: 50,000 Hours Operating Temp: -30 to 60 celsius
Storage Temperature: -40 to 70 Celsius Weight: 2 oz

Features of Holosun HE508T Green Dot Sights


Holosun recently changed the shape of this HE508T optics. In the previous model, the top of this dot sight has a rounded design that makes it damage easily when the pressure is directly applied on the top.

The latest 508T-GD X2 sight has a square housing design that ensures the rugged design and durability of these optics. In this updated version, Titanium alloy is used in housing that makes the toughest sight and suitable for heavy-duty law enforcement.

The toughness and durability of these optics stand for thousands of rounds firing. It does not do any damage itself while bumping or dropping. The titanium housing of this 508T sight maintains its ability for zeroing and functioning.

The size of this optics is 1.78×1.15×1.15 inches, and its weight is 2 oz. The size and weight of this green dot sight give an effortless performance with the pistol.

Water-proof Feature

The material used to construct this Holosun HE508T-GR-X2 Green Dot Sight has IP67 certification. It means this optics gives great performance after submerging in the water up to a meter deep in the water for half-hour. This green dot sight is designed with two drain holes on both sides of this optics that helps to drain the excess water from the sight.

The IP67 rating also ensures that the sight also has particle intrusion and dust resistance. Protecting the electronics and internal components with the titanium housing ensures reliable operation. The .63x.91 large window provides easy target acquisition and situational awareness.


Like most Holosun Red Dot Sight, the HE508T-GR Green Dot Sight comes with a multi-reticle system containing 2 MOA Dot and 32 MOA circles. These two reticle patterns can be used individually or combined. Placing the 2 MOA dot in the 32 MOA circle for the clear target acquisition.

The total diameter of the 32 MOA circle is 32-inches at 100 yards. The green illuminated reticle of this HE508T-GD X2 sight has 12 brightness settings. Besides, 10 brightness settings are considered as daylight settings, and 2 are used for night vision.

The range and level of the brightness settings ensure that the reticle can be visible under various light conditions.

This Holosun 508T optics comes with an automatic reticle brightness adjustment mode. While using this mode, the solar array sensor will detect the brightness level of the reticle, which is suitable for the light condition.

Shake Awake Feature

The Holosun 508T-GR-X2 Green Dot Sight has Shake Awake features. The motion-sensing technology will automatically turn on when the optics are turned on. This excellent feature helps to extend the battery life and makes your optics ready to work at any time.

If you are not using these optics for 10 minutes, it will automatically go to sleep mode. And the optics will be ready to use when it slightly detects the movement.

There are 4 sleep timer settings designed in this optics; you can adjust it by pressing the “+” button for 10 seconds. You can choose 1 min, 1 hr, 12 hr, or disable options by pressing the “+” or “-” button.

Auto Mode

When you turn on the Holosun HE508T-GR Green Dot Sight, it will set default in the Auto Mode. In Auto Mode, this optics has both a solar array and battery as a power system. The brightness level of the reticle is automatically adjusted based on the light conditions.

If you would like to manually adjust the brightness level, you have to hold the “+” button for a few seconds, and the reticle will blink when it changes to the manual mode.

At first, the brightness is default set to the 7th brightness level in the manual mode. You can adjust the brightness level by pressing the “+” or “-” button.
Holding the “+” button for a few seconds will switch back to the auto mode. Lock mode ensures that the sight settings are not accidentally changed.


The Holosun 508T-GR Green Dot Sight comes with a low rail mount; you can also use Weaver rail or Picatinny with these optics. If you are planning to mount these optics on the pistol, you can also use some other mounting method.

These optics easily fit with the Trijicon RMR footprint. The adapter plate is required based on the firearm that you are using. There are a lot of optics that come with cutouts for pistols. In case if the pistol doesn’t have a precut slide, you have to separately purchase the slide to mount.

Using a Dovetail style mounting system is another alternative option to mount this green dot sight.

Sight Adjustment

The adjustment type of this 508T-GR Green Dot Sight is MOA. It requires minimal adjustment to set zero. The click per value for windage and elevation adjustment of this optic is 1 MOA. By using this adjustment range, you can reach up to +-50 MOA.

The elevation adjustment turret is placed at the top of the rear of the optics, and the windage adjustment turret is placed on the right side of the optics.


1.] Reliable and rugged construction
2.] Long Battery Life
3.] Motion-sensing technology
4.] Multi-reticle system


1.] Buttons are small

Final Words

We are recommended to purchase this Holosun HE508T-GR-X2 Green Dot Sight for its high-quality built and advanced features. Due to the durable construction, this optic is an excellent choice for shotguns, pistols, etc. It is highly used in home security and law enforcement. If you are looking for the best optics in your budget, this Holosun HE508T-GR Green Dot Sight is suitable for you.

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