Knight Armament PVS-22 Night Vision Weapon Sight Review

Knight’s Armament PVS-22 Mountable Night Vision is one of the night vision devices that are commonly known around the world. This specific device is known to be used by many hunters, military men, firefighters, and other people who want to see better at night. 

It is manufactured and produced by a company called Knight’s Armament Company. In this article, we are going to review the features and the properties of Knight’s Armament PVS-22 Mountable Night Vision device that make it one of the most recognized night vision monocular in the world. 

But before we do that, we are going to have a very short history of the company that manufactured it. 

Knight’s Armament Company

Knight’s Armament Company is established in the United States of America. They manufacture a wide variety of equipment, gears, firearms, accessories, and a lot more of survival and hunting devices. 

The Knight’s Armament Company is known to produce Rail Interface System grips or RIS and Rail Adapter System grips or RAS, which are both used for firearms. In addition, this specific company is also known to manufacture a lot of night vision devices that are proven and tested to be very reliable during activities that are done at nighttime.

The Knight Armament Company is owned by C. Reed Knight, who lives in Titusville, Florida. This company was established in the year 1982 and is known to be a private company. This specific company is also known to produce products used for the defense, such as the ones that are mentioned above. 

Some of the products manufactured by this specific company are used by the U.S. military and some other special forces or police officers all around the world. 

Knight’s Armament PVS-22 Night Vision

The Knight’s Armament PVS-22 Night Vision device is a night vision monocular that is manufactured by the said company above. It is a specifically designed device to help people, such as hunters, see at night. 

This specific device is a night vision monocular, which means that it has a lot of uses since a night vision monocular is known to be very versatile in design. 

Knight’s Armament PVS-22 is usually designed to have very easy attachment properties that make it very easy to be mounted on many things—may it be on rifles, helmets, cameras, and many other more. 

Best Features of the Knight’s Armament PVS-22 Night Vision Weapon

Magnification Power

The magnification power of Armament’s Knight PVS-22 Night Vision has a maximum that reaches 10X. With this magnification power, this night vision device is really reliable for long-range activities. In addition, it is also proven to be accurate even in a mid-range of distances. 

Recognition Range

Due to this specific night vision device’s magnification power, it is known to have a recognition range that extends for a very long distance. 

To be more specific, it is said that you would be able to recognize other people even when they are at a distance of 700 meters away from the point that you are viewing them. 

Lightweight Construction

Knight’s Armament PVS-22 Night Vision device is constructed to have a very lightweight of 1.75 pounds only or 0.80 kilograms. With a weight like that, you would surely have the ability to move with speed when you use this specific hunting device. 

In case you bring it during your camping activities, you would have no problem in carrying due to the lightweight it has. 

Compact Design

This night vision device has a total length of only 7.3 inches—with a length like this, you would surely be able to use this device even in narrow places. 

In addition, you will be able to easily mount it on a lot of different firearms due to its length. If you want to, you can also mount this compact device on your cameras to capture or take some photos and videos during night time. 

Matte Finish

The finish of this night vision device adds more to the durability that it has. Matte black finishes are more than just the aesthetic look that they give. 

Usually, matte finishes are also less likely to develop scratches and corrosion on their surfaces. So, even when exposed to some tough elements that might get this night vision device scratched or corroded. 

Long Operation Time

Even when you choose to use this night vision device for 2 consecutive days, it would still perform the expected functions. With an operation time of 48 hours, this device can be used for extended hours. 

In addition, the batteries used for this night vision device are very easy to find and available at almost any market and stores around the world. To be specific, the type of battery used is AA Alkaline Batteries—just 2 of this type would already do the job. 

Waterproof Construction

This night vision device can be relied on during almost any weather condition outdoors. In fact, even when it rains hard, this night vision device would endure getting wet. 

Due to the sealing that it is designed to have, water would not penetrate through its inside parts and interior chambers. In addition, this specific night vision device can survive even when it gets submerged in a 3-foot depth of water for 4 consecutive hours. 


The Knight’s Armament PVS-22 Night Vision is truly one of the most reliable night vision devices that many people can use. This specific device’s durability and performance are both factors that are widely known and used worldwide. 

Due to the cool features that it has, this night vision device is really reasonably priced. If you want a night vision monocular that can perform the functions of a night vision scope, night vision cameras, and night vision binoculars, this is the right thing for you to consider buying. 

You surely would have enjoyable outdoor activities through the use of this special night vision device.

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