How to Zero a Holosun 507c [With & Without Live Rounds]

It is not easy to use a sight that is way off so you can not see impacts on paper. It costs you more ammunition and wastes your time. Let’s break it. Find how to zero a Holosun 507c red dot sight in this instructional guide.

Holosun and their 500 series of reflex sights should not be new if you are hunting or using a rifle and pistol for a long time now. Among them, 507c is an intuitive open reflex red dot sight that was created to be used on rifles and pistols.

The three major features or technologies that come with a Holosun 507c are ShakeAwake technology, Streamline design, and Solar Fail Safe dual powder system. With a combination of these three modern physics, Holosun 507c makes the best pair with all small arms.

The latest advancements in optics benefit small arm users to utilize the world’s best optics for their pistols and guns too which were earlier limited only to rifles. It gives the required output with less effort and eliminates guesswork with the right aiming.

These advantages give hope for new marksmen to work on their game and skills. The Holosun 507c is one sort of these optics that assures equal benefit for beginners and experts.

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These red dot sights come with different options like mounting interface, color, reticle, and so on. Though the series of Holosun including 407, 507, 508, and 509 are in different sizes, their adjustments are similar to one another.

Unlike other red dot sight brands, Holosun 507c and other series of red dots need just a small flathead screwdriver for adjustments which is also one of their advantages and reasons why they are the best.

First, the basics!

Before getting into anything harder, let’s make sure we have done all the basic arrangements right.

All the optics have adjustment knobs for the north to south and east to west sides. Based on your aim and the impact of your shots on a specific location, you have to make changes in impact points using these side knobs.

In all Holosun product packages, you will get a small adjustment tool for making these changes.

You will notice a small ‘click’ sound whenever the knob is twisted north, south, east, or west. Each click makes 1 MOA adjustment on the optic.

What does the manufacturer say?

Let’s see how Holosun recommends zeroing in a 507c reflex red dot sight.

The manufacturer mentioned in their manual that 507c sight is the factory reset for zero up to 25 yards so they expect only a few more adjustments would be needed to attain a full zero.

They also locate the Elevation adjustment and Windage adjustment knobs. The EA knob is found on the top of a tall section of the optic housing whereas the WA knob is found on the right of the housing.

It is also said there will be a flat-tipped end wrench tool included in the package. The flat tab end of the wrench is used to adjust windage and elevation while the other end with the T10 Torx wrench is used to screw or unscrew. 

The above-mentioned knobs can be adjusted by inserting this tool into the turret slot and rotating it.

Both Windage and Elevation adjustments are 1 MOA for each click approximately.

The value of each adjustment click is 1 inch at 100 yards, 0.5 inch at 50 yards, and 0.25 inch at 25 yards.

When you try zeroing at 25 yards, check if the impacts on paper are 2 inches low and 1 inch right, if it does, you may have to adjust the elevation upwards of 8 clicks and the left side 4 clicks. It is counterclockwise for upward rotation and clockwise for left side rotation.

The possible maximum adjustment range from 507c is ±50 MOA from the center.

Also remember, when adjusting the knobs, if you feel it is not rotating further, it means the adjustment turret limit is reached. Don’t try to rotate thereafter otherwise you might damage the optic.

These are the few tips and safety cautions mentioned by the manufacturer for their fellow customers.

Now, Let’s go back to the guide on How to zero a Holosun 507c reflex red dot sight.

2 Ways to Zero a Holosun 507c With Ammunition

Method 1: With Co-witnessing

It is still possible to use the standard sights on some of the pistol optic installations. The first method of zeroing the reflex sight is to line the dot from the optic over or directly on the aiming point where it normally would be on the standard red dot sights.

It is a method called Co-witnessing. Here you can make some personal preferences. The next step is to head to the range. From here, if the projectile goes too far from the desired direction, use the knobs to move the reticle in an appropriate direction.

Method 2: Without Co-witnessing

It might be a hard one to follow. You can use this method even while co witnessing. To avoid ammunition waste in the process, a 10 yards zero target would be great for the process.

The zero targets for pistols will commonly have MOA built-in measurement. These measurements are reliable only if the target is set up at the right distance.

Mount the optic and set the target at 10 yards, now do a group of 5 shots. From the impacts of this group, find out the center and calculate the MOA measurements required to get the bullseye.

Adjust the dials on the optic side for this. As Holosun 507c adjustment value is 1 MOA/click, 3 MOA adjustments are three clicks.

The Finishing!

With any adjustments on the dials, it is better to continue the target process at least 3 to 5 times. After finishing a group, check the impacts, and center, and adjust the optic if needed. This will benefit it in more ways including the following:

  • At first, the repeat process, group checking, and adjustments clear out the confusions or tensions that you had in your first grouping.
  • The next will be for pistols. It will reduce the irregularities with the pistols like magazine complexions or lack of lubrication.
  • Another benefit will be consistency. It will check the consistency of ammunition which is an important variable when working on zeroing a scope or sight and on the accuracy of a firearm.

These are the two methods to zero a Holosun 507c for pistols and small firearms. Finally, you have to get some cheaper ammunition to test these methods. The ammunition price may be a thing that is resisting you from getting zero in Holosun 507c. 

If it is the case, I also know some other methods to zero a Holosun 507c red dot without making a shot.

2 Ways to Zero Holosun 507c Without Live Fire

Method 1: Use Laser Boresight

Using a laser boresight is the fastest method to zero a Holosun 507c without firing a shot.

You have to just move the reticle inside the ballpark range of the laser pointer.

After the confirmation, adjust the same with ammunition later.

Remember that based on barrel length and ammunition type, the results will vary.

Also, know that the laser point of aim is not necessarily to be an actual impact point of the bullet.

The benefits of using laser boresight for zeroing include the following:

  • As of now, it is the only fastest way to zero a red dot sight roughly to the maximum trajectory of the bullet from the barrel. Normally, the laser optic has the same shape as a bullet that sits inside the chamber. It is available in different calibers also.
  • It saves money on ammunition when the sight is way off from the impact.
  • It zeroes an offset red dot quickly at one tilt angle and provides good Point of Impact (POI) and Point of Aim (POA) values.

Method 2: Use Iron Sights

It provides the fixed reference point for all zero.

If you often switch optics on your rifle or pistol, it is better to use a flip-up iron sight that is already zeroed.

All you have to do is zero the Holosun 507c to the iron sight, you are done!

The benefits of using iron sights for zeroing red dot sights or other optics are the following:

  • You can swap the optics over the weapon at any time. There is no more fear of zero loss while switching the optics.
  • They are supreme and very useful. The flip-up iron sights mounted on the weapon have perfect fixed zero for all optics. All in one!

However, keep in mind that these two methods for zeroing an optic without firing a shot give a rough zero as close as possible. It still needs a live test with ammunition to adjust the zero for different ammunition types and barrel lengths.


I hope the above guide on How to Zero a Holosun 507C Reflex Red Dot Sight is helpful for you!

It is better to follow a method without live rounds in the first place, get a rough zero, and after that fine-tune the zero with live fire for the precise zero.

Try these methods and let us know what works best for you.

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