Leica Ultravid 7×42 HD Plus Binoculars Review

Many people love to travel, hunt, or sail at night, but the human’s vision capacity will get minimized at night times. 

It can be overcome by using special night vision devices. Night vision binocular is essential equipment which is needed during traveling or hunting. 

Night vision binocular will extend your vision, provide finer details about the target during hunting, and aids in observing distant objects.

Modern night vision binoculars have been the perfect choice for hunters, nature watchers, and police officers to view the environment at night time. Choose the best night vision binocular based on their features.

The main components present in modern binoculars are two barrel-like chambers with an objective lens, an eyepiece, and a pair of prisms inside.

  • Objective lenses – collects the incident rays, then improves and amplifies views due to stereoscopic vision. 
  • Eyepiece – hold lenses, focus, and enlarge the projected image.
  • Prisms – reflect, lengthen the light rays and correct the orientation of images.

Night vision binoculars are smart gadgets that amplify the received light and produce a clear, close view of the target. 

It allows you to zoom in and see moving targets with better accuracy at night. Here, we reviewed the Leica Ultravid 7×42 HD plus binocular, which provides clear and sharp views.

Leica Ultravid 7×42 HD-Plus Overview

Leica is a German camera company since 1869 established by Ernst Leitz that is involved in the production of optical related products. 

Ultravid HD plus binoculars are good night vision binoculars that have an excellent wide field of view and cover a large area of the view. 

The design of the binocular is spectacular, with a better distribution of weight, quality twist-up eyecups that provides a better viewer experience. 

The center mass of the binocular is in the middle of the user’s palm, which provides better balancing for observing.

These binoculars can withstand rough handling. The housing of Ultravid HD Plus is made up of magnesium with a smooth focusing mechanism to observe the environment and nature comfortably. 

The magnification power of Ultravid HD plus is 7x, and this binocular also has a 42mm objective lens.



The fusion of magnification and objective lens makes it an excellent binocular, which is preferred for people who like hiking, trekking, and hunting. 

The combination of SCHOTT HT glass and the coatings applied to the lenses will give a sharp, crisp, and bright image.

Not only HD plus binocular is excellent for daytime activities; they will also perform well in twilight because of its exit pupil and objective lens.

Leica HD plus binoculars usually have a viewing field of about 420 feet at 1000 yards. The objects within that particular distance can be seen clearly even in the ambient light. 

The benefits of HD plus Binoculars are excellent visibility in the dark, finding out the targets with better clarity, and ensuring safety during a night walk.

Features of Leica Ultravid 7×42 HD-Plus

Are you searching for binoculars which work both night and day times? Here is one of the best night vision binoculars which will aid you in an adventurous trip. 

Some of the special features of Leica Ultravid HD Plus are listed below.

  • Lightweight Design

The Leica Ultravid 7×42 HD plus is weightless in which the chassis is made up of long-lasting magnesium alloy and the hinge axle is made with titanium. A free focus system is a lubricant that offers a fast and precise focus. 

  • Magnification

Mostly the magnification range of the binocular is denoted by the set of numbers and the range of this Leica HD plus binocular is 7×42, which refers to their magnification power and objective lens diameter. 

7×42 binocular produces the image which appears 7 times closer image than it appears to the human’s naked eye. 

Before choosing binocular, keep in mind higher magnification will show a smaller field of view and decrease brightness and clarity. 

7x binocular provides steady images because handshaking or engine vibration will not get transmitted in this range. But, the Ultravid HD-Plus 7x will not provide detailed views when compared to 8x and 10x magnification.

  • High-quality SCHOTT HT lenses

Leica Ultravid HD plus gives a crystal clear vision, and it has Twelve precise HT SCHOTT glass lenses that provide spectacular natural color rendition and enhanced brightness. 

When light passes through the binoculars, a certain percentage of incident light rays are get lost through absorption and reflection at the air-to-glass surface or inside the prism system. 

The original amount of light source available to the viewers at the time, when it comes out of the eyepiece, will get vary in various binoculars.

Binoculars with an excellent transmittance rate will produce brighter, sharp, and more detailed images. Schott has invented this HT (High Transmission) optical glass that has increased transmittance levels. 

These HT lenses are suitable for digital projection and high-end optical systems. SCHOTT HT glass improves low-light performance, enhances lens geometry, and provides an edge to edge image sharpness.

  • Better View at dim light

In the Ultravid HD Plus binocular, the manufacturer Leica uses a special kind of glass called Schott glass, which provides an improved ability of binocular to transmit light in the blue-violet spectrum. 

This transmission ability is significant to view in the dawn and dusk surroundings.

The blue-violet light rays get filtered during the time of the sun rising or setting. Because at that time, light rays travel through more atmosphere when compared to day time. S

o here, the special Schott glass is used to increase the blue-violet light frequencies, which allow the binocular users to give more detailed viewing ability in dim light conditions.

  • Contrast

The contrast and the sharpness of the views get increased by Improving Light transmission and eliminating unwanted light spectrum. 

HT glass in the prisms minimizes unwanted rays, and P40 phase-corrective coatings on the prisms and optical system ensure the brightest, high-contrast images. 

In HD plus, the white spectrum is dominant and looks slightly whiter when compared to normal eye view. 

Also, we could not be able to view finer detail, but the sharpness of the view gets improved.

  • Protective coating

In Leica Ultravid HD Plus, Lens surfaces are coated using advanced plasma technology. 

Here, lenses are overcoated with dielectric coating by placing lenses in the plasma machine. 

Leica protects the lenses with AquaDura and hydrophobic coating that repels dirt, water particles and aids in maintaining clear visibility even in the rainy season and dust. 

The water, oil, and dust particles will not get stick to the surface of lenses, and fingerprints in the lenses can be cleaned easily using tissues or cloth. 

Hydrophobic means water-resisting or fear of water. In lenses, 20 to 30-nanometer visible protective coating of titanium dioxide is coated over the surface of the lens.

  • Warranty

Mostly all the optical products come with a long time warranty. Leica Ultravid 7×42 HD Plus Binoculars come with 10 years of warranty and have a lifetime warranty in manufacturing defects.

  • Ergonomic Design

Ultravid 7×42 HD Plus has rubber-armored, which protects the binoculars from damage, provides excellent grip for safe and steady handling of the binocular. 

It is built with Twist-up double click-stop eyecups for better handling and views. 

The Center focusing mechanism aids in giving quick and precise focusing. All of these features make the Leica Ultravid 7×42 HD Plus Binoculars ergonomics.

  • Exit Pupil

The term Exit pupil denotes the diameter of the light beam that passes through the eyepiece. 

The exit pupil of Leica Ultravid 7×42 HD plus binocular is 6 mm. Normally, the exit pupil of the binocular must be smaller than the pupil of your eye in a night environment. 

So, the binocular will deliver the maximum amount of light and produce the detailed, sharp, and brightest images.

  • Field of View

The total area or environment which can be viewed through your binocular is known as a field of view. 

The Ultravid 7×42 has a field of view of 420 ft at 1,000 yards. In most of the binoculars, the field is marked on the outside of the binocular as degrees. 

  • Eye Relief

The eye relief of Leica Ultravid 7×42 HD plus binocular is 17 mm. 

Eye relief of the binocular is the distance from the eyepiece lenses at which the user can get a full viewing angle i.e., how far the binoculars can be placed from your eyes to view the entire field of view. 

Long eye relief is needed for eyeglass wearers. You can also remove the specs and compensate the eye vision with binoculars. The range of Diopter compensation is ± 4 diopters.

  • Waterproofing and fog proof

Ultravid 7×42 HD plus is designed to act as a waterproof binocular. 

It is irritable to clean the binocular regularly in the worst weather condition and here you can use waterproof design. 

It can withstand regular temperature and humidity changes and prevent internal binocular parts damages. Waterproof binoculars are useful in boating, hunting, hiking, sailing, or other outdoor activities. 

The optical tubes of HD plus binocular are filled with nitrogen which ensures fog-proof performance. This Leica ultra vid HD plus binocular is sealed to make it submersible.



Places where Leica Ultravid HD-plus can be used

  • Birding: Helpful in watching the activities of birds.
  • Hunting: It is the best choice binocular for night-time hunting. This night vision binocular helps the hunters to hunt birds in the dim light conditions. It can also be used during the day time.
  • Nature and wildlife observation: It aids security to view the activities of animals at night and day time in wildlife sanctuaries. The animals in the forest areas can be observed using this night vision binocular.
  • Dawn and dusk: The protective coating over the lens gives a better viewing during the dawn and dusk environment.
  • General use: Generally, Leica Ultravid 7×42 HD Plus is used in hiking, stargazing, golf, theater, and other outdoor activities. 
  • Sports and events: Enjoy your favorite sports by using this binocular. It will give you clear and close views which aids you to see famous personalities.
  • Travel: It can be useful for travelers to feel nature and to see distant views. It is helpful for trekkers, hikers, boating, shipping, and road travelers.


Leica Ultravid 7×42 HD Plus is a convenient binocular for hunters. This binocular covers the wide viewing area and helps you to easily find out the target even in the dim light condition. Uses the correct binocular to see and enjoy the world with a different experience.

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