Leupold DeltaPoint Pro 6 MOA Red Dot Sight Review

Are you looking for the best Red Dot Sight? Then you are in the right place. The DeltaPoint Pro is the latest update from Leupold. The 6 MOA dot of this sight gives quick target acquisition, which is great for personal defense and competitive shooting. 

The crystal clear optics of this sight helps to achieve complete domination in the competition. The wide field of view and rugged housing ensures it gives good performance in a harsh environment. If you are looking for the best red dot sight for your pistol, this Leupold DeltaPoint Pro 6 MOA red dot sight is the best choice for you. This sight is not only suitable for pistols, it is also suitable for shotguns, and AR’s. The 6 MOA red dot of this sight helps to easily shoot the target at close range. 

Our main goal of reviewing this red dot sight is to save your time while choosing the best red dot sight. This Leupold DeltaPoint Pro 6 MOA Red Dot Sight review will help to know the design and features that make it greater than other optics in the market.



Features of Leupold DeltaPoint Pro 6 MOA Red Dot Sight

Built Quality

The built quality of this DeltaPoint Pro 6 MOA Red Dot Sight housing is quite impressive. The durable aluminum is used to design the housing that ensures rugged performance. The material used in this sight is lightweight, so it is very easy to carry and handle.

Moreover, the internal gases and sealing of this sight will help to withstand extreme temperature and give a waterproof, fog-proof performance. The internal gas of this sight keeps the internal optics dry, so it gives a crystal clear image of the target in a foggy environment. 

The matte finish of this sight gives a neat look and it does not make any reflection while using under bright light, so your target will not get aware during hunting.

Lens Coating

This Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight is featured with a DiamondCoat anti-scratch lens. It is an open emitter design, so the dirt may fall in the opening.

Simply wiping the lens to clean does not cause any scratches. It is also like the other optics in the market with no lens tint and noticeable magnification.


A 6 MOA Dot Reticle is used in this high-end red dot sight. It is an excellent optics for rifle and 9mm sub guns. Parallax is not noticeable in long-range shooting, but it is slightly noticeable in close-range shooting. 

The 6 MOA is the best choice from Leupold for the pistol. Most people in the past liked to pick 6 MOA for their weapons, but they could not get them at that time.

But, Leupold recently introduced this 6 MOA reticle for easy target acquisition. It is big enough to naturally pick up with your eyes and the emitter starburst will not block this large dot.

The illuminated color of this red dot sight is Red, so you can easily shoot the target while hunting in a dark environment.

SpecificationsDeltaPoint Pro 6 MOADeltaPoint Pro 2.5 MOA
Reticle6 MOA6 MOA
Battery TypeCR2032CR2032
Eye ReliefUnlimitedUnlimited
Brightness Setting88
Field Of ViewUnlimitedUnlimited
Magnification TypeFixedFixed
Adjustment TypeMOAMOA
Windage Adjustment Range60 MOA60 MOA
Elevation Adjustment Range60 MOA60 MOA
Battery Life1600 hr1600 hr

Field of View

This sight has an incredibly wide field of view that gives better situational awareness even in low light conditions. When compared to the Trijicon MRO 1x25mm Red Dot Sight, this optics provides a better view with its fixed 1x magnification. The field of view ensures effortless and fast target acquisition.

Motion Sensor Technology

One of the innovative features of this red dot sight is its motion sensor technology (MST), it helps to save battery life. Due to this technology, the optics will turn off when it is sitting idle for some time and activate when it senses the motion while picking it up. 

The drawback of this technology is, the sight will remain for a long time during vehicle transport.

Just like this technology, some other optics companies are using some sensors to save their optics battery life.

Click Adjustment

The elevation and windage adjustment turret is designed in this sight. The adjustment value is 1 MOA per click, it is common for most of the optics. The maximum adjustment range for both windage and elevation is 60 MOA. 


One CR2032 battery is used to power up this red dot sight. The battery will remain 1600 hours in low intensity, 1000 hours in medium intensity, and 300 hours in high intensity. Moreover, the MST features also help to extend the battery life. Due to the easy access compartment design, you can easily replace the battery without any hesitation. 

Brightness Setting

There are 8 brightness settings available in this sight. There is only one button designed to adjust brightness at the top of the battery access of this sight. By pressing that button, you can adjust the brightness level from low intensity to high intensity. 

The only drawback of this brightness setting is the user’s finger will block the emitter while using it, so the user has to press and move the finger away from the monitor to check the brightness level for further adjustment,

Mounting Footprints

This Leupold DeltaPoint Pro 6 MOA Red Dot Sight comes with mounting footprints. Moreover, there are a lot of mounting plates available for this red dot sight, you can also choose any one of them. 

Most optics for handguns come with plates and also provide Picatinny rifle mount.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight Made?

Like other Leupold products, this red dot sight is also designed, machined, and assembled in the USA.

Is Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Sight waterproof?

This Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight is designed by using lightweight aluminum that gives maximum durability to this product. And the material gives the waterproof feature to this sight.

Does Leupold Make Green Dot Sight?

No, Leupold does not make any green dot sight at this time.

Final Words

The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro 6 MOA Red Dot Sight is a top-graded optics. When compared with its price, it is much more affordable than Trijicon RMR Red Dot Sight. The battery access and wide field of view make it user-friendly optics. 

Moreover, the motion sensor technology of this sight makes it the latest model from Leupold. If you are looking for the Leupold product for your rifle or pistol, this red dot sight is the best one for you.

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