Sig Sauer KILO1600 6x22mm Rangefinder Review

A rangefinder is designed to provide the exact distance between you and the target. According to hunters and target shooters, over 700 yards and 1000 yards are long-range. These laser rangefinders aid users in accurately measuring the distance to their target.

The advanced versions of the latest laser rangefinders calculate even wind speed and direction. Mostly, hunters have to spend a lot of time to reach the moving target without knowing the exact distance. But, with the help of a rangefinder, not only you can swiftly reach the target, but do more than your plan.

Sig Sauer KILO1600 6x22mm Digital Ballistic Laser Rangefinder wins the race of Best Laser Rangefinder among thousands of models. In this detailed review article, I am gonna explain elaborately the features and facilitates of this Sig Sauer KILO1600 Laser Rangefinder.

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Sig Sauer KILO1600 6x22mm Digital Ballistic Laser Rangefinder
Reticle: CircleDisplay Type: OLED
Field Of View: 6 degreesMagnification Range: 6X
Magnification Type: FixedLens Diameter: 22mm
Maximum Range: Up to 2000 yardsAccuracy: 0.1 yards
Eye Relief: 17mmExit Pupil: 3.7 mm
Laser Divergence: 0.8 MRADRange Response Time: 0.5 sec
WaterProof: IPX-4Battery: 1 Lithium Metal Battery
Run Time: 4000 rangesDiopter Adjustment Range: +/- 3
Range on Deer: Up to 800 yardsRange on Trees: Up to 1000 yds

Built Quality

The KILO1600 rangefinder manufactured by the global network of companies is completely versatile. 

This most advanced laser rangefinder is constructed with first-grade materials which are rugged enough to withstand any kind of attack. Don’t think that this may be heavy in weight as it is built with rugged materials. 

It has polymer housing to reduce the weight of the device. And all the elements incorporated with this rangefinder are individually tested for their lightweight quality.


The outer surface of the device is fully coated with black color which makes it classic and stylish. The compact construction of the KILO1600 will be perfectly settled within your single hand. 

As this lightweight and compact laser rangefinder is fitted with an eyecup and diopter adjustment, you can easily view the target range without any harm. Its sleek UI gives a hassle-free range-finding experience. 

More importantly, this digital ballistic laser rangefinder is incorporated with a calibrator that calibrates display brightness.

Coated Monocular

Engineers of Sig Sauer give a 6×22 mm monocular to this rangefinder. You may think that the rangefinder with a monocular is not a special thing. 

But, the rangefinder with a monocular with SpectraCoat anti-reflection coatings is damn special for the hunters who are working in the worst weather conditions. This SpectraCoat coating provides immense optical clarity and superior light transmission

DSP Technology

A Revolutionary Lightwave System is essential for an extraordinary rangefinder, which takes the process to the next level. In this case, Sig Sauer KILO1600 6x22mm Laser Rangefinder features DSP (Digital Signal Processors) Technology. 

DSP converts real-world signals such as video, audio, voice, pressure, position, temperature into digitized and it will mathematically handle them. A DSP is created to perform mathematical functions pretty quickly. So with this lightwave technology, the longest target range will be fastly found.

HyperScan Feature

The KILO1600 comes with the HyperScan feature. HyperScan(wiki) used Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID utilizes electromagnetic fields to automatically recognize and trace tags associated with objects. 

Every second the HyperScan gives 4 range updates in scan mode. Parallelly, RangeLock informs the final range result while ranging distant targets.

Ranging Technology

It features an angle-modified range or Line of Sight (LoS). LoS is a sort of propagation used to send and receive data. Here, send and receive channels should be in view of each other without any kind of a barrier between them. 

It comes with a fixed type of magnification that ranges from 6x. That means it can measure the target range up to 2000 yards. The distance measured by the rangefinder is in yards or meters. 

With a maximum range of 2000 yards, this laser range finder comes at an affordable price which is an amazing thing.

Display Type

To offer crystal clear visuals, Sig Sauer KILO1600 is featured with a transparent red OLED display that fits for both daytime and low light conditions. 

The Lumatic Display present in this laser rangefinder automatically changes the display brightness as per the ambient light conditions. This is more comfortable for the user in critical conditions.


It comes with only two buttons called RANGE and MODE buttons which are simplified to a convenient user interface. The whole unit is powered by the fastest, digital signal processing engine. 

Sig Sauer KILO1600 6x22mm Digital Ballistic Laser Rangefinder is a perfect choice for hunting, airsoft, tactical & military applications.

Important Features

It features 17 mm of eye relief, 3.7mm of the exit pupil, 22mm of the objective lens, 6 degrees of field of view, 0.1 yards of accuracy. With these features, you can range the deer up to 800 yards and range the trees up to 1000 yards. 

A Lithium battery is the power source of the laser rangefinder, that can run up to 4000 ranges. So this power-packed tactical device is surely a perfect companion for the brave hunter.

Wind Up

If you want the best laser rangefinder that minimizes the waiting time to reach the object, then go for Sig Sauer KILO1600 Laser Rangefinder. It will get you to reach the target before your calculation.

This device is engineered with infrared heat detection and night vision technology, aiding users to detect even the slightest of movements. Easily accessible KILO1600 rangefinder comes with an adjusted slope and many other independent features to exclamation the user.

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