What Is The Specialty of Knight Night Vision Rifles & Scopes

The specialty that knight night vision has is it is incorporated with the latest and the most reliable technology in the discovery of night vision technology—the Gen 3 light intensification. 

Through the help of using this certain technology, you would be able to see images clearly when you are using your rifles and scopes. As you know, hunting is one of the most famous activities done all over the world—may it be for the purpose of sports or just controlling the wildlife population. 

Hunting can also help you get rid of a lot of pests that have been bugging you and your property. With that considered, it is very much important that you equip yourself with knight night vision scopes and rifles. 

In order to have enough appreciation about how the specific Gen 3 night technology works, let us discuss some information needed to understand it.

History of Night Vision Technology Improvements

Night vision technology has been around for a lot of decades now and it has come a long way since the time that it was invented. Currently, night vision devices are available in three different generations. 

So, the main difference between these three generations for night vision technology is the image intensifier used for the devices. 

Before you discover Gen 3 night vision technology—the one that is used for knight night vision—let us go through the first 2 inventions and generations of night vision technology first. 

Gen 1

Back in the early 1960s, the first generation of night vision image intensifiers was invented. This type of generation of night vision technology is called “Gen 1.” 

This type of night vision technology relies on the use of the ambient light instead of using some extra infrared light. Gen 1, when used at night, requires a lot of starlight or moonlight in order to function properly and serve the purpose it is designed for. 

Some of the common scopes and other devices that are used by the US army with this type of night vision technologies are the following: AN/PVS-1 Starlight Scope, PNV-57E Tanker Goggles, and PAS-6 Varo Meta Scope. 

The use of Gen 1 night vision technology is still popular nowadays since it is known for its affordability especially when compared to the next two types of night vision technology

Gen 2

During the period of the 1970s, image intensifiers have been improved by a lot and they have come to design a tube by using a micro-channel plate together with an S-25 photocathode. 

Through the use of these two materials, night vision devices we are able to produce much brighter and clearer images. 

The need for moonlight and starlight in the amplification of light is reduced, but the resolution of images was increased and improved. Gen 2 night vision can be used for distances that are within the range of 200 yards. 

Gen 3

The third improvement made for the night vision technology happened in the 1990s and is called the “Gen 3.” The use of the micro-channel plate is maintained but the construction of the photocathode is changed. 

From S-25, the material used for the photocathode is now gallium-arsenide—this material further improves and enhances the resolution of images. 

With the magnification power that this improvement possesses, it can be used even for the distance that is beyond 300 yards. 

Importance of Having a Knight Night Vision Rifles & Scopes

Hunting can be a very crucial thing to do. It requires a lot of skills and demands from you. That is why it is just right that you equip yourself with the best equipment you can get in order to have successful hunting trips. Nowadays, deer, coyotes, and other varmints have changed their behavior and they adapted to the common things that humans do. 

Instead of going out in the morning, they usually go out at night nowadays. They are very smart animals and they know that they are prone to be hunted when the sun is up that is why they choose to roam the forests at night. 

With that considered, you are going to be needing the best equipment you can use to have an improved night vision whether it be for your scope, rifle, goggles and etc. 

Knight night vision can help you with that. With the Gen 3 technology used for the construction of it, you would surely be accurate and precise with your shots even when the conditions in the shooting field become against you—by being against, it means being dark and dim. 

As mentioned above, Gen 3 night vision is the most advanced night vision technology that you can rely on nowadays. With the quality of images that it produces, knight night vision would surely be an excellent choice that you have to consider. 

Features of Knight Night Vision


The refractive lenses used in the construction of knight night vision are very light in weight. You would barely even notice its weight when you are carrying it in your backpack. 

With the very lightweight it has, you would also be able to move with speed while you are hunting in the forests. Speed is one of the skills you must possess since there are a lot of fast-moving animals there. 

With the design of knight night vision, you would have the speed that you need for taking down your targets while hunting. 

Long Battery Life

Knight night vision can be used for a very long course of time. Since it is powered by alkaline batteries, you can expect it to last long even when you hunt for extended hours in the forests. With this type of battery, you are never going to worry about running out of power for your night vision. 

Also, another benefit of using alkaline batteries is that they are easily found at the stores nowadays. Almost every hard-ware and hypermarket are selling this type of battery. With these two advantages, it is truly beneficial for you to have a knight night vision at your side when you are on your hunting trips. 

Long-Range Distance

As mentioned above, the Gen 3 night vision technology used for knight night vision is one of the best when it comes to magnification range. With the resolution that it brings, it really intensifies the images of the field that you are viewing through it. 

Thus, it causes you to see better in low-light conditions. To have a more exact overview of the magnification power of Gen 3 night vision technology used for knight night vision, it is said that you would have no problem with the resolution of your view even if the distance reaches beyond 300 yards. 


The specialties of knight night vision have improved a lot of hunting experiences these days. With the features it offers and the night vision technology that it is incorporated with, it truly is advantageous to have knight night vision as one of your hunting equipment. 

A lot of shooters and hunters who usually go out at night can testify that knight night vision is truly reliable and helpful. So, if you are one of those people who usually do your hunting activities at night, then you must consider having knight night vision too.

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