Holosun HS510C Reflex Sight Review

If you are searching for the best sight that has the capability of both red dot sight and holographic sight. 

You should go with the reflex sight; it is the combination of both the red dot and holographic sight.

It helps you to get both the advantages of these two sights so that you can easily view your target for an accurate shot.

The reflex sight is also known as reflector sight, and it is one of the optical sights that helps you to see through a particular reflecting glass. When it comes to reflex sight, Holosun HS510C is one of the famous sights.

It has more advanced features and durability at a reasonable price when compared to other optical sights. Here we review the Holosun HS510C Circle-Dot Open Reflex Sight read the article to know all about it.

This Holosun 510C Review covers all the features, specifications, and functions of this reflex sight.

Holosun HS510C Reflex Sight


Eye Relief:UnlimitedParallax:Parallax free
Battery Type:CR2032 batteryBrightness Setting:12 brightness setting
Objective window size:0.91 x 1.2 inchesBattery Life:up to 50000 hours
Battery Quantity:3 rechargeable battery

Holosun HS510C Review

Holosun HS510C was introduced in 2013, and it quickly set the record for its manufacturing, design, features, and price. 

Holosun HS510C Circle dot open reflex sight has a huge sight window, in which you can see a clear view of your target.

The reticle of this reflex sight has three different selections; they are 65 MOA ring with 2 MOA, 2 MOA dot, and 65 MOA dot, and it has the facility to change the reticle color from red to green. Holosun calls these reticle selections as multiple reticle systems.

Holosun HS510C reflex sight is fitted on all varieties of shooting weapons. The LED light is used to target the object, which is bright and efficient for shooting. 

The quick detach mounting system of this reflex sight is smooth and flexible to install and remove.

Holosun HS510c reflex sight is parallax-free, and the eye relief is unlimited. Since the Holosun HS510C Circle-Dot Open Reflex Sight’s advanced solar technology provides the power source so that you can use this solar power instead of totally reliant on the batteries.

You can use the battery for backup purposes. The attachment type mount is a co-witness mount and it has a quick-release feature.

Holosun HS510C Features


Holosun HS510C reflex sight is constructed with 6061 aluminum with titanium hood that ensures its durability. This reflex sight is parallax free and it is built with strong material.

The shock-resistant hood is made from heavy-duty titanium; it is a great additional tool used in this red dot reflex sight because it provides durability and it is strong enough to withstand in all situations.

The mount of this black HS510C reflex sight is Holosun H10C titanium quick detach mount, it is specially designed for American defense.

Another important good thing about this reflex sight is the huge viewing window. The size of the optical window is 0.91 x 1.2 inches. When it comes to the field of view, it gives more advantages than a miro red sight. 

Magnification and Adjustment Type

The magnification type of this red dot reflex sight is fixed so that you can not zoom your target. The magnification range of this holosun HS510C red dot reflex sight is 1x.

The adjustment type of this reflex sight is MOA; using this, you can adjust the reticle, and its click value is 0.5 MOA. 


The reticle type of this Holosun HS510C reflex sight is 65 MOA ring and 2 MOA dot. 

The reticle used in the reflex sight is clear and precise so that you can get a clear target view. You can choose three reticle types in this Holosun reflex sight; they are 

  1. 2 MOA dot is surrounded by 65 MOA reticle ring
  2. An MOA reticle ring 
  3. A 2 MOA reticle dot 
Red Color Reticle
Red Color Reticle
Green Color Reticle
Green Color Reticle

 The reticle choice is very important for shooting, so you can use the comfortable reticle setting to get an accurate target. The 2 MOA dot is more suitable for long-range shots.

The reticle has water resistance feature, so it will work well even after it will down to 1 meter into the water, and the durability is enough for even the heaviest calibers.

This red dot reflex sight’s reticle can be switched between three selections of the different reticle by pushing a button. Advanced technology LED is used to project the reticle; the same LED projects both the reticles, so there is no need for re-zeroing. 

Brightness Setting

Holosun HS510C reflex sight has 12 brightness settings where 10 is for daytime, and the other 2 is different; it is used along with the night vision technology.

When the environmental lighting condition is low, you can use this brightness setting to get an accurate view of your target under various brightness and lighting conditions. This circle red dot reflex sight comes with night vision technology.  

Battery Life

 Holosun HS510C reflex sight has a CR2032 battery it has the capacity to withstand up to 50,000 hours.

Even using advanced LED technology, it will stand up to 50,000 hours without any problem. 

Holosun HS510C reflex sight comes with advanced technology solar power; you can also use this solar power to operate your sight and use the CR2032 battery as the backup properties.

Holosun HS510C Reflex Sight

The solar cell and the highly durable and battery provide a dual power supply to this circle dot open reflex sight. 

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance between you and the rear lens. Holosun HS510C Reflex Sight’s eye relief is unlimited so that you can easily focus on the aiming point without stressing your eyes.

Holosun HS510C Reflex Sight

The eye relief is currently available in all types of optical, using this you can clearly view your target. The diameter of the open lens is 32 mm X 24 mm.

Mounting and Rings

This red dot sight comes with a quick detach system, it is one of the best features of this optics. 

Simply push it on the rail and push it forward, it will lock down with the Torx wrench and be ready to work.

Without any adjustment, you can get great performance with this sight. It is strongly fit on the rail and never comes loose, even if you are moving with different weapons.

Accessories Included

Holosun HS510C reflex sight comes with some useful accessories they are 

  • American defense manufacturing Holosun 510C quick mount 
  • TiTanium hood
  • Lithium 3v coin Batteries CR2032
  •  AD-510C -11-TL 
  • Cleaning cloth




 Holosun HS510C Circle dot open reflex sight is an ideal choice for you to precisely hit the target. It has a lot of advantages over any other sight because it is made from high-quality material that ensures its durability.

The battery has long-lasting power so that you can work for a long time without any issues. So get ready to hunt with this Holosun HS510C reflex sight.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Holosun HS510C?

The installation process is very easy, simply place these optics on the Picatinny rail, close the QD latch and then tight the Torx screw.

How to co-witness this Holosun HS510C Red Dot Sight?

It will automatically co-witness or you can set it for lower 1/3 co-witness by adding the suitable spacer.

Where this Holosun HS510C optics made?

These optics are manufactured in China, but they are not compromised with the quality of their product.

How to change the reticle?

Simply hold the ‘+’ button until the reticle blink one time. Press ‘-‘ and hold it until the reticle blink to change the reticle.

What is the difference between Holosun HS510C and EOTech?

The Holosun is an affordable option. When we are comparing the price of their two optics, the Holosun HS510C is better than the EOTech holographic sight.

Is Holosun Military-grade optics?

The Holosun HS510C Red Dot Sight is a military-grade sight that can be able to switch between 2 MOA to 65 MOA circle dots for the fast target acquisition in various combat situations.

Is Holosun night vision compatible?

There are 12 brightness settings are featured in the holosun sight, in which 10 of them are designed for daylight and 2 of them are designed for night vision, so the holosun red dot sight is compatible with night vision.

Does the solar panel recharge the Holosun HS510C battery?

No, the battery is not rechargeable, the solar panel worked as a second power source of the sight.

Is Holosun HS510C is a holographic sight?

Actually, the Holosun HS510C reflex sight is not a holographic sight. The LED is used as the objective lens of this reflex sight that reflects the reticle, but the holographic sight uses a laser diode and mirror to project the reticle.

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